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A Backwoods Tale

by MrJack©

My eyes didn't linger long. I'd promised my sister a pussysucking and that's what I intended on giving her! My mouth and tongue ravaged her clit. I savagely kissed it and sucked it. I violently flicked it and licked it.

Janie just sat there with her hips squirming and twisting while her mouth let out quiet sighs and wanton moans. That gal's fingernails bit into my scalp and her fingers pulled my hair.

Cupping my tongue to make it stiffer, I plunged it inside that gal's pussyhole. It hit an unexpected obstruction. My probing explorer had found her virginal veil. I shoved it harder against the unbroken hymen. Janie let out a quiet scream. I started to pull back, yet her hands on my head held me. Her pussymuscles tugged at my tongue and her hips bucked against me.

I didn't bust through the tender hymen, but I did lick it and tease it mercilessly. My stiffened mouthrod was circling round and round inside that pussyhole. Then I started thrusting my slippery wetness in and out, in and out. I was tongue-fucking my sister Janie's pussyhole.

That gal's hips started bucking up to meet my probing, penetrating tongue. A slippery river of vaginal moisture added additional lubrication. I was pushing into her and she was pushing back against me. We got into a steady pussyeating rhythm. But, all of a sudden, her hips got to bucking faster and faster. To keep up with her, I began licking and thrusting faster and harder.

All at once, that gal let out a joyful, squealing scream. I knowed then that my pussysucking was making her have the same wondrous, spine-tingling feeling that her cocksucking had done to me.

When the gal screamed again, her pussy commenced to spray my face with spurts of warm moisture. As she continued to squeal and cry with orgasmic pleasure, I marveled at the fact that female bodies could make cum too. While mine was a creamy white, her cum was a clearer, watery juice.

After several more pleasurable squeals and screams, Janie lay still. I was glad the shithouse was far enough away from the back door to the kitchen that her squeals and screams couldn't be heard inside. I'd been told some gals are 'screamers', but I surely didn't suspect that my Janie would be one.

I pulled Janie down into a sitting position in my lap on the outhouse floor. With lips still wet from pussysucking, I kissed her and she kissed me. I reckon what I was feeling was mostly lust, but I was also having something I'd heard called a 'lovey-dovey' emotion. By the way this gal was kissing me I figured that she might be feeling it, too.

After kissing and playing touchy-feely for a little while, we dressed and headed to the house for breakfast. We'd both already had a right-fine morning-time dessert. I'd had a nice piece of fresh, warm, tender pussy and she'd had a heaping mouthful of creamy-cock. I reckon we'd both had some fine eating!

It was turning out to be a real fine day. I reckon this was a birthday I wouldn't forget. And, best of all, we hadn't even got to the fucking part yet! Together, Janie and I and ran to the house.

We went in the back door and I saw Ma turn from the kitchen stove. She was making pancakes. She was a real fine cook, she was. She was also a suspicious female-lady and didn't mind speaking up whenever she had something to say. She said something now, "You two, where in-the-devil have you been? Janie, I thought you brushed your hair this morning. How come it's all tangled in a mess?"

Unconsciously, Janie's eyes looked towards me. Her face was starting to turn red. Before she could make a confession to deeds of wickedness with her brother, I spoke up, "Ma, I went to the outhouse to pee. Janie was hogging it to herself. When I finally got in, we got to fussing and wrastling. I reckon I messed up her hair."

This explanation was the best I could come up with on such short notice. It was mostly a bold-faced lie! I surely wasn't going to tell Ma that I was sucking Janie's pussy and I wasn't going to say that Janie was sucking my cock. At least the last part of what I said was the truth. I reckon I did mess up her hair!

Well, I knowed that my ma wasn't no ignorant hillbilly and I knowed that I gave a half-assed answer to her question. But, she took it! She didn't make a fuss. She looked squarely at the both of us and said, "Next time ya'll wait till after breakfast to do your fooling around! Janie, get over here and help me feed this brood."

And that was the end of that. The awkward moment had passed, but I had a strong suspicion in my mind that Ma knowed more than she let on. She most likely had a pretty good idea about what might have messed up Janie's hair.

The 'brood' Ma was feeding gathered at the table. There was Ma and Pa. And, then seven kids took their seats. I was 21. Janie was 18. Ginnie was 16. Betsy was 14. Peggy was 12. Jeanie was 8. Becky was 4. Ma had the next one in her belly big and, most likely, it was another gal.

With breakfast over, Pa headed of to work at our secret moonshine still. My job today was to scout the woods and keep a lookout for lawmen and revenuers. Moonshine making might be illegal, but heck there wasn't no jobs to be had excepting for slaving away in a coalmine hole. Times might be hard, but you put either Pa or me into one of them holes then you might as well say the Amen words and send our souls straight to Heaven or Hell!

Ma and the gals started straightening up the house. There was only a few rooms in our sturdy, log-framed backwoods cabin. Ma and Pa's bed was in the front living room. All the gals shared two beds in the middle room. I had a small lean-to room off to the side.

Traipsing of to my room, I grabbed a ratty old blanket and stuffed it into a small backpack. Picking up my double-barreled shotgun and a mixed box of birdshot and buckshot shells, I stopped in the kitchen, looked at Ma, and said, "I think I'll go bag a squirrel or two. I might even get enough for supper. I might be passing near that old honey tree in the woods. Ma, you want me to get you a jar of honey?"

Before Ma had a chance to answer, a chorus of female voices spoke. All six of my sisters said, "Jimmie, can I go with you? Will you take me? Jimmie, will you please let me go?"

I knowed they would ask. They always did. Hating to disappoint them, I had to reluctantly say, "No gals, I cain't take you. Ya'll make too much of a racket, every one of you. Well, all but Janie. She's the only one that's ever quiet enough to not scare off the squirrels."

Ma came over to me and held out two empty, quart-sized jars and a big wooden spoon. She said, "Here take these to get the honey and take Janie along with you, too. That gal is the best bee charmer in these hills so she can help you get the honey without getting stung."

That did it! That's just what I wanted to happen! I wanted to get Janie off into the backwoods so I could get my fuck. I had won my bet so I intended on collecting my winnings. Janie was going to give me a birthday fucking.

I was real proud of myself because it was a pretty-slick plan I had and Ma had fallen for it! She had no idea that me and Janie had plans for a fucking party. Why, she had no clue. Or didn't she? She gave in mighty easy and she'd played along too quick, but surely she wouldn't send Janie off to get fucked on purpose! Would she? Times were hard and you took your fun where you could, but mothers don't send their daughters off to get screwed by their sons, do they?

Putting the questions out of my mind, I set off with Janie following me into the deep woods. As that barefooted gal skipped along, I could tell by the bouncing titties inside her dress that she hadn't bothered to take the time to put on a bra. I reckon I was wondering about whether or not she had put any panties on either. Lordy, but wasn't that gal a wondrous sight to behold!

So wondrous a sight, was she, I just naturally had to grab up the gal into my arms ever once in a while and kiss her special-sweet, highly-kissable lips time after time. My muscular arms held her tightly and I gave her curvaceous female form lots of gyrating body-against-body hugs.

After a long hike, we were there. A slow moving creek bordered a hidden meadow. Spreading out the ratty old blanket, I placed my backpack on it then I handed the two jars to Janie while I took the spoon.

We walked a short distance to the old, dead, lightning-struck tree where the honey bees made their nectar. Neither me nor Janie was afraid of the bees, but I reckon Ma was right about this gal being the best bee-charmer. I held the jars while she filled them with honey. When the jars were full some of the sweet syrup spilled onto our hands. Licking it off the best we could, our mouths soon became coated with sugary honey.

Suddenly, a wild, wicked thought entered my head. Giving in to temptation, I leaned towards Janie to get a kiss. My sticky-wet, honey-coated lips met hers. Sweet passion was reignited. I now knowed I had to fuck this gal pretty damn soon! That sexy young lady knowed it, too!

Heading back to the blanket, the two of us dropped to our knees on it and sat the brimming jars of honey down. Reaching for the hem of Janie's dress, I pulled it up and off her feminine form. I quickly discovered that my assumptions were correct. This gal had no bra on and bless my soul she had no panties on either! My sister was now bare-assed jaybird-nekid. And I loved it, I surely did!

Quickly, I stripped my own clothes off and I laid down on my back on the blanket. Janie laid down too, but she didn't just lay beside me, that gal jumped right on top of me! That pretty pussy of hers was laying on my meaty erection. My cock was sure-enough hardened-up tight. Why, my blood was justa pumping fiercely up and down my whole cockshaft.

I reckon Janie felt my heartbeat through the cock pressed to her pussy. That gal reached up and give me a half-dozen wet kisses. Quick-as-a-wink, she then jumped off of me and bent down. She planted more kisses right on my throbbing manhood. She kissed up and down the whole length of my shaft then she kissed my cockhead and licked it. That gal then stuck my cock into her mouth and sucked! Oh shit, it was good! Here I was getting my second cocksucking of the day!

But, wait a blessed damn minute, I didn't bring my sister up here for a cocksucking! I was supposed to be getting a fucking! Reaching down, I grabbed two hands full of tangled red hair and yanked that gal's head away from my cock. I pulled her away just in time.

I spoke a little bit harshly, "Oh damnit, Janie! I don't want you to make me shoot my load just yet! Why, I ain't fucked you yet, but gal that sure felt good! I'll say one thing; you're a mighty-fine cocksucker!"

Janie giggled and laughed then attempted to grab my cock again. Pulling hard on her hair, I forced her to jump atop me again, but this time I pulled her far enough up to where I could get my mouth on her titties. Her small breasts looked bigger leaning over the way she was. Them two beauties dangled in the air invitingly.

Well, I didn't need no engraved invitation to that gal's tittie-eating party! Just the sight of them two perfect peaches was all I needed. I grabbed one with my mouth and sucked on a delectable nipple. It was pointy, stiff, and tasty. I gave the other nipple the same sucking then I kissed, and licked, and sucked every inch of them twin tits.

I was needing a fucking real bad, but I still had some more sucking I wanted to do. Throwing Janie over onto her back, I dove down towards her pretty pussymound. In the bright sunlight her pussy was even prettier than it was this morning in the outhouse and I was just as eagerly excited as I had been then!

I kissed that precious pussy again and again. I kissed it all over. Lord-a-mercy, I loved that pussy! I spread them puffed-up pussylips so I could get to the wondrous clit I adored. I reckoned that Janie's clit was my favorite part of her whole danged female body! My mouth captured that erect little cockteaser protrusion. I flicked it and licked it with my tongue. I kissed, and licked, and sucked mercilessly. Janie wiggled and squirmed and moaned.

That gal's moans was getting louder and, after a few minutes, she commenced squealing. She wasn't yet screaming, but I knowed she was close to it. Well, she could squeal and scream all she wants to out here in these deep woods!

I was surely having fun with that tasty pussy. That pussy tasted like... It tasted like... Well, it tasted like nothing I'd ever had in my mouth. Why, it was delicious! Them two titties was mighty-good tasting, too! The pussy and titties were sweeter even than honey!

Speaking of honey, a wicked, mischievous idea came into my head. I let go of that pussy, reached for a jar of honey, and took the top off. I touched a finger inside then I dripped several drops onto Janie's mouth. I kissed her honey-sweetened lips. Our mouths and tongues kissed, and licked, and sucked the sweet nectar. We began to tongue-fuck each others honey-sweet mouths.

As I kissed that gal, an all-over tingly feeling ran through by heart. Okay, so most of my feelings might be lust, but I sure was feeling a lotta love-like emotions, too. By the way that young lady was kissing me back, I knowed she must be feeling some love-like feeling for me, too.

Reaching into the jar again, I came out with two fingers thickly-coated with honey then I dripped several thick, gooey drops onto two tender titties and two nubile nipples. My mouth hungrily grabbed one sweet, syrupy tittie and sucked. I found the other tit and sucked even harder. My teeth bit and my lips pulled and tugged.

I knowed I was getting a little too rough, but damn, I was having fun! I also knowed that some of Janie's moans and squeals was from me hurting her titties, but that gal never once told me to stop, so I didn't. I just kept on sucking.

I was finding out that I sure liked honey-tasting things. I liked honey-flavored lips and I liked honey-flavored nipples and titties. I had me a strong suspicion that I'd probably like honey-flavored pussy, too. And, I had me a theory that honey-flavored clit would be mighty-nice.

I reached for the honey jar again. I needed to prove the worth of my suspicions and the truth of my theory. I dripped honey straight from the jar. I watched as each glistening golden drop splashed onto the tender virginal flesh of my sister's nice pussy.

I kissed that glorious, golden pussymound with wanton passion. My honey-slick lips and mouth kissed, and licked, and sucked. I opened the pussylips and found the clit. My mouth devoured this inflamed, honey-coated treasure. My lubricated, honey-slick tongue slipped into the pretty-pink pussyhole. I licked in and out and round and round. My tongue slipped deep and pushed savagely against her tender hymen.

Janie squealed and screamed louder. Her hips bucked and thrashed about. Her squeals finally awakened me from my frenzied lust. Oh damn, I cain't do this!

Again, I spoke harshly, "Janie, I didn't come here to tongue-fuck you again! I came to cock-fuck you! And, that's just what I'm going do!"

But, it seems Janie wasn't yet ready to give me the fucking she'd promised. That gal wiggled out from under me and stuck her own fingers into the honey jar. Before I knowed what she was doing, she had grabbed my cock and smeared honey all over it. Next, she popped that meat of mine into her mouth. It was that self-same steaming-hot mouth I'd just gotten my cock out of a few minutes ago. She had recaptured my cockhead and most of my cockshaft.

Well, that wickedly impish sweet gal started sucking away just as if she had a piece of honey-flavored hard-rock candy or a lollipop stuck in her mouth. But, that cock she was sucking on wasn't no goddamn lollipop and it wasn't no piece of candy!

I'll admit that the cock my sister was sucking on was rock-hard and was probably right-sweet from all the honey coating it, but that cocksucking gal was about to make me loose my mind. The cockcream in my ballsack was churning and boiling and ready to blow. I tried stopping her, but she just kept on latching on to me! I had no more will to fight her off.

That old lady Mother Nature musta warned the young gal that her brother's manly erection was about to erupt. The old mother musta told her that if she wanted a fucking then she had better stop sucking. So, stop she did! My cock popped out of her mouth just in time. It didn't blow!

Janie plopped over on her back, spread her legs wide, and gave me a mischievous grin. She winked and she said, "Ok Jimmie, I'm ready to give you your birthday present. You can fuck me now!"

Well, I for sure wasn't hard-of-hearing and I didn't need to be told twiced. I had a gal to fuck and fuck her, I would! I had me a virginal birthday present to open!

But first, I had to get me another good look at that gal's pussy. Lord-a-mercy, it was a pretty sight! I loved that pussy with a lustful passion! I hear tell that some growed-up men can be 'pussy-whipped'. Now, I had no idea as to what that meant, but if it meant that they was fellas that liked pussies, then I had just joined their club! I was now a proud card-carrying-member of the 'pussy-whipped-club' of the backwoods hills!

I kissed on that pussy for a minute or two. I flicked and licked the stimulated clit. That pretty, pink pussyhole was all primed and ready for the entrance of a cock. That virginal cavity was plentifully lubricated with thick, slippery-wet honey. This same lubricant coated my cockhead and the full length of my shaft.

I climbed into position above this glorious gal. That old lady Mother Nature was to be my guide on this virginal voyage. Janie had spread her pussylips apart with her fingers. Grabbing my cock, I slowly entered the gloryhole. I pushed the cockhead in until it was buried just inside the entrance.

Suddenly, Janie released her fingers from holding her pussy open. Her swollen lips wrapped around my engorged erection. The unexpected movement caused her pussy-muscles to suck my cockshaft in deeper. That gal's wiggling hips bucked up violently. I was thrown off-balance, I slipped, and my entire cockshaft disappeared inside her pussyhole. My cock pierced the tender hymen.

Janie screamed! Her short, sharp scream shattered the stillness of our hilltop hideaway. Yet, her hips continued to buck and thrust upwards to meet my pumping cock. Her scream of lost virginity was replaced with squeals and screams of joyful sex delight.

After several minutes, Janie and I settled into a smooth copulating rhythm. Dozens of slow, lazy thrusts of cock into pussy alternated with quick, jackhammer jabs. My honey-lubricated manhood found its soulmate home inside this gal's warm, welcoming vaginal abode.

Sooner than I planned, my cock began to empty its pent-up contents into that sweet young gal's pussy. Steaming-hot, pressurized cockcream spurted as if a raging river had burst through a dam.

I squealed, Janie screamed and we both gave in to the orgasmic rapture of blissful euphoria. That gal's spraying pussy cum mixed with my cock cum and we two surrendered to the forbidden fruits of lust and love.

That gal's young pussy couldn't hold it all. Her pussyhole was too small to hold a fully-erect cock along with a full load of cockcream and honey. The honey-cream mixture mixed with drops of virginal blood. As my shaft pumped in and out, her pussy squished sprays of bloody honey-cream all over both of us.

My own moans, and sighs, and squeals of sexual delightment joined hers and we became lost in pure pleasurement. Lord-a-mercy, I reckoned that was some fine fucking fun we both was having!

Finally, I stopped pushing my cock into that pussy. Drained empty of all masculine fluids, I rolled off that gal and lay down beside her. We both were fighting to get our breath back. We laid there awhile without moving or saying a word.

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