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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 05

by blackfen©

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I left Mike handcuffed up while I went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out I walked past my bedroom door. Mike had fallen back off to sleep, his arms still tied over his head, he was butt naked with his limp cock resting on him.

I went into my closet and got a t-shirt and some shorts out, after getting dressed I went downstairs and tided the kitchen.

About 11 o'clock I went back upstairs to check on Mike. He was awake but laying silently.

"Hey big boy," I said as I walked over to the bed.

"Mom, I need to use the bathroom," he replied.

I reached over to the bedside table and picked up the key to the handcuffs, I undid them and told him to go to the bathroom.

"But come back," I said in a stern voice.

"Sure Mom" he replied.

I watched him walk across the room and out of the door, his tight young ass and those hard muscled legs looked irresistible.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for him to come back, I considered what I should do with him next. I needed to go shopping really but I could not leave him naked and tied up ...could I?

When he returned, he climbed back onto the bed and without me asking him, he threw his arms back over his head and wrapped his fists around the bars of the bed head.

I took the cuffs and clamped them back around his wrists, locking them shut.

"Baby, mommy needs to go shopping, but when I get back I wanna have some more fun with my son's hot body and that giant monster."

"OK mom, I will be waiting." he said with a stupid grin on his face.

I leaned over and gave him a big kiss, slipping my tongue into his mouth while I ran my fingers through his hair.

After this I got up and walked out of the room, down the stairs and out of the front door.

At the supermarket I could not stop thinking about my son, naked and handcuffed to my bed, waiting for me to get home and make his cock all hard. I felt my pussy tingling and getting wet as I thought about that 11 inch monster and the amazing things it could do to me.

As I walked around the supermarket, I could not help noticing the young men who were there with their own mothers. I looked at them and wondered if those moms were maybe fucking their son's. Did those women know how fantastic it was to be fucked hard by their own boys? To have those hard young cocks pounding away at their pussy's? Having their son's fucking them?

I saw one mom and son who I could not help thinking would look amazing if they were fucking. The mom was about 37 and the son in his mid to late teens. She had long blonde hair and a very attractive face. Her body was slender and trim, with a big pair of tits and an ass that was well rounded and framed by her tight jeans.

Her son was a tall strapping young man, with broad shoulders and dusty brown hair, swept back over his head. He looked a bit like Mike, only he was taller and more muscular. His biceps bulged from his t-shirt and the jeans he was wearing showed a noticeable bulge in the front.

I had images in my mind of these two fucking. Of her laying beneath her son while he ploughed his big cock into her. I pictured her riding and bouncing on his hard muscled young body, her big cans slapping him in the face while he fucked her hard.

I was getting myself very horny and I needed to get home to my son.

When I arrived home, my neighbour caught me outside and said she had not seen much of me over the last few days. I made up a story that I had not been very well, but I think she could tell I was lying, I could hardly tell her that I had been fucking my son senseless for days.

I eventually got into the house and called upstairs,


"YES MOM" he replied.

I unpacked the shopping and quickly went upstairs. My pussy was dripping with anticipation, knowing that my son was up here, naked and tied to my bed.

"Hello big boy" I said as I stood in the doorway to my room, looking across at my son, spread out on the bed.

"Now what is mommy gonna do with you son......laying there naked and handcuffed to mommy's bed?" I said,"Let's start by getting this big thing nice and hard shall we?"

I climbed up onto the bed and crawled in between my son's legs. I remained fully clothed as I took his limp tool in my hand. I gripped it in my fist and began the now familiar procedure of bringing my boy to full hardness.

Even limp my son had a big cock. It was about 5 inches long even when soft, but in my expert hand it very quickly stiffened and grew to its full 11 inch pussy pounding length.

"MMM, yes baby, now that cock is getting hard for mommy" I said as I continued to play with his cock.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of my hand sliding along the hardening shaft. I soon had him to full length as I ran the palm of my hand around the big head.

I put my fingertips around the top of his knob and scrapped my fingernails right down the shaft. I did this several times and Mike's groans of pleasure grew louder.

I loved playing with his big cock, that huge fat prick that I loved having inside me. I sat running my fist along the thick shaft before sliding it back through my hand.

Small amounts of pre-cum formed on his cockhead and I used it to lubricate my hand everytime I reached the tip of his jackhammer cock. I alternated between jacking him and scrapping my fingernails along the length of the big pole.

I leaned my head over his dick and spat my spit down onto the head, letting it dribble down the shaft and land in my hand. With my other fist I cupped his heavy balls and massaged them around.

His groans got louder as I quickened my pace, my fist flying up and down the monstrous shaft, my spit landing in a messy puddle on his prick head and his big balls being played with in my other hand.


Mike looked down at me as I worked over his dick. I had lowered myself down so that my mouth hovered just a few inches above his mighty flagpole.


He only nodded his approval, but I wanted to hear him say it.


He was already breathing hard and he could only really whisper what he wanted me to do, but breathlessly he said.

" suck my big cock.....give me a blowjob....."

"You are a naughty boy" I told him, as I continued to jack on his cock.

"Well ok baby, mommy will give you a blowjob, but only because you have such a beautiful big fat cock that mommy loves....and because mommy loves you so much I will relive my boy of his big hard-on."

I opened my mouth and without hesitation engulfed his pulsating prick. I breathed hard through my nose as I took his large member to the back of my throat, feeling the large bulbous head knock against my tonsils.

I danced my tongue around the head and allowed my spit to drip down the shaft. I kept pumping my hand along it, slapping against his big balls before hitting myself in the face as my hand met my mouth.

Mike was wriggling and squirming underneath me, but the handcuffs restricted his movement.


He cried out, as I continued to take as much of my son's meat into my mouth as I could fit. Having my son at my mercy like this was such a huge turn on for me. I could feel my pussy inside my shorts becoming intensely hot and wet and my asshole clenched tight.

I again thought about having sex with my son up my ass, seeing how much of this fat juicy cock I could fit right up my butt. I knew the moment would come when he would be fucking my pussy and I would tell him to stick it into my ass, but right now I just wanted him to spunk for me.

My head moved up and down on his huge dong with furious pace. Taking him deep to the back of my throat, before pulling up and then plunging back down. I played with his balls and massaged them, running my fingernails down his upper thighs before scrapping them back up.

The room again filled with loud slurping and popping sounds as my mouth worked over my son's gigantic fuck stick. His groans of pleasure grew ever louder as he thrust his hips upwards to meet my sucking mouth. I gently bit into the head of his cock, slapping my tongue around it and tasting the sweet pre-cum that kept oozing from his prick.

Giving my son a long wet blowjob was an amazing feeling, knowing that the huge throbbing jackhammer that filled my mouth belonged to my own son. I thought about the mom and son I had seen at the supermarket and tried to imagine her mouthing off her handsome son. If only every mother knew how good this felt, they would all be getting into bed with their son's, having their hard young pricks in their mouths.

As I kept pumping and sucking on my son's cock, I also thought about my ex-husband. If only he could see me now, lying on our bed, with our own son handcuffed to it and his giant cock filling his mother's mouth. My ex-husband's prick was so small compared to the massive fat fuck stick that our son had.

As I thought about this I felt my son's body tighten and convulse. His hip thrusting slowed down and his cock pulsed in my hand.

"SHIT MOM...YESSSSSSS," He screamed just as the first huge load blasted into my mouth.

I pulled his cock out and jerked him hard, letting the next two big ropes of spunk hit me in the face. The first shot across my nose and eyelids, ending in a big dollop on my forehead. The second big jet blasted across my chin and landed on my tongue in my wide opened mouth.

I kept pumping the whole length into my face, taking another two big streams of cum across my face. I held a huge load on my tongue before swallowing hard and taking his potent cream down my throat. The salty thick mixture mingled with my spit and I again swallowed hard.

"YES BABY" I mumbled as another big blast shot from his prick and hit me on the left cheek.

He writhed around as I kept pumping his shaft, his post orgasmic ecstasy turning to pain as I took him too the next level.

I took my hand away from his balls and slapped it hard across his cock. I held my other hand tightly around the shaft as I again slapped his cock hard with my other hand. Using the back of my hand I continued to whack and slap his cock around, making it swing from side to side. I was giving my son a spanking, but not his ass; I was spanking his hard erect cock.

"OH FUCK MOM," he yelped as I again forcefully slapped my hand across his dick.


I took the huge, cum covered dong and held it tight, before whacking it side to side and slapping it hard against my spunk covered face. Several times I bashed it against my cheeks before opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out. Gripping it firmly I again smacked it against my tongue, feeling the rock hard and still dripping cock head slapping me.


Releasing his cock from my grip I brought both my hands up to my face and began to rub the cum into my skin, bringing my fingers to my mouth and licking the thick mixture.

He had shot such a vast amount of his boy cum over my face that it took me several minutes to scoop it all up and lick my fingers clean. When I had made sure I had got it all, I leaned back down and ran my tongue along his cock shaft, licking his big balls that had just given me such a huge load. Then I again lifted the still semi hard cock off of him and again gave it a few firm slaps.

A few minutes later I rose up and stood next to the bed.

"That was so good mom," he said, smiling up at me.

"I am glad you liked it son....mommy loves making you cum for me...that is the biggest and best cock in the world and it's all for me," I replied.

"Would you like to get up for a while sweetie?" I asked him.

"Ok Mom, if you are sure?" he said.

I smiled and reached for the keys to the handcuffs, slipping them off of his wrists, he sat up on the bed and I leaned over to kiss him. Our mouths met and tongues collided around as I felt his hands wrap around my tits. I only had on a thin t-shirt and my nipples were already hard. We kissed deep and long as he groped and squeezed my big pendulous rack. As I gripped my arms around his neck, pulling his mouth tighter against mine, my big jugs swung heavy underneath me, straining at the material of my t-shirt. He put my nipples between his fingertips and pulled and twisted on them, which sent a shiver running through me.

Eventually I broke away and gave him a few gently slaps across the face.

"You know mommy's should not kiss their son's like this...or give their big young cock's wet blowjobs...or stick their massive hard fuck sticks up their wet mommy pussies....or bounce their asses on their son's epic boners. But this mommy will make an exception for you son....this mommy wants your fat filthy big hard giant prick up her pussy forever baby," I said in a dirty seductive voice.

My son smiled and threw his arms around my ass, slapping me hard across my butt, covered only by the material of my shorts.

"I think later on baby, mommy is gonna bend over and take that huge cock right up my... ASS."

My son's eyes flew wide open and his mouth dropped,

"REALLY!!!," He yelled with boyish excitement.

I cupped my hands around his face and looked him in the eye and said,

"Yes my beautiful son, it's time to fuck your mother's ass!!!!"

to be continued...

Written by: blackfen

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