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A Job in the Theatre Ch. 12

by BothWorld©

Chapter 12 -- A Special Trip

It was a short flight thanks to Ted's private jet. A limo met them at the airport and drove them to a very exclusive clinic. They entered through a private entrance and were greeted personally by the doctor. Paula felt somewhat foolish wearing her "breasts" but was sure the doctor understood.

They walked into his office where he poured them a drink. After exchanging some small talk, they got down to business. The doctor opened a book of photos and they glanced through looking at all the possibilities.

"Are all these me?" Paula asked surprised.

"Indeed dear. Each and everyone" the doctor said confidently.

"Here they are. I want those" Paula said pointing to the picture. The doctor glanced at Ted for his approval and received it via the smallest of nods. Paula closed the book and looked at the doctor. "What else can you do for me?" followed by a smile.

The doctor studied her face and said, "You have a lovely face. With the slightest touch I can give you the cutest nose. And if I do your cheeks...well it will be extremely feminine. It will be a lovely compliment to your new breasts." Again the doctor glanced at Ted. And again he received the nod.

Paula didn't remember much when she woke. She was in a strange bedroom that had a strong scent of perfume. She tried to sit up, but found it difficult. There was a heaviness to her chest. Suddenly she remembered everything.

She looked down to find a pair of big scrumptious-looking breasts. She beamed from ear to ear. She looked across the room at the mirrored wall with a chaise lounge positioned in front of it. She hopped out of bed and walked towards it.

They sway of her breasts as she walked to the other side of the room was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. She looked down and watched as they gently bounced with each step.

She stood before the mirror and gazed upon her new body.

They were beautiful! She reached up and cupped them both. They felt wonderfully soft. She looked down to see that her nipples had become hard and pointy aching to be touched. They looked so delicious sitting atop those big beautiful mounds of flesh. She took them between her fingers and gave them a little tug sending a zing straight to her cock!

The sensations were out of this world! She pulled and pinched awash in erotic vibrations. She had no idea it could be so good.

She had been so interested in her breasts that she failed to recognize the other changes. Her nose was smaller and more rounded. And her cheeks were higher, more defined. And her lips looked fuller and more curved. The overall effect was quite stunning.

She couldn't get over her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts were the kind you would sell your soul for. She twisted her shoulders from side to side watching them jiggle. Her hands slid up automatically to cup them. She couldn't keep her hands off of them. She squeezed them together to notice her cleavage and felt nothing but luscious soft flesh.

No man will be able to resist these, she thought. They were magnificent!

And there between her legs was her cock standing tall and proud. It had become totally aroused from just playing with her breasts! Her fingers naturally wrapped around it and her knees grew weak. She laid back in the chaise lounge admiring her new body in the mirror as she lazily stroked her cock. Her nipples were so hard and aching. She reached up and toyed with one as she played with her cock.

The sensations were incredible. Her new body was absolutely stunning! The possibilities were endless. There were so many things she wanted to do. She couldn't wait to have someone suck on her nipples!

Then it struck her that her boobs were big enough where she could do it herself! Her heart skipped a beat as she raised her left breast to her lips. She flicked her tongue across that most sensitive nipple and thought she would pass out!

It was better than she could have hoped! It was simply outrageous. She darted her tongue all around her nipple driving herself insane. She squeezed her throbbing cock and pulled hard trying to satisfy all the urges.

She could almost feel Ted's monster cock in her ass. And Sarah's cock, she could feel it sliding past her lips. She couldn't wait to feel them caressing her breasts, sucking her nipples!

She was working herself into a sexual frenzy. She was getting closer. She opened her eyes and stared into the mirror. The harder her hand pumped, the more her boobs jiggled up and down on her chest. The feelings, the visuals, it was just too much. She let out a blood curdling scream as cum shot out in long arcs splashing on her new boobs and stomach. She pumped and pumped lost in the most powerful orgasm of her life.

She fell back against the lounge trying to catch her breathe. She could feel the warm cum dripping off her breasts. She scooped it up on her finger and sucked it clean. It was like she had died and gone to heaven. She closed her eyes and casually gathered the rest of it dining on that most delicious cream.

Totally exhausted, she opened her eyes for just one last glimpse in the mirror before sliding off into a most relaxing sleep.

Ted watched the entire thing from the other side of the two-way mirror. Clearly she would be his best yet.

Fucking was never so good... Ted came into the room later that day. Paula was still sleeping on the chaise lounge. The sound of the door woke her.

"And how are you feeling?" he asked walking towards her. Her first impulse was to cover up, but that seemed ridiculous.

"I am feeling fine" she said hopping to her feet. She turned to the mirror and stared at her reflection. "Aren't they wonderful?"

Ted walked up behind her, found her eyes in the mirror from over her shoulder. She watched as his eyes immediately went to her breasts. She could see the lust in them.

She was not prepared for the wonderful feeling of his hands as they came around and cupped her breasts. How could she?

Ted took his time exploring them, running his fingertips sensuously over her nipples bringing them instantly to hardness. She watched their reflection in the mirror. The sensations were out of this world. Her cock immediately sprang to life.

"Oh Teddy...please fuck me, fuck me right here. I am so horny...I might loose my mind." She watched the knowing grin cross his face. She could hear him lowering his zipper. Her excitement was beyond anything she had ever known. She felt that monster cock of his as it plopped against her ass.

"Mm...I need that. Give me your cock...PLEASE...just fuck me hard."

Ted pushed her gently forward and she placed her hands on the mirror to brace herself. At the same time she spread her legs invitingly for Ted to take her. Her eyes focused on her breasts. She was captivated by them. She wanted to see how they would react.

Ted looked down and saw her cute little bubble ass being offered to him. She was so horny, so addicted to cock. She couldn't wait for him to take her. He covered his hand with saliva and coated his monster cock. He positioned himself at her entrance and pushed his cock into her.

"OH yeah! MMmmmmm...more Teddy, MORE."

He smiled at her addiction. He grabbed her hips and pushed the rest of his cock into her.

"MMMMMMMMM...yes, oh gees..." she cried out feeling impaled once again. She opened her eyes and fixated on her breasts. "Fuck me Teddy...please...just fuck me!"

Ted started rocking his hips driving that monster back and forth. Paula loved the feeling of that huge thing dominating her senses. She watched as her breasts gently swayed back and forth in time with Ted's thrust. The feelings coupled with the visuals were flooding her brain with the most erotic, most outrageous thoughts. She loved watching them giggle. She loved the way they felt, the way they looked. She realized that her sex life had just been vastly improved! It was like starting all over again, except this time; she knew exactly what she wanted and knew how to get it.

"Oh god that is so good...I love that fucking cock of yours" she said. Ted started thrusting harder. He was watching their reflection too and he liked what he saw. "That's it...fuck me Ted...FUCK ME...give me that cock."

Ted loved it when she went cock crazy. He could see that she was watching her breasts in the mirror. He started fucking her hard making sure they bounced all over the place. She loved it. He grabbed her hips, aimed his cock and shoved it up against her sweet spot.

"Oh Shit!" she yelled throwing her head from side to side. He did it again and her cock started spraying uncontrollably. "Yes, yes, yes!" she cried as her cum hit the mirror. Ted kept thrusting making her spurt repeatedly until her balls were empty.

Once her orgasm subsided, Ted stopped thrusting giving her a chance to rest.

"No baby...keep going" she called out over her shoulder. "I want more."

Ted smiled and started up again as Paula scooped up some cum that was rolling down the mirror and coated her nipples. Then she put her hands back squarely on the mirror and focused on Ted's huge cock. He came like a bull inside her. They collapsed together on the chaise lounge.

It was the best sex she had ever had. Returning home Paula slipped into a nice silk dress that fit like a glove. She fidgeted with the plunging neckline ensuring it showcased her new breasts appropriately. She went from one mirror to the next unable to take her eyes off her new look. This is how she looked now. She couldn't get over it.

Ted showed up and escorted her out the private alcove straight into the limo. It was a short ride to the executive airport where they boarded his jet. Thirty minutes later they were cruising at thirty thousand feet.

"Now that the show is running and your schedule has smoothed out somewhat I was wondering if you where interested into moving into your own apartment."

"Well technically I have an apartment. I really should cancel the lease on it though. It's much too small."

"I thought you might be interested in something a bit nicer."

"Oh really? Like what?"

"Well I happen to maintain a few places in town besides my house at the beach. I have a place in downtown, but that is too far out of the way. I have a place a few blocks from the theatre. Nothing too special, three bedrooms above the Yum Yum Tree Club in Oakwood Park. It has a rather nice balcony overlooking the courtyard."

"Yes, that does sound nice. I wasn't aware that Oakwood Park had apartments."

"Well, just the one. The rest are boutiques and clubs."

"Well I appreciate the offer, but if it is the same to you, I think I would like to stay with Sarah. She is still ok with me staying there, isn't she? I mean if she is not, I certainly don't want to impose upon her."

"No, no Sarah loves having you there. I just thought you might want a place of your own. She will be happy to here of your plans."

Paula was relieved to hear that. She had developed quite a bond with Sarah.

She remembered what Sarah had said about Ted making things happen. Paula turned to kiss him with her hand naturally going to his crotch. He grew hard underneath her hand. She was glad because she had been awfully horny herself. In fact she had been constantly horny since the minute she looked in that mirror at the clinic. She pulled his zipper down and slipped her hand inside his slacks. Her fingers found the edge to his underwear and slipped underneath. She could feel his nice hairless cock growing harder by the second.

She broke the kiss and slid to the floor right between his knees. She worked at unbuckling his pants and belt and pulled them out of the way. Ted stretched out on the couch and watched as she focused her attentions on his cock.

She loved the way his cock and balls looked without a lick of hair. One hand cupped his balls as the other wrapped around his shaft. His cock was so damn big it dwarfed her hand. She lazily stroked him a few times appreciating his thickness.

But it was his balls that intrigued her. She leaned in and licked them generously causing Ted to moan. She took her time exploring, teasing and licking them. They were big of course and she knew from experience they held gallons of cum. And she knew that she would suck every last drop from them when the time came.

But she had never really spent much time exploring a man's balls. Ted loved watching her. Her sweet tongue danced all over them sending little tingles here and there. The thing he loved about Paula was that she literally loved cock. She wasn't pleasuring him because she was supposed too. No, she did it because she really got off to it. She had a reverence for his cock and balls like no other.

She worked back up to his cock and slipped it past her lips. She caressed and explored every inch of his cock in a slow, sensuous torture that Ted thought was divine. His cock throbbed with excitement and his body shook with desire.

She had learned all his little signals and backed off whenever he was close to orgasm. She would let him cool down for a minute and then start back up. At one point she reached up behind her neck and released the straps to her dress exposing her breasts. She slid her hands underneath them and looked at Ted, "Cum on my breasts baby...that's what I want you to do...cum on my breasts."

Ted took his cock in his hand. He dragged it over one nipple and then the other. She loved having breasts! She squeezed them together and held them out to him. Ted stroked his cock with hard, dedicated strokes. Paula found it most erotic watching him pull his cock in a desperate attempt to climax. "That's it baby...pull that cock...that big, beautiful cock...cum for me baby...cum all over my breasts."

And just like all the other times before, Ted came in torrents of cum. The volume of his ejaculate was out of this world. Paula loved feeling the warm rivers of cum as they splattered across her breasts. Ted bathed her in oceans of cum that coated every inch of her breasts and began dripping off her nipples. He pumped the last drop out of his cock and immediately bent down taking her right breast into his mouth licking furiously at her nipple.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah good" Paula screamed. Seconds later her cock exploded uncontrollably inside her panties.


To be continued...

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Written by: BothWorld

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