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Steamy Mother and Son Encounter...

by ohioerotic©

What happened one autumn night was really rather unexpected, but it was an amazing encounter that led to something very special.....

Lanky and muscular with curly blonde hair and soft blue eyes, Tim had turned into beefy 6'2, 188 pound 19-year-old college athlete with sinewy rippling muscles. Shy and soft-spoken Tim had a sensitive streak that made him especially appealing to the women on campus. When the unexpected encounter in this story happened, though, Tim was single, having broken up with his last girlfriend a month or so prior.

His mother, Maria, came home from work after her second shift assignment. Her husband, Louis, was away on business and their two oldest children were grown and living on their own. So Maria and Tim were home alone on this night. Tim typically would be in bed when Maria got home from work, but he didn't have class in the morning so he was still up. Maria went through her usual routine of grabbing a late-night sandwich and reading the paper and then pulled her hair back into a ponytail and changed into a t-shirt and shorts. At age 44, Maria was still quite beautiful with her shoulder-length honey-colored hair, full lips, tan , toned body and almond-colored eyes.

"Another long shift," she sighed, plopping down on the sofa. "My feet are killing me."

Up until this fateful night, Tim's relationship with his mother had been that of any typical teenager. Despite his mother's appealing looks, he had never really had any sexual thoughts about her.

"Well, here Mom, let me take care of them."

"Oh, that would be wonderful!"

Tim sat on the sofa and set his mother's feet gently on his lap, cupping his mother's bare right foot in his hand. This thumbs pressed into the bottom and his fingers massaged the tops and toes.

"Mmmm, this is relaxing," Maria muttered.

Tim's hands kneaded his mother's sore feet, but her skin felt cold. He pulled his mother's foot close to his mouth and gently blew on it with his warm breath.

"mmmm, thanks that feels really good."

Looking back, it was a sudden decision.....and he probably was blurring some sort of line: massaging your mother's feet is probably okay, but kissing them, and sucking them, probably not. Tim put his mother's big toe into his mouth, sucking it softly, his tongue feeling its way around its softness.

"Mmmmm, Tim...." Maria said.

"feel good?"

"Oh yes,"

The lines of appropriateness began to blur more as Tim's hands began exploring more. Maria never protested. Tim began tenderly kissing his mother's feet, his hands exploring up to her calves, kneading them, massaging them as Maria scooted closer to him on the sofa.

"oooh, that really does feel good," she cooed.

Tim passed a point of no return and began kissing his mother's calves. He pulled off her shorts and slid them onto the floor, her legs where now draped off Tim's now shirtless shoulders as Tim's tongue began tasting and exploring the damp softness between his mother's legs. His tongue teased her most powerful button, sending electric shivers through her body. While Tim's tongue explored his mother's warm love cave, his long fingers traced and teased his mother's beautiful breasts until her pert nipples stood erect like soldiers ready for battle.

"Make love to me," Maria purred.

She slid Tim's running shorts off, leaving him in just his red bikini briefs, which she put her hands into...and then slowly pulled them off. Maria's hands massaged his firm, taut ass. As she viewed her son's back side, something caught her eye....

"Hmmmm, I didn't know you had a tattoo... When did you get that?"

Tim explained his trip to a tattoo parlor last summer, as she her hands ran over his body. Tim's clothes were now in a pile on the floor and he lay on the sofa on his stomach completely naked. Maria's tongue traced the sun symbol on Tim's back, kissing every inch of it.

"Let's go upstairs," Maria said, holding her son's hand.

Both now completely nude they embraced and kissed one another passionately, their tongues exploring, tasting, probing. With her husband gone, they had the king-sized bed to themselves.

"The bed isn't the only thing in here king-sized," Maria cooed, looking down at her son's fully erect, throbbing organ.

Tim lay on his back on the bed as Maria kneeled between his legs, bobbing downward to take his full, swollen member into her mouth. Her tongue teased the tip and traced the shaft and into the mound of blonde hair at the base. Her fingers traced the river of blonde up to wear it ended near Tim's belly button.

"Make love to me," Maria purred.

Maria lay on her back. A big mirror on their dresser allowed them to watch themselves make love to one another. Tim climbed on top, sliding his hard, erect organ deep inside his mother. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him into her tightly. Maria's back arched in delight as Tim thrust into her in one final orgasmic explosion, sticky, hot cum shooting throughout her. He collapsed into Maria's arms. They kissed, cuddled and made love all night, knowing that their relationship had forever changed.

Written by: ohioerotic

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