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Fucking My Hot Ex Girlfriend

by Baby1x©

I was finally going to fuck this hot girl who I've known for years. She is my ex girlfriend. Things ended badly but I knew as well as she did that we both wanted to fuck each other so badly. As I was waiting for her in my living room all I could think of was her fucking hot body. She was 5 ft. 7 in. With brown hair and sexy blue eyes she was a B cup size. And her ass, she had the perfect ass.

Then I heard a knock at the door, as I was walking to open it I was trying to think of what to say but I opened the door and I just stood there and looked at her all hot and sweaty from running to my house. I was lost for words as we both stood in the doorway staring at each other. She was wearing sweatpants and a white t shirt n I sweats with only an A shirt. Then suddenly she jumped into my arms and we started making out as I pulled her shirt off and she pushed me down to the floor. I said don't you want to go to my room. She said no I can't wait I want you right now.

She began to take my shirt off and rub her hands all up and down my chest until she felt my cock start to stiffen from her touch. She then smiled at me as she reached down into my pants and pulled my dick out and teased at a little by stroking me slowly to get it hard enough for me to stick it in her pussy. Mean while I was exploring all of her body with my hands and mouth when I discovered that she was wearing the black g string that I love so much. She smiled at me and said do you like it when I wear that baby. I responded yes you know I do. She then pulled the string up higher onto her hips so that I could see it better. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her with the g string on before I could say yes she stood up and dropped her pants so that she was wearing only the black thong. My dick got harder upon this site and then she sat down slowly teasing me by moving her pelvis up n down rubbing her pussy lips on my cock head.

Then I surprised her by slipping my long hard dick in her. She let out a quiet moan and my cock filled all of her. she put her hands onto my chest again n started grinding my cock up n down slowly until I grabbed her hips with both hands and forced her down harder onto me. She screamed oh fuck yes baby that feels good. I want your long hard cock all the way in my wet pussy baby oh please baby give it to me. And we both started grinding in rhythm faster and faster harder she screamed yes! Harder baby 000! Yes, until she came. Her warm juices felt so good on my dick. I felt like I need to come also but just when I was about to she slipped my cock out of her soaked pussy and devoured my dick with her mouth. I shot a long warm load of cum into her mouth and she took it all. Like the little cum slut she is. She lay on my chest and then she looked up at me with a smile. She said, baby I want you to fuck me from behind.

Without hesitation she got up off of me and I got up and followed that beautiful little round ass. I was going to pound her so hard. She walked with that black g string still on her ass, toward the couch. As I was still admiring how nice her ass looked, she slowly started to bend over in front of me and tease me by showing her pussy lips. My dick became hard again and I responded by taking it out and stroking it to the sight of her ass in front of my eyes. She turned her head and watched me stroke my cock as she pleasured her self. Then she said ok baby I want that cock in me now, I can't take it anymore. I stood up behind her and slid my rock hard dick into her wet hole once again and she let out a moan so loud I thought she had already come. I started to beat that pussy up as if I know she wanted me to. I smashed her pussy hard from behind as I had my hands on her back forcing her to stay bent over, enabling me to get deeper. Soon after this she came all over my cock. She was so exhausted that she fell over onto the couch and I lay next to her and spooned. She turned to me and smiled as she said we need to do this again soon baby. I just smiled and nodded my head

Written by: Baby1x

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