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Daddy's Instructions

by Lil_Lucy©

The names Daddy/Babygirl can be whatever you like them to be within the realm of fantasy. Obviously everyone is intended to be over 18. This story is not intended to encourage real incest.

I like it rough, a little painful and very dirty being dominated by a man who wants to be my Daddy. If you don't like this, find another story please! Negative comments about subject matter will be deleted pretty quick - there's no point reading this if it's not your thing. They won't change my mind or hurt my feelings. They will waste both our time. Go find something positive to do!

If you do like this please comment or send me some email feedback... I love to hear how I turn men (and women) on, but ultimately I write these for me. I share these because I hope they will turn someone else on too :)


We are on a business trip - Daddy and Me. He hardly ever takes me away on business, so I thought we'd have a great time. But he won't let me go out into the city... or have any fun. He even blocked the porn channels. The only fun part is all the fun hotel sex we can have. When I woke up this morning there was a note on the counter telling me what to wear when you get back from your meeting tonight. You tell me where you expect fo find me. It gets me all excited for all of 10 minutes, but then i have to wait all day, alone without you. Bored to tears. This kind of sucks even if we are in a fancy hotel. I have been moping around all day.

I'm sitting on the bed playing with the minibar when you come in, expecting to find me as you told me to be. I whip my head around realizing I've totally lost track of time and start to scramble off the bed but I am too late and you've already seen me, so I just bite my lip and look at you - trying to look cute. You don't even look at me - you just walk into the bathroom to change. I scramble to get up and go to kneel where you told me to, outside on the balcony, placing your chair inside the doors where you will be able to sit and view me exposed out there. I kneel with my hands behind my back - legs open -right where you'd told me to be BEFORE you came in the door.

The wind is whipping around outside and my skirt is flapping up. I feel so exposed but force myself to wait for you to come out of the bathroom. I can see the door, open just a crack but I can't hear anything because of the wind. My pussy throbs. Will you be mad? Or maybe you won't care...

You walk out of the bathroom after...forever. Looking through the door, trying to see if you're mad but your face is blank and hard to see. I'm shivering. You walk past. I can't see you anymore. I crane my neck... someone walks out onto the neighbouring balcony and I cringe... embarassed... there is no way I can make this look normal! I pretend I'm invisible, taking deep breaths, closing my eyes. They smoke out there - I can smell it on the breeze - and finally I hear the door shut behind them. My face is bright red, but I stay where you told me to.

Then I hear your feet - and you're standing in front of the door staring at me. You bend down slightly and I think you're about to sit in your chair but you reach out quickly to grab it and throw it, tossing it the room, it smashes into the wall opposite loudly. A little sound escapes me of surprise and fear and I fall back a little... You open the door. "Daddy???" I ask, panting and shaking visably, from the cold and the fear.

You grab me by the hair and pull me - stumbling back into the room. I'm shivering with goosebumps on my arms. You pin me against the wall - sending a painting crashing to the floor. I squeeze my eyes shut. "Daddy please.. I'm sorry" Your hand pushes up between my legs roughly, and you rip my panties down to my knees so hard I hear a seam tear, and I remember you told me not to wear any. You never like to have me in panties.

You yank them from my ankles, setting me off balance so I almost trip, and you stuff them in my mouth - the wet crotch first... I can taste myself and I gag a little. You slap me hard across the cheek and I fall onto my knees, sobbing. "Slut... you can't even follow simple directions" I start to cry hard ... you usually get softer when I cry but this time I see your cock harden in your pants as you stare down at my shaking shoulders. You slap the other cheek so hard it stings and burns. I keep my face to the floor, scared to look at your face. I don't know what I might see. Your cock comes out as you unzip your pants, and you rub the head over my cheeks picking up the tears, pulling my head back roughly with one hand, at the nape of my neck. And then you slide your belt off - leather slick and shiny as it slides from your waist. You double it and rub it on my face as your cock nudges my lips. I am dizzy, my vision going foggy as my pussy throbs. You pull the panties out of my mouth and I open it to let your cock nudge in. I suck on the head lightly - trying my best to please you but you don't look any less angry. Your hand pulls my hair sharply again and two fingers dig into my jaw - forcing it open and you gag me with your cock - forcing it down my throat till I choke. You stroke the belt down my back softly as you fuck my face harder than you know I can handle.

I finally put a hand up to push your hips back - I can't breathe and I'm getting dizzy. You catch my wrist in your fingers. "Can't handle Daddy's cock slut???? If you did as I told you you'd learn how." You twist my wrist and pull me up - turning me so my arm is twisted behind me back. "on the bed. NOW." you hiss into my ear in a low tone. I scramble over to the bed... terrified as you stalk towards me. You take your shirt off, belt in hand - you snap it at me and I jump. "ALL FOURS. ASS UP BITCH" I assume the position you want, shaking - I turn my head to watch you "Put your head down in the pillow bitch. I don't want to see your face" I obey - desperate to please you, biting in to the fabric. I can't tell where you are and I know I'm going to get spanked but I don't know when the blow will come. "BRAT!" And the belt slaps my ass hard - low - making my pussy jump. I Scream LOUD. "I leave you all alone all day - I let you do whatever you want - I give you an allowance - you can order room service, eat whatever you want, use the pool, enjoy yourself. And all your Daddy wants is for you to be where he wants you, dressed the way he wants when he gets home and you can't even fucking do that." The belt comes down again and again, and I scream and squeal but you pay no attention. "Selfish" SLAP "LITTLE" SLAP "WHORE"

"DADDY PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!" You don't hear or don't care. You're hurting me - I move away - ducking the belt which hits the bed with a THUMP. You bring it up again, and I climb from the bed - running for the kitchen but you catch my ankle and I hit the floor, squirming and fighting and kicking. You grab me - crawling on top of me, your face pushed into mine. I feel your hand in my hair grabbing me, pulling my head up and back - you bite down on my neck and kiss me softly.

I relax a little, pinned to the floor in your arms. You kiss my mouth, kissing me deeply and I feel your fingers exploring up under my skirt. Pushing your fingers into the sides of my thighs, and running over my pussy lips and then penetrating me.... pushing deep into my wet cunt. I arch my back up into your body as your fingers find my g-spot, rubbing it over and over while i whine and squirm and beg you for more. My ass hurts as it squirms against the carpet - i can feel where you hit me with the belt swelling and tender. Your fingers fuck me faster and faster - my pussy wetter and wetter - I start to shake and you know I'm about to cum. You pull both fingers out altogether and plunge them in again as I clench and twist and scream your name. I collapse into tears and you kiss them away and lift me gently back onto the bed.

Your tongue traces it's way down my cheek, following my tears, and into the corner of my mouth. I squirm around in your arms, and your fingers rub my pussy slowly. "Ride Daddy's Cock Baby" you whisper in my ear - I can hear you're desperate to fuck me in your voice as it cracks. "Show me how sorry you are" I climb on top of you, eagerly taking your cock in my hand..shocked at how hot it is and guiding it to my wet little snatch. You thrust your hips up and I push down - deeper and deeper - my pussy so little you fill it up fast. You grab my shoulders and push me down harder - You bury yourself inside me so deep it makes me scream. I start to ride you, working my body up and down your cock - my tits hanging in your face - you nip at them and bite. I'm panting harshly... like a fucking animal as I lean over your body, moving my hips up and down your big cock.

You pull me forward and bite down on my lip, kissing me and whispering in my ear. Your hot breath tickles my earlobe and sends shivers down my spine. Your hands run up and down my back - nails digging in just a little, leaving scratches on your little girl. I'm moving slower than you want, so you tip me back, resting over me with your hands on either side of my shoulders. My head hangs off the bed and you start to fuck me harder, deeper, telling me what a good little slut I'm being. Growling between your words as you give into your animal lust for my body. You tell me how I'm making up for being so disobedient. How you're going to fill me up with your cum. I'm moaning and begging incoherently as you thrust over and over and over... my body shaking and sweating... your cock dragging against the inner walls of my cunt.

"Daddyyyyyyyyyy" I your balls slap my ass over and over. You growl again, fucking me HARDER still, grabbing my shoulders and pushing my body down onto yoru cock as you thrust forward - sending a jolt of pain through me as you stretch my pussy more than it can take. moan chokes... "I'm cumming Dadd..daddyyy!" You grab me by the shoulders and thrust in hard again, digging your nails in, pushing me down on your cock - penetrating me... I scream in pain shake as I cum so hard at the same time. Orgasming so forcefully my slutty little cunt squeezing your big cock, milking it. I shake and pant and cry incoherently mumbling and gasping. You don't give me any time to recover though, pulling out and slapping your cock in my face. Kneeling over the top of me as I lay on the bed. I'm dazed and can't focus but I want to please you so bad. You slap me again with your dick, still hard as a rock, veins bulging. "You little bitch wake up.." I can't even form words. I mumble and push it away as you push it towards my lips.

You pull me up, moving my hips until I'm on all fours for you. I'm flushed and wobbly... babbling a little. "Daddy's not done yet Slut." you say in a low voice and as I turn to look at you I feel your hands exploring my ass.... kneading my sore abused ass cheeks and pushing a finger into my ass. I'm so wet and slippery from the earlier fucking you don't even bother with lube, it just slides in. When you add your other finger I yelp and you push cold lube up and down my ass crack. I feel you nudging your cock at my asshole and I push back onto it. It takes a second or two pushing against the tiny hole insistently and finally slips in, stretching my hole open wide. I gasp, and you push further..deeper.... one smooth motion till you're buried inside my ass. Your fingers are kneading my ass cheeks. I'm quivering, "Daddy?"

You run your hand up my back, "Relax baby" and I try to, you start to move.. faster and faster and oooh it feels good! I'm moaning and thrusting back up onto your cock. You place a hand on my lower back to still me, so you can pull all the way out and thrust in HARD and fast, smiling as I scream horsely. You do it again, giving me a half a seconds breather before your cock spears me, deeper and harder - You make it hurt. Over. And Over. You push it so deep and so hard I think i'm going to burst. And then you grab me by the hair, bending your body over me so I can feel your hot skin against my back and you pull me up onto just my knees - yanking on my hair so my neck is exposed to you. You bite down on it, a little to hard and I yelp as you start to pump my ass... faster and faster and faster, kissing my neck and biting at it, your arm around my stomach pulling me tight against you so I can't move or get any leverage. You let out a horse, choked sound and I feel your hot cum spurting inside my ravaged ass, as your fingers dig into my shoulder. You kiss me all down my back.... as you slowly slide out, you let me fall into a sweaty heap on the bed, cum leaking out of my ass as you kiss me all over my face, and down my throat still panting and raw from your cock. "I'm sorry Daddy" I say, still shaking a little. "I just lost track of time"

You pull my hair out of my eyes and tell me I made up for it. "Sometimes I think you disobey me just to make Daddy mad...." you tell me, looking at my eyes so I can't look away. I bite my lip, "I don't mean to but... I like it when you're mean to me sometimes Daddy... it means making up is nice" I get up on wobbly legs start to walk towards the shower, and you swat my ass as I go, wiggling it a little just to tease you...

Written by: Lil_Lucy

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