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My Time as a Mexican Whore Ch. 09

by wifelvrman©

Michelle was holding Lauren's right arm as Carla held her left. Two men were holding her legs apart so her pussy would be spread open for the men. Lauren was laying naked on a table as the large Mexican fucking her was about to dump his cum load in her pussy.

The young wife was trying not to show it, but her body was betraying her as it responded to the thrusts of the man's rather large dick. Her lips pursed as his semen was shot into her, adding another load to the ten she had already taken.

As yet another man moved to the front of the line to fuck Lauren, Michelle began to reflect on the fate of the young wife. Lauren had married Todd and lost her virginity on her wedding night. The next night she, along with Kim was abducted and repeatedly raped. Tonight Lauren was being initiated as the whore she would be for the rest of her life.

Michelle and Carla had led the blonde fashion model looking wife out to the men after her bath. Victor had been the first to fuck Lauren, followed by the bar owner. After that it was the men of the town as they lined up to get a piece of this new and very pretty meat.

The men began to take her in the ass since her pussy already had so much cum in it. Lauren winced and tears ran down her face as the dicks were pushed in her ass one by one.

Soon she would be all cried out, Michelle thought. Lauren would get her 'whore on', just as Michelle had.

Soon Michelle and Carla were able to let go of Lauren. She was resigned to her fate. Dicks were pushed in her mouth to suck and she didn't resist. She spread her legs for their cocks as they moved up to fuck the pretty American wife.

Lauren was taken in every way imaginable. Men used her pussy and ass at the same time she was made to suck another. The men would cum in her and cum on her. Some of the men's wives were watching. They would spit on Lauren as their husbands began to fuck her.

Lauren would have to suck the men's dicks after they had used her ass or pussy. Finally the men stopped. They had fucked her as much as they could for the night. Michelle had counted thirty-two men. Most had used Lauren more than once. They had all 'gone around the world' fucking her pussy, ass, and mouth.

Michelle and Carla laid out a big sheet on the floor. Lauren was moved off the table onto the sheet and made to kneel. Her eyes were taped open. A ball with a hole in the middle was inserted in her mouth and tied behind her head. Her hands were tied behind her back.

The men stood in a circle around her. They began to piss on Lauren, many aiming at her mouth and face. The piss was dripping off of her tits. Lauren was again tied to the table and left without being cleaned up.

Victor had Michelle and Carla bring Kim out. She had been locked in the tiny room where she and Lauren were taken the night before. Kim was paraded naked around the room for the men to see. She would be initiated the next night. The men kissed her, pinched her and felt her. One man pushed her face into Lauren's pussy. Kim had to taste it before she was let go. Finally they left, promising Kim they would fuck her good the next night.

Michelle and Carla retired to Carla's room. All of the sex had gotten them both aroused. Before the door had closed, Michelle pulled Carla to her, kissing her deeply. The two women quickly undressed. Michelle lay down on the small bed as Carla straddled her face.

Michelle tongued her as deeply as she could and welcomed the hot cum as Carla climaxed. Carla returned the favor. The two prostitutes enjoyed each other's bodies throughout the night. As they cuddled in the small bed, they laughed and discussed Kim's initiation and Lauren's further training.

The women were all allowed to sleep late and bathe. After bathing, they enjoyed a nice meal together. Lauren and Kim had a difficult time getting accoustomed to walking around nude. Michelle and Carla were used to it, and would occasionally bump into the other two, often rubbing their tits on those of the other woman.

In the afternoon, the bar owner wanted to watch the women together. He had seen Michelle and Carla many times before. Today he wanted to see Lauren and Kim pleasure the others.

The bar owner indicated that he wanted to watch Lauren go down on Carla. Lauren hesitated, she had never been with a woman before. The bar owner took a short whip and popped it across Lauren's ass twice.

Carla had laid back in her chair and spread her legs in anticipation of Lauren's tongue. She was already wet. Michelle took Lauren by the hand and had her kneel in front of Carla.

"Do her real good, and be glad we've all bathed this time," Michelle told Lauren as she pushed her face toward Carla's waiting cunt.

Carla took Lauren by the head and pulled her into her waiting, warm, hole. Lauren licked lightly around Carla. Michelle got impatient and told Lauren to watch her and do as she did.

To Kim's surprise, Michelle knelt in fornt of her, pushed her legs apart and began to expertly pleasure Kim. Lauren watched and learned. Soon both Kim and Carla were groaning with pleasure. Carla held Lauren's face tight into her as she cum.

Michelle didn't have to be held. She wanted to taste all Kim had to give her and she did. Kim moaned and bucked as her juices flowed into Michelle's warm mouth.

The women then traded places, as Kim went down on Michelle and Carla took care of Lauren. The bar owner was about to blow his load, so he quickly moved to Kim who opened her mouth to receive him just in time to get a load of cum down her throat.

Michelle then had the bar owner turn around and gave him one of her expert ass rimming, deep tongue jobs. She then pulled Lauren over to repeat the act on the owner.

Lauren flatly refused. She was disgusted with the act and she would not do it. She soon would regret her decision.

The bar owner took her by the arms, and twisting them behind her back, shoved her into Carla's waiting ass. Michelle took her by the hair, pulled it back and pushed her nose into Carla's asshole.

Michelle then proceeded to instruct Lauren on how to properly tongue ass. Lauren learned between pops of the whip as she tongued not only the bar owner, but Michelle, Carla, and Kim as well. Throughout the rest of the afternoon she gave tongue jobs to everyone who entered the bar. She was then informed that at Kim's initiation that evening, she would be tonguing every ass in the bar repeated throughout the night.

She did. Most of the men didn't bathe that well either. Lauren was broken that night. She learned obedience to her pimp, whoever he was.

She would do whatever was expected or asked of her from then on.

During Kim's initiation, the older wife laid back and spread herself willingly to the men. She didn't want to be hurt like Lauren had been. She thought of the initiation not so much as rape, as a gangbang. She had wondered what a gangbang would be like.

Kim especially liked the men with the bigger dicks, and those who lasted longer. She did take a lot of cum. Her ass was used often by all the men. Kim found herself cumming several times throughout the night.

She didn't want the pissing at all, but when she was made to kneel with her eyes taped open and mouth forced open as well, she took it as best she could, knowing that it had to be.

Written by: wifelvrman

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