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A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy

by rickiee_2002©

They both got off me and started to laugh. I was lying in a puddle of piss and I was so horny and fucked up, that I was pathetic. My hair was soaked with piss; my panties were entirely transparent from the precum and piss. My asshole was hurting and my balls felt like they were the size of grapefruits.

Arlene said "I think it's time for you to have an enema, and after that, I think I will practice putting in a catheter. In fact, let me put that catheter in right now." With that, she laid out the equipment and pulled my panties down. She took the panties Lauren had shoved in my mouth out and put the ones she just took off me in. Her dirty panties filled with piss and precum were now in my mouth. She slid the catheter in my clittiecock and pumped up the balloon in the end that would stop it from coming out. I knew about them, but had never actually had one put in me. In fact, it was always a great fear that I had ... so much for those fears now! Arlene attached the tubing to a bag and the bag began to fill with my piss. I hadn't pissed in so long, that it felt good to get it out, but my clittiecock was burning from the latex intruder.

"Mom, how about we take his piss and use that in the enema. Can that be done", Mom asked Lauren.

"Sure honey, piss is sterile and it would be nice to give uncle sissyboy an enema with his own piss. If you can, why don't you piss in the bag too and I will what I can, and we can give him a piss cocktail of all our piss." With that, she took the bag, closed off the catheter and had Lauren piss in the bag, then added her own. They didn't have much to add, since they pissed all over me, but the bag was quite full of yellow hot piss.

Arlene told me to get up on my knees and push my ass out. With that, she shoved an enema nozzle up my ass, attached the bag and held it up so that the piss could flow into my asshole. It was an unbelievable sensation. Then the cramping started! Lauren reached down and started stroking my clittiecock with the catheter in and all. I was moaning and when the enema stopped, was escorted into the bathroom where they watched me shit the piss out of my ass. It came out for what seemed like a very long time. Every time I thought I was done, more piss squirted out my ass. I looked in the mirror on the door and saw myself sitting on the toilet, catheter hanging out of the end of my cock, my hair wet and the hair on my body matted from the piss that had dried. I was their sex playtoy and slave. I began to hope it would never end.

"Mom, do you think we should let him shower a little bit" questioned Lauren?

"No honey, I think he needs to smell like piss, do you think you can stand it, honey? Inquired Arlene.

"Yeah mom, I think the smell suits him" responded Lauren.

"Get off the toilet, sissyboy" demanded Arlene. With that, I reached for the toilet paper to wipe my ass. "I didn't tell you to wipe yourself, sissyboy" she barked. I immediately stopped. "But I guess it's a good idea. Don't go doing things that you aren't instructed to do, ever again ... you understand, pig? snapped Arlene. I wiped my ass and stood up.

My bladder was filling up again and I need to pee. "Arlene, can I please take a piss or could you please drain my bladder" I asked softly.

Arlene looked at her sexy little daughter and Lauren said ... "I have an idea mommy, let's let the piss drain into his mouth."

"That's a great idea sweetie; you are getting the knack of this quite quickly. "You'll make a great wife for some pathetic husband" Arlene said with a scary tone to her voice.

"Get that sorry ass of yours back into the bedroom and lay on the floor. I put some plastic down so you don't mess up the floor" Arlene ordered. I walked into the bedroom and laid down as instructed. "Now, put your feet over your head so you can let the pee run into your mouth" she further instructed. "And by the way, from now on, refer to both of us as Mistress. And do it with sincerity or you will be sorry.

I quickly did as she ordered and added a "Yes Mistress" as I was doing so.

"That sounded ok, but you had better work on it, you little worm, Lauren was quick to say.

"Yes Mistress" I said in response, trying to say it with sincerity. Lauren took the tube that hung from my clittiecock and held it over my open mouth. She undid the clasp and the pee flowed quickly into my mouth.

"Don't let one drop come out of your mouth you asshole, or you will be sorry beyond your wildest imagination" Arlene yelled.

I drank my own pee directly from my bladder as quickly as I could. It was very strong tasting and I tried not to gag from it. "Look mommy, he loves to drink his own piss, what a pathetic asshole." As the stream of piss ended, they told me to put my legs back down.

"Now, get on your hands and knees" Arlene quickly snapped. I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. Lauren began to spank my ass with her bare hands. For a skinny little girl, she was a lot stronger than I thought. She spanked me and spanked me while Arlene sat in front of me, masturbating. I looked at her lush pubic bush glistening with the dew of her arousal. I could smell her pussy she was so close to me, but I knew I couldn't touch it. Suddenly she came as her body stiffened, my cock twitched. Lauren spanked me harder than ever. I felt like I needed to cry, but I had to hold back the tears. I was not going to let it get out of control and begin to cry.

It all stopped abruptly. I was told to stand in the corner. My ass ached and it was hot as hell. I was not permitted to touch it. "Stand with your hands over your head, leaning against the wall" barked Arlene. I did as I was told. I smelled like piss, the room smelled like sex and I stood there with my cock twitching, softening ... hardening again as I thought about what was going on. I heard them whispering and giggling.

"Turn around uncle sissyboy." I did as I was told. Lauren left the room then came back with her hands full of clothes. She took off what she was wearing and put on the new clothes. A t-shirt, short black skirt, tiny black nylon panties and a pair of flip-flops. She said, "I'll be back soon, Mom ... don't let me miss anything important!"

I was wondering, where was she going. Why was she leaving? It seemed strange, but I had no idea. "Ok sissyboy, why don't you come over here and kneel in front of me while I sit on this loveseat. Arlene was totally naked. She had a beautiful body that I had always fantasized about. Small, very small titties with nice long nipples, thin toned body and long thin legs. Her feet were nicely shaped and her toes were pretty. Her pubic bush was full and very pretty. I remembered back to vacations that our families took together. I remember her on the beach. I remember loving to see her body in the little bikini's she would wear. She was always kind of a hippy personality ... and she didn't shave as much as most women did. There were always some pubic hairs that would escape the crotchband of her bikini bottoms, and I always enjoyed waiting to see that happen. My cock began to harden again and she giggled. "Sissyboy, you daydreaming? About me, maybe? I always noticed your lecherous looks at my body ... this must be heaven for you ... or isn't it?" I was kneeling, my cock standing out and straining. "I want you to masturbate ... stroke yourself for me ... but you must not cum. You understand? You must stop just before you cum. If you do cum, you will be so very, very sorry." I started to stroke myself, my other hand paying with my right nipple. I felt, quite quickly ... as though I might cum, so I abruptly stopped and clenched my kegel muscles. My clittiecock twitched a few times and I could feel an ooze of precum work its way out of my peephole. Arlene looked down and smiled. "You got awfully close that time, I could tell. Good job, you little turd!" My heart was pounding, my breath was quick. "Come over here as close as you can. I want to rub my wet pussy on your leaking clittiecock." She inched her pussy closer and closer to my cock. Then she pressed the tip of my cock just inside her pussy lips. Slowly she worked my cock into her pussy and then slid it back out. Over and over she did it ... deliciously slow. I looked down and saw my clittiecock glistening with her juices. In and out ... completely out ... then back in again ... then out again ... over and over and over. I closed my eyes, trying hard not to cum. She stopped abruptly and looked at me. She squeezed my cock and reached between my legs ... applying pressure to my prostate from the outside. A big bubble of precum appeared on the end of my cock. She touched her finger to it, and then put it to my mouth. "Open your mouth and lick your precum from my finger, you little pathetic sissyboy." I quickly did as she demanded.

"Now, stroke yourself again and do not cum. You are to stop as soon as you feel you are about to cum." I did as she ordered. I slipped my hand up and down the hard shaft of my clittiecock. It was wet from her pussy juice and my precum was flowing out ... it too, made my clittiecock very slippery. Oh god, I was about to cum. I stopped and used every bit of control I could come up with and thankfully, stopped myself from cumming. At least I think I did ... a lot of precum was flowing from my cock. It almost appeared as though I had cum, but there was no spasm, no orgasm. Just precum dripping from my cock. "Did you cum, you disgusting human being? Did you?"

"No Mistress, I did not cum, I swear I didn't."

"I know you little boy, I know you didn't cum ... I could tell, but I wanted to hear you say it. Tell me how I control you, that I control all of your body functions. That you will never do anything with your body unless I or Lauren instructs you to. If you have to pee, you ask for permission. If you have to poop, you ask for permission. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME COMPLETELY, RICH" She called me Rich, somehow it felt wrong. Maybe it was a mind game she was playing with me. It was working quite well.

She then slipped her pussy over my cock again ... she slipped me in and pulled me out. Over and over again, she did what she did before. From time to time, when I would be taken out, she would rub her pussy up and down my cock, on the outside, between her lips. She would masturbate me with the outer lips of her pussy. I didn't know how much longer I could go without cumming. My balls ached. My cock twitched uncontrollably. The veins were sticking out and looked like they were going to burst. I was an uncontrollable mass of sexual stimulation. She stopped and my cock twitched. Precum oozing out again. She looked at me and laughed. She spit at me and the spit landed on my chest. "You really disgust me, you know that, sissyboy? I, your sister in law, turn you on. Why is that? Is my sister non-sexual? She was always the prude of the family. I bet you wish she was more like me! Now you stroke yourself again. You know the rules ... get to it!"

I started to stroke myself again. I brought myself to the brink of orgasm and stopped. I was told to do it again. Again, I was at the brink. "Do it again", she barked. I stopped as I was about to cum, and then it happened. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how I clenched my muscles ... my cock started to twitch and twitch ... all of a sudden, I came. I came and I came and I came. My cum spurted out so hard and so much, I almost thought I was going to faint. It squirted on her thigh. It squired on the loveseat. It squirted on the floor. It felt so good. It finally stopped. The spasms were intense and I think there were about eight of them. Eight squirts of cum. Now my cock was softening and dripping the remaining cum.

"Well, you sniveling pissy, cummy, sissyboy. You came without my permission. There will be a price to pay for that, but we will deal with that later. Come over here and clean your disgusting cum from my body. Then lick the sofa clean and the floor." Before I started, she spit in my face and slapped me across my cheek. "Don't ever disobey me again. Do you hear me? Don't think that you are clear of this violation. I will think of a punishment suited for your disobedience."

I licked her clean and then the sofa and floor. As I was bent over on my knees doing it, she came behind me and shoved a finger in my ass and spanked me a few times. She reached between my legs and squeezed my balls ... making me moan out loud.

"Shut the fuck you, you little worm of a man. Your body is mine, I will do as I wish with it, and you will do nothing but be pleased. You understand? And for god sake, be a man, if you can ... and don't moan or let out any sounds that make you act like a baby."

"Yes, Mistress ... I am sorry" I said in a soft voice.

I heard the door to the bedroom open behind me. Lauren had returned. Arlene said "I'm glad you are back Lauren, uncle sissyboy here just came without my permission. He just finished cleaning up." Lauren replied "damn mom, I really wanted to see that pathetic clittiecock of his squirt his girly cum."

"There will be plenty of opportunities for that, sweetie" Arlene replied.

"Well, uncle sissyboy, why don't you crawl over here and kneel before me" Lauren said. I crawled over as instructed, my cock still dripping some cum as I did. "Kneel before me, your young Mistress Lauren, and watch me undress. That is probably a sick dream come true for you, since you always looked at me in lecherous ways." I watched with great interest as she kicked off her flip-flops. I looked at her young beautiful feet. I could feel my cock begin to twitch, even though I had just cum. She unhooked the hook button her tiny skirt and let it slip down her legs. She stood before me in the black nylon panties she had put on before she left. Her pubic hair was visible around the perimeter of her panties. Like her mother, she had a beautiful, full black pubic bush. It made a nice bulge in her panties. "Pick up my skirt from the floor, fold it neatly and put it on the chair over there, then come back and resume your kneeling position on the floor in front of me!"

"Yes Mistress", I responded.

"Mommy, I see you have been working on uncle sissyboy with his manners! I love to see him being so obedient and responsive to me."

"He is doing ok in that regard, Lauren ... but don't forget, he did cum without my permission" quipped Arlene.

"Ok, uncle sissyboy, I want you to lie on your back" Lauren said as she removed her t-shirt. Her little titties coming into view. I looked at them as I laid back. "You like what you see, uncle sissyboy" taunted Lauren.

"Yes Mistress Lauren, I like them a lot." "I bet you had a lot of fantasies and masturbation sessions thinking about me, huh?"

"Uh-uh-yes I did, Mistress Lauren" I quietly responded.

"Did you have those perverted sick fantasies when I was a young girl? I bet you did, you sick pervert! You should be in prison being raped by the prisoners. People like you shouldn't be on the streets!

I didn't respond. I didn't think a response was necessary.

"Spread your legs as you lay back, sissyboy" ordered Lauren. She kicked me in my balls and said "when I ask you a question, you answer me worm. You fucking understand me?"

Struggling to catch my breath, I uttered "Yes Mistress Lauren ... I fantasized about you when you were a young girl. I masturbated in your mothers panties thinking about you and thinking about her. Thinking about the two of you making love to each other." Holy fuck, did I really need to answer that fully. What was becoming of me?

I heard Arlene behind me say, "my god, what a sick fuck you really are. Today must really be a wet dream come true for you."

"Uncle sissyboy, put your hands underneath you and I am going to remove my panties. I am going to slip them up your legs and let you wear them. Another sick perverted fantasy come true, once again. I am then going to squat over your mouth and you are going to bring me to an orgasm with your tongue. You are not to move your hands and you are not to stop until I cum. You understand me, sissyboy?"

"Yes, Mistress Lauren, I understand."

I looked up as her pussy descended towards my face. I could see her beautiful pubic bush, the lips of her tiny pussy and her asshole all moving toward me. My cock was stirring in her panties. As if, wearing her panties was not enough! Her pussy approached my lips and I opened my mouth. Her pussy touched my tongue, her asshole brushed against my nose. I pushed my tongue out and finally tasted her beautiful pussy. It tasted wonderful. A little pungent, probably from all the activity we had earlier and sweating from the high heat outside when she was gone. I licked and smelled and felt her rubbing herself all over my mouth and nose. Her tiny asshole rubbing my nose as she moved back and forth.

I tasted something oddly familiar. Not something that I usually tasted and then I finally realized what it was. It was the taste of sperm ... the taste I had just had a little while ago when I cleaned up Arlene and the floor.

How could that be? Sperm! I was licking a young beautiful wet pussy. All of a sudden, as I was pondering that whole situation, I felt her clench her pussy muscles and a glob of sperm oozed out into my mouth. She had had sex while she was gone and now brought some guys sperm to me in her hot wet pussy. It tasted sweet and slightly salty. "Uncle sissyboy! You find anything unusual from my pussy? I brought you a nice hot load of boy-cum from my boyfriend. We had sex a short time ago and I thought you would love to have some boy-cum squirted into your mouth. You said on your website that you would love to have sex with a transvestite. This is the next best thing. You get to eat my pussy that you dreamed about for years, and get to taste the salty cum of a boy. I love the way my boyfriends cum tastes, don't you uncle sissyboy?" She clenched her muscles again, and more cum oozed into my mouth. "Don't you dare let a drop of his precious cum escape your mouth" demanded Lauren. More and more cum oozed out of her beautiful young pussy into my mouth. My god, I was tasting boy-cum. I had never tasted cum before ... well not before a little while ago. Now I was having boy-cum drizzled into my mouth from my niece, with my sister in law watching. I realized at that moment, as I should have before, that I was totally theirs. Whatever they wanted from me I could never deny them. That this would be my life forever. Wow, what has become of me? Part of me was happy with it, and the other scared ... more scared than I have ever been in my life.

I licked and licked and tongued Lauren's pussy. She rubbed and rubbed herself over my face and Arlene straddled me, facing Lauren and began to lick her young hard nipples. She rubbed her wet, swollen pussy on my panty covered clittiecock. She licked Lauren's nipples and was getting herself off on me. Lauren moaned and pressed her pussy hard against my mouth. She was cumming from my attention and with that, Arlene let out a moan and pissed all over my panties. Lauren, seeing her mother pissing on me, decided to piss on me as well, and drenched my pussy-juice-boy-cum soaked face with her hot young piss. The piss squirted in my eyes and mouth and dripped down my face. My hair was soaking wet with her girl-piss and I could feel the hot piss from Arlene soaking my panties and dripping into the crack of my ass. Oh my god, I was the horniest, most sexed up I have ever been in my life.

"Ok, uncle sissyboy ... I think you've been given enough pleasure for right now. I want you to get up and kneel, with your legs crossed behind you and your hands behind your head, with your elbows out to the side. That will be the position you take whenever you are not doing something with us or for us, unless we tell you to take another position. You understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Lauren, I understand." I saw Arlene walk over to a chest in the corner, and unlock the padlock on it. She removed something black and it looked like latex, but I couldn't discern what it was.

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