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Island Discipline Ch. 02

by Cyberdiva68©

"Thank you Mistress S," Kristy said gratefully, although wary about the inspection that lay ahead.

"I am not doing this for your benefit, slave," Sue replied. "Remember, you no longer have any rights and are subject to your Master's demands."

With that she withdrew the butt plug and Kristy sighed with relief as her bowels finally emptied. Her mistress unchained her from the wall and handed her some moist towelettes.

"Clean yourself up and I mean inside as well!" she instructed.

Face flaming red with embarrassment, Kristy did as she was instructed although she hated having to insert her fingers inside her back passage. Finally, her Mistress was satisfied. She reattached the chain to Kristy's wrists and pushed her out of the bathroom and back to the cell. There on the floor was a plate of bread and a plastic cup full of water. Kristy stared first at the food, then at her mistress. She couldn't believe her eyes. Even criminals were treated better than this. However, as she detected the hardening around her mistress' eyes, she swallowed and thanked her.

"You may have ten minutes to eat your breakfast, after which I will take you to your Master," she was told, and with that Sue turned around and left the cell, locking the door behind her.

Despondently, Kristy knelt on the hard floor, picked up ca hunk of bread and started to eat. The crust was hard, but the centre was soft. Chewing determinedly, she worked her way through both hunks of bread, before washing it all down with the cold water contained in the plastic cup. She was just draining the last drops when she heard the door behind her open and footsteps enter the room.

"On your feet, slave!" Mistress S demanded.

Kristy complied as quickly as she could, hampered by the chains connecting her wrists and ankles. Mistress S took a leather leash from her pocket and clipped it to the collar around Kristy's neck. She looked at her consideringly. There was still too much defiance in the set of the slave's shoulders. Her position needed to be emphasised. She withdrew the leather blindfold from her other pocket and wrapped it around Kristy's head, before forcing her to her hands and knees. With a sharp tug on the leash, she started her slave moving out of the cell and towards the training/discipline room.

Once there, she stopped her with another sharp tug on the leash. She then pulled Kristy back to her feet by pulling upwards on the chain linking her wrists. With her vision blocked by the blindfold, Kristy had no option but to move where she was positioned. Mistress S pushed David's new slave forwards until she was standing up against a leather vaulting horse. Placing a hand between Kristy's shoulders, she bent her forward over the top. She replaced the connecting chain between her wrists with 2 short lengths of chain, which she then attached to rings set it the base of the horse's front legs. She repeated the process with Kristy's ankles, attaching them to the back legs. She was now held immobile and was ready for David's inspection.

She left the room and joined David in the dining room, where a sumptuous breakfast was laid out. Beads of condensation glistened on the outside of a crystal jug containing freshly squeezed orange juice. Steam rose, aromatic and inviting from a silver coffee pot and an array of silver covered dishes were laid out on the sideboard, containing a range of delicious foodstuffs, including scrambled eggs & smoked salmon, devilled kidneys, Eggs Benedict and other delicacies. Toast and warm pastries completed the selection.

Sue helped herself to the eggs & smoked salmon, together with some toast. She wanted to keep it light, as she was sure the morning's session would be intense. David was already seated at the table sipping a cup of coffee and rose at her approach, pulling out a chair and gesturing for her to be seated. In companionable silence they sat and ate their breakfast, each preparing themselves for the morning ahead. Sue was still unused to this new mistress role and was very glad that David would be directing her in the weekend's proceedings.

David, for his part, was pleased with the progress Sue had already made. She was already proving that his decision to change her role from slave to mistress was the right one! Her instincts were right on the money and she was swift to provide chastisement when the slave stepped out of line. They completed their breakfast in a leisurely manner before strolling back to where Kristy was bound.

Kristy tried to raise her head as she heard the sound of footsteps approach.

David turned to Sue.

"I see the slave is clean," he said.

Kristy heard footsteps move around her and pause.

"This will not do!" David said, bringing his hand down hard across her right ass cheek.

The cause of his displeasure was a small tattoo of a heart pierced by a dagger on her right hip, a remnant of her lowly background. She'd had it done in her early teens and had almost forgotten about it.

"My slave is to bear no mark except for my own," he continued and turning to Sue instructed her to make the necessary arrangements.

He continued to circle. Reaching down he took each breast in his hands, squeezing hard. Kristy cried out. Frowning, he then pinched and teased each nipple until it stood out proud.

"Hmm, fairly responsive," was all he said, however.

Kristy bridled at the way he was talking about her, as if she were a piece of meat. How dare he treat her this way! How dare he ignore her as if she were an insignificant item!

Moving back behind her he held out his hand and Sue placed a pair of surgical gloves into it. Kristy heard the sound of the rubber as he drew them onto his hands. Without warning, his finger swiftly penetrated her ass, making her cry out again. He moved it around within her before forcing a 2nd and then finally a 3rd finger deep within her. By now Kristy was crying hard, tears streaming from under her blindfold.

"You bastard! Just you wait!" she screamed. "I don't know who you are but I know Detective Maddox is with you and I'll have her badge for this!"

David shoved his fingers hard into her rectum.

"Mistress S," he said. "Silence this piece of trash!"

Sue retrieved an inflatable ball gag from a drawer and forcing Kristy's mouth open, secured it inside, quickly inflating it until only a muffled sound issued forth. A leather strap buckled up behind the slave's head, holding it firmly in place.

With his fingers still inside her rectum, David moved his other hand and parted the lips of her pussy. Kristy tried to clamp down, to prevent him from gaining access, but spread as she was, it was in vain. David forced his fingers up inside her and then started thrusting them in and out rhythmically. To her shame and dismay, Kristy could feel herself getting wet. What was happening to her. She was held captive, bound and humiliated, but this unknown man was still able to stimulate her body! David gauged her reactions carefully and when he judged she was starting to rise towards climax, he withdrew both sets of fingers, leaving Kristy limp and craving relief. He waited a few minutes then pinched her clit hard. Kristy cried out against the gag, partly in pain, part from the wave of sensation that flooded her body.

"Well she is acceptable for the most part," David said conversationally to Sue, as if discussing the purchase of a piece of livestock, "But her ass is still not ready for me. Get the next size up and insert it."

Kristy screamed against the gag and shook her head violently, but to no avail. Within a short space of time she could feel fingers lubricating her asshole before a rubber plug was firmly forced into her back passage. She could feel that its girth was larger than the one she had been subjected to last night. Sue looked questioningly at David as she inserted the black rubber plug, asking him silently if he wanted her to inflate it. He nodded and held up one finger. Dutifully she squeezed the pump once and Kristy felt it inflate. Her cries against the gag were now lapsing into moans as her body slowly became accustomed to its invasive presence.

David moved back around to the front of the horse, where Kristy's breasts hung, heavy and full. At his gesture, Sue moved back to the drawers and returned with a pair of nipple clamps. Working in tandem, they each grabbed a breast and started teasing and pinching the nipples, patiently working them until they stood out hard and proud. As one they attached the nipple clamps and listened to Kristy's muffled screams as the tips bit down.

David moved back behind her and impersonally shoved his fingers back inside her pussy. She was dripping wet! He nodded to himself & shared a smile with Sue. The slave was responding well.

Mistress S, for her outburst this morning I believe she has earned a correction in addition to her punishment," he said. "Would you care to do the honours?"

"Certainly!" Sue replied, placing herself in position to the side. She brought her hand down hard against Kristy's ass cheek, again and again, varying the speed of the strokes but never the intensity, placing them first on one cheek, then the other until her ass was red and glowing. Occasionally she would look to David, who was intently examining his slave's reactions. Finally he nodded, and she stopped. Kristy's ass was red hot and she flinched when Sue ran a fingernail across it. Each blow from Sue's hand had nudged the plug lodged within her, and immobilised as she was, she had been unable to get away from it. To her dismay, however, she had eventually found herself being aroused by the motion of the plug within her and was now desperate to cum. However, gagged as she was, there was no way she could even ask her master to give her relief.

"So Mistress S, it seems as if our new slave is in need of some punishment." David told Sue conversationally. "I believe that punishment level one, that of the paddle, will be insufficient in this case. However, I still believe it should be used and shall give that honour to you! I think you will find that the paddle will leave some quite beautiful marks if used properly. Make sure to pay attention to her breasts!" "I shall administer punishment level 2 myself. This will be with the strap!" he continued. "This slave needs to realise that the way she conducts herself and treats others is unacceptable. We will leave her here to contemplate her behaviour and return a little later to administer the first part of her punishment."

With those words, he took Sue's arm and courteously escorted her from the room, leaving Kristy bound and aching in more ways than one.

Written by: Cyberdiva68

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