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Taboo Series: My Big Black Daddy

by DracnKitten©

(Although this is not technically incest, it is another installment in the Taboo Series, introducing two new characters, Rachel and Michael. I hope everyone enjoys this one, once again it was done in one sitting with music blasting my brains loose. I found Hinder's Homecoming Queen quite inspirational.

Please remember that comments and feedback are always welcome AND encouraged. They do help me out when I get the time to write again, and they help to remind me that people want to read my stories.

Read on and enjoy, I hope to find time for another story before too long.)



"Ah! Ah, Yes Daddy! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Oh God, I'm going to cum!!"

"That's right baby, take Daddy's big cock like a good slut, it'll be our little secret."

----Earlier that morning----

"Bye , I love you." Rachel watched from around the edge of the kitchen door as Elizabeth, her mother, kissed Michael good-bye for the day, her long, slender fingers lingering for a moment on his hard chest before she slipped through the door. She had noticed Micheal's hand lingering on Elizabeth's ass a little longer than absolutely necessary, and as the door shut it fell back to his side, his thick fingers relaxing. Rachel craned her neck a little to watch Michael as he turned and moved down the hallway towards the room he shared with her mother, watching the muscles in his back ripple as she licked her lips.

With a sigh of resignation, Rachel turned back to the sink full of dish water and pouted a bit. She could definitely see what her mother wanted with Michael, hell, she wanted it too, but she wouldn't forgive her for marrying him. Really, how could she take a man like him off the market for good. He may have been the hottest man she had ever seen, and he was certainly the blackest black man she had ever seen. He was so dark skinned that she sometimes wondered if he didn't just absorb sunlight.

"Good morning."

Rachel started at the deep, gravelly voice behind her, sloshing water over her blouse and the kitchen floor as she spun.

"Oh, damn, you startled me." Michael was standing there, in the doorway she had been peeking out of only a few minutes earlier, grinning like a teenage boy who had just pulled off an epic prank. Rachel grabbed for a towel quickly and started drying off the sink, turning her back on his perfect face, and kneeling down to wipe up the floor, not thinking about the view of her jean covered ass this would afford him. When she stood up she made sure to keep her back to him, she had heard him walking toward her and the last thing she wanted was to find herself face to face with his crotch. Okay, maybe not the last thing.

"Aw, now don't be that way." Michael's voice was a lot closer than she expected and she jumped again, turning slower this time. She gasped when she found herself faced with Michael's chest, and she licked her lips, looking up. Her dark hair fell back over her shoulders, exposing the soft, pale flesh of her upper arms. Michael was still smiling, his dark eyes intense, "You missed a spot."

Rachel started again, this time because Michael had reached out and gently wrapped one large hand around her arm, the other blotting a towel over her chest where her blouse was soaked, the damo white fabric showing through to the red lace bra beneath it. Rachel blushed and stuttered a moment, he was so close she could practically feel his entire body against hers, and she can certainly smell him. He smelled as though he had showered this morning, but had worked out since. The scent of his shower gel and deodorant mixed with an odor of sweaty musk that made her light-headed.

"I-uh, that's okay, I'll just go change." She reached out for the towel and was caught by the drastic difference between the color of her small, pale hand against his large, dark one. "Th-Thanks."

Michael wasn't letting go of the towel, though, and he moved a bit closer, letting his head drop down some so that when she looked up his breath was hot on her mouth. Rachel shuddered and shifted a little, pushing back against the counter hard enough that she could feel it's edge digging into her back. Michael laughed and let go of her, backing a step away and dropping the towel on the counter lazily. He turned with a smirk and headed for the door to the living room.

"Your mother wanted me to tell you that she wouldn't be back until late, it's just going to be us for dinner tonight."

Rachel nearly collapsed back against the counter again, glad that she had only pushed away about an inch as she watched Michael's back as he left the room. Her heart was beating unbelievably hard in her chest, and she could feel her panties clinging to her wet pussy lips. She rolled her eyes and let her head fall back a bit, trying to catch her breath as she was left alone in the kitchen, biting her lip to keep herself from screaming with frustration.

"Shit." It was all she needed to say as she pushed away from the counter again, trusting her legs to be sturdy enough to hold her. It encompassed everything, the need to change shirts, the idea of being alone with Michael only days before he was supposed to marry her mother. And what was with that little scene just a minute ago? Did he know how attracted she was to him, or was he just being an asshole. Did her mother know that she was marrying someone like that? Rachel shuddered again as she walked down the hallway to her room.

As she dug through her drawers for another shirt, she grabbed a clean pair of panties too, fumbling at the necessity. She wasn't going to be walking around all day in the sticky ones she was wearing now, that was for sure. Watching herself in the mirror, she began to unbutton her blouse, peeling it slowly from her flesh. She smiled a bit as she looked at the tops of her round breasts, her reflection showing her how her bra pushed her tits up and together. She ran a finger down over one of the round curves and then followed the top of the lace bra until her finger disappeared into her cleavage. She smiled again and reached over to grab the dry shirt she had laid on her dresser, but it was gone. She turned to look around and was startled to find Michael standing in her doorway, holding her shirt. He was looking her over hungrily, his eyes devouring her breasts until she squeaked in indignation and covered them with her arms. She felt herself turning red, but she wasn't sure if it was from anger or embarrassment.

"How long have you been standing there!?" Her voice was higher, shriller than she had intended as she tried to decide whether it was better to back away from him and put some distance between them, or if she should charge him in a rage and snatch her shirt back. As Michael took a step toward her, though, she settled for maintaining the distance between them as long as she could, stepping backward.

"Since you started unbuttoning that shirt." He nodded towards the discarded blouse with the doused front, "I must say, your mother's breasts aren't that perky anymore, even if they are splendid for her age." Rachel gasped and stumbled another step back as he tossed the clean top on her dresser again, his eyes meeting hers. It was hard to continue to back away from him when he was standing right here, in her room, where she had always wanted him. The black t-shirt he wore strained over his muscles and she found her eyes drifting to his pecs. She licked her lips nervously and forced her eyes to snap back to his as he laughed a bit.

"You don't belong in my room, go back to your own." Rachel was afraid that she didn't sound as resolute as she would have liked, and her voice wavered as her rear met her desk. She could feel the edge pushing against her jeans and she bit her lip.

"Mine appears to be unusually devoid of any compay, so I thought I'd come see if yours was any more exciting," his eyes flicked down to her breasts again before jetting back up to her eyes, "I'm not disappointed to say that it definitely is." He smiled again and came to a stop only a few inches from her. Rachel tried to slow her heartbeat, and tried not to think all those naughty thoughts she had a tendency to think about her mother's fiance.

"Come on, Michael, take off." She tried to stand up straighter, to appear more in control of herself than she really was. Micheal laughed and reached out, three of his large fingers touching her face, tracing the line of her cheek down to her chin. She was surprised at how rough his fingertips were, and she felt herself become instantly wet again, her chest pounding as her stomach churned with excitement. It took her a long moment to jerk away from him, turning her head and striking out at his chest with the flat of her palm. "Get out!"

Michael laughed yet again and took a step back, raising both hands, "You know, I was just thinking, I'm gonna marry your mom in a few days, and you're not too old to call me Daddy, are you?" This time his laughter rumbled from deep in his chest and filled the whole room. It was a deep rolling sound that shook Rachel to the bone as she stared at him with wide eyes, "I mean, you're only eighteen." He was still laughing as he spoke and Rachel flung herself at him, cursing.

"Who the hell do you think you are, you jackass!?" One of her fists hit his chest hard, but glanced right off as he laughed, and the other quickly followed. Michael took a step back as he caught her wrists in his hands. falling back onto her bed as his knees hit the frame. He continued to laugh as her body came crashing down on top of his, and she continued to struggle to hit him, none of the blows even phasing him.'

It was a few minutes before Rachel registered what had happened, and as she slowly became still on top of Michael her eyes grew wide again. As she looked down at her mother's fiance she could feel her breasts mashed against his rock hard pecs, and her knees had slid off to either side of his waist, leaving his obviously erect cock straining through his jeans and pushing firmly against the crotch of her own pants.

She gasped and started to push up and away from him, feeling his tight grip on her wrists, her breasts came up off his chest but she involuntarily moaned as her pussy ground against his cock through their clothes. and she fell back down on top of him, her mouth meeting his.

Rachel moaned again as Michael rolled her over and pinned her beneath his body, his mouth taking hers over, his tongue forcing its way between her lips. Rachel gasped as her wrists were pinned above her head, but she opened her mouth willingly and pushed up against Michael, giving in to the desires she had been fighting ever since her mother had first brought him home a year ago. Michael's body was hot and hard against hers as he ground his large erection between her thighs, and she found herself wrapping her legs around his waist, arching up against him. She was so wet now that she wondered, absently, if her jeans were wet as well.

Michael pulled away from the kiss, groaning as he smiled down at her and licked his lips, his mouth still close to hers. Rachel whimpered slightly, wanting more. He'd started this, and it would be a real bitch if he got up and left her hot and wet now, but instead he leaned back down and she felt his lips on her neck as he nuzzled her neck. She lifted her chin and closed her eyes, enjoying the burning sensation of his mouth against her flesh, his teeth sharp against her neck here and there as he bit her. She arched her back again as he bit down on her earlobe and pulled, letting go with a flick of his tongue.

"Can I let go of you now, or are you going to punch me again?" His voice was husky in her ear, hoarse with desire and amusement. She felt herself shudder beneath him as she let her hands relax, and she nodded, unable to speak for a moment,

"I'd only hurt myself anyway . . ." There was a bit of amusement in her voice, but it was so buried under the heavy desire she felt, she wasn't sure he could even hear it. It didn't seem to matter. His rough hands moved slowly down her bare arms, raising goosebumps as she moved beneath him, grinding her wet crotch against his cock again.

He groaned and smiled, his hands coming to her breasts, cupping them slowly, his lips tracing the line of the fabric, his tongue flicking out between kisses to taste her. He squirmed with pleasure, slightly ticklish, but as his thumbs ran over her hard nipples through the thin fabric she felt herself relax back again, biting her lip in pleasure.

"Michael . . ." She forgot what she was going to say as she felt him unhook the front clasp of her bra and take one of her nipples into his hot mouth, sucking it between his teeth and biting down gently, testing how far he could pull the hard little nub before she cried out in a mix of pain and undeniable pleasure.

He released her nipple a moment later, his lips barely brushing the curve on the underside of her breast as he spoke, "I thought I told you to call me Daddy."

Rachel moaned, and she felt him take her other nipple between his teeth like he had the last one and her fingers curled agaisnt his shaved head, "Oh, Daddy . . ." She closed her eyes for a long moment as he sucked and bit at her nipples, but her eyes opened as he began to kiss her stomach, his lips causing her to giggle as he tickled her, his course hands moving down her sides. As he kissed her belly button, running his tongue around it before letting it slip inside the little dip she felt his hands come to the top of her jeans, and then she felt the button give way and slip through the eye hole.

She gasped and arched a little raising her butt off the bed as she felt the zipper come down and the gentle pull of her pants as he started to slide them off. Even as the fabric slowly left her flesh she felt his breath on her thighs as he slowly began to bathe and kiss her flesh, working his way up toward her wet pussy and damp panties.

"Mmm," he groaned as his tongue finally ran over the fabric between her legs, tasting the damp patch of cotton, "you taste as sweet as your mother, baby girl." Rachel could do nothing but moan and writhe in pleasure as he continued to taste her through her soft pink panties, his tongue was hot through the fabric, and her clit swelled with blood as he ground the cotton into it.

"Oh God, Daddy, please. . ." She moaned as she pulled on the back of his head and she heard him chuckle quietly as he hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties and pulled them down. Rachel sighed with pleasure as the cool air of the room contacted her soaking wet pussy and she spread her legs wide for Michael, opening her clean shaven pussy for him. As he pushed back down into her cunt she gasped and cried out, his tongue pushed her clit against the sharp edges of his teeth and he nipped her clit. She arched hard off the bed and then came down as he chuckled again, letting his tongue bathe her slit, working down to the dripping hole a little deeper. She cried out as his tongue slipped inside of her, his hands moving up her body to grasp her breasts and squeeze them. As he groaned into her pussy she felt her eyes go back in her head and she ground her cunt up into his face.

Laughing, Michael pulled away from her pussy, licking his lips and looking up her body as she relaxed, whimpering and looking down at him, She still held on to his head, and she hoped against all hope that he would go back to what he had been doing. Michael chuckled as he flicked his tongue over her clit, watching her jerk with pleasure. He did it a couple more time before he started climbing up her body, lowering his own 6'4" muscle-bound frame down over her petite 5'3" body.

"You liked that, didn't you? You liked having your daddy down between your legs, licking that sweet pussy of yours." He grinned as he leaned down and kissed her, letting her taste her juices on his lips, in his mouth, coating his tongue as he thrust it against hers. She only moaned in reply, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He pulled away and kissed her lips one short time as he looked down at her.

"Why don't you show me how much you liked it, give me a kiss I won't forget when I get in bed with your mother tonight and bury my cock in her cunt.." Rachel moaned and felt herself moving as Michael rolled over, his arms wrapped around her to bring her with him. Her wet pussy pushed against his jeans as she moved, grinding the denim into her sensitive clit. She looked down at Michael as he let his fingers trail over her breasts, watching her move down his body. Her hands moved lightly over his chest and abdomen until she came to his pants. She leaned down and moaned as she kissed his pants lightly, tasting her own wetness there. She could imagine what his cock looked like, smashed inside the denim, straining against the cotton of his boxer briefs. She ran her tongue over the fabric as she unsnapped his pants and pulled down the zipper, looking up at him. He was smiling as he rested his head on one arm, the other reaching down so that he could play with her dark hair.

Rachel pulled Michael's pants down slowly, surprised when his cock smacked her in the case. He hadn't been wearing any underwear. She could feel dampness on her cheek where the head of his cock must have left a collection of pre-cum. She reached up to smear it over her flesh. She heard herself moan again as she looked at the large cock throbbing in front of her face.

Rachel had never seen a cock as big as Michael's, and as she wrapped her hand around the base she could feel it throbbing, the veins harsh against her hands, pressing into her palm. She licked her lips as she leaned forward, kissing the head of his cock lightly, tasting his pre-cum as it coated her lips. She was surprised at how much he was producing, she knew it had to be more than enough to coat his entire cock. As she ran her tongue over the head of his rod he groaned and she felt his hand curl in her hair some. She felt her breath catch in her chest as her pussy became even wetter. It didn't seem to care that she would have problems getting that massive cock inside of her, all it cared was that it would end up inside of her.

Michael urged her on a bit, pulling on her hair lightly as he watched her, and she kissed down the shaft of his rod, running her tongue back up and hooking it under the mushroom-shaped head. She felt herself moan again, enjoying the musky taste of his dick as she took the head slowly into her mouth. She felt Michael tense as he pushed his hips up some, pushing up into her mouth as she sucked. Rachel tightened her mouth to the shape of his cock as she slid down, letting it enter, pushing between her tight red lips. It became evident, though, that there was no way she could take his entire cock into her mouth, even if she forced it into her throat. Michael didn't seem to care, though, as she began to pump his meat in and out of her mouth, progressively taking more each time until she began to take it into her throat, swallowing it.

Michael groaned as he began to thrust his cock up into her mouth, gripping her hair tighter, fucking her more than he allowed her to suck him, enjoying her hot mouth around him.

"Oh fuck, that's it baby. Suck Daddy's cock. You are much better at this than your mother, and she has had a lot of practice sucking men's cocks." He groaned as he thrust up so far that his ass came off of the bed, and Rachel slid her hand into his pants and grabbed his large balls, squeezing a bit as he gasped and let go. She felt his load blow in her mouth without warning, and she sputtered, choking on the thick cum. Michael groaned as he held her head down on his shaft, emptying his balls before he let go.

Rachel sat up on her knees, swallowing the cum still in her mouth as she looked down at his sloppy cock and wiped at her lips with the back of her hand. Micheal smiled as he sat up, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her hard, cleaning the inside of her mouth with his tongue as he ran his hands over her body, grabbing her ass and breasts. Rachel moaned and let herself collapse into his arms, pressing against his hard body, and Michael once again pushed her onto her back beneath him.

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