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Want I Want to Do to You

by SimplyLexi©

I want to tease you like you tease me.

I want to drive you crazy.

I want you to love the way I suck your cock.

How you will feel my warm mouth take you deep, until your hard cock hits the back of my throat.

How you will feel my wet kisses and licks up and down your throbbing shaft.

My soft hands massaging your balls as I stroke you slowly while teasingly sucking the head of your cock.

Close your eyes. I want you to feel all what I will do to you, every kiss, every lick, every stroke. Let me please you.

First, I want to kiss you, I want to feel the need. The want..As I kiss you deep and passionately, I slowly slide my hands down your chest till I reach the bottom of your shirt, still kissing you I gently run my fingers under your shirt, lifting it up slowly, running my fingertips up your chest, as I get your shirt half way off. I stop kissing you and lift your shirt off and over your head.

I now, trail tiny wet kisses on your neck, biting you softly. I kiss my way down your chest, until I run my fingertips across your nipples. I hear your breathing get a little heavier now, so I start to kiss your nipples, slowly, with a little smile I circle my tongue around your hard nipple, and bite it gentle. I do this to both, teasing you.. I know you want more.. So I look up at you, a kiss you one last time..

I begin my kisses back down your chest, down your stomach, until I get to your jeans. I run my hand up your cock thru your jeans, I can feel the heat of your semi hard cock.. I squeeze and kiss your cock thru your jeans before I slowly, un-button and unzip your jeans. Pulling them off you I run my hands up your thighs and under your boxers, I can see your cock is hard now, needing to be touched.. I run my tongue along the length of your wanting cock, still in your boxers I stroke you a few times. Before removing them half way, and kiss you on that spot that drives your crazy, on your side by your cock.. I can hear little moans from you now as I kiss and lick you right there. I look up at you, and give you a little smile as I bite my bottom lip, and proceed with my teasing..

I know you want to feel my mouth around your throbbing cock, just as much as I want to feel it. So still with your boxers half way down your thighs, I take your cock into my hands and begin to stroke you.. Slowly at first, I run my warm wet tongue up and down your cock, until your nice and wet.. Stroking you a little faster now I take you into my mouth, circling my tongue around the head of your cock as I slide more of your hot cock into my mouth.. With my free hand I run my fingernails gently along your balls. I can hear your little moans getting louder. Hearing your breathing getting heavier..

Sucking your cock is making my pussy so wet, and needing to be touched.. I continue to suck your cock, deep, I love the way you feel when you hit the back of my throat, I love feeling all of you in my mouth.. Mmm, I stroke you faster now, sucking you harder and deeper, I can feel you tense up, I know your going to cum.. I want you to cum, I want to feel your hot juices in my mouth, let me taste you.. I take your cock out of my mouth, but I never stop stroking you.. As I stroke you faster and harder now, I look up at you, and tell you " Cum for me, I want you to cum for me now"

With that said, a few more strokes to your cock, and you shoot your load all in my mouth, a very drips escaping from my mouth, and runn down my chin. But it doesn't matter, I'm going to get dirty anyways..

You think I'm done with you, Oh but baby I'm not.. Before I swallow all your sweet tasting cum, I will do so first..

Looking at you, and now stroking you slowly, I open my mouth slightly and let your hot cum run out of my mouth and on to your now throbbing sensitive cock. I hear you moan such a sexy fucking moan as you watch your cum drip from my mouth and onto your cock.. Mmm I love the feel of your cum all over your cock as I stroke you.. I then take you back into my mouth sliding your cum up and down your now once again hard cock.. You taste even better than before. But I need to clean this dirty boy up..

I run my tongue slowly up your cock and back down, I want to fill my mouth up once again with your sweet cum.. Taking you in my mouth, all of you, I suck you deeper, and harder now, making sure to get every bit of your love juice..

I lick every inch of you, kissing your cock, sucking you, slowly, deep, a tight but not to tight grip on your cock, I move my hand up until all your cum is now sitting at the tip of your cock. Opening my mouth I take you into my mouth, tasting every bit, licking and sucking your cock clean... Now that I've tasted you, I stroke you a few more times before I feel my own pussy dripping.. I take two of my fingers and slide them along my wet pussy lips.. I move up to you and kiss you, then I put my wet fingers to your lips and whisper to you " taste me".. You open your mouth and suck my wet juices off my fingers. I then kiss you deep, our tongues dancing together as you taste yourself in my mouth, I moan lightly into your mouth, as for you taste to fucking good. I then whisper again " Now, fuck me. Let me feel that hard cock drill my pussy until I cum for you, fill my pussy with your hot cum"...

Written by: SimplyLexi

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