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My Understanding Mother

by BethB©

"Yes." I replied, with a squeaky voice. "Would you really do that?" I asked.

"Uh huh," she answered, "if you just wore your underwear, too. That way I wouldn't feel self conscious about you seeing me."

"Yeah, sure." I said. "No problem with that. I'd probably be hard all the time, though. You know that, right?"

"I think I could handle it, Sweetheart." Mom said, with a confident smile on her face. "It's a natural reaction, and, I think I'd enjoy seeing you excited because of me."

I groaned as she handled me very gently. Her eyes looked down at my cock in her hands and then she looked back up at me. When our eyes met, she said, "So, do you think you could let me watch you do it every now and then?"

"I'd even let you look through my lingerie drawer and pick out some panties for me to model for you. I think that's fair. Don't you?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah." I said, moaning as she began to fully stroke my now completely hard cock.

Then she said, "You're really hard, Scottie. Do you think you, uh..... can make yourself cum again this soon?"

I watched as she let go of my cock and slowly reached for my hand. Softly cradling my hand in hers, she carefully moved it to my cock and wrapped my fingers around my enflamed shaft. Then, she really shocked me by leaning over my body and picking up the wet panties I'd been sniffing and licking – the ones I found in her hamper that were saturated with her pussy juices – and she held them up to her nose.

"I have a confession to make, Scottie." Mom said, with a slight grin on her face. "I set a trap for you this morning hoping I could catch you with these."

She told me she took great pains to create the wet panties for me that morning, explaining how she played with herself through her panties before she got up to get ready for work. "I knew I'd be home early today, and since you promised you'd pick up the back yard and the patio for me, I figured you'd find these right about the time I was getting home. I hope you'll forgive me for that," she added, "but, I just had to see for myself what you were doing with my panties."

Then, handing her wet panties to me, she stood up, faced me and took a step back from the bed. I watched as her hands went to her waist, and then smiling down at me, she unbuttoned her slacks, pulled the zipper down and let them fall to the floor. Below her blouse, I saw the small triangle of the bottom of her pink panties peeking out at me, and as she stepped out of her pants, her fingers lifted to the buttons on her blouse and she began unbuttoning them one at a time.

As if I was in a dream, I began to stroke my cock, very slowly at first, holding my rod out and away from my body, allowing her to see how big and hard it was. Her eyes stared at it as she unbuttoned her blouse, and when she was done, she let it fall down her shoulders and float softly to the floor. Standing there in just her bra and panties, it was now me who was doing the staring. Her bra and panties were a matching set, and, they weren't the kind of bra and panties I thought my mother would wear. Instead, she wore an amazingly thin bra that clearly showed her nipples through the pink mesh fabric, and, bikini panties that perfectly showed off the mound below her waist.

"I bought these last week with you in mind, Scottie." She said, looking back and forth between my face, and my hand stroking my cock. "Do you like them?" She asked.

"Oh, Yes." I mumbled, completely shocked she'd taken her clothes off in front of me.

"Do you think this will this help you?" She asked. "Letting you look at me? Will it help get you going again so I can see you finish."

"Uh huh." I answered as I stroked by cock. "It's definitely helping, Mom."

She took a step or two up to the side of the bed again and stood there letting me look at her. My eyes were scanning her body, from her breasts down to her panty covered pussy – my own mother's pussy - and with each second I looked at her, the grip on my cock and the speed of my jacking increased.

"Can I ask a favor?" Mom asked.

"Of course." I replied as I jacked myself.

"Would you mind terribly if we changed places?" She asked. "Could you let me sit down on the bed, and would you stand in front of me? I'll be able to see you much better like that."

At first, I didn't grasp the entirety of what she'd asked. But, I nodded my head and stood up, allowing her to take my place. With her feet on the floor, she spread her knees and held her hand out to me, beckoning me to come closer. Reaching my hand out to meet hers, she pulled me in between her knees, leaving my cock no more than eight or ten inches away from her face.

"Perfect!" She said, grinning up and me. "Do you think you can you finish up this way, Sweetheart?"

I was looking down at her, realizing how close my cock was to my mother's face, when she reached out and wrapped her fist around my swollen package. "You sure you don't mind me watching?" She asked, as she smiled up at me and jacked my cock.

"No, Mom." I said, without thinking. "I don't mind."

"So, we have a deal then?" She asked as her hand began to move faster up and down my cock. "From now on, I'll let you see me in my panties, let you have them anytime you want them, and, you'll let me watch you?"

"Yes." I stammered.

"Oh, you've made me very happy, Sweetheart." She said. "Now, I'd like you to show me exactly what you've been doing with my panties."

She told me not to be embarrassed, and urged me to hold her wet panties to my nose and show her exactly how I was using her panties, telling me to just forget she was there and do what I'd normally do. So, as my hand stroked my leaking cock, I found the wettest spot on her panties and held it up against my nostrils.

"When I was playing with myself this morning, I was dreaming about you masturbating for me just like this, Scottie." Mom said, softly. "I was lying in bed, thinking about the way you've been stealing my panties and sniffing the crotch...... and I got so excited. I knew I had to see it for myself, Sweetheart."

"From now on," she added, almost whispering to me, "whenever you need to masturbate, I want you to come tell me and I'll help you, Scottie, just like I'm doing now. You can stand right in front of me - no more sneaking around, and no more going behind my back. And, I promise I'll make it good for you each time, Sweetheart."

She reached out and stopped my hand for a moment, and then leaned forward to take the head of my cock into her mouth. "Okay," she managed to say with just the tip of my cock in her mouth, "keep going."

I started stroking again as she looked up at me and smiled. Her mouth was warm and wet, and I wanted her to take me deeper, but she wasn't. Pulling off me again, she quickly told me to keep jacking, explaining she simply wanted to taste me for a while, but warned me not to cum in her mouth.

"I want to watch you cum this time, Sweetheart." She said. "Later, we can do more, but this time, I just want to watch you close up."

She put her mouth back on me and sucked tightly around the head of my cock. Looking down, I could see her eyes were almost closed and she seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. Every now and then, she'd look up at me. I was surprised, but, completely happy when she dropped one of her hands into her lap and slipped it inside her pink panties.

That was all it took, and as I felt my balls begin to tighten, I pulled her panties away from my face and warned her that I was getting close to cumming.

"Oh, Scottie," she moaned, "just keep going and when you're ready, I want you to cum on Mommy's face."

She sat in front of me with her mouth slightly open, like a little bird waiting to be fed by its mother. Her fingers were making long movements down inside her panties and as I felt the first contraction down in my balls, I aimed my cock at her mouth and erupted with a ribbon of cum that spread across her face.

Mom never pulled back, and when she saw I was cumming, she opened her mouth wider and I tried my best to squirt as much of my sperm between her lips as I could. Glob after glob of thick, white sperm spurted out from my cock, peppering her face and covering her lips and tongue. When I was done, she looked up at me, smiled and then swallowed my cum and licked her lips clean.

"Thank you, Sweetheart." Mother said, as she stood up next to me. "But, I hope you don't intend to let me go unsatisfied. Let's go to my room so I can teach you what you else you can do for me."

Written by: BethB

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