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Caught in the Act

by samandrews©

As soon as I entered the house I knew something was amiss. There was a second car in the driveway, a pair of men's dark brown dress shoes in the mudroom and I could hear what I was quite sure was a man's voice coming from the upstairs bedroom. All the lights downstairs were all out meaning that neither of our teenagers was home so whoever was upstairs thought they were alone.

I slipped off my shoes and laying my bags in the front hallway, crept quietly up the stairs.

From the upstairs hallway I could hear them. I glanced around the corner and into our bedroom. While I could not see much because of the partially closed door, what I did see caused my jaw to hit the floor. Despite the anger and hurt I could feel welling within me, a part of me was very highly sexually aroused by the erotic image confronting me.

One of my male colleagues, John, a man about 3 years older than me, was standing naked against the far wall of the bedroom, his two hands pressed against the wall behind him for support. His back was strongly arched, his hips thrust upwards. A woman was on her hands and knees between his legs, facing him, her face tilted upwards. He was precariously balanced on his tiptoes, groaning loudly, as the woman ran her tongue slowly and seductively up along the underside of his throbbing cock. That woman was my pretty redheaded wife, Catherine.

Not only was Catherine eagerly tonguing his cock, but she was dressed in the raciest white lace lingerie I had seen her wear in many years. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun but a few wayward strands now stuck to her sweaty, wet cheeks. Her eyes were half closed and as I watched she started slurping loudly around the engorged head of John's visibly throbbing cock.

It was obvious this had been going on for some time as both Catherine and John were sweating profusely and John, in particular, was breathing fast and shallow as my lovely and talented wife worked on his cock.

Catherine pulled her lips off his cock, looked up at him, and smiling seductively, asked him in her sluttiest voice "Wanna cum, Johnny?"

John shook his head no and grinning lustily, reinforced his negative answer by thrusting his bright red cock, dripping with a mix of my wife's saliva and his precum, back up towards her pretty face.

"Suck it some more!" he grunted.

Locking her eyes with his she smiled lasciviously and purred "Sure. I didn't think you were ready yet..." and obediently lowered her mouth back over his cock and resumed her erotic sucking of his cock.

At this point, let me digress and give you some background. Catherine and I have been married for 24 years but it had been years since Catherine had worn lingerie like that for me. It had also been a couple of years since we'd engaged in any kind of sexual activity. I just figured this phase of our life together was over, but here she was, a hot 52 year old mother of two teenagers, dressed in a lacy white push up bra, a matching white thong and 3 inch "fuck me" heels sucking off my closest professional colleague. It was clear that she certainly had not written off sex as something she was over and done with, certainly not with John.

Now, let me get one thing straight here. My wife is not a normal 52 year old housewife. Catherine is what you would call very attractive and shapely, a 'MILF', if you wanted to be blunt. Over the years she has taken care of her body and could easily pass for late 30's. She draws more than her share of attention when we are out and men frequently hit on her in bars. One man even asked her if she would sleep with him right in front of me. She'd always giggled and wrote the attention off as just some guys flirting around. But clearly, judging by what she was doing with her lips to John's cock, I'd say this was more than just "flirting' around.

And one other thing: Catherine is a very talented and experienced cocksucker. Over the years she has given me some amazing blowjobs in outfits that drove me crazy with lust and had my cock ready to blow its load even before her sweet lips first wrapped around the head. So, it was an unbelievably hot sight seeing her dressed so sexy, sucking the raging hard cock of another, obviously very pleased, man. It was almost like I had rented the most recent porno release and my wife was the slutty cocksucking star!

By now, Catherine's talents had John very near the edge. His breathing was fast and desperate and his thrusts faster and shorter. I noticed that Catherine was not using her hands to stroke the long, sinewy shaft of his cock but rather was just sucking the bright red head with her mouth. This meant she was in no hurry to make him cum, in fact did not want him to cum, but instead wanted to tease him to the point where he would beg her to make him shoot his load. She wanted him to revel as long as possible in the expert pleasure she was administering to his hard prick. She'd done the same with me many times!!

Catherine's big firm tits had been pulled out the top of her bra and now they swung freely back and forth, her nipples hard and erect, as she swayed in time to John's thrusts. On her hands and knees, her tight ass was pointed upwards, affording John a perfect view of her shapely rear end, the sides of the thong pulled up high on her hips and the thin strip of fabric pulled tight and deep into the curvaceous crack of her ass.

By this time my own heart was pounding fast and hard. I realized what I was witnessing was a fantasy I'd had for years; my sexy wife sucking another man's cock. And it was playing itself out right in front of me. As I watched her continue to work on his cock, my own cock became a rock solid pipe, straining excitedly against the fabric of my pants.

"You are absolutely gorgeous, Catherine..." John whispered sincerely. "Have I told you that tonight?"

She smiled and ran a finger up along the length of his dick. "And you are hard as a rock, Johnny...." she answered. "Have I told you that...?"

John certainly was hard. His cock was thicker and longer than mine. Two large, purple veins ran down the sides, and his uncircumcised foreskin bunched up under a huge red mushroom-like head.

"That has got to be uncomfortable, Johnny..." she motioned towards his crotch. "Your cock is so hard...." she whispered as she fondled him. "Let me see if I can help..."

John groaned at her touch as my pretty wife coiled her fingers around his pole and slid a tight fist slowly up the length of his shaft causing the knob to swell and shine.

"God...your cock is so big... and so fucking hard! And you haven't been cut..." she purred. "I love to watch your foreskin slide back and forth..." Catherine continued to stare at his cock as she worked her hand up and down its length.

"And I love a cock that gets wet and slippery like this..."

"Fuck..." he grunted.

"Does it turn you on when I talk about your cock, Johnny?" she whispered, "It does, doesn't it?" She smiled at him and winked as she stroked him slowly.

"Damn, your cock is so hard..." She repeated as she gazed wantonly at his pulsing cockhead.

"God, Catherine, I don't know if I can last much longer." John panted, his eyes lewdly fixed on my wife's pretty face. "You're driving me nuts!!"

Giggling, Catherine lowered her lips over his cock and continued to suck his glistening knob. "So hot..." she mumbled around her cock stuffed mouth.

"Fuck, girl...." John grunted and started to thrust his hips towards her face.

"Don't" she said reaching up to stop him. "Let me just suck it..."

John sighed and stopped his thrusts, his cock jutting out from his crotch just inches from my wife's face.

As she returned to lasciviously sucking his throbbing knob, every second or third stroke Catherine would stop and slowly, seductively slide almost his entire length into her mouth, holding him there as her head made tiny fast up and down bobbing movements. I could hear the wet sucking sound of his cockhead wedged at the back of her throat. John moaned loudly as she expertly worked on his prick.

Sadly, I remembered when she used to do that to my cock!

Suddenly, Catherine pulled back and looked up at John, then cupped his ass cheeks with her hands and pulled them to her face, sliding his cock deep into her mouth and back of her throat. John took the hint and taking his hands away from the wall, curled his fingers through my wife's hair. Looking down at his cock in her mouth, he pulled her face forward as he began to fuck her face in long slow strokes. Again and again, Catherine took almost the full length of his cock into her mouth, pausing only occasionally to catch her breath. When John began to thrust harder and faster, she pulled away and sat back, an evil grin on her face as she watched his now ready to shoot cock bobbing desperately and wildly just inches in front of her face. Spit and precum dripped from the shining head.

John was panting heavily trying harder than he'd ever tried to remain as quiet as possible. Catherine stood up, still grinning and leaned close to his ear. "Still trying not to cum?" she whispered, just loudly enough for me to hear. "Not that easy is it, lover...?" she whispered again. John looked at her with an incredulous expression. Catherine laughed silently and took a step back ward. Her hands moved up to her already half-removed bra and she deftly slipped it off, tossing it behind her. Then grabbing a chair she moved to stand behind it, her ass directed towards John. She leaned forward on the backrest and raised her firm ass high in the air, moving it around in enticing little circles. She pulled the thong to one side "Fuck me from behind...." She purred, reaching back and encircling his pulsing shaft with her tight fist.

I could see her wedding rings shining with spit and sweat as she pulled his pulsing pole towards her dripping snatch.

Catherine almost screamed out as John pushed his thick cock deep into her cunt in one smooth stroke. She looked back at him in feigned shock, biting her lip, but in obvious ecstasy, as he began to fuck her with long sure, slow strokes. She reached back to place a hand on his hip and pull him into her fast and hard.

Within a few seconds my beautiful wife was writhing in pleasure as John's deep hard strokes brought her to a shattering climax. Her body quivered in rapid waves as John continued his long hard deep thrusts as her plaintive moans filled the upstairs. As she came she pulled away from him and turned around. She leant forward and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth, before pushing him away again. She sat up on the desk behind her and kissed him again. Her hand reached down to his wet, red hard cock, stroking it slowly as she looked into his eyes. "Now you..." she panted. "Now I want to make you cum...."

Releasing his cock, she pushed him back a step. With her hands on his ass, she made him turn around until he was leaning against the side of the desk. Smiling sexily at him she dropped to her knees between his legs. John's lust crazed, engorged cock bobbed wildly in front of her face, and she looked up into his now pleading eyes.

She smiled, letting her lips part and extending her long soft tongue before running it sensually around her full lips. John groaned at the sight, his cock, as if knowing what was coming, bobbing frantically as his hands gripped tightly on the edge of the desk.

My wife dropped her eyes to his cock and moved her head forward, her mouth open. She looked up at John's face and grinned.

"Oh....yeah...please...." he moaned, "Please Catherine, I've wanted this for so long. You have no idea how hot you've made me over the last 10 years!!

Catherine smiled. "I know", she purred, " I know you wanted now's your chance", her tongue flicked out and just barely tickling the slit of his cockhead, swiping a large globule of the pre-cum that had pooled on his head over the rest of the slick skin of his knob.

Then she stood up, leaving him panting, his eyes wild with confusion and hot desire....

"Relax..." Catherine teased, kissing him lightly and stepping back a pace. "I want to tease you some more" she giggled.

"I think you'll like this..." Catherine said and thrust her chest out proudly displaying her gorgeous tits as she stood with her hands on her swaying hips as John's eyes danced over her breasts.

"I know you like them...?" she teased, bringing her hands up to cup and squeeze them. His eyes grew even wilder, and his hand reached down to his cock, stroking it as he watched her move before him.

Catherine's eyes moved to his cock as she swayed in front of him. Her hands continued to caress her tits as she watched my colleague stroke himself in front of her.

Again, her tongue moved over her lips... "Don't make yourself cum..." she warned him. That's for me to do...."

John laughed. "Don't worry baby, I can hold off a lot longer yet!!".

"Betcha ya can't.." Catherine teased.

John smiled and kept slowly stroking his hard shaft.

"Someday I want to watch you jerk off for me..." she whispered. "I'll strip for you like they do at the Bare Facts...and you can jerk off for me....I'd like that...." Her voice trailed off as she continued to sway back and forth, her eyes fixed on John's now dripping cock as it slid silently through his fingers. Her hands moved over her belly and she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her she watched John stroke his massive hard-on. She paused for a moment, relishing the effect she was having on him.......

" you think that's a good idea...?" she teased, pulling on her hard, erect nipples.

John cleared his throat and tore his eyes away from her nakedness. "Yeah...sure" he croaked, "Good idea..."

I doubt John even remembered what she'd just asked him.

"I thought you might think so..." Catherine chuckled, moving close to him. My beautiful wife now stood three feet in front of John, her feet apart and her hands still caressing her breasts... She then leaned forward, resting her body against his, and kissed him wetly, thrusting her hot tongue into his mouth, and drawing his out into hers. She began to suck on the tip, then more of it as John pushed his tongue deeper into her hot mouth. Opening her eyes and staring into his, Catherine began to suck his tongue like it was a cock as he held it rigid for her. Both of them were growing hotter and hotter and Catherine's hips began to move against John's now desperately raging hard-on. Raising up onto her tiptoes, she raised one leg high and squealed around his tongue as she felt his cock slide up again between her legs. Her eyes closed and she moved her hips back and forth, letting his cockhead run back and forth between her sopping wet pussy lips.

John obviously felt the desire to fuck her again, and his hips began to move with hers...pushing up...higher...higher... They both groaned loudly as John's cockhead parted my wife's lovely labial lips...and started to slide into her cunt. Catherine almost gave up her reserve and pushed her pussy down to meet him, fucking him for a second time...but she suddenly snapped back to reality...pulling back and standing in front of him, panting wildly.

"Oh God..." she wheezed, "Not now....oh're cock is so fucking big.... oh fuck...! I want it in my cunt again...oh God!!!"

I'd never heard my wife talk like this. I'd offered her money to talk dirty to me, just once saying the word "cock" or "fuck" but she'd blatantly refused, saying it was dirty and she wouldn't do that. Yet, now here she was with another man, relentlessly teasing his engorged cock, freely and easily uttering the words she had always refused to say with me.

One hand dropped to her excited pussy, cupping it and running her fingers between her lips as she stared at John. Her other hand reached out and grasped his thick pole. Her breathing slowed as she regained her composure.

"I'm sorry..." she laughed, "but I just love to tease you...and I know deep inside you love it too, don't you?..."

She smiled excitedly and began to stroke his cock hard and fast. A huge stream of pre-cum poured over her fingers, making her moan.

John moaned low and guttural as a small amount of milky white semen started to seep from the tip of his pole as he fought down his orgasm. Catherine saw it and pinching his cock just below the head covered his cockhead with her mouth, licking lightly so as not to bring him over the edge, but just enough to stop him from cumming and to capture her reward.

"Oh, god, you're ready aren't you?" she moaned. She swallowed John's semen sample, inhaling the aroma as she worked it around with her tongue. "It's going to be a lot, isn't it..." she whispered, standing in front of him.

"You're really ready aren't you...? You're leaking like a tap." She looked down at his cock as it slid through her fingers. " I want to make you cum...right now....You want that don't you...? You want me to stroke your big red cock until it that what you want? You want me to jerk you off...Johnny boy...make you shoot your hot cum all over that what you want...?"

"Please..." John said pleadingly. "Make me anything...just make me cum...PLEAAAASE." He moaned loudly.

Catherine grinned and looked up at him. Her eyes were on fire. "Anything...?" she teased. "Anything is a lot...I could jerk you off... I could let you put it between my liked that last time, didn't you...? You liked cumming all over my tits Johnny, didn't you? was so hot and creamy....." At this point even I could see his cock expanding in her hand as she teased him mercilessly with her filthy rambling. Finally, at just about the time I thought he wouldn't be able to take it any more (I certainly wouldn't), she seemed to sense this as well.

She leaned forward, running her tongue around his lips and face. "But this time's different...this time I'm going to SUCK your C-O-C-K..." She spoke the word slowly and smiled as John's whole body tensed and he let out a low moan. She looked fiercely into his eyes and repeated her promise. "This time I'm going to suck your hard cock....I'm going to make you cum with my mouth and just my mouth, no hands!!....I'll suck your big hard cock until you shoot your thick hot cum in my mouth...I want to taste your cum....I want to swallow it...."

"Oh God" I almost said aloud. This was like my private porno fantasy with my wife in the lead role. Her slutty talk was driving me wild. My cock was now out of my pants and in my hand and I was now stroking it wildly.

Her voice trailed off as she slithered seductively back down John's body, her erect nipples tracing imaginary lines down his legs, until she knelt directly in front of his cock. Finished with her teasing, she leaned forward and ran her wet tongue from his now overly full balls to the throbbing head of his engorged cock. A long wail erupted from John as he felt the hot wetness of my wife's talented tongue finally brush across the hot taught skin of his quivering rod.

Catherine slowly and seductively parted her lips and took John's cock head into her warm wet mouth. "Oh FUCKKKKK..." he groaned and pushed his hips forward, trying to feed my wife more of his cock. She willingly obliged, opening her mouth wider and taking in half of his now hugely swollen cock. The whole time, she kept her face directed upwards her eyes lustily fixed on John's.

John began to fuck her mouth slowly, curling his fingers through her thick red hair and pushing his hips forward. Each thrust elicited another groan from him. Catherine expertly countered each move...pushing her mouth forward as John fucked deeper. When she felt him pushing against her throat, she gripped his hips, forcing him to stop. Then she lowered her face onto John's cock, taking him deeper and deeper until once more he was against the back of her throat. Catherine cleared her throat and took a breath....then leaned forward. John's cock was so hard it resisted bending, but Catherine didn't give up. She continued to pull him deeper until suddenly something gave and John's cock slid silently deep into the tightness of her throat.

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