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Cousin Julie's Summer Vacation

by CarBuffStuff©

"Sure. Only, three is my limit. After that I get so drunk that I pass out. Do me a favor though. If I pass out, carry me to bed, undress me, and put me to bed naked," I imagined her telling me. "I don't want to wrinkle my clothes and I'd be hot and uncomfortable sleeping in my underwear, so you may as well remove my bra and panty, too," I imagined her saying while I slowly jerked off to the delicious thought of stripping her naked.

"Sure, no problem, Julie, really, I don't mind stripping you naked to save your clothes from wrinkles and to maintain your comfort, while sleeping during the hot night."

"Once undressed, I'll just have to trust you not to take advantage of me by feeling up my naked body," I imagined her saying. "If you suck my nipples, finger or lick my pussy, and/or try to stick your cock in my mouth, I'll be pissed, Jimmy," I imagined her saying with a stiff index finger of warning.

"I'm deeply offended that you'd even have to issue such an incestuous warning to your blood related cousin. I'd never take advantage of you, Julie, by feeling up your naked body, sucking your nipples, fingering and licking your pussy, and/or sticking my cock in your mouth," I imagined saying with my fingers crossed behind my back.

After she finished her third beer, right on cue, I imagined watching her head slope to the side. Sitting across from her, I leaned forward and moved her feet apart with my foot and slowly parted her legs with a gentle nudge of her knees with my hands. Good, I didn't disturb her and now I had the perfect upskirt shot of her bright, white, cotton panties. As the dutiful cousin that I am, complying with her wishes, I imagined carefully picking her up, carrying her to bed, and slowly undressing her on the pretense that she wouldn't wrinkle her clothes and be hot and uncomfortable in her bra and panty, while sleeping.

The thought of putting my unconscious cousin to bed naked was another of my favorite fantasies. I imagined unbuttoning her blouse and looking to see what each unbuttoned button revealed before unbuttoning the next one. Then, once her blouse was unbuttoned, I imagined splaying it open to expose her white bra. While leering at her semi-nakedness, I'd feel her shapely tits and finger her nipples through her bra, while watching her and hoping and praying that she didn't awaken to my touching her hot body. Not skilled enough with bra hooks back then to unhook one without having to see what I was doing, never having unhooked one before, I'd have to take extra care not to awaken her, when propping her up enough to see, while reaching around her to unhook her bra.

The thought of slowly lifting her short skirt up to her waist to expose her white cotton panties was equally as exciting as removing her bra and seeing her tits. I imagined seeing my cousin's camel toe and seeing some blonde pussy hairs sticking out the sides of her panty. It was then that I imagined unzipping her skirt and removing it.

Now topless and only wearing her panties, I imagined touching her in between her legs before falling to my knees and sniffing her pussy through her panties, before licking her slit through her white, cotton panties. Finally, slowly and carefully, so as not to awaken her, I'd wiggle her unconscious body out of her panty. Slowly and taking care not to awaken her, inch by inch, while wondering if she was shaved, trimmed or bushy, I imagined my cock growing in size with the thought of, finally, seeing her bush and her slit.

Tits, ass, and pussy, I imagined her naked, as I stroked my cock faster and faster, while viewing her naked body. Tits, ass, and pussy, hers were the first tits and the first pussy that I imagined seeing. Although I could see the sides of her ass, I didn't want to risk turning her to see her whole ass. Besides, commingled with women from the many Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler layouts that I had masturbated over, I could see her so well in my mind's eye that I truly believed that I had already seen her naked. She was extraordinarily beautiful. Now that I remember how much and in the way that I thought of her, I was in love with her.

Even though I had imagined seeing her naked, the curiosity of wondering if she was bushy, shaved or trim heated me with feverish desire. I wondered what she tasted like. I wondered if I fucked her if she'd awaken and scream or awaken and wrap her legs and arms around me and return my humps with hers. I wondered what she sounded like when she cam. I wondered if we married and had children, three boys, if I'd have to name them Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

I imagined lifting her sleeping hand to my cock and wrapping her fingers around it, while I moved her hand with my hips back and forth to have her give me an unconscious hand job. Not one into necrophilia, this was my hot, sleeping cousin and not my dead, rotting cousin. Then, I imagined putting my cock by her sleeping mouth hoping that she'd take the hint, part her lips, and take me in her mouth, while dreaming of sucking my cock. Since it was my fantasy and not reality, as soon as my cock touched her lips, she opened her mouth, wrapped her tongue around it, and took it inside. Apparently, this wasn't the first cock my cousin had in her mouth, I imagined.

"That's right; take it in your mouth. Suck it, Julie. Suck my cock. Be a nice girl and blow your horny cousin."

Only, my plan failed. It turned out that Julie didn't drink. She hated beer. Besides, my Mom and my aunt took their beer with them to drink while playing cards down the road. Yet, it wasn't a total loss; at least I spent the evening with my cousin.

"Must you stare at me like that?"

"Sorry, I didn't realize I was staring."

"You were. You're such a pervert. I know what you're trying to do. You're always trying to steal a peak of my panties or my bra."

"I was not. I was just thinking."

"What were you thinking?"

"I'll give you a hundred bucks to see you naked."

"You don't have a hundred dollars."

"I will when I get a job. If you get naked now, I'll send you the money later."

"As if I'd trust you to send me the money, besides, I wouldn't get naked for any amount of money. You're my cousin, pervert."

Okay, that didn't work out so well either. Fortunately, I still had my Mom and aunt to depend on for some sexy flashes. Accidentally or on purposely, they always gave me something to see to masturbate over later.

Nearly every night, making a lot of noise and singing, my Mom and Aunt Rose didn't return to the cottage until well after midnight. I would have had plenty of time to enact my plan of getting Julie drunk and naked, only she didn't drink. I'd have to come up with another plan to see my cousin naked. If it wasn't for Julie staying with me at the cottage for the entire summer, I'd change my focus and concentrate on seeing my Mom and/or my aunt naked. With their modesty diminishing in proportion to their advancing age, not that they were old, but 40-something is old to an 18-year-old, they were always careless about their dress, especially when they had been drinking.

I loved it when my Mom and aunt were drunk. They'd come out of their room wearing their little, white, cotton nighties with nothing underneath. I'd watch them getting a beer and/or something to eat out of the fridge. They'd leave the refrigerator door open longer than necessary, while standing in front of it to cool off their hot bodies. Giving me a view of their asses, tits, and pussies, the light from the fridge suddenly made their nightgown nearly as transparent as gauze.

They were always so touchy feely, too, when they had been drinking and every time they leaned over to give me a hug or a kiss, they'd inadvertently give me an incredible down nightgown view of their tits. Sometimes, depending on how drunk they were, how far they leaned, and how long they gave me to look, before they noticed I was looking and how much I could see, I could see all the way down their nightgown to their feet. Of course, along the way, I saw their bushy pussies.

From my lying position on the couch, when they bent to pick up something from the floor, I had the perfect up nightgown view of their pussy and ass. Then, when they sat across from me and engaged me in conversation, they sat like a guy with their legs spread, while smoking a cigarette and giving me a good view of their bushy pussy. The sight of the naked bodies of my Mom and aunt always gave me a raging erection and I couldn't wait for them to retire to bed so that I could masturbate over what I had saw of them.

Then, early in the morning, as soon as the sun lit up our little cottage, I'd get up before anyone else and stealthily walk in my Mom's room on the pretense of looking for something. Having not come home until the early hours of the morning, they were dead to the world. Because it was so hot in the little cottage, hotter inside than it was outside; I knew, sometime during the night, they'd strip out of their nightgowns. More than once, my early bird Ninja tactics was rewarded with a show of naked body parts of my Mom and aunt.

We only had a four room cottage, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. I slept out in the open in the living room. Julie had her own bedroom and my aunt and Mom shared the other bedroom sleeping in the same bed.

Julie slept with her bedroom door closed. I guess she didn't mind the heat and I always wondered if she was sleeping naked, which would explain why she had her door closed. My Mom and aunt slept with their door wide open hoping to catch a cross breeze from the few fans we had perched in the windows. Drunk to the world, they'd both be sleeping together in bed butt naked covered only with the thin cotton sheet. I saw my aunt's ass sticking out of the sheet once and another time I saw my Mom's tit peeking over the top of the sheet. On both occasions, it was images that I couldn't wait to masturbate over and still do to this day, sometimes.

If it wasn't for Julie, I'd be focusing all my attention on seeing my Mom and aunt naked. At the time, both in their early 40's, they were still MILF's. Both grade school teachers, the summer was their time to unwind and let it all hang loose. Always working and seldom drinking throughout the rest of the year, during their whole time at the cottage, they were always drunk and unconscious. I don't think they'd wake up if I pulled the sheet off their unclothed bodies and stood on the bed, while masturbating to the naked sight of mature bodies. I imagined them waking up and wondering why they were covered in cum.

"Anne, did I have sex with someone at the Wilson's last night," I imagined my aunt Rose asking my Mom?

"I don't remember, Rose. Why?"

"My face and tits are covered with cum."

"Me too," I imagined my mother saying while running her hand over her naked body. "I have cum in my hair and all over my stomach and pussy."

I even thought about sleeping naked in the living room on the pretense of catching a breeze, too. We didn't have air conditioning in the cottage and it was always stuffy hot and humid, even at night. I imagined my Mom or my Aunt Rose or Julie waking up early and walking in the living room, while I pretended I was still sleeping. With plenty of opportunity, I was excited by the thought of exposing my cock to my Mom, my aunt and/or my cousin.

Showing them my cock and watching their reaction to seeing it would give me something new to masturbate over. Both single mothers, I was the only man in the house and I always wondered what they'd do or say at the sight of seeing me naked. Even if I never did expose myself, it was exciting to masturbate to the thoughts of doing it.

"Look Anne, Jimmy is still sleeping," I imagined my Aunt Rose saying to my Mom, while they both stood by the couch watching me sleep.

"He must be having a nice dream," I imagine my mom saying to her sister. "He has an erection."

"Guys always get an erection while sleeping," I imagine my aunt saying. "He does have a nice cock. He's making me horny."

"Rose, that's your nephew, you're talking about."

"Yeah, well, when's the last time you had a cock in your pussy, Anne."

"Okay, point taken, it's making me a little uncomfortable staring at my son's cock," I imagine my Mom saying, while staring at my cock. "I haven't seen that since I changed his diaper."

"Actually, I haven't seen a cock since I picked up that sailor in the bar last year," I imagined my aunt saying. "Do you think he'd wake up if I touched it, just stroked it a little, and put my mouth on it?"

"Rose! That's sick."

"What are you two gawking at," I imagined my cousin saying while walking in the living room behind them and standing between my Mom and my aunt.

"Don't look, Julie," I imagined my aunt saying to her daughter. "Your cousin is naked and having a sexual dream. He has an erection."

"No way. Let me see. I want to see," I imagined my cousin saying loud enough to wake me. "Wow, his cock is so big."

"Julie," I imagined my aunt saying to her daughter. "Have some respect for your cousin. It's not polite to ogle his cock."

"You were ogling his cock, too," I imagined Julie saying to her mother.

"No I wasn't. I was just daydreaming about the sailor that I, oh, never mind."

"Mom! Aunt Rose! Julie! What are you doing gawking at me? I'm so embarrassed. I'm naked and you've seen my cock. I feel so used and abused." Feebly covering my erection with the splayed fingers of my hand, I feigned my outrage with my embarrassment, while watching their looks and watching them still staring at my rigid member. "How could you? I feel so dirty." This is the good part of this fantasy. "Now, that you've seen me naked, you all must allow me to see you naked. Take off all your clothes."

"Not on your life, young man," I imagined my Mom scolding me. "We all know this is just your fantasy and your way to imagine us naked."


If that scenario didn't work, then I thought about asking Julie to go skinny dipping with me when our Moms went to town. They were always gone for hours buying food and supplies. I'd be just as excited seeing Julie's naked body, as I would in showing her my naked body. On the pretense of playing and splashing in the water, I'd cop a feel of her tits and ass, and maybe even her pussy, while hoping her hand would brush by, touch, and stroke my cock.

I imagined getting up real close to her and rubbing my cock against her naked ass, before scooping her up and tossing her back down in the water. Then, we'd dry ourselves and lie naked on the shore. Maybe she wanted to see me naked, as much as I wanted to see her naked. Maybe she wanted me, as much as I wanted her. Maybe she'd be horny from the water play to allow me to touch her. I imagined French kissing her while feeling her tits and fingering her nipples. Maybe she'd allow me to fuck her. Maybe she fantasizes about giving me a blowjob. I imagined shooting a load of cum in my cousin's mouth and a second load across her face and tits.

Realistically, I knew my cousin wasn't fantasizing about me, but that never stopped me from fantasizing about her and masturbating over her. When I think how horny I was over her back then compared to now, actually, now that I think about it, nothing has changed. I'm still horny over her ass. I still fantasize about her and I still masturbate over imagining her naked. Wow, I just had an insightful breakthrough. I don't know what it all means, but I feel like masturbating.

Up until that point, Julie and I attended different high schools in different cities, and we played together as kids, as any cousin did. Over the years, I'd see her at different family gatherings, birthdays and holidays. We were still just kids, teenagers really. It wasn't until I saw her again at our high school graduation party that I developed a very strong sexual attraction for her. She had matured into a beautiful woman. Her teddy bear shape of a body had suddenly sprouted curves and tits. I had developed into a horny teenager with a throbbing penis and a strong desire to see her naked. Again, nothing has changed.

When seeing her again at our high school graduation party a week earlier, after not having seen her since Christmas, I remember hugging her a little too long and pressing my stiffening erection into her stomach, while my hand rested on the side of her breast and my other hand poised itself on the top of her ass. I was ready to grab a handful of her tit and/or ass at the first sign of any encouragement from her, only she turned her head when I went to kiss her on the lips and I ended up kissing her on the cheek. It was a cheap way to cop a feel and I wasn't proud of the fact that I was trying to feel, hump, and kiss my sexy cousin, but I was horny and she was hot.

I spent the rest of my time at the party trying to steal upskirt glances at her panties and downblouse views of her bra. Apparently, not suspecting that her cousin was a perverted teenager, who'd try to steal peeks of her underwear, it wasn't too difficult to do with her wearing a short skirt and a low cut top. I was rewarded with enough views of her panty and bra to give me plenty to jerk off over for the next few years. Women didn't wear jeans so much back then like they do now. A time when the mini-skirt was prevalent and Farrah Fawcett was still popular, the late seventies still enjoyed the sexual explosion that started in the sixties.

I couldn't believe it when the party culminated with my Mom inviting my cousin and my aunt to spend the summer with us at the cottage. I was shocked. I was excited. I was already scheming how I could see my cousin naked. There goes the Disney World trip. Who cares?

Both 18-years-old, it was the summer after our high school graduations and just before we both left for college in September. She went south and I went north to school. She was melancholy about leaving her Mom for school and I was excited about spending some quality time with my family before embarking upon my next journey in life, leaving home for college.

Okay, who am I kidding? Spending quality time with my family had nothing to do with my agreeing to spend the entire summer at the cottage with my hot cousin, instead of going to Disney World for a week and spending the rest of the summer with my boring and equally as horny friends. I admit; I was filled with incestuous lust and an all consuming sexual desire to spend a summer with Julie at the cottage by the lake with the hopes of seeing her nude, having her see me naked or, preferably both.

Speaking of my horny friends, wait until I tell them that I saw my cousin naked and even if I don't get to see her naked, I'll make up a story that I did. They'll call me a pervert. They'll lambaste me telling me that it's incest to have sexual thoughts about my cousin in wanting to see her naked and after seeing her naked. Yet, they'll all listen to my story of seeing my sexy cousin naked, they'll even ask me to retell it over and again so that, when alone in their bedroom and/or bathroom, they, too, can jerk off over imagining seeing Julie naked or seeing their own cousin naked.

As a horny teenager, who wouldn't be consumed with incestuous thoughts? Julie was gorgeous. Tall, thin, and blonde with bright, blue eyes, she had C cup tits and a firm, round ass. I was hoping, after a few cold beers stolen from the fridge, she'd go skinny dipping with me. Only, I remembered again that, she didn't drink. There goes my plans of stripping her naked while she was drunk and unconscious, speaking of which, what 18-year-old girl on her way to college doesn't drink. Fearing that I'd never see her naked, she's probably a prude.

Further, just my luck, a religious girl, I soon discovered that she was shy about showing her body to any man, especially if that man was her blood related cousin. I was relegated to hoping for more downblouse shots when she wore her low cut tops and more upskirt shots when she paraded around the cabin wearing a mini skirt after dressing to go to dinner. My balls were blue most of the summer because of my inability to see my cousin naked.

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