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My Wife Does NOT Screw Around Ch. 01

by FantasizeALot©

"We'll talk about this tomorrow. Now you go straight home and I want you to leave the panties on and sleep in your mess." She kissed me and disappeared back inside.

Something on the video drew my attention back to the present. Debbie was bent over some guys lap and he was spanking her while a woman in a nurses outfit was pulling and pushing on her tail.

"Ha, it almost looks like that tail goes up her ass," I laughed out loud at my joke.

Richard stared at me like I was an alien or something "It does. What we see is the handle of a dildo known as 'the red devil'. It's in all the sex toy shops. You really didn't know it was a dildo?"

"Well... then she taped it into the dress, very clever."

Richard sighed and shook his head.

"What then, you're suggested she shoved a huge dildo up her ass and wore it out in public sticking out like that? And the people grabbing it at the party knew this and were really fucking her with it? Does that sound even remotely plausible? Is that how your crazy mind works, Richard?"

"Let's move on, shall we?"

The next scene showed Debbie dancing with several guys. The velcro holding the flaps over her breasts must have given way to the strain of all the jumping around and both tits were hanging out and flapping around as she danced. In her enjoyment of the music she must not have even noticed, and none of the cads would even tell her.

Next she was chatting with a girlfriend near the dance floor, still oblivious to her tits hanging out, when a guy dressed as Count Dracula came up behind her and bit her neck. Well this explains the hickies I had seen on her neck the next day, which I had forgotten about until now. He was also cupping her breasts as he held her from behind. The girls continued to chat through this.

"Cheeky bastard," I said.

The next scene was difficult to make out as it was in a darkened room, the basement rec room it seemed. Several couples were lounging together and Debbie was on Dracula's lap.

"She had to sit on a lap so the tail had somewhere to go," I explained.

His hand was moving between her legs. It appeared she wasn't wearing any panties.

"See, he's adjusting it for her," I reasoned.

Richard sighed again. "Her tits are still out."

"Breasts, Richard. Obviously the velcro must have broken."

"Both at the same time?"

A witch in black approached their armchair and began cupping Debbie's breasts, then pulling on her nipples. Both seemed to be laughing. The witch parted her robes, hooked a leg up onto the chair and Debbie's head disappeared between her legs.

"Did you know she did that?"

"She's just playing around for the benefit of the others. See them laughing together? It's all show."

The screen angle changed abruptly, to a close-up of a coweled head with horns bobbing up and down on a cock. It was too dark to see the face clearly. Another man knelt beside the first, pulled up his robe to expose a thick semi-hard cock, and the coweled head began slurping that one.

"There were other devil outfits at the party, you know," I stated.

The next scene was obviously a guest room, and sticking over the edge of the bed was an ass getting fucked doggie style by a masked but otherwise naked man. Several other naked men with masks stood in a row behind the first. As we watched, one finished and the next took his place. The woman was wearing a short dress, garter and hose, and tall pumps. It was too dark in the video to see the color of the dress but the shoes appeared red in the light that was available, and I knew the dress was also red as I had received 8x10 pictures of these scenes in the mail already.

"What a slut," I said. "Imagine someone doing that at a house party."

"Are you convinced now?" asked Richard carefully.

"Of what? Surely you're not suggesting that's my wife fucking a whole roomful of masked men without even looking to see who owns the cock that penetrates her? You could have got this footage off the Internet for all I know. You can't see her face, and that woman doesn't even have a tail" I added as my fait accompli.

"But you can see her face sometimes, very clearly. The tail was a dildo up her ass. They took it out so they could shove their cocks up her asshole."

"You have a real sick mind Richard. What if I were to show you pictures of some woman having sex and claim it was your wife?"

"Listen to the voice man." He turned the volume up.

The woman did sound a little like Debbie, I must admit, but she was in the throws of passion and I'd certainly never heard her say the things this woman was saying, which would make a sailor blush.

"Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my asshole. Give me all of it big boy, fuck, yeah. C'mon, shoot your load up my ass. More, more, I need some more cocks. Oh, yes, ram it up there. Fuck me harder. Fuck my sluthole. Oh yeeesh, someone play with my tits."

A man went to the side and began mauling her breasts.

"Yes, that's it, yes. Pull on my nipples. Pull them hard. Stretch my tits out."

And he did. Then he began slapping her hanging breasts.

"Ow! Yes, Ow! Harder. Ow! Slap them harder. Oh yeah, Ow!"

The pictures never had sound. This was a little disconcerting for a while. The man fucking her finished with a few hard pumps and a loud groan, only to be quickly replaced by another He spanked her as he fucked.

"That's it, spank my ass, yes! Make me your slut. Spank me. Fuck me like a whore. Harder!

He came and a large black cock entered her.

"Oh geez, you're big. Oh, so big! I love fucking big cocks. Give it to me. Give me all of it, yes. That little hole can take any cock. Oh, I love cock. I need cock. Pull my titties."

After that guy pulled out, the woman's asshole was gaping wide open.

The next guy maneuvered under her, allowing her to take one in each hole. They fucked her back and forth together. Another man lifted her head and shoved his cock in her mouth. I told Richard I had seen enough.

"Okay," he said. "I'll leave you and let it sink in. You can keep the copy of the disk. Harold asked me to edit the footage from his video cam after the party, and he wanted dozens of copies."

When Richard left, I hid the disk and went to make dinner. Clever ploy, I thought, working in that internet gang bang. I sure hoped other people with the video weren't thinking that was my innocent wife. Imagine anyone thinking a normal wife would ever act like that, taking a roomful of cocks and screaming for more. Preposterous!

Debbie called and couldn't make dinner. She was going out dancing with Amanda tonight to unwind. I really didn't think a 40 year old married woman should be going out with a single 30 year old with a sleazy reputation like Amanda, but I knew Debbie would be insulted if I criticized her best friend.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Oh, who knows, maybe different places."

"Not to that honky tonk bar on Main again I hope. People say only sluts go there to get picked up."

"Oh, that's not fair. It has the best country music in town. And Amanda is single so she likes to go to places where she could meet someone special."

"Will you come home to change then?"

"Naw, Amanda says she'll dress me up."

"Don't drink and drive."

"I won't. We'll take my car there, and a cab back here after. I don't have any appointments in the morning."

"Well don't be out too late. You know nothing good happens after midnight," I cautioned.

Out of character for me, I opened a bottle of wine with dinner. Maybe it was the visits from Richard, but I was thinking of going down there and spying on her. After another glass of wine, I decided I would do just that. I corked the bottle of wine and took it with me. I parked the van facing the front door of the club, and far enough away that I wouldn't be noticed. I made sure I could also see the partially lit alleyway with a couple of picnic tables that was used as a smoking area, because Amanda smoked like a chimney, and Debbie had one or two on rare occasions when she was drinking a lot. Raising the wine bottle to my lips, I waited as it got dark.

People were arriving constantly. Finally, around nine, I saw Debbie's convertible pull in. She parked only a few spaces away from me, and I had to slink down into the shadows. They were laughing as they got out and walked toward the club. What a pair, they had dressed alike! Both wore black boots, a cowboy hat, short jean skirts, and a red checkered blouse tied in a knot just under their boobs. Both had shoulder length brunette hair and it was hard to tell them apart from a distance.

I didn't dare go inside. I knew it was a big place, but I couldn't risk being seen and having to explain myself. After about a half hour, the girls came out to go to the smoking alley. Two men followed. They seemed to know each other as one of them patted one of the girls on the ass. One of the girls was smoking, while the other began kissing the taller man. I wondered why Amanda wasn't smoking. Maybe she finally quit or cut back. They all shuffled back inside.

Forty minutes later, the same group came out again. It was hard to keep track of which girl was which. They all seemed to be smoking, the girls sharing one. Then, the shorted man and one of the checkered shirt girls went back inside with some other people. I watched the remaining cowgirl and the tall man kissing. I think he had his hand between her legs. Then he turned her around, bent her over a picnic table, and appeared to be fucking her from behind. This confirmed my suspicions. Amanda is total slut, and a bad influence on my wife, who thankfully had the sense to go back inside. An hour later, both girls came out, but they were with two different guys, both black. Amanda lit a smoke and then they walked right to Debbie's car. The smoker got in drivers seat, which meant my wife got in back. I was wondering where they were going, and if I would follow, but they didn't move.

Amanda began necking with the guy in front, and the guy in back leaned over and kissed my wife. She seemed to push him away, which made me happy. Amanda pulled up her skirt and straddled the guy in the front passenger seat. What a cheap slut. Thankfully my wife didn't feel pressured by the action in the front, although a few minutes later she must have dropped something because her head disappeared below the back seat. I waited, willing her to find whatever she lost. It must have been small like an earring or something, because she was down there searching for about five minutes. The guy didn't even help, although he did seem to be giving her directions because at one point I heard him say "Yeah, that's it, right there." I couldn't make out the rest. She finally sat up and must have sneezed or something because she took out a handkerchief and wiped her nose and upper lip. Amanda finished riding her guy and lit another smoke after the guys kissed them farewell and went back into the club. The girls were giggling and Debbie held her hands apart about a foot. That must have been how far under the seat her earring was. I thought they might go home now, but they went back inside.

Eventually I got antsy and decided I'd go in. I saw one of the girls on the dance floor, Amanda obviously because she was french kissing a big biker type with long hair. Can't she ever get enough I wondered? I couldn't understand who would even want to put his dick in her after some other guy fucked her. She wasn't going to meet anyone special in a place like this I thought. What a bimbo.

I found Debbie! She was dancing all by herself, instead of getting groped like that slut Amanda. She was dancing alone because she was up on a raised platform over the dance floor. She was such a good dancer that a crowd of guys had gathered below her clapping and hollering their encouragement. She turned and shook her ass at them. Her skirt rode up her hips as she worked her legs apart. Oh no. The cads were really just looking up her skirt for a free peep and she didn't realize her bare ass was showing! She turned back to face them, humping at the air while they clapped. Then, as she shook her upper body the top came undone. She should have used a double knot I thought. She was so caught up in the dancing that she didn't notice her breasts were out and swinging back and forth. I thought I should tell her, but then she would know I came here and she'd say I was spying on her and didn't trust her. I went back to the van.

A little while later they came out in a crowd and walked to the car. Four guys walked with them. They seemed to be discussing something, and then finally the girls got into the car alone, much to my relief. I wasn't happy Debbie was driving, but at least they were leaving alone. They pulled out of the parking spot and then stopped for awhile. I wasn't sure why. The four men they had came out with got into an SUV and now pulled up behind Debbie's car, so she finally had to move. I decided to follow to make sure the girls were going home instead of to another bar. I kept them in sight, but that damn SUV was between us and taking all the same turns. They turned into a residential district but this wasn't the way to Amanda's. Maybe they were lost. I lost them at a streetlight and couldn't find them again, so I drove home.

Debbie surprised me by actually coming home. The clock said 4:30 a.m.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Yes, I'm awake. How did you get home?"

"I didn't drink that much. Amanda has to work tomorrow, I mean today! So when I thought I was sober enough I drove home so you wouldn't miss me."

"So thoughtful. Did you have a good time?"

"It was okay. Did some dancing. The usual."

"Well let's get to sleep. It's nearly morning."

"I don't think I can sleep without my relaxant." She said as she straddled my chest.


"Didn't you miss me?" she pouted.

"Of course I did."

"Then eat me."

She straddled my face and began playing with her nipples. I don't usually like this position because she forgets me sometimes and I can't breathe. Nonetheless, I thought I'd better help her sleep. Her pussy lips were swollen, like sometimes when she rides her bike for a long time. And her pussy hair was matted with goo. I've heard lots of women say that dancing makes them hot. Not temperature hot, although that too I guess (I giggled into her pussy at my clever joke).

"Enjoying yourself, little one?"

"Ummmh hummmh". I managed.

"Oh you're so good at that. A natural born cunt licker."

I thought cunt was vulgar, but she has explained it depends on the context, as everything does when sex is involved.

"Oh yeah, suck my fuckhole my little bitch."

See, like that. I know she doesn't mean anything degrading by calling me her bitch. It's just a pet name while having sex. I tried calling her that once, though, and she didn't speak to me for a week.

"C'mon bitch, tongue that hole."

Of course I did. A big glob of thick white juice fell out. Then another. And another. She has explained that a woman's cum can look a lot like a man's, and it sure did tonight. I know the contradiction here, has she cum yet? She has explained it is her pre-cum, and she likes me to swallow it.

She turned around, leaned on my chest, and straddled my face again. This is a really bad position for breathing, but it gets her off quicker, and it is very late. I lapped at what I could reach, which soon was only her asshole. She was very relaxed. Sometimes it seems her pre-cum comes down from there too, although I know that can't be right so I'm sure I'm losing track with everything so close together. She was now grinding her clit on my mouth, and calling me her bitch and little weenie and other pet names for encouragement. She finally came, screaming and grinding and talking dirty. As soon as she collapsed forward I gasped for breathe.

"Oh, that was great, little one. Thank you so much."

On Saturday morning we went to the mall. Debbie wore a simple baby blue spaghetti strap top and a small dark grey mini-skirt that was only decent because it hung on her hips. Her boobies were bouncing around as she walked, and the nipples were beginning to stick out.

"Aren't you going to wear a bra?"

"Are you telling me what to wear now?"

"Oh, no dear, I just thought..."

"I don't like people seeing my bra straps, too sexual," she said, as though this made perfect sense. After bending to put her sandals on, she had to pull the front of the top back up her ample cleavage.

"I think those boys are following us."

"Well, it's a free country dear, and their just bored kids with overactive hormones."

She led me towards the escalator, looking back occasionally, slowing to glance at some purses. We were half way up the escalator when she began adjusting the skirt on her hips, pulling it up a little. I glanced behind us and the boys, 3 of them, had gotten on the escalator maybe 8 steps behind us. Debbie wanted to get an ice cream in the food court. I stood in line while she picked out a table. The boys had sat at the table she was facing. I joined her and we ate our ice cream, the boys whispering to each other, and I thought checking my wife out a lot. Debbie must have found it hard to get comfortable, as she was constantly shifting and recrossing her legs. Finally she found a comfortable position; legs spread a little too far I thought.

"Debbie, I think those boys are staring are at your panties."

"They can't be."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I'm not wearing any."

"Oh, uh, maybe we should get going."

"Soon, darling," she murmured as she sucked her ice cream.

"Here, go over and give them my business card."

"What, they can't afford a massage."

"Probably, but maybe their parents or someone. Go do it and we can leave."

She was licking ice cream off her wrist now, then swirling her tongue up and around the cone.

I did as she ordered, I mean suggested. I still didn't think this was a good way to advertise her services. It took the boys a while to understand that this was a professional massage, at first they thought I was her pimp. It was rather embarrassing for me.

To be continued...

Written by: FantasizeALot

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