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Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 08

by NonStopFunGuy©

"Yup." I climbed onto his bed on my knees, remaining near the bottom edge, reaching back to hold Crystal's hand and have her join me. Now we were hip to hip facing him, all three of us on his bed. "I need to say something more to Jack, Daddy . . . start the video, go ahead." Crystal didn't say a word, although I'm sure she was confused, she just remained next to me quietly, giggly. She had no idea who Jack was, she'd never met him and I don't think I'd even mentioned him to her. But she had the hots for my Daddy, knowing he fucked our friend Melanie a few weeks earlier -- with Melanie reporting to Crystal that my Daddy had an awesome cock and used it for hours -- and Crystal spent her time around my father flirting and showing off her C-cup tits and hot little Latina ass. I didn't get the sense Crystal wanted to leave.

Besides, for the last couple of hours, Crystal and I had been having our first girl/girl sex in my bedroom. She still smelled like wet pussy; her mouth was undoubtedly filled with the scent of my cunt juices, like mine was of hers. She and I were still fucking horny.

Maybe Daddy knew all that. Did he hear our moaning from my bedroom? I don't know how loud we were; but Crystal and I were fucking each other pretty hard, using some pussy-sized fruit and veggies like bananas, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots and sweet potatoes to pleasure each other's cunts.

Daddy held up the camcorder and I could hear it whirl to life; then the bright white light came on illuminating us, and a small red light next to it, so I knew we were being recorded. Time to play.

Holding Crystal's hand in my hand in front of our bodies, my shoulder leaning into hers, I looked into the camera and flicked back my long, black half-Asian hair with a toss of my forehead. "So, hi again, Jack," I purred in my best vixen's voice, although I hadn't really been a slut for more than a week yet, "this is my friend, Crystal, she's like my best buddy from school, and I thought you might like to see what Crystal and I have been doing, locked in my bedroom for the couple of hours."

Daddy was staring at the camera's rear-side monitor, but when he saw what happened next, his eyes lifted; he had to see this directly for himself, amazed it was happening.

I untied the tight belt around my slender waist and pushed my robe off of my shoulders, revealing my nude 18 year old body to the camera. Crystal must have known it was coming, but she still took in some air and sighed in surprise. Daddy's eyebrow rose again, and his grin grew a little larger. My hands found the belt around Crystal's waist, and she didn't stop me from loosening it; then she and I together pulled the red robe away from her shoulders and torso, it fell, and now Daddy could see my naked Latina friend next to me.

My horny Daddy moaned, finally getting to see the fabulous nude body of my friend, after he'd spent so much time that afternoon picturing her naked, while he had stared at her in her tight jeans and sleeveless t-shirt.

Our high-school-aged tits both sported rock-hard nipples; my A-cup tits had the little brown nipples, whereas Crystal's big C-cup boobs had long fat dark brown nipples and equally large circles. I could feel our nipples touching, as we turned into each other a little. I smiled for the camera, lifting my shoulder to my mouth demurely. "Don't you like Crystal? I sure do. Watch."

The video, in theory, was for Jack's benefit, a further reason for him to go on a date with me sometime. In actuality, it was just a further reason for my Daddy to want to fuck me. But I had to pretend that this was all for Jack, not him.

Crystal felt me turning to face her, she did the same. As our mouths touched, lips together, starting another wet girl-girl kiss, one of her hands curved around my little hips and felt up my small fanny. I lifted one hand to her breast, cupping the large soft tit and feeling its weight in my palm, while my other hand snaked between our bodies and reached for her shaved crotch. She yelped in my mouth, almost breaking the kiss, as she felt my fingers caress her clitoris and slide inside her pussy. A moment later her hand was between my slender thighs too, rubbing my aching pussylips, her one fingertip finding my cunthole and tracing the soft flesh right around it. My hips bucked at the first feeling of her fingers on my well-fucked pussy that evening.

We mutually broke the kiss, and Crystal's big brown eyes darted in my father's direction; she blushed, seeing him admiring us making out naked, holding that camera towards us. I was already leaning down, licking my wet tongue along her neck, causing her to lift her face and moan, offering me more neck, arching her back. I lowered myself and pushed my face against one of her large tits, opening my lips, letting my Daddy see his daughter lick and suck the boob of one of her school classmates. I too looked at my father, seeing him staring at us.

Daddy was instantly approving of this arrangement. He rose to his knees on the bed, towering in height above us to short teenagers, remaining on the far side of the bed by his pillows. His shorts were tented with a massive long bulge, and I was sure Crystal was looking at it anxiously. Daddy kept the camera pointed at us, but that was only an excuse to stare at Crystal and I fucking each other.

Licking down from her tits, I had Crystal lay back on my father's bed, spreading her legs, showing him her 18 year old Latina cunt. I glanced over, seeing him staring at her pussy. His eyes came unglued, stuck at the sight of my tongue nearing it. My girl friend pulled her knees back, lifting her head to watch me, as my tongue slipped around her clitoris and I began sucking and licking the little fleshy thumb at the top of her pussy. I heard her moan in delight, dropping her head back, thrusting her cunt and ass towards my face for more.

"Jack," I moaned to the camera, my mouth hovering above Crystal's wet twat, "I love eating Crystal's pussy, it's so amazing -- don't you wanna watch, does this turn you on baby?"

Immediately I stuck my little tongue out, driving it downward, and thrusting inside Crystal's hole. She shrieked, her body arching as she pushed her pelvis into my face. Hungrily I ate out Crystal's pussy, again saturating my face in her juices, stuffing my little tongue as deep into her cunt as I could stretch it. She was so horny from being fucked by the veggies and me in my bedroom, so it didn't take long to get her fully aroused again. With my hot father watching, she was incredibly horny. I pumped my tongue deep into her pussy, smothering her clitty in my lips and nose, furiously pumping my tongue in and out while Crystal's hips wildly gyrated under me. Soon my girlfriend was cumming, sucking in air as she wailed and exploded, her pussy gushing juices and thrusting up to stuff my tongue deeper into you.

After she orgasmed again, I pulled back and remained on my knees above her, sliding one then two fingers into her twat and finger-fucking her while my Daddy watched, and recorded it.

The trap was set, I thought to myself.

I rotated Crystal around, so she was still on her back, but her cunt was facing my father. She pulled her high school legs as wide open as she could, completely exposing her slit and her asshole to him, reading for whatever I was going to give her. I stayed on my knees at her side, leaning over her body, reaching one hand to her twat and using my fingers to pry open her hood and cuntlips, better showing off her slit. Looking up at the camcorder, I saw Daddy staring hungrily at my friend. "Don't you want this little pussy," I muttered to the camera, but not really to the camera. "Jack, don't you love Crystal's tight little cunt . . . wouldn't you love to shove your big cock in it? Don't you just want to fuck Crystal so hard, right now . . . I bet you really, really want to take out your huge fat adult dick, and shove it in her tight teenage pussy, so deep . . . and show her how much you want to fuck her."

Sitting up on my ankles, arching my back and pressing my naked smallish tits towards my father, I cocked my head and asked directly. "Why don't you take your cock out, and show Crystal how big it is, and fuck her tight little teenage cunt?"

My horny, sex-crazed father looked at me, blinking, his hand not wavering, holding the camera towards me and my nude fuck buddy. He was torn, I could see that; but this temptation was too much. It was exactly what I knew he wanted.

I'd seen all the pictures. He fucked Melanie, my friend; Riley, my cousin, when she was at college; and a girl who used to housesit for me; and older, married women too. He wasn't going to refuse Crystal's tight Latina pussy, no way.

I had to restrain myself from clapping, when I saw him reach over and put the camcorder on the night stand -- facing the rest of the bed, to capture whatever it could before its tape or batteries ran out. Now I was nervous too, but a sense of calm and order dominated my feelings, knowing this was entirely at my control now.

Raising her head to watch, Crystal moaned in delight, just as I sighed, when my father pushed his jogging shorts and underwear down, his thrilling erection jutting out from his flat abdomen. The over-eight inch long, super-fat cock was already rockhard, like concrete, sporting veins and bulges and its pointy head swollen and primed to enter some young cunt. After stripping himself naked, my Daddy stayed there, holding back, letting Crystal and me admire his amazing cock, our young bodies now dripping with lust for his gorgeous penis and sexy, handsome tall body.

Wanting my father to fuck her right in front of me, Crystal spread her legs back even more, gazing at my Daddy's penis. She wanted this from the moment Melanie sent her the pictures of my father's penis, I was sure of that. "Ohhh yeah," muttered my horny friend from school, "you're so fucking big!"

I was so glad she wanted my Daddy. I wanted this too, for my father, and for Crystal . . . and for me, later.

Daddy crawled down the bed towards us, leaning over Crystal, smiling down at her. "Hi there," he purred playfully, making her giggle, "I certainly wasn't expecting this . . . you're so fucking sexy, honey, I've been staring at your hot body all day."

"Yeah?" She arched her back, showing her big tits to my father, keeping her knees spread so wide for him to fuck her. "You're hot too, Mister . . . um, er, Rick, you gonna fuck me now wit' dat big dick of yours?"

He moaned, already touching his huge cock to her cuntlips. "Yeah, honey," he grunted, looking down at her pretty face, the upturned nose and lots of curly black hair, and at her heaving large C-cup boobs on her slender chest. "You look like you're already ready to get fucked."

Then, my father -- my loving Daddy, he's so perfect -- looked at me, smiling right at my young eyes, his face full of adoration. "You're the best, princess," he moaned.

My cunt creamed as he said it to me. "I love you too, Daddy," I purred, holding my breath, waiting to see him stick his dick into my girlfriend.

I watched her legs part to the sides, as my father lowered his nude body on top of hers; and a second later my friend shrieked. "Ahhh!" screamed the teenager, "oooh, shit!" My Daddy's penis was slowly entering her tight, wet teenage cunt, just a little at first; I could see my father's sexy asscheeks clench tight, his hips pause, as he felt the tightness of her vaginal lips. Then he began to ram forward, bit by bit, pushing more cock inside Crystal. The slutty Latina was clutching his big, broad shoulders, her dark little fingers so contrast to his broad, white skin. Daddy was fucking her slowly, getting his meat into her bit by bit, deeper and deeper, feeling how her cunt was gripping his enormous cock.

Daddy's penis was, probably, the biggest thing she ever had inside her twat. "Oh shit!" she kept moaning, her mouth full of saliva, "oh shit, oh yeah, ooh shit, oooh!"

My cunt leaked, as I watch my Dad fuck my friend. I sat back on my ass, legs open, one hand softly teasing my dripping wet pussy while I saw my father's body laying over Crystal and pushing cock inside her cunt. Daddy leaned up now, his strong arms straight down, his flat abdomen pumping up and down. I could see his thick adult shaft now, sliding in and out of Crystal's 18 year old pussy, fucking her deeply, as far as he could thrust it inside. She continued to scream, sucking in air, splitting wide open to take my father's erection.

He looked over at me and my nude body, seeing his exotic half-Asian daughter fingering herself. "You're beautiful," he moaned at me, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, all week . . . you're so fucking hot, Kristen."

I fell in love with him all over again, even as he was fucking Crystal. "Me too, Daddy," I apologized, my eyes closing, my pussy and body really wanting him. "I love you, Daddy," I repeated, meaning every word of it. I was so in love with my father.

His words were like a symphony in perfect balance. "I love you, honey."

We moved together for a kiss, me leaning up on my knees right next to him, while he kept plowing his enormous erection into Crystal's cunt. Daddy and I began making out furiously, him sucking my tongue which I gladly stuffed into his mouth; his big hand reached around me to cup and grope my asscheeks, squeezing both of my little buns in his big strong paw. It was no way a father should kiss his teenage daughter. I melted into my father's mouth, gasping for air directly from his lungs, our lips sealing our mouths together. His hand fondling my nude butt moved around, in front of me, and seconds later my Daddy's strong fingers were rubbing my vagina, right at the hole, teasing me, ready to fuck me. I grunted, "Yesss!" into his mouth, and pressed my pussy against his fingers, spreading my knees, hoping he would start to finger-fuck me as hard as he was fucking Crystal with his cock.

It was the moment I wanted. Daddy was touching my pussy; soon, I hoped, his cock would be deep inside me. I would have won.

On her back, my friend was screaming, "Oh fuck yeah, oh shit, oh fuck!" She was fondling both of her own tits, bouncing around from the massive impacts of my father's manly, strong body into her short feminine frame.

I felt Daddy moving me; at first pushing me, encouraging me, then almost lifting me. He had me crawl to my side, over Crystal, throwing a leg around her head, squatting above her face, my wet vagina inches from her nose and mouth. Daddy continued to kiss me, now with both hands around to cup and fondle his daughter's little teen asscheeks, he and me making out like the lovers we had become. I didn't need more encouragement, I lowered my twat down to Crystal's face, and I felt her tongue reach up to stroke my clitoris; and a second later, she slipped her tongue into my pussy.

We were a sexual triangle. I was being tongue-fucked by my friend, while kissing Daddy; he was still boning Crystal with his powerful, large fat penis. I could hear her grunting under my ass and pussy, cumming I think, completely absorbed by the father and daughter she was fucking.

Daddy pushed my face away from his, and with his strong hands holding my slender frame still, he lowered his mouth to my chest. "Oh yesss," I moaned, staring, seeing my father's handsome face against my little boobies. His tongue stuck out and began to lick my nipple, while he looked up at me. I shoved more tit into his mouth until he swallowed it; my breast sizzled with the warmth of his mouth, I felt his wet tongue dancing over it; my aching nipple throbbed inside the suction he was creating. "Yesss, Daddy!"

I cradled Daddy's head against my chest, thrusting my booby into his warm, wet mouth. The attention from my father to my naked teenage tit was delightful, it meant so much to me, he wanted to enjoy me and make me feel so great. It was perfection, everything this daughter had dreamed about. Well, close to perfection. That was coming.

His huge cock shoved into the back of her twat, almost digging into her lungs inside her, Crystal had a massive orgasm. I could hear her scream, she held back nothing. In my bedroom, fucking me, she muted her sounds. Now, freed of restraint, the petite Latina sang at the top of her lungs when the climax ripped through her body. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck!" she exhaled noisily, clutching at the bedsheets with her hands, her small bronze body erupting from the intense, erotic energy. "Ahhhh, shiiiiiit!"

Daddy knew what to do, shoving his bone as deep into her cumming cunt as he could stuff it, letting her feel how huge and hard he was inside of her, while her pussy spasmed and squeezed. She was crying almost, the cum hurting from the big dick inside of her, and I'm sure she was sore from the earlier fucking in my bedroom. Her noises were utter satisfaction; Crystal later told me it was the single best orgasm of her entire fucking life, but really, that's no surprise.

He screwed her pussy more slowly now, in and out, still tasting my nipples, but soon licking up my little neck and kissing me hard on my mouth. I made out with Daddy while he fucked Crystal under me, and her tongue darted pleasure at my vagina. She wasn't eating me that intensely, she was mostly gasping and moaning, feeling my Daddy fucking her. I broke our kiss, looking down at her shaved cunt, seeing my father's huge prick buried inside of it. Crystal's pussylips were stretched so far open, it was amazing watching him fuck her.

"Daddy, yeah," I panted, so horny, "fuck her, fuck her so deep."

Crystal wailed in agreement. "Oh yeah, fuck me!" Her hands reached up to clutch his broad, strong shoulders, holding him above her, wiggling her ass around more to get fucked again.

Daddy was soon pounding her, and I climbed off of my friend, just to sit and watch them fuck again. His hot, muscular ass was flying up and down; I heard the noise as his hips smacked her body, squishing into her juicy cunt, burying that dick inside her twat. She was panting and grunting, arching her back to show off her big tits to my father's gazing eyes, smiling at his face as he fucked her. "So good, so good," my friend chanted to my father as the two of them had hard sex in front of me, both of them sweating from the physical workout of screwing each other.

"Oh, baby!" Crystal had her face turned to me, her big brown eyes on mine, as she reached a hand towards me. I took it, and we held hands, allowing me to feel her body shaking as my father fucked her. "He's so good, it's so good!"

My eyes continued to stare at my father's long fat penis driving into her teenage pussy; I could see how good it was. "Baby, fuck my Daddy," I begged her, lost in lust, "fuck his big dick sweetie!"

She suddenly let go of my hand, reaching both of her hands down to her pussy, stretching them. "Oh fuck!" screamed Crystal, pulling her knees so far up high, bending herself in half under my father's handsome nude physique. She was having another huge orgasm. "Oh shit yeah!"

Daddy trust his penis into Crystal's pussy throughout this next, big cum, and she shrieked and screamed under him feeling it vibrate every part of her being. She was almost crying, whimpering, as the cum subsided, and his big erection was still deep inside her twat.

After her orgasm, Daddy repositioned her -- and me -- to continue the hot sex with my girl friend. I found myself on my back on the bed, spread open wide, with Crystal now on her fours bent over to eat my cunt. I lifted my head, not seeing her face because her long curly hair was falling all around it. But I felt her wet teen tongue at my aching, juicy twat, and she started licking my clitty then thrusting tongue inside my hole. Down her slender body, past her hot round Latina ass, Daddy was kneeling behind, staring at me, pumping his rock into her twat from behind. I saw her tight, plump asscheeks rippling each time he thrust forward, and she was grunting into my pussy from the feeling of his massive cock filling her little teen vagina. She was a good cunt-licker, expertly darting her tongue around my clit and then inside my hole. I gave in, gyrating my hips under hers, feeling her making love to me with her mouth, until I was having orgasms against her face.

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