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Submissive Shannon

by LustyLee77©

Shannon was watching the soaps and enjoying the lovely April day when the phone rang. It was a counselor from her daughter's high-school named Myra Jackson. Shannon was informed that her daughter was not doing well and that her grades were dropping rapidly. Myra said that she wanted to meet with her as soon as possible and asked when it would be convenient for her to come in. Shannon informed her that she would be willing to see her anytime. When asked if she could be at the school at noon Shannon agreed to be there.

The thirty-seven year old blonde mother hurried upstairs to change for the meeting. The slender mother admired herself in the mirror as she changed into a yellow flowered sun-dress. She was pleased that she looked so much younger than her years and was fit but wished that her breast were larger. She rushed to her car and drove the four miles to the school.

Once inside she got directions to Myra Jackson's office. She climbed the stairs to the second floor and found the office. One the way she was surprised that most of the students and staff were minorities but thought nothing of it. Shannon knocked and was greeted by a friendly receptionist. The black woman was about her age but was much taller than her 5'5" and possessed huge breasts and a rather large butt. Shannon guessed her to be about six feet tall. The secretary announced, "So you are Shannon Myers, it's so nice to finally meet you. My name is Vera Stone and Ms. Jackson is expecting you so go right in." Shannon was wondering how the woman knew of her but when she was ushered into Myra Jackson's office she didn't have time to think about it.

Vera closed the door and left after she announced Shannon. Myra Jackson rose from her desk, greeted Shannon, told her how nice she looked, pointed to a chair, and told her to be seated. Myra wasn't much taller than herself, was in her mid-twenty's, was strikingly attractive, and she was really built. The counselor sat back down at her large desk and Shannon couldn't help but notice that the top three buttons of her white blouse were open and the display of cleavage was quite distracting.

Myra looked Shannon straight in the eye and stated, "Surely you have noticed Crystal's grades dropping. Have you taken any measures to rectify the situation?"

Shannon was uneasy with the authoritative manner that the woman spoke not to mention the sight of the brown ample breast spilling out of her blouse but managed to utter, "Yes I have talked to her and she assured me that she would study more and try harder. Her father died in a car accident three years ago and it is very difficult raising her on my own. Our money is running out but I put off getting a job until Crystal graduated."

The sexy ebony woman smiled and said, "I realize just how demanding it is for you but Crystal is not dumb and it is only in the last several months that her grades have been slipping. I think that I know what the problem is. She has been hanging out with a group girls that have a bad reputation and they openly display affection for each other. I'm afraid that she is having a lesbian relationship with the girls. Some of the teachers have told me that they have heard lewd remark about what your daughter does with her unusually long tongue. I am beginning to understand the problem. It is clear where your daughter gets her long tongue from. I must confess that just the sight of your tongue is arousing me. Have you ever had sex with another woman?"

Shannon was shocked by the woman saying she was aroused and by such a personal question but managed to admit, "Not since my college days."

Myra was encouraged by the admission and the constant staring at her ample breast. In her most sexy voice Myra questioned, "What happened in college? Tell me all the details and I do mean all!"

Shannon wondered what that had to do with anything but decided not to question the demanding woman and with a flushed face revealed, " I had a roommate from Puerto Rico and she was beautiful but very bossy. One night she came home drunk and got in bed with me. She got naked and soon she had me nursing her tits. After awhile she straddled my head and lowered her dripping pussy to my face. I had never even thought about having sex with another girl but her scent was alluring and I felt a strange desire to please her. When she lowered her sex to my lips I couldn't help myself. It tasted heavenly so I ate her pussy until she exploded on my face. I eagerly licked it all up and thought that she was finished but she made me get her off several more times that night and then again in the morning."

Myra exclaimed, "I knew it! You are a cunt lapping little bitch. I know that wasn't the end of it so tell me about the rest."

Shannon told her, "Well she brought friends to the room and had me service them. The word got out and before I knew it I had serviced over half the school including some teachers. Then she took me home with her one weekend and forced me to do her mother and some of their friends. The final humiliation came when she insisted that I invite her to my home. I was afraid but couldn't say no to her. It didn't take her long to seduce my mother and father. She would delight in making my mother and me worship her entire body with our mouths while my father watched. He would always get a hard-on and then fuck her in front of us. It was so degrading. I have never been with another woman since college."

Myra grinned displaying her white teeth and sternly declared, "Maybe not bitch but I bet that thinking about it gets you so fucking hot that you finger fuck yourself and cum thinking about all the hot tasty cunts that you devoured. Am I right?"

Shannon was too embarrassed and ashamed to answer the question. Myra sat on top of her desk right in front of the trembling mother. She lifted her skirt, dropped her panties, and played with her shaved brown cunt and watched as Shannon stared with longing and lust in her eyes. Myra knew that the moment was perfect and commanded, "Come and get it slut. All these years you have been craving cunt and now your time has come. Get on your knees and feast on my hot cunt and lick up all my cum. Do it bitch!"

Shannon felt compelled to obey this forceful woman. Myra was quite correct about her dreaming of her college days and masturbating while thinking about being dominated. She yearned to taste pussy again and willingly dropped to her knees and dove right in. Shannon attacked the scrumptious pussy like one who was starving to death. She ate and drank with fervor as she licked up every last drop of pussy juices and cum. Myra yelled out, "Don't stop now slut. Make me cum again you fucking cunt craving slut! That's it baby. Yesssss! Suck, lick, put your whole face up there. Soooo fucking good yessss. You were born to eat cunt. Lick it all clean baby and don't leave a fucking drop."

Shannon eagerly complied and was shocked when she saw a naked Vera watching with a big grin on her face. Vera ordered the frightened but excited white woman to strip naked. Myra took off her clothing at the same time and had Shannon lay on the floor on her back. Shannon was delighted when she felt Myra's tongue enter her sopping pussy. Then Vera straddled her head and lowered her hairy black cunt to the white woman's lips. Shannon didn't hesitate for a minute. It felt so divine to eat out this hairy pussy while Myra did the same to her. Vera called out, "Yeah baby eat that cunt just like your little girl does. Suck it bitch; suck the hell out of my horny cunt. You have a tongue just like your fucking eighteen year old cunt craving daughter. Now stick it in there as far as you can. Yessssss!" Shannon was troubled by the mention of her daughter but was so overwhelmed with passion that she dismissed it for now.

Vera got up and feed her big tits to Shannon. Myra also hand feed the blonde urging, "Suck them baby, suck all four of them." Shannon willingly did just that. The white mother went wild with lust and tingled all over as she nursed on the large breasts for what seemed like an hour.

Vera pulled the sucking lips from her stiff nipple and announced, "You really love them big tits don't you slut? Well now you are going to get a real treat. Myra is gong to get on top of me face up and you can dine on her bald brown cunt and my hairy black one at the same time. You gonna just love this. Now put that long tongue to work." They assumed the position and Shannon trembled to a quivering orgasm herself as she got both women off. Vera then commanded, "There are four holes that want that tongue of yours probing deep inside them not just two. Do it baby and we will give you some more of that woman cum that you love so much." Submissive Shannon complied and probed and sucked all four holes with passion. As she licked the two horny women clean she was told that she was a good little pussy slut.

They relaxed for awhile in the afterglow of the torrid sex session and Shannon asked Vera, "What about Crystal? Did you really have sex with my girl and if so how did it happen?

A huge grin crossed Vera's face as she replied, "Oh yeah and she loves cunt and ass just like her mother. It started when I heard strange noises coming from my daughter's room. I went to visit a friend but got home early. When I opened the door to the bedroom I couldn't believe my own eyes. There was this skinny blonde white girl gobbling up five horny black cunt's and loving it. They were all scared as hell when they saw me and didn't know what to expect. My daughter asked if they were in trouble. They all were relieved when I disrobed and told them that they had to share the white girl with me. Let me tell you that your daughter worked me over like no one has ever done before. That cunt hungry pussy slut couldn't get enough. After several orgasms from her tongue up my cunt and ass I had to push her away as I was exhausted. She thanked me and went back to servicing the girls. Since that night your little girl has been a regular at my house. Does that answer your question?"

Shannon meekly replied, "Yes." Then looked at Myra and asked, "Have you been with my daughter too?"

Myra quickly answered, "No but it sounds like a great idea though. She will need counseling this week and I will feed her my horny cunt. I'm sure that you want to hear all the racy details. Don't you my nasty little pussy slut?"

Shannon blushed and thought about the question and was totally confused. In a way she found all this talk about her eighteen year old daughter vile and disgusting but in another way she found it to be titillating and so fucking arousing. She told Myra, "What ever you think is best."

Vera and Myra both said how much fun it would be to have mother and daughter together. Shannon felt fright but she also was aware that her pussy was starting to flood again. She hated herself for getting so turned on by all this depravity but the perverse and forbidden had taken over her. She knew that she would do what ever these two women wanted and do it willingly. She exchanged phone-numbers with the women and knew that she would see them again soon. The events of the day ran through her mind as she drove home. Shannon felt shame, humiliation,excitement, and anticipation all at once. She felt more alive than she had been for a very long time.

As she entered her home she wondered how she could face her daughter but soon discovered that Crystal was not home. She was deciding what to cook for dinner when the telephone rang. It was Vera and she told Shannon, "Don't bother cooking dinner for your daughter because she is eating over here if you know what I mean and I think you do. Care to come over and join us? This time my daughter has seven friends over and your girl could use some help even though she is willing and determined to do it all by herself. I have absolutely no doubt that you would simply adore eating some eighteen and nineteen year old black pussy. Come on over baby, you know you want to. Just think of all the tender fresh pussy waiting for you."

Shannon muttered, "I ah don't know. With ma.. my daughter being there and all. It seems so strange."

Vera sternly said, "Look here now slut. You know that it's going to happen so why not get it over with? I live at 2031 Elm street. See you in fifteen minutes. Do you understand me?" Her whole body was trembling but Shannon managed to agree to come over.

Afraid and shy the white mother waited on the doorstep for ten minutes before getting up enough courage to ring the doorbell. When she finally did the door flew open and she was whisked in by two young black girls. She only got a quick glimpse of her daughter servicing several girls and Vera. The two naked girls tugged at Shannon's clothing until she too was nude. One girl was slim with breasts the same as hers while the other was stocky with larger tits. Both girls had bald cunts that were noticeably wet. The heavy set girl exclaimed, "We've heard so much about you slut. You are now our bitch so do as you are told." Shannon was placed on the floor face up and delighted to the touch of the slender girl's tongue to her pussy. The heaver girl sat on her face and fucked it furiously. The white mother lost count of how many girls ate her out and how many rode her face to wild orgasms.

Shannon was horrified when a girl sat on her face and engaged in a sixty-nine with her. What bothered her was that the girl was white with sparse blonde pubic hair. The fears became a reality when Vera shouted, "Yeah! A fucking mother and daughter sixty-nine show. This is so fucking hot. Eat those ass-holes too. When you get done with each other we are going to need you two again. We are all getting so fucking turned-on watching mother and daughter perverts in action. Good sluts! We love it don't we girls?" The girls cheered wildly and told them to lick up every drop of each others cum. Shannon's shame was overcome by carnal lust as she devoured her daughter's pussy and eagerly licked the girl clean. The mother and daughter were permitted to rest a few minutes before getting the gang off again.

Vera convinced them to stay overnight saying Crystal could go to school with them in the morning. Shannon went to bed with the black girls but didn't get much sleep. Her daughter slept in the master bedroom with Vera. When they were all off to school Shannon went home, got some sleep, and pondered her new life as a cunt slut. She got up at noon and was sipping coffee when the phone rang. It was Myra this time calling from her office at school. She taunted the white mother asking, "Guess who's eating my cunt as we speak? You already know who it is don't you slut? I must say that Crystal eats cunt much better than you do. She told me all about last night. Wow! That must have been one wild and crazy night. Crystal and I will pick you up after school so be ready. We really must work on your pussy eating skills. I thought that you did good but that was before I had your daughter's pretty face between my legs. Oh, oh, she is soooo fuckingggg fantastic. Yesssssss. So good." The phone was hung up and Shannon knew that Vera was going to cum in her little girl's mouth. Shannon felt turned-on and wished that it was her tasting the sexy black woman's juices and cum.

Shannon walked up to Myra's car as it pulled in the driveway. She sat by the passenger window and felt awkward as the sexy black woman was fingering Crystal while the girl nursed on the ebony breasts. The car pulled in an alley and they entered a private club. It was a lesbian club and the tough looking woman with short brown hair at the door knew Myra and let them in. They sat at the bar and Shannon and Crystal were in awe of the crowd of exotic women. They came in all colors, sizes, and shapes.

A tall buxom blonde bombshell approached them and announced, "I noticed your long tongues from across the bar and am going to put them to work."

Myra objected, "They are my bitches so get the fuck out of here before I kick your white ass."

The blond discarded her light jacket and was clad in only a tiny pink thong. Her muscles rippled and her fit body sprung into action. In a matter of seconds she had Myra on her knees. Myra was forced to take off the thong with her teeth. With a fistful of Myra's hair the powerful blonde shoved her face to the blonde dripping bush and demanded, "Eat my cunt you low-life motherfucker. This will teach you to threaten Donna the destroyer. After you get me off then you can take care of my friends."

Shannon and Crystal watched their dominating mistress become a submissive slut to Donna. An attractive black girl took Crystal's hand and led her to a small room. Then two women dressed as cops took Shannon to another room. Myra was much too busy to know or care. The black girl lifted the blonde girl's skirt and tongue fucked her with fervor. Crystal reached a tremendous orgasm when three fingers were shoved up her horny hole. Between the probing fingers and the flickering tongue Crystal was feeling nothing but lustful bliss and was only to willing to return the favor to her new friend. Crystal was pleased that she learned something new. She fingered the girl's pussy and ass as she devoured the tasty treat.

Shannon was shoved against the wall and stripped naked. The two women fingered her flooding pussy and tweaked her tiny breast. Shannon was shocked when the tough looking woman from the front door entered the room naked. She was about fifty, had sagging tits, a salt and pepper thick bush and her cunt was dripping. Smiling she gazed at the hot and bothered mother and said, "I see that my girls have done their job and got you good and ready for me. From the moment that I saw you I wanted that pretty face of yours between my legs eating my hot and horny cunt and that tongue of yours was just made for eating pussy. Now get over here and feast slut." The two women forced Shannon to her knees and demanded that she craw over to the horny woman.

The thrill of being dominated and made to service this older woman seemed perverted but at the same time awakened a carnal craving that was overwhelming. Shannon took a long whiff of the aroused woman and dove right in. She delighted at the woman's foul talk and climaxed herself as the woman pressed her face to her flooding cunt and urged, "Eat that sopping cunt slut. You are even better than I had imagined. You love licking and sucking cunt don't you? No need to answer because I can tell and besides your mouth is full. Stick that snake tongue of yours all the way up my cunt. Yessss, that's it. Now nibble on my fat cunt lips. Oh yeah! You are good and you follow directions so well! I'm going to cum now so suck it all up bitch. Some leaked into my ass-hole lick it out slut. Yessss! That's so fucking good. You are a keeper and I ain't going to let you go. You are going to come home with me tonight. You and your little girl are going to be my sex slaves. You would like that wouldn't you? Answer me and and always refer to me as momma."

Submissive Shannon meekly smiled and replied, "Yes momma anything you say. You will be our big momma and we will be your little girls."

When the butch learned that Shannon was having financial problems she informed the mother, "You and your girl can live with me. Sell your house and put the money in the bank." They found Crystal and her friend named Irma. Myra was still busy servicing Donna and her friends.

The butch told them that her name was Johnnie but they should call her momma. After about an hour drive they arrived at Johnnie's spacious mansion and they were in awe. Irma asked if she could live there with them as she loved Crystal and wanted to be with her. The older butch smiled and stated, "Sure you can honey but you will have to be my bitch just like them and will have to obey my every command. Are you in agreement with that?"

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