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Fishing in the Rockies

by ChazThain©

I have always enjoyed hiking, camping, hunting and fishing -- with others or on my own.

That's why I happened to be camping alone one day a few years ago at a secluded site on the northwest edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. In fact, I was taking advantage of the remoteness of the area since fishermen rarely hiked in to the high valley. The valley's pristine mountain creek was strung with beaver ponds that were teeming with unwary trout.

For two days I didn't see another soul and I was almost bored with catching and releasing fish after fish. The afternoon of the second day I was casting lazily in a pool about a mile upstream from my camp when I was startled by the appearance of a girl in hiking clothes on the opposite bank.

Making her way closer through the thick willows, the girl called to me in accented English.

"My friend is injured! Can you come and help us?"

I left my fishing gear in a pile and found a place to cross the stream. The young woman met me and, with brief thanks, began leading me upstream alongside the creek. I was thankful myself that I was in good shape because she set a grueling pace. We marched for a steep, rocky mile, pausing only once to introduce ourselves and gulp water from my canteen.

My companion was Dagmar "from West Germany" and she briefly related that she was backpacking with two friends and one had badly injured an ankle. Meanwhile I couldn't help noticing that Dagmar had a pretty oval face. She also had thick, wavy brunette hair falling below her shoulders, well-muscled legs and, under her shorts, one of the shapeliest butts I'd ever seen.

Finally we arrived at a spot near the tree line where her friends, two German girls, were waiting. They were Erma, a tall and thin dishwater blonde with a serious look and a badly sprained ankle, and Angela, a short, black-haired cherub with an olive complexion and full, pouty lips.

On examining Erma's ankle, my volunteer EMT training told me she needed care but not hospitalization. I wrapped it but knew Erma needed a couple of days of rest with the ankle iced and elevated. My campsite was the nearest spot with good protection from the powerful mountain thunderstorms, so we headed there.

It was downhill all the way, but carrying Erma's pack while helping her made it killing work. The path was narrow, uneven and so steep in spots that I had to carry Erma on my back. We were all exhausted and dripping sweat by the time we reached my camp.

Luckily I had some codeine in my first aid kit because Erma was in considerable pain. I pitched their tent while Angie and Dagmar made Erma comfortable and moved her inside. Soon she was dozing in a sleeping bag with her leg propped on a pack.

My muscles ached, I was sticky with sweat and my clothes were dirty and clammy. The girls were in no better shape. I told them I was going for a bath in the stream even though it was icy cold. In a minute, they eagerly decided to join me and we headed for the stream loaded with towels and fresh clothes.

Once there, Dagmar and Angie surprised me by immediately whipping off their sweaters, shorts, underwear and hiking boots. Since they weren't intimidated by my presence I followed suit and soon the three of us were wading gingerly into the waist-deep stream of crystal-clear Rocky Mountain ice water. Let me assure you I had no fear of getting an erection even though both girls looked good enough to eat.

Dagmar had creamy, pale skin contrasted by a very abundant, curly patch of dark brown hair between her legs. She also had a small brown clump of hair under each arm and dark hair on her lower legs. Her gently swaying breasts were C-cup sized with prominent nipples surrounded by dark-colored areolae the size of 50-cent pieces. Her tits pointed slightly outward. I imagined her hidden pussy lips pursing against the icy water as I watched her areolae contract and grow almost purple with cold. I ached to run my hand over the goose bumps covering her beautifully rounded ass.

Angie's fine olive skin was also covered with goose bumps, but the hair between her legs and under her arms was finer and straighter than Dagmar's, and glossy black. Naked, I could see that her thighs and buttocks were thick and muscular without a trace of excess fat. Her waist seemed slender by contrast, while her chest and shoulders matched athletic legs. Her wonderful, D-cup breasts hung down slightly under their own weight and and quivered prettily when she took a step on the rocky streambed.

Angie's nipples were about the same size as Dagmar's, but her dark chocolate-colored areolae were more than twice as big even while shrunken with cold.

Despite the effects of the bitterly cold water, my libido raged inside me at the sight of these two beauties hurriedly soaping and washing themselves. Was there some reason they seemed to pay special attention to their pussies and asses, or were they just being fastidious after days of camping? In the brief glances I allowed myself, I couldn't tell. But I clearly saw Angie spread her legs wide to give her soapy fingers access to her hidden asshole, and Dagmar used both hands for a long time on her thickly covered pussy. The girls seemed to glance at my body naturally as we passed the soap and shampoo, without showing any carnal interest. Certainly there was little to see as my cock and balls had shrunk almost to invisibility.

Finished with our icewater bath, the three of us hurriedly left the stream, toweled off and pulled on fresh clothes. We were shivering as we trotted up the path to camp and my hands shook so badly I had a hard time putting a match to the fire I'd set.

Finally, the fire, several cups of hot tea and a simple meal helped us stop quaking inside our sweaters and jackets. Dagmar woke a groggy Erma and gave her a cup of strong, sugary tea.

After the dishes were washed I suffered a couple of hours of torturous restraint. I wanted both of these young beauties but hard as I looked I saw no sign that either had any special interest in me. Our talk around the campfire was somewhat limited by the language barrier. Dagmar, a school teacher, spoke good English, while Angie, an office worker, spoke only a few phrases and understood a few more. Still, our conversation was lively.

The three girls, in their 20s, had been traveling in the States for nearly six months, making their way gradually from the East Coast to the West. They had loved most of what they saw although some things clearly baffled them. Dagmar noted critically that American men seemed to be interested mainly in drinking, sex, rock music and cars with no thought for art, politics or ideas.

Before I could mount a defense, Angie laughingly said in German that most young German men were the same.

Then it was time for bed and I reluctantly zipped myself into my small tent alone. For awhile I heard the girls talking in German as they rearranged things in their tent. I briefly considered just walking to their tent and asking them to invite me in for the night, but I reluctantly discarded the idea as impossible. I was on the point of masturbating to relieve my arousal when the long, strenuous day caught up with me and I dozed off.

Some time later I was awakened by the sound of the zipper as my tent door was quietly opened from the outside. A dark figure appeared in the opening and called my name softly. I answered and she gave me her hand to guide her inside. It was Dagmar, carrying her pad and sleeping bag.

"Will you let me join you for the night?" she said. Still a bit sleepy, I eagerly agreed. She thanked me with a lingering open-mouthed kiss that left no doubt about her intentions. Too hurried to try zipping our bags together, we put mine below us and hers on top.

"I think you will be good to me," she said, snuggling close for warmth. I needed no more invitation, but I decided on the slow approach. I spent the next half hour kissing, caressing and holding Dagmar as she gradually got more and more aroused. Many times I let my open hands float down her back and sides, over her ass and hips, then down her thighs. When my fingertips finally brushed the crotch of her panties, it was damp with pussy juice and her hips jerked convulsively upward, seeking more contact.

When I finally took off her loose undershirt she responded by pulling off my T-shirt, eagerly licking my nipples and running her fingers through my chest hair.

"Please," she whispered urgently. "Move faster."

But I had no intention of moving faster. I was enjoying the gradually building intensity. I slowly kissed her lips, her face, her ears, her neck. I licked her breasts everywhere but her nipples, and she gasped when I accidentally brushed my cheek against their hardness. I kissed my way down her stomach to her mound, then retreated. Finally I attacked her nipples with my tongue, flicking them quickly back and forth, at first softly then harder, from different directions. I enjoyed playing with her stiff little nubs in my mouth. Her moans of pleasure filled my ears and my little tent. She held my head in her hands and I could tell when my tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot because her fingers tightened in my hair.

My left hand was buried in the thick hair at the top of Dagmar's neck while the fingertips of my right hand caressed her writhing legs from ankles to hips, concentrating on the sensitive skin behind her knees and on the insides of her thighs. Her occasional moans became louder and more frequent, almost grunts, as she began rhythmically thrusting her hips upward. I judged she was ready.

I shifted myself until I lay full-length beside Dagmar. Her lips sought my mouth and she attacked me with a kiss, urgently thrusting her tongue inside my mouth, crushing my head to hers with both hands. I let my right-hand fingertips drift one more time across the taut, wet fabric covering her crotch, then drove my hand beneath the waistband of her panties. Lifting the fabric away from her dripping pussy, my middle finger drove down through her tangled, sopping hair to find her slick, swollen labia. Pulling her lips from mine, Dagmar gasped and thrust her hips upward. Quickly my finger traced her pussy lips down, found her opening, then sank inside her as far and as fast as I could thrust.

She cried out loud and gripped my arm with both hands, trying to force my hand into contact with her burning clitoris. Instead, I avoided touching her pearl and thrust my middle finger inside her half-a-dozen times, gently stretching her vagina each time I slowly pulled my finger out. Then I added my second finger to the first and thrust into her several times before pulling out altogether. Dagmar moaned with frustrated lust.

"Please," she murmured urgently in my ear. "Please!"

With my wet middle finger, I traced one outer labia up, circled her clitoris, then traced the other labia down gently to rim her opening. Next I put my fingertip firmly against the upper edge of her opening, then drew it up her slit towards her clitoris, her inner lips parting around my finger like soil around a plow. But I avoided her swollen pearl again despite the quick upward thrust of her hips.

This time I pulled my hand entirely out of her panties and I saw her questioning eyes open to watch me as I put it to my face and slowly sucked her juices off my fingers. Watching intently, she panted deeply three times, her taut breasts and their hardened nipples heaving upward together in the dim light. One of her hands squeezed my dick so hard it hurt.

Then I thrust my hand back into her panties. This time I quickly found her clitoris with my middle finger and began to flick it fast, but so lightly I could barely feel the wet little bump. Dagmar's breathing quickly accelerated until it was a hoarse roar in my ears and the tension froze her leg and stomach muscles solid. Cresting hard, she held her breath entirely for three heartbeats then began a deep-throated groan that opened into a sharp, high cry of completion. She raised her hips entirely off the ground and held them suspended, jerking slightly, until her orgasm had run its course.

My hand stayed locked on her dripping pussy as my finger drove her over her orgasm and down the other side. My finger didn't still until she began to squirm her hips away from it, becoming too sensitive to be touched. Then I cupped her soaking mound with my hand and pulled her naked shoulders against me with my free arm as she began the long trip down. She shuddered occasionally as the aftershocks of her orgasm hit her.

By this time I was eager to plunge my aching hard-on into Dagmar's dripping pussy. I was pulling my shorts off with one hand and holding her with the other when I stopped in surprise. The tent door had again begun unzipping from the outside. When it was fully open, another dark figure groped her way inside. Despite the shadowy light, I could tell it was Angie.

She said something in German that started Dagmar giggling as she translated.

"Angie says she couldn't stand listening to me any longer and had to come to get something for herself," Dagmar said, obviously amused.

Now my little tent was truly filled beyond capacity and, while I had no intention of kicking Angie out, I also had no idea where she could go. Dagmar was pressed full length against one wall, I was sitting hunched nearly double at the back end of the tent and Angie was kneeling at the front, closing the zippered door. I only had a second to think about it before Angie impatiently pulled her t-shirt over her head, her large breasts bobbing, then lay down and put her feet in my lap as she struggled to push her panties down her legs.

I thought it was only reasonable to help, so I pulled her panties off and found the crotch -- like Dagmar's -- soaked through with her juices. Now, I truly enjoy eating pussy so it seemed natural to pull Angie's legs towards me, guiding each of them over a shoulder. I planted a kiss on the inside of one thigh and was rewarded by a quick sigh. Though my dick was aching for release, I settled in to tease Angie to an orgasm, kissing my way slowly towards her hole.

Then Angie erupted tersely in German and Dagmar translated.

"Angie says you should not be slow, but very fast with her," Dagmar said.

I readily pushed her thighs a little further apart and, planted my open mouth over the gaping lips of Angie's pussy. The hair guarding her gash was much finer than Dagmar's and my tongue parted it easily, immediately finding her finger-thick and juicy outer labia. I sucked her pussy lips, pulling them into my mouth, caressing them with my tongue. She cried out, arching her back and pushing her pussy up against my open mouth. I rewarded her by darting my tongue down and firmly rimming her opening. Angie began to pant loudly for air and dug both hands into my hair, as if she were trying to push my head inside her.

Three times I stuck my tongue in her hole, then drew it slowly up her slit to circle her clitoris, tasting her tart, flowing juices along the way. She ripped out a sentence in German that needed no translation. "Stop teasing and finish me, you bastard!" is pretty easy to understand.

I covered her clit with my mouth and began the same fast, light flicking motion with my tongue tip that I'd used on Dagmar with my finger. The result was the same, yet wonderfully different. In less than a minute Angie began to come, her whole body convulsing time after time. Her muscular thighs locked themselves on either side of my neck while her hands tried to push my head even harder against her crotch. She came forever, pumping her hips up against my mouth while pussy juice flooded from her gash down her ass crack. Her deep, drawn-out climax groans filled the tent and echoed among the trees outside. Then, as her orgasm had clearly crested and was beginning to slacken, I thrust two fingers hard and without warning inside her -- one into her gaping pussy and the other into her wonderfully tight and juicy-slick asshole.

Angie exploded. It was like riding a bucking bronc. I had to fight to keep my mouth on her pussy, my tongue lashing her through her renewed climax. Her heels drummed against my lower back. I could see her head with its cloud of black hair whipping back and forth on my sleeping bag and her big, firm tits quivered again and again from the shock waves rippling through her body. I pulled my fingers nearly out of her, then shoved them in again, and again, and again. I don't know German, but it sounded like she was screaming, "Yes! Oh, god, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

It seemed like an hour before the rock-hard muscles in Angie's thighs and stomach began to relax. I slowly let my fingers slip out of the warm grip of her pussy and the even warmer grip of her ass. I clearly felt her muscular asshole grasp my finger several times as I gradually pulled it out. Angie was murmuring softly, almost inaudibly, to herself, one arm across her substantial breasts while the other hand caressed my hair.

I wasn't given much time to rest on my laurels. As I gently maneuvered my head out of Angie's swollen, soaking crotch, I could feel Dagmar's hard nipples against my arm. She was attacking my right ear with her tongue. One hand grasped my dick so hard it was almost painful, while the other seemed to be everywhere at once, roaming over my body. I turned my head to kiss Dagmar and she got even wilder, alternately sucking hard on my tongue and kissing all over my face though it was coated from eyebrows to chin with Angie's pussy juices.

Dagmar would not be denied. She roughly guided me onto my back beside Angie and straddled me. Her left arm supported her weight while her right hand found my dick and guided it between her swollen pussy lips. A half-second later she dropped her entire weight downward, eagerly impaling herself with a cry to the full length of my penis. Her pussy felt wonderfully tight, wet and warm. She must have enjoyed the sensation, too, because she paused a minute, her weight forcing her pussy lips against the base of my dick.

Then, with both hands planted on my chest, Dagmar began rhythmically lifting herself halfway off my dick then dropping back down to encase me inside her. Each time her sopping pussy plunged to the base of my dick, she gave a little grunt of pleasure and her panting filled the tent. It was all I could do to stop myself from coming instantly. I held back with difficulty, watching the concentration on her face and the lively bouncing of her breasts as she fucked me. I was dimly aware of Angie lying beside me, watching us sleepily with one hand between her legs and the other lightly stroking my arm.

I reached up and cupped the considerable weight of Dagmar's tits, hefting and caressing them for a few strokes, then took her thimble-sized nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She groaned but kept going, her head now thrown forward so her hair hid her face. Each time she lifted herself off me she nearly pulled her nipples from my fingers, stretching them tautly downward.

Dagmar gradually speeded up her rhythm and I heard a low, growling sound in her chest. A faint, wet slap was audible each time she drove herself down on my dick. Then she muttered something harshly in German and was no longer lifting herself up but rocking quickly back and forth, focusing her weight on the point where her clitoris met the base of my dick. Her fingernails dug into my chest and she was coming, coming hard, with short hoarse cries of completion that went on and on. The tiny change in sensation drove me out of control and soon I was trying to thrust up into her, my throbbing penis spurting what felt like a quart of hot semen deep into her muscular belly.

Finally, she collapsed forward onto me, drained of strength. I could feel her rock-hard nipples as her breasts flattened against my chest and her ragged breathing roared in my ear. Her slick pussy still grasped my dick firmly, squeezing it occasionally as her inner muscles continued to convulse. It was a long time before my sticky dick became soft enough to finally slip from her gash.

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