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A Job in the Theatre Ch. 13

by BothWorld©

Chapter 13 -- Seeing Sarah

Paula could feel her stomach as they pulled into the circular drive. She was nervous about seeing Sarah for the first time, almost more than seeing Ted. They got out of the car and were about halfway to the door when Sarah appeared.

Paula smiled hesitantly. She could see Sarah's eyes go straight to her chest followed by a huge smile. Paula was so relieved. Sarah wrapped her arms around her for a warm embrace. "They are lovely. Of course, I must get a better look. Come inside."

Ted watched the two girls walk arm in arm into the house and head straight for the bar where Sarah had a bottle of champagne waiting for them. Ted stepped behind the bar and popped the cork.

"Don't you just love them?" Sarah asked as she ran her hands sensuously over Paula's chest still covered by her silk dress.

"I do, I love them" Paula said sticking her chest out.

"They are so soft" Sarah said impressed, "and your nipples are so hard."

"I have been so horny you wouldn't believe it. I am constantly horny now. Even my dreams are totally wicked."

"You were constantly horny before" Sarah corrected her.

"Not like this! I can't stop thinking about my breasts."

"Mmm, I know the feeling. I would like to say it goes away" Sarah said seriously. Then with a huge smile she beamed, "But it doesn't!"

Paula smiled too. It was true. Since getting breasts she had been in a constant state of eroticism. She could feel her breast with every step she took. It was impossible to pass a mirror and not check them out. She could see the eyes of people as she passed them on the street. They went straight to her chest. She loved it, absolutely loved it.

"Here's to my girls" Ted said handing them both a glass of bubbly. They clinked glasses and took a sip. Life had changed so much with Sarah and Ted. What a marvelous adventure it turned out to be.

"I want to see them" Sarah said putting her glass down on the bar. She slipped her hand behind Paula's neck and released the straps to her dress.

Sarah gazed upon the beautifully shaped orbs of soft flesh. Paula's nipples were so hard and excited. She watched Sarah's eyes as she studied them. She could see the lust, the desire. Sarah ran her fingers gently over her left breast making Paula swoon. Her fingertip teased her hard aching nipple making Paula's eyes flutter.

Sarah and Paula give Ted a show

An evil smile crossed Sarah's lips as she dipped her head down and blew some air over Paula's excited nipple. It was so gentle, yet so tantalizing. Paula couldn't wait to feel her wet, warm lips engulf her, suckle her, satisfy that yearning. Sarah knew exactly what she was feeling.

She made Paula wait, but not too long. She snaked her tongue out giving that excited nub the most delicate caress.

"Oh Sarah...please...I want more...I need more" Paula said loosing her patience. Sarah sucked her breast between her lips and held her tongue against her nipple.

"Ohhhhhh...god..." Paula moaned closing her eyes. Sarah nursed on her sending the most divine sensations through her body. Paula arched her back giving Sarah full access. It was all so wonderful, so new. Sarah knew exactly what to do. She knew better than anyone else in the entire world.

Paula found herself pulling at Sarah's blouse trying desperately to free Sarah's breasts. She wanted to feel them, wanted to make Sarah feel the way she did. Sarah pulled back just long enough for her top to fall.

Paula took Sarah's hard nipples between her fingertips and rolled them back and forth. The energy shooting between them was unreal. As if some deep trance, Sarah moved her breast right next to Paula's. She closed the last inch rubbing her hard nipple against Paula's. Bolts of erotic energy coursed through her. Paula had no idea such feelings could be experienced. Sarah teased Paula's nipple driving her mad.

Sarah turned her face to Paula and they kissed. Nothing could have prepared Paula for the sensation. With breasts firmly pressed against each other, they kissed passionately. Paula was lost in a fog of eroticism.

Paula wasn't really sure how it happened, but suddenly she was watching her cock disappear into Sarah's mouth. "Oh Sarah...Sarah...mmmmmmm" Paula thought her brain was going to explode as Sarah slurped on her cock. It was all just too much.

Paula's release was so incredible, so powerful. She shot stream after stream right down Sarah's throat. Sarah held on and sucked that cum from her cock, sucked her balls dry.

Sarah released Paula's cock and reached for her own. Instantly it was free and Sarah pumped it hard aiming it at Paula's breasts. And seconds later Paula experienced that most erotic feeling for a second time as warm, thick cum rained down on her pretty new breasts.

Paula felt two tongues worshipping her most sensitive breasts. She had completely forgotten about poor Ted. He was now licking Sarah's cum off her breast, his hard cock bumping against her leg. He had obviously been stroking it watching them.

Paula reached down and took it between her fingers. She guided Ted to a bar stool and immediately jumped up in his lap. She reached underneath her for his cock, positioned it just right and lowered herself onto it.

She loved feeling that huge monster as it took control of her senses. She pushed down until he was fully inside her. His hands came underneath her breasts. Sarah moved in front of them and sucked her nipples as Paula rode his cock.

It wasn't long before Paula felt streams of hot cum shooting off inside her. Paula held onto Sarah for balance as Ted filled her with cum.

The three of them moved to the shower for another round of orgasms. The girls helped Ted get dressed and walked him to the car. The blonde had fallen asleep in the front seat, but woke when she heard the door shut. Paula and Sarah stood arm in arm waving them goodbye.

Sarah and Paula walked back into the house and fixed themselves a glass of wine. "That must be Ted's regular driver. Do you know anything about her?" Paula asked.

"Her name is Roxy. She has always been his driver" Sarah said. "She doesn't say much. But then again, I guess it's not her position too. I think she lives at his beach house. I have never seen him driven by anyone else. Why?"

"Just curious" Paula said. "Ted offered me an apartment on the way back from the clinic."

"I saw the way he looks at you now. He will be offering more and more gifts" Sarah said. She took a sip of wine. "What did you tell him?"

"I told him I would prefer to live with you" Paula said. "I have had such a wonderful time here Sarah. But I know this is your home and I would certainly understand if you wanted your privacy. All you have to say is..."

"I want you to stay" Sarah said smiling. "This home has never been so alive."

Paula walked over and sat next to Sarah on the couch. She leaned in and kissed her. It was passionate and reassuring. And that's just what Paula needed. Sarah broke the kiss and led Paula into her bedroom where she freed her of her nightgown and pushed her back on the bed. Sarah's eye drank in Paula's beauty as she removed her own nightgown.

Paula watched as Sarah's nightgown fell to a puddle around her feet, her hand went to her cock. Paula watched as Sarah fondled herself staring at Paula lying on her bed. Paula stared at the beautiful sight before her. She would never tire of looking at Sarah's delicious breasts and beautiful cock.

Sarah watched as Paula began fondling herself in response. She couldn't believe how well Paula turned out. From that very first day she could see that Paula was a stunning knockout with her hair done and a little makeup. Of course that had been validated by every man they had come across since. And the breasts she had picked, so full and rounded made her a dream come true. Sarah looked at Paula's hard nipples, her hard cock and jumped on the bed with her.

No sooner had she hit the bed when she turned around facing the other way. Sarah could see the questioning look upon Paula's face until she moved up in line with Paula's breast. Sarah gave her that sensuous smile and then wrapped her tongue around Paula's nipple.

Paula moaned with pleasure and tilted her head just enough to return the favor. Paula teased Sarah's nipple with her tongue as Sarah teased hers. The sensations were out of this world. Paula mirrored her actions.

Paula loved this little world they shared. She would never have experienced such joy had she not become a woman. Sarah was right. There was no turning back. And who would want too? She knew exactly what Sarah was feeling because she was feeling it herself.

Sarah broke free and started kissing her way further down Paula's body. Yes, Paula thought, yes. She started kissing Sarah's body too. Paula's lips wrapped around Sarah's cock just a second before Sarah took Paula's cock between her lips. Paula moaned sending vibrations right up Sarah's body.

How perfectly decadent Paula thought as she slurped on Sarah's cock. What more could she possibly ask for from a lover? They worshiped each other's cocks for what seemed like hours. Sucking and being sucked at the same time. It was pure heaven.

Paula was first. Her cock exploded sending a huge wave of sperm down Sarah's throat. Of course that triggered Sarah's orgasm and Paula quickly found her self swallowing at the same time she was climaxing. It was perfect harmony.

After their orgasms had subsided and they had lazily licked each other clean, they cuddled in each other's arms against Sarah's headboard. Sarah was the only other person in the world she could share both feminine and masculine sex with.

"That was wonderful" Paula said.

"It certain was" Sarah responded. "Let's rest for a minute or two. Then I am going to fuck you within an inch of your life."

"Mm, promises, promises" Paula teased as she reached for Sarah's cock.

"Your breasts turned out so perfectly" Sarah said cupping one in her hand. "They look so right on you. You look so sexy."

"Do you really think so?"

"Yes, I know so" Sarah said slipping her lips around Paula's nipple. She toyed with it feeling her own cock grow completely hard in Paula's hand. "Ted will be expecting favors from you now..."

"I know. I can't wait!"

"You are incorrigible!"

"Fuck me Sarah. I want to feel your beautiful cock inside me."

Paula slept in Sarah's bed that night. They both woke with erections and lazily brought the other to satisfaction. They stepped into the shower and soaped each other off enjoying the luxurious feel of the other's unique body.

Paula walked over to her room and sat at her vanity looking into her mirror. She brushed out her hair and applied her makeup all the while looking at her breasts. Sarah was right. They looked perfect on her.

She marched into the closet and selected a nice pink lace bra with matching panties. She went with a simple pink and white striped pullover that accented her cleavage nicely with a cute little pink mini skirt.

She shared a wonderful breakfast together. Afterwards it was time to go to work. As they walked out the door, they both stopped dead in their tracks. For sitting there in the driveway was a shiny Ferrari convertible.

They turned to each other and said, "Ted!"

"Well, maybe I should drive!" Paula said beaming at Sarah.

To be continued...

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Written by: BothWorld

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