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Office Party and Musical Chairs

by aurelius1982©

Sure enough, around the corner came Usha and when she was a couple of steps away from Yatin with hands still cupped around his dick, the music stopped. Usha, unaware of what she was literally jumping into, turned around to sit down on Yatin's lap. As soon as Usha turned and started to sit, Yatin took his hands off his dick, and pulled Usha's dress up from the back. She sat down and it was clear at once that Yatin's had hit the bullseye. Call it pure luck or skillful aim. Her face, until then sporting a playful smile, suddenly turned serious and her eyes widened. I am sure Usha's cunt must have already been pretty wet from all the groping and fondling. Combine that with the fact that Yatin's dick wasn't too big, it must not have been too difficult for him to penetrate her cunt completely right away.

My erection got harder than ever under the pillow as I suddenly realized that my long time fantasy of seeing another man fuck my wife had been suddenly realized. What would Usha do? Usha did not seem to give in right away. She struggled and tried to get up at once. But Yatin had put his hands on her hips and he was firmly holding her in place, not letting her go anywhere. He now started humping her, which the other wives and some men must have assumed was the pretend-humping game that Usha herself has started. So they just started laughing. But to the eliminated men, it was obvious what had happened and they started laughing a lot harder and exchange high fives.

The look on Usha's face was one of sheer panic. She kept struggling and trying to get up, but every time she did, Yatin would pull her back, and say loudly "just wait till the music starts, Usha". Navin took the cue from this and announced that everyone must have gotten bored of this music so he was going to change the CD. That gave Yatin even more time to keep ramming my wife's cunt. Usha was trying to do everything to get up, but Yatin was too strong for her. And she probably did not want to yell out or say anything and make a scene. Yatin was, after all, a senior partner, so offending him publicly could be lethal for my career. She even looked at me a few times hoping I'd notice something and come to her rescue, but I kept pretending to be knocked out.

So all she could do was struggle and try to get off Yatin's lap. What she ended up doing without realizing was, assisting Yatin in fucking her even better and harder. Every time she would manage to raise her ass a few inches, Yatin's dick must have withdrawn a little, and then he'd pull her down again, ramming into her harder. In a minute or so, the effect of this started showing on Yatin. The look on his face became obvious, and he humped her hard a few more times and then finally stopped moving and just held her in place. Usha's face went from panicked to stunned, confirming what I suspected - that Yatin was cumming inside of her. She just sat there shocked and defeated, as her cunt got filled, and looked around at the other wives to make sure they hadn't noticed.

The other wives had indeed not noticed all this and were busy giggling and flirting with the men on whose laps they were sitting. But most of the eliminated men knew what was happening and were staring at Usha and Yatin intently, as was Navin, even as he pretended to struggle with placing the CD in the tray. Finally, I saw Yatin's hands let go of Usha's hips and drop to the side, and he wore a contented expression on his face. He had finished filling my wife's cunt with his seed. I thanked my stars for Usha's decision to go on the pill a few months back.

Finally, Navin put the CD in and started the music. Usha got up, and started walking around the circle with a stunned look on her face, as if in a trance. I looked at her thighs and noticed a glistening, presumably from Yatin's cum oozing down. In a couple of minutes, she seemed to have come to terms with what happened, and started smiling again. The next couple of guys whose lap Usha sat on happened to be husbands of the other wives, which might be why they did not try what Yatin did. Finally the eliminations ended, and the last four guys on whom the wives sat were declared the winners.

The chairs were removed and the four winners took the dance floor with their partners. Usha's partner was Kuljeet, a 6-and-half foot tall and burly guy, probably the biggest guy in the company, and in a similar job as mine. He looks more like a professional wrestler than a financial analyst. He is also very dark skinned, so his pairing with my milky white wife, in addition to the one-foot-plus difference in their heights and at least a 70 kg difference in their weight, offered up quite a contrast. As they danced to a slow song, with his hands wrapped around her, it seemed like a giant embracing a midget.

Pretty soon the four dancing couples moved to one corner of the dance floor. The other three couples were between me and the Kuljeet-Usha couple, so all I could see was Kuljeet's head. I closed my eyes for a while to rest the, hoping that when I opened them, Usha would be in my view again. In a few minutes, there was suddenly a sound of murmurs and whispers and I opened my eyes to see the three couples had stopped dancing and were now gathered around the corner. A few of the other guys walked over there rapidly too. And with my eyes half closed, I slowly craned my neck to see what was happening.

Soon the murmurs turned into some loud talking, and the couples moved away and I could see what was causing all the commotion. I almost dropped my pretense of being asleep and sat up straight as I saw Kuljeet standing there looking down, leaning against the corner, and Usha, on her knees in front of him, with her back towards me. From the way she was moving, and the look on Kuljeet's face, it was obvious that he had his dick inside her mouth. It did not seem like Usha was resisting at all. Finally, I noted happily, she was becoming an enthusiastic participant. He kept fucking her mouth like that, and everyone in the room was staring at them. The wives seemed to be saying something animatedly to their husbands, and the husbands were trying to agree, but also watching the erotic spectacle of my wife giving Kuljeet a blowjob.

In a couple of minutes, Kuljeet threw his head back and started bucking his hips harder. It was obvious that he was shooting his load in her mouth. It looked like Usha was now trying to pull away. Even when she gave me a blowjob, she very very rarely let me cum in her mouth, saying the taste of it made her gag. She gladly let me spray it on her face or on her tits, but cumming in her mouth was reserved for rare occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. So it was no surprise that Usha tried to pull back. But Kuljeet would have none of it. He grabbed her by the hair and held her head in place as he continued to cum.

Usha kept struggling and Kuljeet kept pumping, as one of the wives yelled,

"Let her go, she might be choking!", to which one of the watching men said,

"Her mouth might be full, but her nose is open.", and there was laughter all around.

I watched, with the biggest hard-on ever, as Kuljeet kept pumping for almost half a minute. I could not even imagine what amount he must have deposited down her throat. After he got done, he held her head like that for about ten more seconds, and finally let go. As he took his dick out of Usha's mouth, I saw it was quite big, but I was more focused on watching my wife. She slumped against the wall, sitting down and threw her head back as if to breath in. She coughed a few times, but I noted - she did not spit anything out. She had swallowed Kuljeet's entire copious load!

A couple of wives bent down, put their hands on her shoulder sympathetically, and started saying something to her. Usha just nodded, said a few words, and then helped by them, got on her feet. She ran the back of her hand over her mouth, and wiped the few streaks of cum around her lips and on her cheek. I watched surprised as she then took out her tongue and licked the back of her hand, as if wanting to get every single sperm of Kuljeet's inside her tummy.

She started walking towards me, stumbling and swaying. But just as she was a few feet away from me, one of the guys ran to her, put his arms around her and whisked her away to the dance floor. There were a few guys standing there waiting for her, and they encircled her and started dancing with her. She started dancing too. Someone handed her a drink and she chugged it down even as she danced.

The "dancing" if just swaying randomly to music can be called that, got wilder by the second. Usha, after being fucked in the cunt and in the mouth, had apparently lost any inhibitions she had. One guy put his hands behind her and up her dress, and she let him. He was very obviously either fondling her naked ass, or fingering her, as she leaned against him and swayed slowly. Another then pulled up the back of her dress, and held it up, exposing her perfect ass to everyone, and there were murmurs of approval. Different guys took turns running their fingers down her ass crack and to her pussy, all of them noting how sopping wet it was.

Then one guy loudly announced that he'd been dying to see her huge tits, and he slipped the straps of her dress down from her shoulders and rolled the front down. A couple of guys in the front started playing with her boobs. Usha's nakedness was being fondled, groped and explored by about half a dozen guys all around her. She seemed to be enjoying it. Yes, she was drunk, but Usha is one of those people who, even when they are fully drunk, will not do something they don't want.

While the guy's were making great headway with Usha, the other three wives were arguing with their husbands. All three either wanted it all stopped or then wanted to leave. And the husbands, clearly enjoying the scene, and hoping to get a feel of Usha too, were trying to stall and argue. One couple, while arguing came and stood behind me.

Wife - This is just too much. I don't want to be here any more. Let's leave at once.

Husband - Come on honey. It's just some fun.

W - Fun? Fun? This is NOT fun. I have no problem with fun within limits. I know being groped and fondled once in a while is just playfulness and no big deal. You saw me. But come on! This? Look at her! She is almost naked!

H - Let's stay for a while more. Maybe they will calm down.

W - And that woman gave Kuljeet a blowjob. And now, see what they are doing? Oh my god! That man has his finger up her..... So disgusting!!! Get me out of here at once!!!!

She stormed out and the husband reluctantly walked behind her. He stopped at the door, and looked back wistfully, taking in Usha's near-nakedness with his eyes. But then his wife yelled once more and he left. The other couples also argued and left.

As soon as the last couple left, any remaining pretense at being interested in dancing, was discarded at once. Usha was pulled towards a short and wide glass coffee table a short distance in front of me, and laid across it. She made quite a sight, her pretty yellow dress crumpled and bunched around her waist, her huge tits splayed out, and her wet pussy visible to everyone, and she lay there, with glazed eyes. Everyone started taking their pants off, like it was a race. Within no time, a cock was shoved in Usha's mouth and she started sucking on it.

Navin, being the host, was unanimously given the first right to her cunt. Well, technically second, because Yatin had already fucked her during the musical chairs. Navin, got between her legs and thrust his dick into her sopping wet cunt in one motion, as she groaned in pleasure. From my angle, I saw his ass shake back and forth rapidly as he fucked her. Soon, he came. Then another guy replaced him, and then another. Guys were cumming in her mouth too, and she was swallowing it all. I could hear her swallowing very audibly. There were twenty five or so guys and they started crowding around with their dicks rock hard. Someone commented about how her huge tits were begging to be fucked too, and immediately got on top of her on the table, grabbed her tits and started moving his cock between them.

All guys had probably been sporting erections for a couple of hours, so most of them came very quickly the first time round. Some of the first ones to cum, like Navin, Jay, Pankaj, got hard again by the time all the first timers were done. Whenever a guy moved away from her, I could see the cunt literally oozing and overflowing with cum. Jay, who started fucking her in the cunt once more, noted how slippery it had gotten with all the cum and was offering no friction. He then asked her to turn around and get on her knees, which she did. He first took off her dress and threw it in a corner, getting Usha completely naked for the first time that night. He then started fucking her, but there was something different about the way he was moving.

Moments later, Jay announced to everyone that Usha's ass was tight but fuckable, so she must get a lot of anal action. Which was true. I often fucked Usha in her ass. After that, everyone started focusing on her ass instead of her cunt. All this while, she of course had one cock or the other shoved in her mouth. As the night ticked on, another sort of "elimination" started to happen. Some guys, maybe because of their natural ability or because of all the booze, could not get it up a second time. They just stood back, watching the action. A handful of guys however, seemed insatiable and could almost get hard at will. They kept hammering at Usha's holes.

Pankaj amused everyone by fucking her cunt and ass alternately. Five strokes in her cunt, then he'd pull his dick out, shove it in her ass, and five strokes there. That gave Kuljeet an idea. Of DP-ing my wife. He got on his back, made Usha sit on his cock, and then Pankaj started fucking her ass at the same time. Yatin, approached the table and started fucking her in the mouth. Watching my gorgeous wife, who until that night had refused to even entertain the idea of sleeping with one other guy, being fucked in all 3 holes simultaneously ALMOST made me cum.

I had been perpetually hard all night and it was starting to hurt. My balls felt heavy and throbbed. I needed release. I even contemplated dropping my pretense of sleep and joining them. But being their colleague held me back. It was one thing if they were fucking my wife assuming I was asleep. But acknowledging that I knew what was going on and approved of it could create some complications. So I just kept my eyes shut and prayed that I wouldn't shoot my load accidentally and mess up my pants.

After about two hours of fucking, the action seemed to wind down. Many guys started getting dressed and leaving. Finally there was only Navin and four other guys left. They also seemed to be tiring. Finally after Jay came for the fourth time that night, this time in my wife's ass, it seemed like the gangbang was over. The guys walked to a corner and started smoking and talking, leaving her on the table, naked, hair disheveled, covered with cum and oozing with cum, breathless and exhausted.

Usha just lay there, resting for about ten minutes. With a contented look on her face. Her legs were still wide open. I wondered if she was waiting for someone to come back and fuck her again. Finally she got up, and started walking to the bathroom. She announced to the guys that she was showering, and asked Navin for a towel. Navin said there were several in the wall closet in the bathroom.

About five minutes later, I saw Yatin tiptoeing towards the bathroom door. He pushed it and was delighted to note that it was opened. He entered and I heard Usha's short but high pitched yelp that she utters when surprised. Yatin had probably sneaked in and scared her. Yatin stayed in the bathroom. A while later, Kuljeet also went in there. I was dying to go and see what was happening there, but I had pretended to be passed out for so long, I had to continue.

Five minutes later, Yatin came out, drying himself with a towel. Ten minutes later, Kuljeet came out, also with a towel. Five minutes after that, Usha emerged from the bathroom. She was fully naked from the neck down, and dried. The only piece of clothing on her was a towel wrapped around her wet hair. She looked so different, all clean scrubbed and showered, than she did a while back, all covered in cum. What a stark contrast, if you will pardon the pun.

She walked to the guys (who were now all dressed) like that, naked and with a towel around her hair, and asked them to help her get me to the car. Navin, who had been staring at her hungrily, commented on how her showered look had made him horny again. He pleaded with her to let him fuck her one more time. But she firmly refused, saying she didn't want to get messy again, and if he was so keen, he should have come to the shower like Yatin and Kuljeet did.

He kept pleading and pleading, and finally as a compromise, she agreed to give him a blowjob. She got on her knees right there, unzipped his pants, took out his cock and started sucking at it. I saw that for the first time that night, Usha was using her full effort-filled, special blowjob technique that she used with me. All the other occasions that night had been guys fucking her mouth. This was her taking the lead. One of the other guys watching pulled the towel from her head, and her wet hair spread all over. The novelty of her blowjob technique and the sight of her clean and naked on her knees with wet black hair had an instant effect on Navin, and he came into her mouth within minutes.

Finally Usha announced that she was done, and had to leave right away. She located her dress thrown in a corner, and put it on. Cum stains on it were very visible. She then asked the guys to help her take me to the car. Jay and Yatin picked me up, and walked outside with Usha. Soon I had been deposited in the passenger seat, and Usha, now fully sober, was in the driver's seat. I expected the car to start, but it stayed silent.

I opened my eyes a little and looked at Usha to see that she had rolled down the window and was facing outwards, with her mouth fully open. Next to her, Jay was jacking off. His dick was inches away from her lips. In a couple of minutes he said "Ok, almost there.", and stepped forward. Usha took his dick in her mouth and he deposited his final load of the night in her mouth. She didn't swallow it right away. Kept it in her mouth, swished it around audibly, then raised her face and swallowed with a loud noise, and then a loud sigh. Jay and Yatin cracked up, and she also started laughing. Finally, the two guys said goodbye very reluctantly, and Usha started driving us home.

When we got home, I acted like I was just sober enough to walk on my own to the house, so she would not have to recruit someone else to take me inside. The next day, a Saturday, both of us woke up around noon. Usha was acting very normally. No mention of the previous night. Finally, I broached the subject.

"So what happened at the party last night after I passed out?" I asked.

"Nothing much. Dancing, drinking, the usual stuff." she said "We played a version of musical chairs to decide who danced with whom."

And then she described the musical chairs to me, conveniently leaving out the part about her being fucked by Yatin.

"Was there any raunchy stuff?" I asked.

"Well, to be honest." Usha took a pause and said, "the guys did get a little carried away and felt me up a little more than I would have liked. But overall, they were well-behaved." She got up and started walking towards the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I need to wash my dress from yesterday." she replied "It's gotten too sweaty with all the dancing."

"Let the maid wash it." I suggested.

"'s an expensive dress. The maid will ruin it. I'll wash it myself." she said and disappeared into the bathroom.

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