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Foot Slave

by 5horn©

With that she placed her big toe on my tongue, the sensation was phenomenal, her soft pedicured toe rested on my tongue as I lapped and sucked it with true feverish passion, I sucked her toes slowly, treating them so reverently, with my lips tingling as each toe came in and out of my mouth. I obediently licked her feet and sucked her toes for what seemed like hours, so humbled with what I was being placed in my mouth -- a sexy PVC clad dominant Mistresses feet.

Every so often my Mistress would casually withdraw her toes from my mouth and swirl her foot teasingly around my face, placing her wet saliva covered toes on the top of my forehead and then slowly rubbing them down my face, over my eyes and then my nose until they resumed position on my wanton tongue.

"So slave is your f-o-o-t f-e-t-i-s-h being satisfied or does it involve you pathetically masturbating to my feet?, oh yeah I think that little cock of yours wants to cum, I think you want to cum so bad, don't you slave?"

It was unbearable to have my throbbing cock erect and oozing precum, with my balls tight and ready to explode and physically be restrained from touching them with my wrists chained to my slave collar.

"Please Mistress please I beg you, I beg you to allow me to touch myself and cum to your beautiful feet, please allow your pathetic foot slave to masturbate in your presence"

"Okay foot slave touch yourself."

With that she dangled her right foot in front of my eyes with the key hanging gracefully off her silver ankle bracelet. She knew she was teasing me, my arms were still bound with chains secured by the little padlock attached to my slave collar, I squirmed, pathetically stooping my neck and stretching my hands down as low as they could go but it was no use I couldn't reach my swollen tormented cock. She glanced down at me scornfully,

"Slave if you're not going to cum to my feet then Mistress will have to punish you, and since you have a foot fetish, I'm going to punish you with my f-e-e-t".

"Oh please Mistress please allow me to touch my pathetic cock in your presence, please take off these cuffs and allow me to ejaculate all over your beautiful toes, please Mistress, please."

"Silence foot slave, did I give you permission to beg, did I foot slave?"

"No Mistress, sorry Mistress". With that she pulled my Slave collar back dragging me to the floor, I lay flat on my back awaiting my Mistress's next whim. She took out low glass table and place it just above my head, then sitting back into her regal throne she placed her soles on the glass just above my face. My cock was numb and my balls tightened with arousal as her feet padded above me my only vision. Without care or concern for me she took out a female domination book and began to read for what must have been hours.

Eventually she stood up leash in hand and removed the teasing table from my face.

"Foot slave its getting late and Mistress is getting tired, I will be retiring to bed and your job will be to kneel at the foot of my bed and massage my feet while I also expect you to warm my feet with your breath for the entire night, is that understood foot slave."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"Good boy and if you do a good job, who knows maybe tomorrow might be the day that mistress will let you c-u-m."

With that she kicked my balls and ran her lavishly painted red toes over my ever throbbing erect cock.

"You would like that wouldn't you foot slave."

"Oh yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"Well we'll just have to see, won't we foot boy."

She made me crawl on my knees over to the foot of her double bed, the bed had a large headboard but no foot board to accommodate my mistress's foot worship. The bed was dressed with sumptuous satin sheets that I knew I would not have the privilege of sleeping on, my bed was the floor, as for sleep I would have to do without, Mistress had given me an order and I had to fulfill it, I was her foot slave and her feet were my job to pamper, worship and adore. Anyway I could do without sleep with the thought of cumming all over her beautiful toes tomorrow provided I did a good job during the night, or was that just an empty promise, a further foot tease.

With my leash securely attached to a metal hoop welded to the floor at the foot of the bed my Mistress slipped under the satin sheets and glided her soles gracefully down towards me. Ensuring my hands were warm so as not to make my mistress displeased I immediately began to massage her toes, they felt so wonderful, soft and supple, my attention and gaze were once more was fixated by Mistress's delectable feet. Only for my full concentration of breathing my every warm breath on to her supple soles, I would thought about worshiping those perfect feet in my hands, puckering my lips and giving those toes soft kisses in homage, or extending my wanton tongue for a lustful lick along her soles, but I knew better, if I disobeyed it would be along time before I would receive any pleasure from my foot Mistress, I was there to serve and nothing else, If she chose to pleasure me would be on her terms at her time, I couldn't jeopardize that.

When morning came my fingers and thumbs were sore from the constant stoking and massaging but my eyes were still fixated, until they moved from my grasp and my Mistress stepped out of the bed. She walked slowly behind and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back, with my chained hands resting on my chest.

"Good morning foot slave, you did a good job massaging my feet and you kept my toes warm all night with your breath. I'm glad I didn't feel any kisses or licks at my feet because if I had then you have been denied pleasure for a long long time foot slave, and I don't think your little cock could take that."

My PVC clad Mistress then proceeded to bend over me and place her perfectly manicured index finger on the floor just in front of my cock, she slowly ran her finger across a few inches of the floor and then while removing it from the floor purposefully graced my aching balls with it.

"I just needed to check that you didn't cum while I was sleeping foot slave. And you passed the test."

She untied my leash from the metal hoop in the floor, and with leash in hand and me on all fours pathetically following behind her, she walked slowly over to her throne stopping with every step to place each sole on my face, placing her foot with the base of her toes nuzzled into my nose, pausing in her stride to allow herself hear my slavish sniff.

"Goodboy you love sniffing your Mistress's feet don't you foot slave."

"Oh yes Mistress thank you so much Mistress."

When we reached the throne she sat down and with me kneeling at her feet she casually placed her right foot on my forehead, she left it there for a minute or two looking her foot, the red toenails resting on my flushed face. Then she crouched over and unclasped the ankle bracelet. Removing her foot from my forehead she dangled her little silver chain and swung the key in front of my excited and eager eyes.

"You do know what this little key means don't you foot slave, it means that Mistress is going to let you cum, what a lucky little foot slave you are!"

With that she put the key in the lock, turned it and released my wrists from their restrictive position, at first they were slightly limp from being held in the same pose for so long. I left them trailing by my side awaiting the order, awaiting the permission that I craved.

She gently raised her foot and stoking the underside of my balls with her toes, uttered the words

"Touch yourself foot slave, touch yourself to my feet."

I grabbed my throbbing cock and pulled it repeatedly faster then ever before, I had been teased for hours and hours on end, I couldn't wait any longer. I couldn't believe to ecstasy I felt in my loins, my balls feeling like they were going to explode the very second I took residency on my knees in front of her supreme feet, finally they were about to experience ecstasy. I had been pulling myself for just under a minute when my foot Mistress withdrew her foot from my balls.

"S-t-o-p, hands behind your back, you didn't think it was going to be that easy did you foot slave, I want you to stick your tongue out."

I was perplexed, my emotions were fraught, precum oozed from the top of my cock, I just needed a few more pleasurable strokes, I was seconds away from orgasm, and my Mistress knew it, she had taken me back from the brink of gratification just to prolong it that little bit longer, all for her enjoyment.

I did as Mistress told me, still wriggling from the physical denial of my long awaited orgasm, humbly prostrated on my knees at her feet, pulsating cock standing to attention, hands trembling with anticipation to be allowed one more pleasurable stroke. I stuck my tongue out for her, wanting her feet more then ever.

"I know you want to cum soooo bad, don't you foot slave."

"Oh yes Mistress please, please allow me to come to your feet."

She looked down at her teased and tormented foot slave, she raised her foot over my head, circled it above me and slowly dropped it, placing her delicate toes on my wanton tongue.

"You may cum foot slave."

Written by: 5horn

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