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by AriannaKing©

I had thought about getting it done for a long time. I was nervous, but I knew that if I told anyone, they'd easily talk me out of it. So I decided I was going to do it for me, because I wanted it.

I'm a fairly average girl. I'm about five foot seven, boobs approximately a C cup, slim but at least I have hips. Long dark wavy hair, brown eyes. Nothing special. So doing this was a big step for me.

I called the place the day before to make my appointment. I was going to have the studio's leading lady, Diana, do it. They told me that she was one of the best. Three o'clock.

I was counting down the hours.

Three o'clock came around, and before I knew it, I was sitting in the studio. This was it; I was going to get pierced!

I looked around; the walls were covered in pictures of people with lips, noses, ears, belly buttons and all manner of other places pierced.

But mine was a little more explicit. I had researched it, thought about and decided that I wanted my clit hood pierced. It was going to sit right on my clit, and – fingers crossed – was going to feel so good. I wasn't in a relationship, but I knew how to have a good time by myself.

I sat on the plastic waiting chairs, excited to meet Diana. Now that the time was actually here, I definitely didn't want to back out. This was a risk I was glad to be taking.

I looked up to see a tall man walking towards me. He was gorgeous. He had a shaved head, tattoos covering his arms and chest (I could see them poking out from under his sleeveless shirt), and he had piercings round his ears. He was the sort of guy I am attracted to, but knowing my luck, he was in a relationship with a far more adventurous girl than me.

I expected him to walk straight past me, so when he stopped right in my eye line, I was a little taken aback.

"Hi, are you Jodi?" His voice was deep and very sexy.

"Erm yeah."

"You're here to get your clit hood pierced, right?" I nodded, surely blushing slightly. He must have seen it; it felt like my face was on fire!

"Diana's out sick today, so she can't do the piercing."

"Oh," I stood up to leave.

"But, if you're okay with it, I'm offering to do it in her place. We have to give you the option, some women feel a bit uncomfortable with a man doing it. So..."

"Yeah!" Too enthusiastic, I thought. "That would be fine."

He asked me to follow him. Crude as the thought may be, I was excited to have this man between my legs, regardless of his true intentions of being there.

He took me into a private room with a leather reclining seat dead in the centre, facing away from the door.

"If you could take of your trousers and underwear, and lay on the chair. Just make yourself comfortable." He turned away to get the equipment he needed whilst I undressed. He asked me to bend my knees, and spread them apart after placing a paper towel across my abdomen.

"Strictly speaking, women are supposed to pierce this area, but I wanted to know everything about piercings. We think it's only fair to give clients a choice if Diana isn't available." He spoke as though trying to reassure me, not that I needed it. I knew I was doing the right thing.

He asked me to take a deep breath, and let it out when he said so. As I exhaled, and began my normal breathing routine again, he moved away and told me it was all over. All I felt was a tiny prickle, and I didn't even think that was anything more than getting the equipment in the right place. It hurt more to get my ears pierced!

He passed me a mirror, and said he'd step outside for five minutes to let me have a look and reassemble myself.

When he came back in the room, he asked what I thought.

"I love it!" I gushed. "Thank you"

I followed him out of the room, towards the front desk. I paid my money, and he told me to come back for a check up in six weeks.

"Ask for Drake. I'll want to know what you think of it in six weeks time."

Six weeks came around so soon. But I was excited about seeing Drake. Even if there was a strong possibility that he was taken.

After the initial soreness was gone, I had the best time with the piercing. Just touching it in the right way sent shivers up my body.

I was back at the piercing studio, sitting in the same waiting room chair as I had six weeks previously. I saw Drake exiting the back room, finish up with a client at the front desk, the walk with them to the front door. He turned to look at me as he switched the sign to 'closed'.

"You're the last client of the day, everyone else has gone home. I hope you don't mind."

His voice sent chills across my body. Before I could respond, he spoke again.

"Come on; let's see how well you are healing." He spoke with a smile.

He instructed me to remove the clothes covering my lower body, but unlike last time, he didn't turn away. I felt a little odd, but decided to make a subtle show out of it.

I laid myself down on the chair again and opened my legs, secretly hoping he would take the interpretation in a more pleasurable way. Unfortunately, he pulled on some gloves and poked and prodded the piercing. And it felt so good; I couldn't help but shudder.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, it feels really good," I looked straight into his eyes as I spoke, and I was sure I saw a smile as he dipped his head to carry on checking my clit.

"Well," he spoke finally. "Everything here looks good."

I went to move. He gently placed one hand on my pelvis, keeping me in place. "There are just a few more things I want to check." I was definitely sure I saw a smile this time.

He stood straight and took my leg into his hands. He kissed the top of my foot once, and ran both hands up either side of my leg. As his hand moved further up my inner thigh, delicately brushing the delicate skin, I couldn't help but react. I felt my pussy become slightly wet, longing for something I wasn't sure was going to happen. As his hand reached the top of my leg, his hand moved over my mound, his palm gently brushing my clit, and moving the piercing ever so slightly. I gasped at the sudden sensation. As much as the research I'd done said the extra sensations would become familiar over the first few weeks, that certainly wasn't the case for me. I was still unaccustomed to the feeling.

"What are you....?"

"Shhhhhh" was his only response.

By now he had moved so he could easily access my now moist pussy. His teasing and my imagination combined had me very excited. He ran his hands over my hips pushing my top up as far as he could reach.

"Take the rest of your clothes off." He demanded me to do so, but something in the way he spoke made me feel very comfortable. I sat up, and pulled the top off over my head. I then proceeded to unclasp my bra. As soon as the air touched my nipples, I felt them harden, and I saw his eyes widen in approval. I guessed he liked what he saw.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I had this gorgeous guy between my legs, appreciatively ogling my body, and a sensitive clit piercing as the cherry on top!

I laid back and he reached up with one and began playing with my nipple. I was extremely sensitive there, so every tweak and pull made me moan in pleasure. I was really beginning to enjoy the nipple play when he pulled away. I foolishly made a whimper at the loss of his expert hand.

"Oh, Jodi, it's gonna get so much better than that."

Now he turned his attention back to my pussy. It wasn't completely shaven, but I'd never been one for that. Drake didn't seem to mind though, as he kissed the insides of my thighs, each in turn, working his way to his target. When he had finished teasing the soft skin, his kissed each of my lips, and gently grazed his tongue across my wet slit.

"Mmmmm," he moaned in approval. "Someone's definitely excited."

"Yes! Please, Drake. Do...... something!"

He laughed, and I felt his delicate fingers spread my lips open to reveal what I had in store.

"Oh, Jodi. That looks so good. You look so good."

He took his warm tongue and ran it from bottom to top, making me shudder as he ran his tongue over the piercing.

"Drake......." I moaned.

He took the top of the barbell between his teeth, and gently pulled up. The ball under my hood pressed onto my clit. He continued to gently pull and release, giving me a break between every sensation. By this point I was writhing on the chair, trying to heighten the pleasure enough to bring myself to orgasm. But Drake wasn't allowing that. He put his hands on my hips keeping me still as he played with the piercing.

Eventually, he let it drop, and looked over my mound at me. "What do you want Jodi?"

"You.... I want you to....."

"To what?"

"Fuck me, please!"

"That'll come soon, Jodi. But first...."

He plunged his tongue deep into me, and slowly began thrusting it in and out. Removing his tongue, he trailed back up to my clit, this time paying attention to it, instead of the piercing. Expertly, he bean rubbing my clit until I felt my orgasm building up. As I arched my back in preparation, he drove two fingers into my moist cunt. As he drove them in and out, he kept at teasing my clit. Then he added another finger. That sent me over the edge. Normally, I'm quite a quiet girl, but when I came, I let out a loud moan.

As he pulled his fingers out of me, I was gasping for air. "Do you still want me to fuck you Jodi? Or are you content?"

"No, I want you inside me!"

He chuckled and stood, pulling his shirt over his head. I saw his tattoos in all their glory, and they were amazing. But more amazing than that was the muscle definition. He was stunning.

"You want me Jodi, come get me." He spoke with such confidence that I couldn't resist. I scrambled off the chair and knelt at his feet. I reached for the button and zip on his jeans, and almost ripped them open in my haste. I pulled his jeans down (he went commando, much to my delight) and freed his sizable member. I was no good at guessing sizes, but I was pretty damn sure I was gonna have some fun with this.

I wrapped my hand round the base of his hard cock, and ran my tongue from my fist to the head. Now it was his turn to moan. I put my lips on his head, and took it just into my mouth. I slid my tongue around, tasting his skin. Soon, I was the one in need of more, and I sunk his cock straight into my mouth as far as I could. I sucked hard, and used my tongue to tease his shaft.

Just as I was getting into it, he grabbed my hair, and pulled my head back. Without saying a word, he grabbed my upper arms and pulled me to stand. He planted a hard, passionate kiss on my lips, and I could feel his hard member pushing against my piercing.

He broke the kiss and pushed me until I fell back on the seat. He opened my legs, and situated himself between them.

"Now! Please!"

He took himself in his hand, and guided himself into my opening. He slid in easily. He began to set a pace, and when he had, he took one of my legs and wrapped it round his waist. Instinctively, I wrapped my other leg around him, and this allowed him to go deeper.

"Harder, please! Harder!"

He did as I demanded. Drake bent his head down and took my right nipple into his mouth. He bit down and I gasped from the sudden shock of it. It just added to my pleasure.

He kept his fast pace, and I felt myself getting closer.

"Jodi, I'm gonna cum. Are you ready?"

"YES!" I all but screamed at him. To prove I was, I took my hands to his back, and dug my nails in hard enough to draw blood.

He gave a few final stokes and threw his head back as my muscles began to clamp down. We came together, and as the sensations subsided he let himself fall down on me.

He was still inside me when he wrapped his arms around me. I felt him go limp and he pulled out.

"Wow," was all I could manage.

"You're telling me! I'm glad you came back for check up. You've been on my mind since I pierced you."

I smiled. "The piercing has been a great aid. You've been on my mind to. But I never thought that anything like this would happen. I assumed you had a girlfriend."

"Oh, I do." He spoke as though it were nothing.

"WHAT!?" I tried to pull away, but he kept a firm grip on me.

"Don't worry about it. She'll love to hear about this. She's very adventurous."


"I should introduce you two. I'm sure she'll then understand my need to fuck you."

I smiled. The idea that his girlfriend enjoyed sharing him turned me on.

"I should go. You need to close up. Properly this time."

"Jodi, just one more thing." He spoke as I was pulling on my clothes.

"In my professional opinion, I think you need to come back for some more check-ups. Same time next week?"

He had a gorgeous sly smile on his face.

"Same time next week." I agreed. And I walked out of the back room, full well realising I left my panties lying with his clothes.

Written by: AriannaKing

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