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Raven: My Goth Sister

by SubM©

"Mmmft!" I groaned muffling it the best I could.

Then I felt the warmth start to fill up my panties trying my best to keep my hips from humping into her. With my orgasm subduing me, she was able to grab the remote from behind me. Flipping off of her stomach and onto her back, she returned the TV to the previous channel and smiled at me in triumph. I smiled back at her and then looked down her legs, catching a glimpse of her thong from the front.

"A dark spot?... What had caused that?... Was it me?... or the show?" I thought to myself.

Raven caught my eye and quickly pulled her shirt down which in the process caused her back to arch and the shirt to stretch over her breast giving me quite the look at her bust.

We finished watching the documentary in that position. This was definitely the closest I had ever been to my sister, mentally and physically. I knew now for certain that I wanted to fuck my sister in every way imaginable. Eventually she said she needed to get to bed. I followed her up the stairs catching a few more glimpses of her beautiful ass. I went to bed fantasizing about the nasty things that I hoped I would do to my sister.

I awoke the next morning to a knocking on my door.

"What..." I said barely awake.

"Scott... can I come in?" I heard Raven ask.

"What time is it?" I muffled.

"7:00," Raven said in a chipper voice.

"Ugh...come in," I moaned.

Raven walked in wearing the same thing she had on last night.

"I want to get your opinion on the tattoo we talked about last night because I think I am going to do it," she said.

"I told you it would look great." I said in an annoyed voice.

"No... you said it would look good on someone else... so look at this and tell me," she said.

I looked up with my foggy eyes clearing and Raven was standing by my bed with her shirt pulled up exposing her left breast. I took it in, snapping a mental picture. It hung slightly, but was quite firm for its size which I thought had to be at least a D cup. She had a small areola and a long nipple which had a large, silver bar sticking through it. That's what she meant by having something it could hang from.

"You are beautiful." I said looking into her eyes.

"Thanks bro... but what about the tat?" she asked smiling.

"Oh...yeah... it would look great on you," I said.

She took her finger and traced along her nipple to where the monkey would hang. Her nipple reacted by getting harder. And my cock followed suit.

"Thanks for you opinion...little dick." she said running from the room.

I laid back in bed and started to relieve the hard-on my sister had just given me. I stroked my cock imagining she was titty fucking me with her big breasts. Then as I was cumming I imagined squirting it all over her monkey.

I fell back asleep awaking around 10am. Everybody was gone. So I decided to go back into my sister's room to continue my snooping. I walked in and the first thing I saw was her purple thong lying in her hamper. I picked it up and immediately noticed a white spot on the front. I felt the material and could tell these were way damper than usual. That show must have turned her on badly. I had a feeling my sister was a lesbian, the way she showed me her breast, and how the show turned her on. She had to be.

I pulled the panties to my face and smelled them.

"Mmmmmm..." I moaned taking in the scent.

Then I stuck my tongue out and tasted my sister, she was so sweet. I took off the only thing I was wearing, a pair of boxers, and slipped the thong on. Turning to her mirror, I checked myself out. I looked very sexy, tight purple thong around my waist, trying to hold my cock in. The string pulled up tight against my asshole.

I resisted the urge to get myself off again and continued my mission. I got back on her computer, clicked on favorites, and hit "Internal Revenue Service". The site popped up and I looked into the top right corner "Welcome Raventha". She was still signed in. I accessed her profile and clicked "my threads". Three threads popped up.

The threads were titled "What should I do to this slut?", "Raventha's pic thread", and "Tattoo pic thread". Wanting instant gratification, I clicked on her pic thread. The first post to the thread was loaded with pics and the rest of the comments consisted of compliments from other board users and gratitude from my sister. I started with the first picture and it was the front of a body with the"tell tell" sign of a rose tattoo around the belly button. She was wearing a sexy matching bra and panty set. The black panties I recognized because I had cum in them before. As I went from picture to picture, I saw the progression of my sister posing in different positions and stripping down from multiple outfits to bare her naked breasts. She never took her bottoms off and never showed her face.

I was able to see her bent over and spread eagle. She had some pictures in which she was wearing all leather corsets and dominatrix outfits. They were extremely sexy and I was rubbing my cock slow and hard through my purple panties.

I stopped on a picture which showed my sister on all fours sticking her ass in the air with a red thong pushing tight against her anal opening. I continued to rub myself hard imagining that she was bent over for me, waiting for me to shove my stiff cock deep into her rectum. Thinking about squirting on her ass, got me close to cumming. Just as I was about to blow my load into my panties I restrained myself thinking about the other threads.

I cleared the picture from my screen and clicked on "What should I do to this slut". I was certain my sister was a lesbian or at least bi now. I couldn't wait to see what "slut" she had on this thread. I was amazed at how many links popped up. She sure did have a lot of pictures of this girl. I clicked on the first one. The girl was on all fours with her hand pushed hard against her panty covered rectum. This was an extremely muscular woman, her face had been blotted out with some type of program and she had small tits. The background had been computer generated to all black, so it appeared that the girl was floating in space. I went to the next picture; they were all about the same. The only main change was the panties. As I continued to click through them, I noticed some white panties with black lace trim.

"Those are the same ones I had on last ni...." I stopped cold, feeling sickness rush through my body, my hard cock shrinking and retreating back into my foreskin like a turtle.

This was me showing every aspect of my body off, modeling my sister's panties for her and the rest of the board members. How? Why? When? Where? These were the questions that flooded my mind along with... who else knows? How many other people have seen these? I was in a state of complete panic. I slowed my breathing down and tried to start piecing it all together.

When and where: I only put this display on in my room and when I thought nobody else was home.

How: She must have caught me doing it when she came home from lunch one of those days and made a routine out of it.

"Shit!" I thought to myself, that explains the red flash I saw while I was cumming the other day. Must have been her camera at work.

Why: I had no fucking idea, but I knew if I continued reading the forum I would find out.

How many people have seen them and who else knows: Some of these pictures were very old so if she had told anybody they had plenty of time to call me out on it.

After answering all of these questions, I felt better. Now, I wanted to find out why. I started to read the thread. Post after post. Most were either asking "Raventha" who I was or just suggestions on how she should fuck me or make me do all kinds of nasty shit.

Then on page 24 (the last of this massive thread), from the top to the bottom it read:

Pantyboyfucker: I'd love to shove my fat cock in this slut's ass, maybe you should use a strap on to fuck him hard.

Raventha: Yes pantyboy, that suggestion has already been made numerous times, but he isn't willing, at least not yet. These pictures were taken secretly. All I know is that he likes to use my panties to rub one out, and I haven't even seen him stick anything in his ass, he just rubs it. I don't even think he finds me attractive, although he did start rubbing himself when I wiggled my ass at him this afternoon.

Pantyboyfucker: He is rubbing his ass because he wants something big and thick in it. And if you made him hard, then he is attracted to you. How have you taken these pictures, who is this guy to you?

Bosshog: Yea you should definitely give this guy the fucking he needs. Next time, instead of taking pictures, strap a cock on and while he is rubbing himself, just rip his panties to the side and shove it in. He will love it.

Raventha: Well, I am gonna do some more probing on finding out whether he is attracted to me or not, I am going downstairs to watch TV with him. I haven't told anybody else who it is yet, and still don't think I should. I'll keep that in mind Bosshog.

Pantyboyfucker: Alright Raventha, but I think you should let us know, could help us help you. Another thing to consider is, he might be the hard to get type, he obviously wants his ass fucked, but you might have to force yourself on him. Maybe even tie him up.

Raventha: I'll keep it in mind, thanks guys, I'll let yall know about the night later.

Gypsywoman: Sounds to me like it's her brother or her son. That's where my money would be.

Bosshog: Yea that makes sense. That's the only way to explain her not knowing if he was attracted to her and how she got those pics. TELL US RAVENTHA.

Raventha: OMG!! Guys and girls, it was so hot. I made him watch this Goth girl documentary where a bunch of Goth girls were naked. Then he tried to change the channel and I wrestled the remote from him giving him a great look at my ass. I could feel his hard cock pushing against my stomach and I just grinded into him. I think he got off. I am so wet and my pussy is pulsing so hard. I am rubbing myself right now, I want to fuck his ass so bad. By the way, yall are right................... It's my brother.

Bosshog: Go take care of business then girl, you just made him cum, he is ripe and ready for your cock.

Gypsywoman: Yeah baby, I think you should definitely do it.

Pantyboyfucker: I agree, but you might want to wait if he did cum, he might need a period of recovery. He is probably less horny for you now than he will be tomorrow.

Raventha: I am going to do it yall. Just a matter of when. I think I'll take panyboy's advice and wait til tomorrow or later this week, just need the right opportunity. I got work in the morning, so gotta go, I'll keep yall updated.

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself. This is not what I had in mind. My sister was no lesbian, she was a femdom, a dominatrix, or just some type of dominate woman that apparently had fantasized about sodomizing her brother. There was no fucking way she was sticking anything in my ass. Those guys on the board were way off. I just liked my asshole rubbed and sometimes licked. I had never stuck anything in it and didn't plan on it. I was straight as an arrow and so what if I liked my asshole played with while I wore panties. I was not gay, bi, or interested in the anal sex avenue.

One thing was for sure, I was horny. My cock had grown from it's shell into a massive, thick, fuck stick. I looked down at it, the panties were stretched, barely able to cling to my waist.

"I'll show this bitch who is the dominant one!" I thought to myself.

I went back to her picture thread and printed out some of her nude pictures, especially the ones with her bent over showing her ass off. I went to her bed and laid them out under me while I got on all fours. I imagined I was mounting my sister. I popped my cock from my panties and started to stroke it feverishly. Then I started to fuck my hand hard, pushing my cock through my hand while I looked down at the pictures of my sisters big, pale ass.

"Ummm... bitch... take... uh... This cum!" I said angrily as I started to spray the pictures down with jet after jet of hot white liquid. I covered the pictures and some of her bedspread.

I collapsed onto the cum covered bedspread and closed my eyes.

"Well, well, well... What have you been up to?" I heard a happy but sinister voice say.

I opened my eyes, realizing I was still in my sister's room, panties around my waist, with cum covered pictures of her under me. I tried to cover up by pulling myself into a ball and did the best to hide the evidence. My hands and feet got about two feet from each other and stopped. I heard a loud clanking noise. I was bound. My wrists and ankles were tied to the four corners of the bed.

"What do we have here." She said picking up the pictures.

"Nothing." I said trying to conceal the pictures.

"Looks like you had a good time with these, did they make you hard?... did you cum thinking about me?... answer me!" she said emphatically.

"Yes." I replied feeling helpless.

"Yes what... little dick!" she said back.

"Yes ma'am." I whimpered sheepishly.

"No! NO! NO!... yes mistress!" she said grabbing my chin and making me look her in the eyes.

"Sis... please don't do this, just let me go..... I'll do anything you want." I said almost screaming from the pain of what I thought was going to happen.

"Oh... your right about that... you are MOST certainly going to do whatever I want." she said back laughing.

"And I am going to let you go... just as soon as I get what I want." she said going to her closet.

I didn't know what she was doing; all I heard was her rummaging through some things in the closet. She came back in and I saw it hanging between her legs. She had what looked to be at least a six inch cock strapped to her waist and she was wearing a fishnet suit. The cock was black and thick. Her fishnet suit had holes cut out over her three tattoos and one large one that went from the front of her crotch all the way to her ass. I was very scared, but taking my eyes off the rubber cock I got excited seeing my sister. She looked fucking hot, two large D cup breasts, left nipple pierced, pulled tight to her chest. Her cute rose tattoo around her belly button was highlighted by the black suit. She had a heart on her right inner thigh and a dagger on her left. She had a trimmed bush that was her birth color, blonde. She was drop dead gorgeous and the only thing out of place was her large cock that was staring at me. One thing was for sure, she thought she was in control. But I knew I would be a hard one to break.

"So... tell me... what were you thinking about that made you ruin my bedspread?" she asked.

"I dunno..." I said in a bitchy, but ashamed voice.

"Shut... The... Fuck... Up.... Unless you plan on telling me the truth!" She yelled and then slapped me in the face with her makeshift cock.

I tried to hit her back but my wrist was pulled back to the bed and she laughed at me. My face was red with fury and embarrassment, but my cock was erect from the sight of my sister.

"I was thinking the same thing that you have obviously been thinking... fucking my sibling's ass!" I admitted.

"Very good little mean this ass?" she said bending over and spreading it wide showing me her tight hole.

I said nothing and just looked at her irritated, hoping she would understand that this wasn't a joke anymore.

"Wipe that fucking look off your face," she said sternly grabbing the back of my head and trying to force her cock into my mouth.

I fought with the cock, keeping my lips locked, as she kept trying to thrust it in my mouth. I tried to spit on her, but instead it went on the cock.

"That's a good boy, lube it up for your ass!" she said with a crazy look in her eyes.

"Never you bitch!" I shouted back.

She stomped away to her closet and came back with a riding crop and a camera. She smacked my ass with her crop.

"Oww...cut that shit out," I screamed.

"Snap, Snap, Snap," rippled through the room as she beat the shit out of my ass.

"Ok mistress... I'll do whatever you want." I sobbed, water filling my eyes. I couldn't tell if it was because of the anger, shame, or pain. It was probably a combination of them all.

"I know," Raven grinned.

She stepped onto the bed and turned so that her ass was facing me. She then got down on all fours forcing me to inch back in order to give her room. She was now on her hands and knees facing the headboard and I was behind her facing her ass. Her dark starfish was looking right at me and her pussy appeared to be wet. I could smell her in the air.

"Raven says slide your tongue up, down, and all around my tight asshole!" my sister commanded in the third person.

Her voice told me she was very turned on. I could see her asshole contracting, anticipating my wet tongue on it. It was do or die now. We were at a battle of the wills. Who was going to dominate who? I jumped forward, mounting my sister. I wrapped my bound arms around her and started stabbing my cock at her holes. I felt my cock slip into her slit, but I missed the hole. She twisted her body, flipping herself onto her back. Reaching down beside the bed, she gripped the crop.

"SNAP....SNAP....SNAP," was the sound that rang out as the crop came into contact with my back, ribs, and ass.

"Ow...stop..stop...please!" I cried out as the crop reddened my flesh.

"You better just stop and think...I am in control here... I can make you hurt more than you ever have... DO NOT PUSH YOUR LUCK!" Raven said.

She was right. I had no control. I had no other option except to do what she wanted and to get this over with.

"You've broke me," I said defeated.

"What was that?" Raven's ears perked up.

"I am broken," I said.

"Good... the first step to recovery is to admit it," She consoled.

Raven was still lying on her back and still had the crop tightly in her hand. She looked at me and I looked back at her. I saw triumph in her eyes and I am sure she saw defeat in mine. She lifted her legs into the air exposing her hole again. She grabbed my head gently from behind and while still gazing into my eyes she lowered me down to her ass. In that moment, I felt a feeling of comfort and care from her eyes. No, it would better be described as love.

I stuck my tongue out as she guided my head towards her opening. I started with the crack of her ass and licked all the way up to her hole. Circling the outside of her ass, I traced my tongue around the edges of the rough surface. I heard her moan which excited me. I went up towards her pussy and sucked the skin between her two holes into my mouth massaging it with my tongue. Then I licked back down and around her anus. Sliding my tongue softly into her hole, I felt her nudge my head further. I pushed my tongue hard into her asshole tasting every bit of it. The musky, bitterness was a delight. This was only strengthened because I knew it was my sisters. I felt her contract around my tongue which only motivated me to fuck her hole harder. Wet and satisfied, she moved my head up to her pussy. Her cunt was soaking wet and the smell was strong. It was much more satisfying up close and personal than when I would lick and smell it off her panties.

Her cock stood up proudly. I nudged the dick out of the way with my head and then licked her softly like a kitten. She tasted divine. It was sweet and delicious and I felt like the luckiest slave in the world being blessed with this goddess's juices. My head was pushed hard into her pussy. Sensing she was done with the slow teasing, I sped my licking up as she used my head as a sex toy. She rubbed my face up and down her wet slit. My nose would reach her cock and I would lick up its length. Then I was pushed back down to her ass. I was loving every minute of it.

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