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The French Club

by IdeeFixee©

Part 3 — The French Club

Before beginning, please read Part 1: Mother's Helper, The Black Diary and Part 2: Service Provider. In Part 1, Janice, a hot and sexually frustrated single MILF, is riddled with guilt over her poor parenting of her hot son Matthew, a high school senior. Matt discovers his voluptuous mother's unquenchable penchant for sex and punishment, and quickly increases his dominance in a series of increasingly degrading sessions, many of which involve foodstuffs and common household implements. She is repeatedly gagged, clamped, whipped and fucked.

Janice becomes an obedient, full-fledged pain- and cum-slut, craving humiliation and accepting abuse. Once Matt discovers her black diary, which details her submissive, debased desires, he orders her to service relatives such as her nephew and sister, as well as others involved with Matt's life, such as his college advisor and college roommate.

In Part 2, Matt keeps Janice busy while he is away at college, garnering favors with influential patrons and expanding his network for future advantage. She trains the girl-next-door, satisfies the Headmaster of Matt's prep school, and takes on the three-man board of the prep school. Her debasement reaches new levels of sordidness when she satisfies the teen lusts of five students all at once. The Headmaster passes her on to his friend, a sadistic priest whom Janice has known since she was a teen, when she seduced him in Confession and in Sunday school.

Now in Part 3, Janice is used by the her son, next-door neighbor, other relatives and son's influential guests at her sordid birthday party. Matt takes her to the mall where she is further humiliated and debased. After an intimate session with a commanding masseur, mother and son are invited to France, where they visit a wealthy, private and exclusive club devoted to sons and mothers, located at a luxurious estate with a magnificent chateau. Janice becomes the centerpiece: first tested by the sadistic group leader, Gerard, then displayed, forced to be topless on the beach, and abused while exposed to a stranger.

Chapter One — The birthday

To celebrate her 37th birthday, Janice said she'd like friends and family to come for dinner. She let Matt handle all the arrangements, inviting six intimates: Janice's sister, Darielle; Darielle's son, Alex; Matt's mentor, Mr. Wheland; the Academy's Vice Chancellor and the Headmaster; and their slave-girl neighbor, Lauren. Understandably, Father Hood declined Matt's invitation.

Matt bought a new ensemble for Janice as a gift. The top was a form-fitting, plastic-based fabric, her breasts clearly visible beneath the smoky gray material. The skirt was the same tight plastic skin, suggesting her freshly-shaved pussy and marked thighs and ass. She cringed with shame when she looked at herself in the mirror and drank deeply from the large, strong cocktail Matt had provided for her. Naively, she'd imagined this would be a "normal" cocktail party.

At 7 pm, the guests were all gathered on the two facing couches in the den. Lights on tripods ringed the area. Matt's video camera rested on another tripod. When Janice entered, they gaped at her strange outfit but mumbled "Happy Birthday!" Ashamed at the outfit that exposed her, she looked around at the lights and camera, devices she had not expected. She had no idea that Mr. Wheland and the Vice Chancellor knew each other, but they sat together, chatting away. Little did she know that the old friends were finalizing the agenda for the evening.

Matt brought her a fresh, triple cocktail and placed it on the coffee table between the two sofas. At the foot of the coffee table was a thick pillow. He turned on the lights and camera. Mr. Wheland began, addressing the group. "Janice, kneel on the pillow and open the box on the table." She opened a leather box that was filled with chains and clamps. "Put two on your tits and two on your cunt lips." Janice took a drink to steel herself. She'd been a fool to expect a regular party. This promised to be a debasing orgy and cumfest. Cringing with shame as the six people stared, she raised two clamps and chains as Matt opened the small, hinged transparent cups that covered her breasts.

Since they were new, the clamps hurt fiercely as she applied them. Despite her tolerance—and need—for prolonged punishment, she moaned. Matt unsnapped the plastic sheath over her groin and she clamped her thick cunt lips, already swollen with excitement. "Stand up," Wheland said. Shakily, Janice arose, the four chains swinging obscenely outside the lurid outfit. "You're to suck off each and every one of us, but don't dare swallow a drop."

Although eager to fill her mouth with cock, they directed Janice to her sister, Darielle, who raised her skirt to reveal long slender legs. Janice knelt and proceeded to lick and suck her sister's slit and cunt. The others continued talking, drinking and consuming hors d'oeuvres as if this was no different from any other party. When Darielle climaxed, Janice inched over, still on her knees, lathered his balls and then blew her nephew, Alex.

The others stared, admiring her capacity, the boy's long member sinking into the wide, deep mouth of the birthday celebrant. Once Darielle's son had spewed into his slave aunt's mouth, Lauren presented a crystal bowl. Janice felt especially degraded when she leaned over the bowl and poured Alex's emissions from her mouth into the receptacle. When the last thick gob had fallen in, she licked the remainder of his load off her lips.

Soon, Mr. Wheland and the Vice Chancellor tugged on both her nipple and labia chains as she deep throated them. Both masters came all over her face and hair, whereupon Lauren scraped their clots from Janice's face into the bowl, now almost overflowing with jizz.

The Headmaster was next. He pulled her nipple chains as she blew him and his load of hot spunk was transferred from her lips to the crystal bowl. Finally, the Vice Chancellor and Mr. Wheland had her kneel between them and ripped open the snaps between her breasts and over her ass crack, yanking the plastic open so more of her tits and her entire ass were exposed. The Vice Chancellor also adjusted the nipple chains so they were not threaded through the openings in the dress.

She simultaneously sucked them off as they tugged on all four of her chains until the Vice Chancellor blew his load onto her breasts and Mr. Wheland spun her around, pushed her face down into the carpet, and creamed all over her naked ass cheeks.

The Vice Chancellor pulled her up by her hair, turned her back around to face them, threaded her chains back through the dress's built-in bra cups and forced the snaps closed over her bulging tits—not easy because of the extremely tight fit—and his cum smeared across her breasts and inside the plastic. He took a moment to admire the tawdry effect. Once the plastic had closed over them, he kneaded her breasts so that his spunk spread more fully across them. Naturally, everyone looked at this new debasement and commented on their cum-slut's appetite for bukkake.

Following instructions, Lauren then fashioned a special cum-slut's drink. She poured a large amount of vodka into an oversized martini glass, covered the vodka with the spunk-sludge in the bowl, stirred it thoroughly and handed it to Janice, who was again kneeling at the foot of the coffee table.

Dazed and dehydrated after all her cunt- and cocksucking, seeking relief from more vodka, Janice accepted the further humiliation of drinking the special concoction. As soon as she drank, her nose, lips and chin were spotted with the cum she had just extracted.

Meanwhile, the Headmaster had picked up a large dildo from the sideboard with an oversized internal reservoir. Each of the guests had brought a week's worth of jerk-off in a plastic vial, fantasizing about this evening with their pain-slut, Janice. The Headmaster filled the dildo. Ready, he turned around to find the center of attention.

"Janice, are you thirsty for more?" She nodded, fascinated by the huge dildo he held a few feet from her face. "Turn so you're in three quarter profile. She shifted her head. The headmaster squeezed on the rubber dick but held the tip tightly shut. He found a better grip and squeezed even harder, pressing a button to open the head. A dense wad of jizz shot across the space and made a loud splatter on her cheekbone, drenching her cheek, eye and eyebrow. The goo dripped off onto her chest. The load had landed with such impact that clumps had landed in her hair and on her forehead.

The guests became even more excited at this new sight of humiliation. "Turn back," the Headmaster ordered. Without warning, another huge blast hit her straight on, drenching the bridge of her nose and her eyes, flowing down into her extended tongue as it retrieved the thick spunk.

The guests would not wait another minute. Mr. Wheland announced Part Two of their evening, in which the six guests would be divided into two groups, each of which would fuck all her orifices at the same time while the other group whipped the birthday girl. The first group would be gentler, consisting of Janice's nephew, Alex, his mother, Darielle, and Lauren. The second group was more cruel and uncompromising, comprised of the Headmaster, Vice Chancellor, and Mr. Wheland.

As soon as he heard his name, Alex had stripped and laid on his back on the coffee table. Lauren, who had been wearing only a leather bondage harness accenting her breasts, pussy and ass, began sucking and fisting his cock till it was rock hard while Darielle stripped off and attached the leather harness of a double-headed strapon to her groin. The men admired Darielle's nude body, sweating with excitement at the idea of her son and herself simultaneously double-fucking her sister. Lauren tipped over the crystal bowl and coated both of the black 8-inch dildos with the thick contents.

Kneeling in front of Darielle, Lauren worked the shaft into Darielle's cunt while the Headmaster ripped off Janice's disgustingly cum-filled outfit, removed her labia chains and positioned her over her prostrate nephew. He pushed the slave aunt's shoulders until Alex's dick was embedded in Janice's cunt. Darielle knelt on the table as Lauren spread Janice's ass cheeks and pushed her hips while Darielle worked the dripping dildo inside her sister's dark ring and then further.

Janice was in a special state of arousal and degradation, being fucked in front of a crowd by her sister and nephew. Another big dildo loomed into view, the hollow interior crammed with cum and strapped onto Lauren's groin. She gripped the rear of the slave's head and pulled it onto the dildo. All three began mercilessly fucking Janice as the men rained down a storm of abuse on the slave beauty's breasts and back. The Headmaster used a tawse on Janice's sticky, clamped and chained breasts while Mr. Wheland applied a crop to her back. Alex was thrilled to see the tawse crash into his aunt's breasts, the chains swaying wildly above him. Darielle likewise enjoyed the sight of the crop striping her sister's back. Janice shouted in a huge climax. When Alex screamed out that he was cumming, Darielle and Lauren squeezed their dildo reservoirs and overwhelming jets of heated cum exploded into Janice's mouth and ass.

When all three pulled out of her holes, she went to her hands and knees, three streams of jism trailing onto the table. As the groups switched places, Lauren held the vodka-cum mix to the birthday girl's mouth as she drank gratefully. Within moments, Mr. Wheland and the Vice Chancellor were fucking their slut's cunt and ass as the Headmaster stuffed her mouth. Alex gleefully whipped her breasts with the tawse and Darielle lined the slave's back with a flogger. Janice had several fresh orgasms.

Once the three men's cocks erupted in their cum-slave, they quickly withdrew and Janice collapsed on the table, cream running from her holes and covering the table in a spreading sheen of pungent semen. Her mouth, back, breasts and holes ached. Matt finished videotaping and turned off the video lighting. The birthday party soon broke up. Once the last guest had left, Matt positioned a penis gag at the entrance to his dazed mother's mouth and attached the two nipple chains to the mouth dildo. When he shoved it into her mouth, the chains wrenched her breasts and pulled her nipples till she screamed. He fucked her sopping cunt and then her ass, adding his load to the torrent already deposited in her.

Lauren, still wearing the dildo and harness, slapped the black cock against Janice's cock-stuffed cheeks and distended breasts, pulling the penis gag several inches out of Janice's mouth to relieve her tormented breasts and nipples. Without warning, Lauren would savagely force the mouth dick back till it was deep-throated, prompting another scream because of the distended tit flesh.

When Matt was done, Lauren knelt and cleaned his cock, dripping with the spend of five men from Janice's holes, while he marked Lauren's young breasts with the tawse. Finished with her cock cleaning, Lauren extracted Janice's penis gag while Matt undid the birthday mother's nipple clamps. The boy and girl went upstairs for more partying, leaving the older woman sprawled on the table.

When she awoke in the morning, she gazed down at her cum-drenched body, the striped belly and breasts, dehydrated and desperate for a drink. She wondered if it would be yet another glass of cum.

Coming: Janis is a good consumer at the mall.

Chapter Two — The shoe clerk

In the morning, once Janis had shaved her mound, showered and breakfasted, Matt told her he was taking her shopping and that she should wear a standard outfit: thin, tight blouse, full skirt and heels. He wanted to arrive at the mall when the stores opened at 10 am.

En route, Matt asked, "Did you enjoy your birthday present?"

Cringing with a wave of shame, Janice knew she had to answer. "Yes, thank you," she said, tersely.

To change the subject, she said, "Why are we going to the mall?"

"There's a shoe store there, with a clerk I've had my eye on," Matt said.

"What is it about her that you like?"

"Well, it's not that she's incredibly hot, which she is. It's that she doesn't seem to be aware of it."

Since it was first thing on a Monday morning, the mall was practically deserted—exactly why Matt had planned their visit for that day and time. The two of them stood outside the shoe store window for a couple of minutes, pretending to look at the window displays but surreptitiously observing the clerk, who had smiled at them. She walked around, bent over, knelt down and generally prepared for a day's business.

Janice noted that the girl was very pretty, with a slender but great figure, long straight black hair and an incredibly wide mouth, although her lips were average, not meaty like Janice's. And yes, even Janice saw how the girl, as a total package, was incredibly hot, and apparently entirely unselfconscious.

Matt led Janice off to a dim corridor that led to an emergency exit. Lining the corridor were a couple of large recycling bins. He pulled her behind the second of the two bins, where it was even darker in the shadows. "Raise your skirt," he ordered. Puzzled but compliant, she tucked it into her waist, exposing her long legs and freshly shaved mons.

Matt pulled out a pair of clamps connected to a long heavy chain. "Now?" she asked, frightened. "Here?"

"If you don't clamp yourself instantly, I'll hurt your tits so hard your screams will bring the security guard running."

Janice had no doubt he'd do what he said. Reluctantly, she took the chain in one hand while Matt poured oil into the other. She greased the prominent labia and they both watched as the two sets of metal teeth sank into the fat lips. She gasped but proceeded to lower the chain. Matt relished the sight of the lips stretching from the cruel weight of the chain. "It's too long, it will show," she said.

"No it won't. Drop your skirt down and let's go."

He grabbed her arm and led her out of the corridor into the main part of the mall. She walked tentatively, face flushed with pain and arousal as the swinging chain pulled her cunt lips with every step. Matt didn't mention that the chain did in fact appear briefly when her stride was widest and the skirt raised up.

Nor did she notice that the chain made a clanking noise with each faltering step, since the noise of the mall's recorded music drowned the metallic sound. Matt held open the store door and they entered. He walked her up and down the width of the window, pretending to look at all the different models on display. The clerk noticed the sound immediately but had no idea of its origin. She had time to note how that both the boy and the woman he was with were hot. She wondered if they were sleeping together, a young boy and a much older woman with a hot figure, dripping with sensual energy. How hot was that? And the woman's face was flushed with excitement. What was going on? the girl wondered.

Matt and Janice approached her at the main counter. "Good morning," he said, "I've noticed you here before."

"Oh, I'm April, welcome. How can I help you?" The girl noticed that the dark beauty's eyes flickered up to make only the briefest of contact, as if she was embarrassed to be seen in public with such a young lover.

"We'd like a pair of sexy heels—no, a pair of slutty heels."

"Well, we can manage that, no problem," April said smiling. After asking the shoe size, the girl said, "Have a seat, I'll be back in a minute."

Matt positioned Janice in a seat directly behind the counter. Only when she was seated did Janice realize that the counter was an effective wall, screening her completely from the windows. Just like the recycling bin in the corridor had blocked the view of any shoppers.

"Lean back and spread your legs," Matt ordered. His slut mother obeyed, tense with anticipation, while Matt moved a second footstool in front of her. April returned with three boxes and cheerfully sat on the stool in front of Janice, noting that the cute guy was standing behind the customer. She was surprised to see two footstools. Turning to the woman, April gasped and recoiled several inches, staring at a metallic glimmer peeking from below the hem of the woman's skirt. Could the clanking sound come from there? "Go ahead please," Matt said.

April lifted the beautiful customer's long leg by the ankle and placed her foot onto the angled support of one stool, causing the light skirt to slide back several inches, exposing a lovely expanse of thigh and a couple of inches of the chain. April swallowed, her eyes darting up to the woman's face, flushed with humiliation, eyes half-hooded. April looked at the boy, who stared back at her. "Go ahead, April," he said authoritatively. "I can tell you like it. That's why we're here."

April had an overwhelming desire to do whatever he wanted. It was as if she'd stepped through a curtain into a foreign country. She felt incredibly turned on and looked back at the woman, whose eyes were glazed with excitement. None of her friends were into anything remotely as kinky as this gorgeous S/M exhibitionist slut and her dominating companion. "I'll just lock the door," she stammered. She rose shakily and walked around the counter, locking the door and hanging a sign that read "Back in 15 minutes." She knew she was not supposed to break so early, but it was also a quiet Monday.

"Have you ever had a customer who's a submissive slut, who will do whatever you order?" Matt asked, teasingly. April pushed her own stool closer to the exposed woman, the proximity forcing the slut's leg higher so the skirt slid down to mid-thigh, exposing bare thigh flesh above the expensive stocking. The salesgirl lifted the obedient customer's other leg onto the second stool, sending the skirt sliding even more till it gathered near Janice's waist. "What's your slut's name?"

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