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Living with My Nieces

by Charles Petersunn©

"That was so much fun, Uncle Paul." She fluttered her eye lashes at him. She had such pretty gay eyes. "Are you going to tell me a story tonight?"

He smiled. She was not holding to the bargain, but she was being awfully cute about it. "No, no sweetie, not tonight. Uncle Paul has an early day tomorrow and he needs his sleep now."

She slipped over closer to him. "Just a short one? You promised us you would, and you were always good at tellin' stories."

Paul chuckled. Frankly, he was never good at that at all. It had just been so easy to entertain his young niece. And, he definitely didn't have any stories to tell now. Well, he could tell a story about having a bath with a niece, but somehow he felt that wouldn't be terribly appropriate. "I'm sorry. I really can't remember any of the stories I told back then." That was the truth.

"What about 'Bitsy's Promise,' or 'Billy the Beaver's Wedding'?"

"My goodness, you remember those stories?"

"Land sakes, I shor' do, Uncle Paul! I just loved them. I told them to mother the next day."

Paul was impressed, and he had to admit a bit pleased. He had just made those stories up as he went, having no idea where they would go, what would happen, once he started.

"Remember how Billy and Betsy were two little beavers who were going to get married but got caught in a hole after a tree fell down and blocked their way out. They had crawled in there to do some huggin' and kissin'." Betty Jo giggled.

Paul smiled. That was indeed the story.

"Remember how they escaped?" Betty Jo asked.

Paul remembered. "Their parents ran to the little girl's house, Betty Jo's I believe."

Betty Jo giggled. Paul always inserted her into the stories. "That's right!"

"And," Paul continued, "she dug them out."

"You remember how it ended?"

"Wasn't that the ending?"

"Land sakes no! You losin' yer memory or somethin'? Preacher Joe performed the marriage service and it ended with him sayin', 'You can now kiss the bride.'"

Paul chuckled. She was right again. He had forgotten about that part.

Betty Jo slid up even closer, even snuggling up against him, and asked, "Are you gonna kiss the bride?" She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

"C'mon, I really need my sleep, Betty Jo. You promised."

"Just a good night kiss, Uncle Paul, and then we'll go to sleep. I promise." She closed her eyes again and puckered her lips.

What do you do with an obstreperous young lady? Probably should give her a spanking. Despite what Billie Jo had said he had never imagined doing such a thing when they were young. But, she was now an adult and he was most certainly imagining it right now. His dick swelled as he considered placing Betty Jo over his lap for a spanking. He could even pull down those flannel PJ bottoms. Her sisters probably wouldn't hear. But, the erection within his own PJ bottoms told him that he really, really shouldn't do that. Just the thought of it was giving him way too much pleasure.

Paul took a deep breath of resignation, leaned forward and provided Betty Jo a light peck on the lips.

Betty Jo, though, pressed forward even further and reached down under the covers to grasp hold of her uncle's penis.

Paul pulled away from her lips to exclaim, "Betty Jo!" But, he couldn't escape the young lady's exploring hand, at least not without getting entirely out of bed.

"Oh, Uncle Paul, you've got an awfully big one, don't you."

"Betty Jo, please, you're my little niece."

"I'm really not so little any more, Uncle Paul." She thrust out her chest. "Do you want to see them?"

He whispered, loudly and assertively, "Your sisters are right in the next room."

"We don't have to tell them," she argued, but she made a more convincing argument with her hand. She was getting a really good feel of his swelling cock as the only thing covering it was the thin soft cotton of his pajama bottoms.

It wasn't what Betty Jo was saying that was turning Paul's head, and his mind. It was what she was doing with her hand. After all, what's wrong with just a little hand job? She was, after all, eighteen. If she wanted to jerk her uncle off beneath the sheets was it really right of him to deny her this little pleasure? Of course, it would have been terribly, terribly wrong when she was little. But, it wasn't now, was it? And, besides, she had such sweet little feminine fingers.

Betty Jo added, "They won't s'pect nuthin'. They think their little sister is as innocent as a preacher's daughter."

Paul furrowed his brow. He thought the stereotype of the preacher's daughter was a slut. Well, maybe it was different down in Pixley. Well, it didn't matter. His cock might want to go further but it just seemed so wrong. He pulled her hand away. "Betty Jo, please, really. I have to get some sleep."

Betty Jo gave him her best pout and then realized she had an even better argument. "I'm mighty limber, Uncle Paul," raising her eyebrows to emphasize her point.

"Excuse me?"

"Here, let me show y'all."

Betty Jo slipped out from under the covers and crawled to the bottom of the bed, her perky little PJ'd bottom wiggling and waving as she did so. Paul's hand returned to his dick, picking up where Betty Jo had left off. It really wasn't going to be that easy to go to sleep now. He would most certainly have some strange dreams. It had been a long, long time since he had a wet dream. How weird would it be to have one now, sharing the bed with his young niece. That would be a little embarrassing. Maybe he should make a visit to the bathroom before he went back to sleep.

When Betty Jo reached the bottom of the bed she turned around to face Paul, sat down on her bottom, raised up her legs and fell back, continuing to bring her legs all the way back until she literally had them tucked in and locked behind her head around her neck.

Paul's eyes opened as wide as they had ever been. He softly stroked his cock beneath the sheets. It had to be among the most obscene positions he had ever seen. No cunt could be more exposed than now as Betty Jo's thighs were spread as far as they could be. Her cunt was literally poking straight up in the air, just begging to be impaled. Of course, he couldn't see it through her PJs, but he most certainly could imagine it.

"Betcha' Billie Jo can't do this."

"I don't think very many girls can, Betty Jo," Paul softly agreed. He was indeed very impressed.

Betty Jo was by far the most athletic of the sisters. Paul recalled how she so often enjoyed showing off, with her hula hoop, her bicycle riding, her frog giggin', and even horseback riding. She could play many sports better than any boy.

Betty Jo reached up and caressed her cunnie through her PJ bottoms. "Just right for plantin' a big ole pecker wood. Don't you reckon, Uncle Paul?"

No more arguments were necessary. What's really more important: sex with your pretty niece or a good night's sleep? He might regret this in the morning, but that was a common refrain in the late hours of the night when a lot of bad decisions are often made. Paul threw back the covers and climbed out of bed, the front of his PJ bottoms sticking out like there was a steel rod in them.

Betty Jo smiled in appreciation. "Looks like Uncle Paul is happier than a tick on a fat dog."

Paul smiled back, reached down, unbuttoned one of the buttons on his pajama pants, reached in, and pulled out his stiff dick.

"Whoa!" Betty Jo exclaimed. "He's sure bona fide, Uncle Paul." She reached behind her neck to grasp hold of her ankles to pull them free. She stood up on the bed in front of her uncle, leaned forward, and reached back to pull her PJ bottoms off her bottom, keeping her pretty hazel eyes trained on his, a big grin on her face, her cute bangs laying across her forehead, her long pigtails hanging way down. Once clear of her bottom her PJs fell to her ankles in a soft green mound of bunnies, raccoons, squirrels and possums. She stood back up straight.

She apparently wasn't wearing panties, and Paul was treated to a very wonderful sight: the darling pussy of Betty Jo with its very light sprinkle of strawberry red hair and that preciously delicate tiny crevice.

"Do you like it, Uncle Paul? See; the carpet matches the drapes."

It did indeed, and his dick twitched it's approval, and interest, in coupling with that delicious charm. "Why don't you step up to the edge of the bed, Betty Jo. Your Uncle Paul wants to give you another goodnight kiss."

Betty Jo giggled as she stepped out of the PJ's and up to her uncle. It was rather obvious what he intended to do, given the direction of his eyes and the fact that her cunnie lips were at the same level as his facial lips. "Uncle Paul wants some strawberry country pie?"

Paul smiled. He sure did. When she was in range he reached out and grasped the taut tight cheeks of Betty Jo's perky tush, itself a delight to hold, and pulled her the rest of the way so that his lips could embrace hers.

"Uncle Paul," Betty Jo gasped as she felt her uncle's lips touch hers. It was such an intimate way to love somebody, and be loved, and she did always have a little crush on her uncle. It was a childhood wish come alive in the most wonderful way imaginable. Her Uncle Paul was smooching her cunnie! She reached down with her hands to grasp hold of his head and pull him in even more tightly against her lips and nub.

Paul did enjoy making love to a girl this way. He would have been considerably more effective with Billie Jo if she hadn't required that he do it underwater. He could now do a much better job with her youngest sister and he did not waste the opportunity. He buried his lips in the girl's cunt, caressing and massaging her lips with his lips and tongue, being sure, of course, to frequently visit her little erect button, sucking it, licking it, and nibbling it.

Betty Jo was breathing heavily as she wriggled and grinded her hips against her uncle's mouth. Her parents would most certainly be quite upset if they walked into Paul's bedroom right now, but Betty Jo didn't mind. She had always been the rebellious one, pursuing the interests of a typical boy rather than a typical girl. Well, at least she was being a girl right now. They would have to approve of that!

Paul squeezed, pawed, and mauled the cheeks of Betty Jo's perky bottom as he chewed and munched on her cunnie. Being the athletic one Betty Jo probably had the tightest tush of all the sisters but the pleasure before him right now was even better. This home-made country pie was so much tastier than any store-bought frozen one he had ever bought. He gobbled and gorged like he was contesting at the county fair.

"Oh Uncle Paul," Betty Jo eventually gasped, "yer gonna make me cum, that's fer shur."

Paul briefly pulled away. "Just let it happen, sweetie," he whispered, "just let it happen," and then resumed his gobbling and guzzling of Betty Jo's tasty cunnie, the room becoming filled with the lewd noises of his slurping servicing of Betty Jo's slit, his face becoming sloppy wet.

Betty Jo openly humped the mouth of her uncle with her cunt, fucking his face like it was a cock. She glanced over at the mirror on his dresser and saw her reflection. She looked so terribly lewd and obscene humping and grinding her cunt on her uncle's lips. But, it did not inhibit her. On the contrary, it put her over the edge and her legs suddenly felt weak and trembled. "Dadburn it, Uncle Paul," Betty Jo gasped as she felt her body engulfed by the waves of her climax. She fell back onto the bed, bringing Paul's face, lips, and tongue with her, wanting him to continue working her as she lay there quivering and twitching with her orgasm.

Paul gladly followed her down onto the bed, not wanting to miss a lick as he witnessed the girl climaxing on his tongue. A man always feels good when he makes a lady cum with his mouth, and this was no lady, this was his niece, little Betty Jo, all quivery and shivery with her orgasmic paroxysms. His mouth filled with her juice as she made little squirts and spurts of her own, leaving a pretty big wet spot on his side of the bed.

When she was done Betty Jo had to wait awhile. She covered her face with her hands, not out of any shame but simply to help her regain control and gather her senses. She soon though brought her hands away and smiled gratefully and appreciatively at her uncle. "I guess you city boys ain't clumsy at everythin'."

Paul chuckled. He hadn't thought he was clumsy at anything, although he did suspect that a lot of the young men of Pixley, as well as Betty Jo, would probably best him in a number of physical sports.

Betty Jo noticed the moisture on Paul's cheeks and chin, and giggled again. She then brought her legs back up, and again pulled her feet all the way back behind her head, locking her ankles behind her neck.

It was the position that Paul had been waiting for, and he was richly rewarded for his patience. This position so thoroughly and completely opened the young lady's cunt. It was not a position for a modest girl, self-conscious about her body. Her thighs were splayed wide open, splitting open her cunt lips as well, providing a peek into her wet inner lips, and just below that, as laid out as brazenly as her cunt, her puckered ass hole. Bondage apparatus could not display Betty Jo's private parts more effectively. Her cunt and butt hole were both sticking right up in the air, offering themselves to him to do with what he wished.

Betty Jo did feel a bit self-conscious about it, at least at first. She was reminded of the first time she visited a gynecologist. She had felt so bare, so exposed. Perhaps she felt a bit funny now because this was her Uncle Paul. Not too many nieces display themselves this way to their uncles. She would never have done such a thing when she was little, or at least it would not have had such an openly, brazenly lewd meaning.

Paul's cock strained in the fully stretched confines of his skin. He so much wanted to fuck her this way. He had never done it like that before. Perhaps it was because none of his prior girlfriends were as flexible or limber as Betty Jo, as she had suggested, but none were also so uninhibited, so audacious. The Bodine girls were making quite an impression on him. "That's so fucking hot, Betty Jo," he quietly offered, his voice breathless with anticipation, desire, and lust.

Betty Jo smiled in appreciation, her self-consciousness drifting away. Billie Jo was the one who always got the boy. Well, this time she got the boy and it wasn't even a boy. It was their Uncle Paul! She couldn't wait to brag about it to her sisters, although she wouldn't do that until after they got back to Pixley. She didn't want to give one of them the chance to show her up, if any one of them could in fact top this.

She brought her fingers again to her cunnie, which was now glistening with moisture. She slid her fingers up and down the slit, gradually working them inside, smiling flirtatiously at her uncle all the while, and then eventually sliding one finger down inside her hole, closing her eyes and sighing with pleasure.

She opened them a bit to softly ask, "Do you like my little pussy, Uncle Paul?"

He didn't reply. He just stared.

"It's awfully, awfully small. I hope you don't mind. I can just barely squeeze my finger down in there. Mmmmmm," she sighed as she squirmed her finger around and around inside. "It's so tight and wet and squishy."

Her eyes were glazed with lust as she pulled her finger out and shifted it to her asshole. She circled the tip of her glistening wet finger around and around her wrinkly tight brown star and whispered, "You can fuck me there too, if you want, Uncle Paul," and to be sure he fully understood she stuck the finger down into her butt. "I just love a good cornholin'." She squealed as she plunged her finger deep down inside. She left it in there a bit, enjoying how intrusive it felt, how naughty it looked.

"Do you think I'm being a bad girl, Uncle Paul?"

He licked his lips.

"You think maybe you oughta give yer little niece a spankin'?""

He would most certainly enjoy doing that. He smiled lecherously at his niece, giving his cock a squeeze. If only she knew how much he would enjoy that.

"I just so much like stickin' things up my butt."

Paul could see her breasts rising and falling beneath her PJ top, her eyes again now only half-opened with lust.

Betty Jo flipped her finger out of her butt with a pop and then rocked back and forth, like a circus contortionist, smiling coquettishly. "You just take yer pick, Uncle Paul. I don't rightly mind in which stall you park your big, manly cock."

Now, that was a difficult decision, assuming that he could only have one. He stood there contemplating the choice, absentmindedly stroking his cock, and then abruptly stopped when he realized that he was liable to shoot off onto those holes rather than within them. He did know that he would not last very long in either one, and so most likely it would be just one. Well, it didn't take too long to decide. He climbed onto the bed.

Betty Jo giggled in anticipation, rocking her cunt. She used her fingers to spread herself open even further, if that was really possible, wondering which hole he would choose.

Paul grabbed hold of one of the bed posts to brace himself. It actually wasn't that easy to fuck a girl in this position, aiming as he was straight down. He imagined that the actual fucking would be plenty darned easy though.

"I reckon you'll have to cornhole me another time," Betty Jo said with a smile as she felt her uncle lodge his dick at the entrance to her cunt.

Paul's cock never felt more like a weapon than it did now. It wasn't that he wanted to hurt anyone with it, particularly the petite Betty Jo, but the position just put him in such a powerful stance relative to her. He felt like he was going to truly impale her, driving his cock down into her body, deep down into her cunt like a stake.

And so he did, in one swift hard thrust, or more like just falling down into her, as the weight of his body towering above her forced his dick downward into her tight, yet receptive, soft cunt.

"Unggh," Betty Jo groaned at the sudden and swift intrusion into her little girlish hole.

She was so fucking tight. It felt like her cunt was trying to choke the life out of his cock, although it would truly be such a wonderful way to go. Paul braced himself with his right hand now as well, gripping tightly the lower bed frame. He then pumped Betty Jo's cunt like he was drilling for oil, plunging his dick in and out.

It wasn't that easy as her cunt was so snug, so constricted, seemingly impenetrable on the way down, and then clenching and clutching him on the way back up. It was a struggle that was scintillatingly stimulating every centimeter of the way, going in and coming out. Never had his cock ever felt so fucking good. He could fucking do this fucking all night long. Fuck his job, he thought. All he wanted to do was to fuck this girl.

Betty Jo gasped, "Fuck me." She squealed, "Fuck yer little niece." She whimpered, "Fuck me, Uncle Paulie, fuck me so hard."

And he did precisely that, humping and pumping Betty Jo's wet, tight cunt, filling the room with the obscene slushing noises of a fleshy wet hole being thoroughly sluiced. He had never fucked a girl in such an obscene manner. It was his niece, but it was not making love. It was fucking, bestial and animalistic, pure and simple, and his dick suddenly exploded in sweet satisfaction, blasting his cum deep down inside his niece's young cunt. "Fuck," he gasped as the sweet bliss swept through him.

"Oh yes," Betty Jo whimpered, "fill me Uncle Paul, feel me with the Henderson seed."

Paul fell onto and gushed into Betty Jo's precious cunt, his dick buried as far and deep into the girl as humanly possible. With his dick entirely enveloped and engulfed by Betty Jo's tender clenching and clutching fleshy folds he did indeed pass along the city slicker sperm, bringing the Henderson and Bodine families back together once again.

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