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Young Bride's First Cheat: My Brother

by katsttrier©

"That was you?" I asked in astonishment, "We all heard that, we thought it was some kids or something."

"Oops. Yeah, I guess that was me. So anyway, I continue this mind-blowing orgasm as my whole body tenses up. A feeling of naughtiness rips through my body as I bounce up and down on Doug's cock. My tits bounce in front of his face as I urge him, 'Fuck me, Doug! Fuck my swollen pussy before I go get back in the car with your brother. You like to fuck Katwoman don't you? Don't you? Oh. Oh fuck. That's right fuck me hard. Cum inside me. You like that I forgot my birth control don't you?'

"'You what?' he asked as he pulled back.

"I said, 'Oh yeah, I didn't mention that to you?' I stopped moving and relished in the feeling of him resting deep within me."

"'Shit Kat! We gotta stop. Let me get a condom on,' he said."

"'I don't like condoms. I can't feel your contours of your big cock when you wear a condom. And besides, it's a little late now, you must've pumped at least a quart of cum in me this weekend.'

To see that she gets her way Katy resumes her movement, rocking back and forth on Doug's lap, leaning forward to brush her chest against his.

"'Uhhhggg,' he groaned under me as I started to really try to grip his cock again.

"'Besides, don't you find it naughty? You could make me pregnant right here. We could be making... oh fuck... a baby together right now.... Oh fuck! That's right.' He started to meet my gyrations with upward thrusts. 'Cum deep, baby, make me pregnant. I'm so fertile right now. My period is in just a couple of days and I got off the pill two weeks ago when I heard we were coming down to see you. I came down here with the plan to get as much of your hot cum in my pussy as possible. Don't you wanna be a daddy? Fuck me daddy. Come on Doug, fuck me! Put your hot seed in Katwoman's belly. It's been waiting for it. Cum deep. Give me a little baby in my belly. Ah your cock feels so strong and hard.'

"I don't know what came over me; I had gone crazy. But evidently he liked it because his hands gripped my back tightly and his face contorted. I knew he was about to cum so I sat completely down on him and just worked his cock all around within me. At that point I could actually feel his cum basting my womb."

Katy stops the story and shuts her eyes. She shudders. I feel her cum on my fingers as I slowly twist them inside of her. When her orgasm subsides I remove my fingers and she continues.

"We sat there reeling for a moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned back to look at him with his softening cock still in me. He took the opportunity to look down at my chest just like you do.

'Damn I'm going to miss this body,' he says.

"I told him, 'Well you will need a stripper at your bachelor party won't you?'

'Are you serious, you'd do that?' he asks me.

'Only if we get to have a private session after I'm done entertaining your friends.'

'But it's more than friends, you'd be stripping in front of dads and friends and everybody.'

'You don't think they'd like my body as much as you do?" I replied.

"Of course they would. But wouldn't you feel strange stripping in front of my dad and yours?"

"Na, your dad has seen pictures of me naked before. Your dad lent Brian his digital camera one time for one reason or another. While he had it I let him take some pictures of me and I guess Brian accidentally left them on the camera when he gave it back -- mostly of my tits, but a few of my pussy too. From after an anniversary dinner one night back when we were just dating - I wore a blue and black dress out to dinner at this place called Pachamama's with no panties or bra on. Afterward, at that house I lived at on campus I let Brian take some pictures of me as I was undressing, and one as I was sitting on the bed and he'd pulled the dress up so that my pussy lips were exposed. Well, when he returned the camera, even though he says he deleted all the pictures, somehow your dad happened upon them. I'm sure he probably enlarged them at the self service machine at Walgreens and jerks off to them constantly.

"And my dad sees me naked all the time. At my house we've always left the bathroom door open when we shower and change. All our lives I suppose. Sometimes we even still, when it's really hot, walk around the house topless in the summer, since we don't have air conditioning. And one morning when I was a senior in high school I was playing with myself on my bed with my door open I saw him through the crack of the doorway watching me. I've never cum so hard by myself as I did that day. I made sure to kick all the blankets off me and spread my legs apart wide as I fingered myself. Two fingers were in my cunt as my other hand was massaging my mound. It was absolutely amazing. And I've had dreams of Brian and I fucking with my dad watching through the window. I don't know the significance of that but I always cum so hard during those dreams."

"With that comment I could feel his soft dick growing in my body. He couldn't even reply. He held onto my ass and back and stood up. I wrapped my legs around him and held myself tight against his cock. We kissed passionately for a second before he laid me down on the dining room table and started to fuck me slowly. He watched as with each thrust my tits bounced toward my head.

"Okay, but under one condition," Doug said.

"What's that?"

"You can strip for me, but I don't want a private session."

"What? Why not?" I asked, a bit irate.

"Oh I still want a session, just not a private one."

"Oh I see, naughty boy. I'd better have a few drinks before I do anything that crazy."

"'What if I can't wait till then?' he asked me.

"With a burning in my cunt I replied, 'Oh I think we could work something out. This is all assuming anyway that I'm not showing by your bachelor party."

"He leaned down and sucked on my right nipple. It sent an electric shock through my body. I moaned and told him, 'You know, Columbia is on the way to Des Moines, maybe you could stop in on your way to see Liz.' He quickened his pace and started fucking me hard. Brian I tell you, I came all over his dining room table. I panted to him 'Oh fuck, Oh fuck. And on the way back from Des Moines too I guess.'

"He stood back up and continued the assault on my vagina. 'You guess?' he asked.

"Fuck.... Fuck... ' I panted. 'Okay, you should definitely come up... as soon as possible.... For a few days!' I told him how you worked and stayed in Kansas City most nights, so we could have the apartment to ourselves."

'That sounds like a plan. Uuuhhggg,' he spilled another load in me.

We remained there before he leaned down and kissed me deep in my mouth. Our tongues danced and our breath became one.

He broke away, 'You'd better get back,' he said as he pulled his soft dick out. A line of his cum came with it.

'Yup, ' I said as I hopped off the table, through my shirt on, gave him a peck on the cheek, grabbed my notebook and ran back out to the van."

I press my body tightly against hers as we lie there, and from the pressure alone I begin to cum in my pants. I leave it as it's concealed beneath the denim.

As soon as we get to our apartment that night we head straight to the computer to download the pictures from the weekend. As I open them one at a time the memories come flooding back for the both of us. I have her put on a pair of lacy panties, not telling her why, but having her sit on my lap as we scroll through the pictures and I massage her pussy. She cums twice in the panties before I finally take them off to impale her myself. In the throws of passion she asks me what was with the panties. I tell her that I intend to mail them to Doug tomorrow so that he can smell them, imagining her pussy as he jerks off to her pictures. She begins to buck as she cums at the thought. She cums at least three times before finally passing out in an exhausted, sticky heap. After four sessions of her moaning "Doug" and me replying with grunts of "Katwoman", Katy evidently tires -- at least temporarily -- of the thought of Doug.

I enter her for our final round of the night. My erect cock slides effortlessly into her stretched vagina. I lean down and lick up her body, from under her right breast, across the valley that divides the tits, up her neck and to her ear as I dig into her forcefully with my meat. "Ungh," she grunts, "Oh, Chris, I've been wanting this for so long."

"Chris?" I reply. She grits her teeth and nods emphatically with her eyes shut tight -- an image of Chris's naked body floods her mind like a film projector on a white screen..

"Well then. I think we can work with this," I proclaim as I roll us over so she ends up in the cowboy position on top of me. I push her shoulders lightly so she knows that's the position I want her to stay in. As she grinds down on my aching cock I reach over to the nightstand with my left hand and grab my cell-phone. I flip it open and turn on the camera. I get Katy in focus, from just below her breasts to the top of her head.

"Lock your fingers together and rest them above your head," I tell her. Without a word she complies -- she even lowers her head to her right, letting her lips part and a determined look wash across her face. I take a picture of this, getting her face, down past her tits to her stomach. Then another from above her breasts all the way down to my own stomach, my cock hidden deep within her curves, exposing her trimmed bush. I proceed to send one to Chris and Jim, not telling Katy which one I'm sending. "I just sent that to Chris, he should see it when he wakes up in a few hours." Katy holds her body still and begins to shake as her hips move in tight circles. "Oh and I wasn't sure, but just to cover all our bases I sent one to Jim too."

"Which one did you send?" she spits out as her cum runs down my balls.

"You may never know," I tease. "Although I suppose if you were feeling really tenacious you could just ask them. Why? Which one did you want me to send?"

She slows down from her climax, takes her right hand from the top of her head and places it just above her breast, proceeding to slide it down her body, making sure to go all the way under until she touched my penetration.

"What if I sent one to each?" I inquire.

"Who got my pussy?" she answers.

"I think the bigger question is, who will be getting your pussy?"

Written by: katsttrier

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