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A Penny for Your Thoughts Ch. 02-03

by TimWLy©

Chapter Two

Has there ever been that one person who the instant you meet them you know you want them to be yours forever, that you are committed to finding a way to be in their presence no matter the cost?

Have you ever had an experience of love at first sight, or love at first touch, where your senses are overloaded, and its like your body shuts down at the thought of this person walking away from you?

That is where I found myself with this woman, she was a picture of beauty, and the karma that brought us together couldn't have expected things to go so well, but I wanted to find ways for the night to continue forever if possible.

So instead of just putting her in a cab, and sending her back to her hotel, I suggested we take a slow stroll back down the moon lit street toward her hotel, it was only about a mile and a half, and considering the jazz festival was one that didn't really quit, I felt safe that walking would have us surrounded by others taking strolls of the same kind, or party goers who didn't want to quit.

So as we left the main strip of the music festival, and began to head toward the hotels, we held hands, and that is when I wanted to know more about her:

"So my lady, now that we have a little bit less of a crowd, can you share your name with me?"

With my shyness peaking through, she giggled just a bit, and she gripped my hand to reassure me that it's all ok.

"My name is Katherine Lilly spirit."

"My friends call me Lilly though, because I love flowers." She continued, "And what about you handsome, what's your name."

"Oh, me."

"My name is Royce Richardson."

With the name stuff out of the way, we continued to walk slowly down the street, just enjoying each others company, and finding out what we could about each other, with passion boiling under the surface.

Before we knew it, we arrived at her hotel, one of the many hotel chains servicing the jazz festival.

"So Katherine, I appreciate the opportunity to walk you to your hotel, and I have enjoyed the chat, will I have a chance to see you again?"

"First of all, please call me Lilly, and why don't we just see where the rest of the week goes."

With this statement, my heart sank, because I couldn't be sure that we would see each other again, and all I could do was look her in the eyes and try to remember how beautiful she looked in that moment.

"Well my hotel is right down the road, and if you need anything, please don't hesitate to call me."

As I slid my hotel number and room number into her hand, I could feel a shiver in her fingers, and her eyes went from brown to a green sparkle, and this change in her was captivating to me.

I took the opportunity to slide my hand behind her neck, and kiss her softly, and as our lips met, I could feel her lips part, and I could feel her body softening to my embrace.

I held her there for what felt like an eternity, but couldn't have been more than a few seconds, and I am sure she felt the hardness grow in between my legs, and I quickly released her, and softly asked in her ear, in the deepest voice I could muster:

"A penny for your thoughts?"



"Do you need to sit down?" I asked her.

"Yes, that would be good." Was her weak reply.

We walked over to one of the benches, and just sat in piece and quiet.

Just rubbing her forearm and her finger tips, trying to calm her, I held her hands in mine.

"Are you ok?" I ask again.

"I think so, just surprised by the passion behind that kiss."

"It wasn't like that earlier." Was her simple response.

With this I feel like I should leave her to her own thoughts, and attempt to get up to leave, but she held my hand tightly, and pulled me back to the bench.

"Please don't go just yet."

It was a simple statement, but with the southern accent, and the sexy look in her eyes, I swear, I was a puddle in her hands after that.

By this point we had both started to become more comfortable with each other, and we talked about home life, and work, growing up in school, and how we wanted our lives to go.

I took the liberty to continue to touch her whenever I could, and she didn't stop me, and instead of pushing her to the brink right there outside, I decided to go for broke:

"Lilly, I know this may sound crazy, but would you like to spend the rest of what we have of this night with me?"

I truly couldn't let her go, and wanted to explore her body, and see how she felt about so many different things, but none of that would happen if she would have gone.

"Royce, we just met a few hours ago, and as nice as this is, to spend the night together, you are so right, that is crazy."

"I understand that you are tall and handsome, just the kind of guy that I would go for, with the dark chocolate skin, and the chest hair, and the muscles that just won't quit, but I can't do it not on the first night." Was her long winded response.

I wanted to keep pushing her, but knowing that I could lose her, I decided to be a gentleman, and to let her go.

We walked hand in hand into the hotel, and up to her room, and as we reached the door of her room, I backed away slowly, knowing that if I got close to her I would have a problem.

"Well goodnight Lilly and I hope you sleep tight." Was my response back to her.

"You do the same Royce, and I hope to be able to find you somewhere amongst the crowd tomorrow."

Chapter three

I knew as that door click shut that I couldn't actually walk away, but my heart beat sped up, and my mouth went dry, but I truly wanted to be in her presence, but I couldn't figure out if she wanted the same.

I stood there as if frozen in time, trying to figure out what to do, and I could sense her on the other side of that door, as if staring right through me, with the same reservations and fears, but neither one of us could move.

"I have no idea what this man is doing to me." Lilly thought to herself, as she leaned her head against the door, not even realizing that Royce was standing outside.

"I just need to get a grip on myself," she thinks out loud, as she slowly begins to peel her dress from her body right there at the door.

As she does this, she notices the shadow of someone outside of her door from under the door frame, and peaks through the peep whole on the door.

"Oh my god, what the hell is he doing out there?" She thinks to herself, and she begins backing away and she trips over the dress that has pooled at her feet.

As she attempts to catch herself, and things which are on the desk go crashing to the floor, this worries me , and I began knocking on the door to see what is wrong:

Knock Knock Knock

"Lilly, are you ok, its Royce, I just want to check on you before I go back to my room."

"I heard something..."

With this statement I stopped and just waited for a response, because I didn't really want to let her know that I had been standing outside her room this entire time.


"What in the world?"

In mock surprise, Lilly questioned me, even though she was having naughty thoughts, and why I was outside her door, but as she gets her faculties back together, she knows this is exactly what she wanted and needed .

She swings the door open, and she is a little flustered from her fall, but seeing that she has now changed her clothes, I went into a mind set of nurturing and conquering all at once.

"Lilly, are you ok, I was walking away from your room, and I heard a crash of some sort, and I just needed to know that you are ok." I asked with concern in my voice.

"Yes, Royce, I am fine, I just tripped over my dress, and knocked over a few things." Was Lilly's response.

"See no bumps, or bruises."

As Lilly does this, she makes a show of twirling around in front of me to show off her milky skin, and with no bruises.

At this point we were in a struggle for control, and neither one of us wanted to be the first one to crack, so I made the first move:


Yes, Royce?"

"I have a penny for your thoughts."

"I have a Nickel for your kiss." Is her response.

I had to think of a quick comeback, and responding, , "I have a dime for your time."

With that I took my opportunity to gently push her back into the room, and close the door behind me, because I was going to give her more than a dimes worth of time.

Once I was inside, I slowly and appreciatively opened her robe, and admired her breast, because I could see her passion rising the more I looked at her with desire.

I laid her down on the bed, and then when I noticed that she had a toe ring on the middle toe of her right foot, and that made me appreciate her feet all the more, but I was going to take my time to love all over her body.

I slowly let her sit up, and she helped me out of my shirt, and down to my boxers, but leaving me standing there, she took in the sight of the length and thickness of the rod in front of her, and you could see the desire in her eyes change again.

If you wanted to measure the passion in the room that night, it was like a sauna, which had been turned up, slowly the heat kept rising with every kiss of skin, every inch of her body that I traveled, and the more I teased and tantalized her, this made her body flush red, and helped her passion juice flow.

I loved the feel of her skin, and the taste of her on the tip of my tongue, so I lapped at her as much as I could, but when it was time to remove the boxers, that's just what I did, and with a sharp intake of breath, you could tell she enjoyed what she saw.

Then slowly and with a lovers touch, she played with my cock testing out the weight and thickness, and then nibbling and suckling at the head, as if trying to learn every curve and inch.

When I didn't think I could take anymore, I pushed her down on to the bed, and starting from those toes, I worked my way up her body, and nibbled, and kissed, until I got to her clit, and drank in her essence, and she was as sweet as honey.

I then nibbled on her hips, and up her stomach, and up to her breast, and leaving her nipples, I went all the way up to her neck and face and chin, until I could place a kiss on her lips. Then feeling that my cock was right at her entrance, I teased her with it, while nibbling on her bottom lip, her neck, and then teasing her nipples, by pulling them away from her body gently and letting go quickly.

Then even though neither one of us had come, we both knew what we wanted, and I slid up between her legs, and curled her legs around me, and for two people who didn't know each other, we were fitting together like lovers, and I slid home, and she held my shoulders, and we began a rhythm which allowed her to hold on tight, and for me to arch my back and push into her so deep, that as we rocked back and forth, there was no way for me to slip out of her.

Then she went over the edge, and her pussy clamping down on me, sent me off like a shot, and I came so hard, that I forced her legs to a spread position, and that allowed us for three or four good hard strokes to really give it to each other for all we were worth.

Then knowing that we were both spent, we let each other go, and I rolled over to be next to her, and just nuzzled her neck to let her know how nice it was to just be there.

Before dozing off to sleep, she just had to ask:


"Yes, Lilly?

"Was that worth the penny for my thoughts?"

Written by: TimWLy

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