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Cousin Julie's Summer Vacation

by CarBuffStuff©

I remember that the keyhole gave me such a small view of the room and she never stood still long enough for me to watch her remove any of her clothes to know when to turn the knob and burst in on her. Looking at herself in the mirror, while brushing her long, blonde hair, it felt as if I was waiting outside her bedroom door forever. I was afraid she'd open the door and surprised me, while I was peeping through her keyhole.

Controlled by incestuous thoughts and with manners, morals, and respect for my relatives forgotten, I was driven by the lust of wanting to see my cousin naked. Intently, I listened at the door for the sound of her zipper being pulled down. I listened for the distinctive rustle and her grunts and groans of her struggling to remove her skintight jeans. Once I heard the belt buckle of her jeans hit the floor, I impatiently waited for her to remove her bra and panty before turning the knob and barging in her room.

"Five, four, three, two, one..."

Don't forget, this was a time before cell phone cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, and hidden cameras. The only way for me to catch a female relative naked, the only way for me to see my cousin Julie naked, was to go Ninja on her naked ass, or in the case of my cousin, Julie, on her naked pussy and tits by barging in their room unexpectedly. Fortunately, except for the front and back door, none of the doors on the cottage had locks, not even the bathroom door. This cottage was a perverts dream house.

All that I needed to complete my mission and realize my fantasy of seeing my cousin naked was to have the courage and the incestuous fever to turn the knob and push open Julie's bedroom door at the precise moment that she was standing there without her clothes. Could I do it? Would I do it? Fuck yeah! I did it.

"Julie," I said excitedly on the pretense of having something important to tell her, as I flung open the door, as if a bomb exploded it open.

There she was and she was naked. Damn, she had a hot body and intent on seeing it, I finally saw it. I was in Heaven. I could feel my eyes bulging out of my head. After seeing her tits and pussy, I couldn't wait to jerk off. And there framed behind her in the full length mirror, was her perfect little ass. She had such delicious tan lines.

Looking so much like a deer caught in headlights, she stood there motionlessly in shocked silence with her arms by her side. Accomplishing what I had dreamt about doing for so long, the sight of seeing my cousin naked gave me years of jerk-off material. Albeit only for a few seconds, but it felt like minutes, I was standing in her bedroom while she was naked. I couldn't believe it. I saw Julie naked. I saw Julie's tits, nipples, areolas, pussy, and ass.

Time slowed and what seemed like minutes was only seconds, but my memory captured the naked image of my cousin's firm, round breasts, pink areolas, puffy nipples, flat stomach, her trimmed patch of blonde fur, and round, firm ass. She was lovelier than I had imagined. Perfect in every detail, she was a Goddess, a Playboy model, a vision of loveliness that still makes me wild with desire for her when I think of her standing there naked. That one vision of her naked loveliness is one that I took away with me to jerk-off over and again later. It was something that I will never ever forget.

Louder than the wail of a siren, more terrifying than the scream of a wounded animal, scarier than the loudest scream in any B movie, had she welcomed me in her room instead of screaming her head off for me to leave, I wondered if I would have had sex with her. Nah, I never would have had sex with Julie. She's my cousin. Having sex with my cousin then would have crossed the line of what is acceptable behavior and would have been incest. Surely, seeing her naked was one thing and merely an accident, kind of, not really, okay, not at all, but it was worth it. I saw Julie naked. It was worth forgoing the trip to Disney World to see Julie in her naked splendor.

Only, what if she had invited me to stay and talk to her while she dressed? What if she had invited me to touch her, you know, to innocently check her naked body for bug bites, and while wiping on some sunscreen and suntan lotion? Surely, that wouldn't be incest, checking my cousin's naked body for bug bites and wiping on some sunscreen and suntan lotion before watching her change into her bikini. Would it? What's the big deal? It's all so innocent, really. We were cousins after all, family.

Would I have had sex with my cousin? Absolutely not, well, maybe, if I was drunk and horny enough, okay if she were agreeable to having sex with me; I would have thrown her a bang. Definitely, if she wanted me as much as I wanted her, I would have eaten her pussy. Okay, okay, I wish I could have had sex with my cousin that day. Certainly, I was horny enough to run away with her to West Virginia and live in the mountains somewhere with a dog named Blue. I can hear the banjo music now.

I wished I could have explored my cousin's naked body that day. I wish I could have felt her tits before sucking her nipples. I would have given anything for her to give me a hand job before giving me a blowjob and for me to give her a cum bath of epic proportions. It would have been exciting to explode a load of cum in my cousin's mouth, before pulling out my cock and exploding a huge second load across her face and tits.

I had so much cum back then that it was pressurized. In the way that silly string shoots out of a can, I could shoot a stream of cum as high as the ceiling and across the room. Now, it just kind of oozes out, as if it is an infected lesion and, no longer can I cum 5 times in a day, I'm lucky to cum twice, okay, once.

Now that I think about it, with the speed and the force that I had opened her bedroom door, had she been standing behind the door, I would have knocked her unconscious with the door hitting her in the head. So long as she wasn't dead or injured, that would have been a wet dream come true and one that I have dreamt more than a few times, helping to revive my hot, naked cousin by giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, while pressing one hand down on her naked breasts with the other hand fingering her pussy.

Okay, I know now that fingering the pussy of my cousin is not how to revive an unconscious woman. It's been years, months, okay, weeks, since I believed that. Gees, c'mon, give me some credit for sophisticated sexual intelligence about women. I'm not an idiot.

Unlike my old Atari game, women don't have a restart button and usually don't respond to sexual touching when out cold. Yet, back then, I read that, something about fingering an unconscious woman's pussy and pressing on their G spot is one way to revive them. I read that in a credible journal of medicine. Okay, okay, I read it in a story in the back of Hustler or Penthouse magazine. I forget which one.

"Get out! Get out," she screamed looking to grab at something, anything to cover her nakedness and finally covering herself with her hands and arms. "Get out of my fucking room! I can't believe you saw me naked! I'm so embarrassed! I just want to die."

Her screams assaulted me and my senses, as if they were slaps across my face. Surely, Julie was just as horny as I was. Surely, Julie wanted to show me her naked body, as much as I wanted to see her naked body. Surely, Julie wanted me as much as I wanted her. Only, she wasn't horny. She didn't want to show me her naked body and she didn't want me as much as I wanted her. She wanted me out of her bedroom. Now!

Remembering her reaction now, thirty years later, she was more than embarrassed that I had seen her naked. She was mortified and didn't talk to me for the rest of the time she stayed at the cabin. Matter of fact, she hasn't talked to me in thirty years. Was it worth losing a cousin to see her naked? No, absolutely not, okay, I can't lie; I'd do it again if I could. When I think about all the times I masturbated over her naked body, fuck yeah, it was worth it.

Timing is everything and at 18-years-old the hormones that raged in my body then wouldn't rage in her body until she was 38-years-old and wanting to have sex with the cabana boy, the landscaping guy, the pizza delivery guy, and the bag boy helping her out to her car with her groceries, no doubt. Who's the pervert now, Julie, huh? Yeah, who's the pervert now? Sorry, I digress.

"I just wanted to tell you—"

"Get out! Get out of my room, you little pervert! Get out!"

"I'm sorry, Julie," I said backing out of her room without removing my stare from her naked body. "I didn't know you were changing. I didn't know you were naked."

"Yeah, right, asshole. Just get out! I can't believe you saw me naked. I'm so embarrassed. I just want to die."

I saw my cousin naked. I saw Julie naked and I jerked off over her naked image for years and sometimes still do when I'm really horny. Gees, I can't believe I admitted that. I can't believe I wrote that. Are you satisfied that I'm just as perverted as you are? Are you happy now that I finally admitted to having incestuous and lustful desires over my mother, aunt, and now cousin? It turns out that I'm no different from you reading this story. Okay, maybe, I'm more of a pervert having taking the time to write this story. Whatever?

This would have been a good place to end this story but, last week, on the thirtieth anniversary of our summer vacation together, Julie called me out of the clear blue. I couldn't believe it. She wants to come for a visit, a reunion of sorts, she said.

She now laughs about the time she saw my cock and about the time I saw her naked and is no longer embarrassed that I saw her naked. Matter of fact, she's embarrassed about not having stayed in contact with me. Now, both 48-year-old and divorced, I was still excited about seeing my hot cousin Julie. After all these years, I wondered if I'd still feel an attraction to her. After all these years, I wondered if I'd still want to see her naked.

"Do you still have the cottage?"

"Yeah, I do. My Mom left it to me when she retired to Florida last year."

"Do you think we could visit it? That was my last fond memory of us being together."

That was a fond memory for you? The cool and detached demeanor she showed me that entire summer, especially after I saw her naked, wasn't much of a fond memory for me. Okay, it was an exciting memory for me spying on my Mom and my aunt undressing, flashing my cock to Julie, and finally getting to see Julie naked. It was memories that I have never forgotten.

Older now, it was then that I wondered if cousins could marry. I'd marry her if I could; she's so hot and so damn pretty. As soon as I had that thought, I berated myself for thinking it. What's wrong with me? She's my cousin. She's blood. Even though thirty years have passed, I'm still the pervert now that I was then. When will I ever give up thinking of my cousin in a sexual way? When will my incestuous feelings toward her end?

"Yeah, sure, that would be fun going to the cottage. I haven't been up there this season, yet. We could open it together," I said. "How much time do you have? Can you spend the week?"

"Yeah, I can spend the week. I'd like that. It would give us a chance to reminisce," she said.

"What about your kids? Are they with you? Are they coming, too?"

"They're away at spring break," she said.

"Mine are, too," I said wondering if they were doing the same stuff that I did when I was on spring break, binge drinking and having random sex, although in my case, instead of having random sex I had intimate sex...with myself.

Her voice sounded the same and still sounded so sexy over the phone and I imagined she'd still look the same at 48-years-old as she did at 18-years-old. Except for a few wrinkles and gray hairs, I still look the same, kind of, except for my pot belly, bad back, and weak knees. Our family has good genes. My Mom still looks good and doesn't look her age. If Julie looks as good at 48-years-old, as her mother does at 70-years-old, I'll be accidentally on purpose opening her bedroom door again, while she's changing into her bikini.

Stop! Stop thinking like that about her. Nonetheless, I couldn't wait to see her again. I was so excited. I felt all the incestuous urges; I mean, of course, I felt the love of family flowing back again.

"Do you need a ride to the cabin?"

"No, I have my car," she said. "I'll meet you there."

I got to the cabin early to get it ready. I swept out the spiders and other wildlife that had taken up residence, made the beds with the fresh linens I brought up with me, and stocked the fridge and cabinets with enough food for a week. I was so busy that I never heard Julie pull up and get out of her car, until she was standing on the front porch and knocking at the door.

I was so very excited. I couldn't wait to see her. I had an erection just thinking about her hot body. I ran to the door and opened it.

What happened? She was big, enormous really. She must weigh close to 300 pounds. She was still pretty, but I was surprised, shocked, that she had gained so much weight. So sexy before, she's so round now. My vision of seeing her naked, along with our elopement with her to West Virginia, quickly faded.

"Hi! How are you, Jimmy. It's so good to see you again, after all these years. Except for a few gray hairs, you look the same. You look good."

Except for an extra 150 pounds I wanted to say, you look the same.

"And you're still so very pretty," I said and meant it.

Before we were even in the cabin, she stepped forward and gave me a big bear hug. She literally squeezed the breath out of me. With one hand poised on the top of my ass, her other hand somehow got caught between us and rested by my cock. I was embarrassed when my cock responded with a pulsating push against her hand to her accidental touch. I took a step back and she released her sumo wrestling like hold on me.

After a light lunch and some pleasant dialogue about family and friends, we decided to enjoy the day by taking a swim. Removing the thought of going skinny dipping with her or the thought of her in a bikini, I couldn't even imagined what she'd look like in a one piece bathing suit.

I gave her the bigger bedroom, the room where my Mom and aunt slept and I took her old room. Maybe it was my imagination, but as I was stripping off my clothes, I could have sworn I heard the floorboard creak outside my bedroom door. When I looked towards the door, I saw her big shadow beneath the door and her eyeball poised at the keyhole.

Fuck, I thought, her shoelace must have come untied and she lost her balance while tying it. Only, if memory serves me right, she was wearing loafers. She's peeping on me. Hurriedly, still naked, I looked through my suitcase for my bathing suit. Too late, the door flew open. If I had been standing by that door, the force of it opening would have knocked me unconscious.

"Julie," I said placing my hand over my cock, as if it was a fig leaf. "Give me a minute. I'm still changing."

"I thought you might need a hand," she said walking in the room and closing the door behind her.

"No, I'm good. I have everything in hand," I said with no pun intended.

"Since my husband left me, I have a fear of being left alone."

"Oh, you do? Well, as soon as I put something on, we can discuss that."

"I've been so very lonely and I've been thinking a lot about you."

"Oh, yeah? Well, I've been lonely, too," I said afraid to turn around for fear that she'd see my naked ass, only she already saw it in the full length mirror behind me. "Only, I need to find my bathing suit. It's here somewhere." I was so nervous, so discombobulated that she just saw my cock that I couldn't find my bathing suit.

"You don't mind if I put on my bathing suit, do you?" I couldn't believe she was already undressing.

"You mean, now? Right here? With me in the room with you?"

Unless I jumped out the window, there was no way I was leaving the room with her filling up the entire doorway. I'd need a five man defensive line to move her out of the way. She was one big sexy mama with shoulders bigger than mine.

I couldn't help but watch her unbutton her blouse. I was mesmerized. Her bra was huge. I've never seen one so big. It must have been a 48DD. Filled with hot molten lead, she could have used that over the shoulder bolder holder as a lethal weapon, a double barreled slingshot. I couldn't imagine how big her tits must be to fill those giant cups that were as big around as my entire face. Well, I didn't have to imagine what her tits looked like for very long because there they were. In one quick movement, she removed her blouse, unhooked her bra, and tossed them both on the bed.

"Wow! Holy shit!" She was topless. Julie's tits were right there and they were massive.

"Are they all you remembered them to be?"

"More, more, way more, they are so much more than I imagined and remembered them to be. I've never seen tits as big."

Her tits were huge. Never have I seen tits as big. She had giant areolas and her nipples were huge and already erect. Definitely, she could hurt someone with those monsters by smothering them, but what a way to die.

It's funny, even though she had more than doubled in size; I was still attracted to her. She was still my hot, sexy cousin Julie. I had lusted over her for thirty years and now, she was willingly giving her body, albeit, all of her super sized body to me.

"Take your hand away from your cock. I want to see."

I was embarrassed. I was uncomfortable. Yet, I was excited that she wanted to see my cock, as much as I was that I still wanted to show her my cock.

If only she had said that to me 30 years ago. I moved my hand away and she never removed her eyes from my growing member. I couldn't believe I was getting an erection. I'm such a depraved pervert to be aroused by my cousin. I couldn't help myself. She was topless, no, correction, now she was naked. Yet, even with her big beautiful body, I was still so very attracted to her. Unable to control my desire for her, I was incorrigible.

In one quick swish of her hand, she pulled down her pants and panties together and stepped out of them. Her stomach hung down and her ass was as big as any Sumo wrestler's ass that I had seen on television.

"Julie, I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything. I'm horny. I need sex. I want you. I've always wanted you. Make love to me."

"Then, why didn't you say something before? We wasted thirty years of our lives lusting over one another."

"Because, back then, before we had a chance to experience others, that would have been incest and I couldn't cross that line. Now, that we've both been married, had kids, and are divorced, it's just two lonely and horny people, who love one another, finally coming together."

We reached for one another and kissed. Her huge tits squished against my chest made my cock hard. We climbed on the bed and continued kissing and touching. She was all over my cock with her meaty hand and I had her big tits in my mouth, while sucking her big nipples and fingering her slimy wet pussy.

I couldn't help but imagined her the way she looked before, while making out with her and touching her now. It made me desire her even more to remember how she once looked. Hey, maybe, now that we were together, she'd go on a diet and lose a hundred pounds or so. Nonetheless, I spent the week pounding her big beautiful body and she gave me the best blowjobs I ever had.

West Virginia is pretty this time of year. I sold the cabin and bought this place up in the Appalachian Mountains. It's nice here. Except for the periodic shotgun blasts aimed at varmints, revenuers, door-to-door salesmen, intruders, and potential reluctant husbands forced to marry under aged cousins and sisters, in the distance, it's quiet.

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