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A Good Night

by StevB©

A good night

7:30, the blue Moyenne

I was drunk again with no pussy. Shit. I realized this after 4 years of uni, 3 relationships and a good battering from those voices in my head. It's a wonderful life hey? Screw you 'Black' you never knew. Well enough of my wimpy moaning and onto the better part of the night.

I took a casual drag of my green Marlboro and sipped a tall cold glass of fosters'. These objects, my friend, these are your true mates in times of need; they won't ever leave you, never walk out on you, never destroy your heart. Not like a woman.

As soon as I started thinking about how much I hated them, I thought of Jenny. That one sweet little thing who cared for me; talked to me; loved me. She probably just felt sorry for a fattening, unsuccessful blow-over anyway. But that one night we made love, it was oh so sweet. Our bodies intertwined in an interlocking caress; each thrust and moan brimming with a burning passion as fiery and crimson as the sun itself. But that's history.

I got a hard on; a man's worst enemy when in revealing clothing. Hmm....

Innocent like, I looked away like nothing had ever happened. But someone noticed. Shit. My gaze met a pair of emerald gems that pierced right into my spine; blocking any movement I tried to make. I was caught like a fly in her web; all I could do was stand there mesmerized. She looked down at the bulge in my pants and giggled naughtily. She knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and so did I. She slowly made her way towards me.

She was the perfect female specimen; the epitome of flawlessness; an angel. Her silky dark curled hair blew around her stunning face like a halo. Long toned legs from years of athletics strutted out from under a tight fitting and low cut indigo dress; hidden under black nylons, flexing with every perfect stride she made. Her intoxicating musk flooded my nose and gave me a high no other drug has, and trust me on that one, I would know.

Still, full of uncertainty and nervousness I remained still and looked forward. She stood right in front of me and leaned towards my ear. She whispered in a teasing breath of all the naughty things she wanted to do to me. My dick swelled further as she tempted me while playfully kissing and licking my neck. She knew what buttons to press and I soon thought my trackies were gonna give way to my rapidly swelling cock. A sudden wave of lust engulfed me as I surrendered to her firm grasp, leading me to a spare room upstairs. Things were finally getting good.

8:00, spare rooms above the club

She wasted no time. She pushed me backwards with considerable force, causing me to clumsily lose balance (hey don't blame me, I was drunk) and I landed in a chair. She stripped off her dress, revealing an hour glass figure clad with a black lace bra and a suspender belt holding up those black nylons. My hard on kept raging and like a group of invading barbarians, beating hard on the castle walls. I could see she was excited too, her perky tits poking through the minute bra that barely held her beautiful melons. She ripped them off and her breasts exploded out.

She walked over and started grabbing my bulge; taking a firm grasp of the shaft and rubbing the head with her thumb. She gazed while biting her lip at me; she was enjoying the pleasure and torture she was giving to me, clearly reflected in my moans, trembling and twisted face.

Having teased me enough she pulled down my pants and released my throbbing dong from its imprisonment. She put it all the way down her throat and I gave out a yelp. She took it back up and stroked the swelling shaft while nibbling on the head. She looked up at me with those emeralds again and I was powerless. She massaged my balls as she took me down her throat. There was no sign of struggle or choking, she was experienced in the field. Her tongue precisely rubbed against the sensitive fraenulum and wrapped around my head sending me over the moon. I was about to blow but she soon realized and stopped.

Catching my breath she soon came around for round two. She stopped me from getting up and straddled me cowgirl style. I was impressed. While smiling, she grabbed my cock by the shaft and ran the head across her beautiful labia. Slowly edging it in, I felt her warmth. Her moist pussy was wet and leaking, ready and primed to be rammed. As I slid in, the first thing I noticed were the prominent rings of muscle that ran along her vaginal cavity. My god, were they effective; massaging and milking my cock as it passed over each one.

I was now fully inside and she leaned into me, pressing her beautiful breasts against my chest and wrapping her arms around my back. Her hips bucked and my legs trembled as she rode my cock. Never had I experienced a girl who was such a nympho and passionate about her 'work'. Never has Jenny or any other girl I was with provided me with such ecstasy. She was what my body wanted and needed. She tightened and relaxed her pussy, massaging and squeezing my cock, bringing me ever closer to orgasm.

A savage rush of primal lust flooded me. I was no longer a slave to Jenny's love or anyone else's. That vow I made to keep 'pure' till our marriage was broken as I sinfully threw this girl onto the ground, spread her legs and drove deep inside her. She moaned and screamed in bliss, her body thrusting back up to meet my animalistic thrust with a carnal passion. Our tongues hugged as she clinged on my back, as I relentless ploughed through one of her orgasms after another.

My body hardened on top of hers and my paced breath grew into rapid grunts. She knew I was careening towards my explosive release. She wrapped her legs around my body to hold me in. Her swollen pussy soon clamped around my cock as I slipped deeper and deeper inside her, even past her cervix. My buttocks clenched and she heard me whine. So she reached back, soothing and cradling my balls with her palm. She begged for me to fill her up and to give her every last drop.

I plunged hard and deep and exploded uncontrollably inside her. Thick, voluminous spurts of hot cum rushed up from my balls into her fertile womb. Pulses of my seed tore through her belly, making her moan as I shuddered on top of her. As I emptied my balls into her with a shaky pant, the excess ran out of her pussy and onto the floor. We embraced and fell into an exhausted heap in the room.

The next day, I woke to a bright sunshine and a limp dick. (Surprise surprise! ) My balls were aching and so was my head from the drinks last night. I took out my Malboros and lit up. I found a note on the table which read:

Thanks so much for last night. You really made my day.

T.P xoxo

I grinned and set off for uni.

Things were finally picking up.

It was a good night.


Written by: StevB

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