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A Wife for After Dinner

by Danieluk©

She left the house and climbed into the waiting taxi. As she climbed in a passerby caught a flash of stocking clad leg and smiled ruefully. Joy smiled back. The passerby blushed at being caught looking but Joy had seen the look of lust in his eye and she felt a shiver of satisfaction in her ability to make men react.

Four of her co-workers were down from Scotland on a trip they make every few years. The local staff always threw them a bit of a dinner party in their hotel and generally have a good time. She was on her way to play her part as duty demanded.

Two years ago Joy had been in one of their rooms with them and another girl from her work group. They had had a lot to drink and on coming out of the toilet, Joy saw the other girl being fucked on the bed. She had stared at the sight and then became really turned on. One thing led to another and she had ended up on her back being fucked silly. She had felt guilty but loved it nevertheless.

Joy arrived at the hotel fashionably late, as usual and made her entrance. The blue dress she was wearing touched in all the right places and for someone in her late forties, she looked really good. Her short blonde hair and long legs helped and the dress finished just above her knees. Thin straps showed her milky skin off well with just a hint of cleavage and the men all watched her as she joined them.

Instantly surrounded, Joy looked around for the other girl from last time, Kay. She couldn't see her and asked if she was there. It seemed that Kay had called off at the last minute and Joy's spirits sank a little. Kay was the catalyst last time and it looked as if it would be just another boring dinner after all. No Kay, no fuck! Odds on none of the boring others would be up for it! Never mind, at least the food was good in the hotel and she could always enjoy the wine.

During the dinner, Joy began to relax and enjoy herself. It was only when she caught the eye of Simon, the one who had fucked her so well the last time, did she feel uncomfortable. Her body was reacting to the memory. Damn Kay!

After dinner Simon made straight for her and began chatting to her like a long lost friend. He kept the wine flowing and Joy felt herself getting more and more comfortable with him.

Soon they were joined by others as the group thinned out and the boring people went home. Joy was half drunk by this time and her normal reserve was wilting fast.

Seated on a high stool in the plush bar, she was surrounded by the remaining men, the other women had all made excuses and left. As the centre of attention she was enjoying herself thoroughly and maybe showing just a little more thigh than she intended. What the hell, she had good legs!

"Well time to be gone" she heard the last one of the local staff say as he looked at Joy.

"You OK Joy, can I get you a taxi home to your husband?" he asked gallantly.

"No need Jim," one of the Scots replied "we'll she she's ok."

Joy giggled to herself, shame Kay wasn't here.

Jim had hardly left the bar before Joy felt a warm hand on her knee. She didn't resist as it slid up under her dress and she shivered as the cool fingers touched the bare skin above her stocking top. She looked straight into Simon's eyes as he gently squeezed her soft flesh.

A second hand found her other leg and she closed her eyes as she felt it on the soft skin above her other stocking top. Slowly she opened her legs wider, inviting the hands to explore her hot body. This was getting interesting she realised.

All four men were now around her as she sat on the stool, legs wide and her tight dress around the top of her legs. They could all see her exposed knickers and the wet patch growing before their eyes. The barman was hovering so he could get a glimpse and one or two other guests had started to take notice.

The four men closed in around Joy and under the cover of the others, Simon slipped two fingers straight into Joy and she moaned softly. He leant forward and kissed her before whispering in her ear.

"You're getting fucked tonight lady" he said softly.

"Oh yes please" she replied, what's keeping you!"

Quickly he took her hand and led her toward the lift. All the way she was being groped by multiple hands and she realised that the others were with them too. By the time they reached the room she had realised that she was going to be gang-banged and was more than up for it.

As soon as the door was closed Simon kissed her fiercely, his tongue seeking out hers and his hand going roughly between her legs. Like a slut, joy opened them to let him grope her through her dress as she returned his kisses. Joy could feel Simon's erect cock as he pressed it against her thigh, she wanted it soon.

Someone moved behind her and she felt the cool air as her zip was pulled down and he back exposed. Simon slackened his grip on her as someone pulled her straps down and stripped her dress from her body. Another pair of hands had already unfastened her strapless bra and freed her pert breasts.

Suddenly she was stood in the middle of four men clad only in her stockings, knickers and high heeled shoes. They looked at her for a moment and then pulled her down onto the bed.

Joy hit the bed and looked up as Simon moved quickly between her open legs. His cock was sticking out rigidly in front of him but she only got a quick glance before he pulled her knickers to the side and sank his full length in her pussy.

Grunting with each stroke, Simon pounded her body with long hard thrusts as Joy slammed her pelvis up to meet him. Each time he sank his full length in her.

Within minutes, Simon froze and Joy felt him pump his cum deep into her body before he sagged onto her then eased his now limp cock from her sodden cunt.

She thought she would get a respite from the frantic assault but was wrong. As soon as Simon was off her, strong hands removed her sodden knickers and one of the others took his turn on her.

In a short fifteen minutes Joy had been fucked by all four of the men. She was laid open legged on the bed with cum running from her swollen pussy and the sweat of her four lovers glistening on her white skin.

Looking to the side she saw one of them was hard again and heading for her used body. It looked like being a long night before she got home to her husband...

Written by: Danieluk

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