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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 06

by blackfen©

Mike went out for a while that day to see his friends and play some soccer. While he was gone I went online and found my friend. She was the lady who had seen her son naked in the shower and was desperate to fuck him, she had watched on webcam while I gave my son his first blowjob a few days ago.

I told her all about what my son and I had been up too, how he had been fucking me senseless and how I had left him tied to the bed. She was fascinated by what I was telling her. She said she was incredibly horny and was even more desperate to fuck her son.

I told her that later today I planned to let my son fuck his huge tool up my ass. This sent her wild and she said she had to go and fuck herself with a dildo.

Mike had been gone for several hours and it was getting dark outside. I had fixed dinner and waited for him to get home. About ten minutes later he came in. I walked into the hallway to meet him.

"Hello Big Boy," I said leaning in to give him a kiss.

Our mouths met and tongues slid together. He put his arms around my waist and moved his hands down over my ass. I was wearing a pair of tight jeans and I could feel his hands grip big handfuls of my butt.

In response I kissed him harder and ran my fingers through his hair. After a few moments I grabbed his hair and yanked his head back, unlocking our mouths. He looked startled as I looked him deeply in the eyes.

"Tonight my beautiful boy, I want that massive fat prick to fuck mommy's ass."

Letting his hair go, I took his hand and led him into the kitchen. We sat at the table and ate dinner. Underneath the table I ran my foot up his leg and rubbed my toes against his balls. I could feel his cock hardening and my pussy began to get wet.

"Are you ready for this baby, are you ready to bang that big cock right up mommy's ass tonight?" I asked him.

"Yes mom, I can't wait to fuck your ass," he replied, with a big grin on his face.

I sat across the table looking at my son, inside I beamed with pride. This young man who I had given birth too and raised into this well built and very well hung young stud. My son who fucks me so good with his huge cock. That hot tight young body that lies in my bed and makes me cum again and again. This young fuck stud that pleasures me so much and had made me the horniest slut in the world. I was so proud of my son.

We sat through dinner giving each other winks and smiles; I kept my foot on his shorts under the table and massaged his cock which felt like it was even bigger than normal.

"That feels super huge tonight baby," I said to him, rubbing my foot along the length.

"All ready for your ass mom," he said.

I felt my ass clench and my pussy tighten as he said that, I was really gonna get it, my own son was going to take my ass.

After dinner we went into the living room and sat on the couch. We quickly cuddled together and began kissing and licking. I ran the tip of my tongue across his face, over his nose and around his neck, kissing and gently biting.

My hands were wandering over his chest and down his stomach. I lifted his shirt up and pulled it over his head. His tight young body felt hard and muscular as I ran my hands around and down him, feeling his hard stomach muscles and pinching his nipples.

Our mouths locked tight and we spent several minutes kissing hard and deep. His hands enveloped my breasts, a rush of excitement shot right through me as I let my hand wander lower down his body.

I ran my hand over the thin material of his shorts and felt his cock again growing big and hard underneath.

I massaged it in my hand, gently wrapping my fingers around the shaft and sliding down to his big heavy balls. I continued down onto his thigh, reaching as far down as I could before raking my nails back up and sliding my hand under the bottom of his shorts.

His cock felt like a baseball bat as I ran my fingers over it, reaching only a few inches up the monster shaft. His shorts were now in my way, so I removed my hand and gripped the waistband. I jerked them down and he brought his hands down to help me. Seconds later my son was sat there butt naked, with his big fat cock standing tall and hard.

I wrapped my hand around it again and began to jack him off, I wrapped my leg over his and pulled him tight against me, our mouths still locked together. I was still fully clothed as I continued to pump his cock in my hand, taking all of his throbbing fuck stick through my fist. Pre-cum was already forming on the tip of his cock head and I took great pleasure in using my fingers to rub it around.

A few moments later I stood up and pulled my top over my head. My big tits swung and bounced together as I reached down and undid my jeans. Sliding them down, I leaned forward so that my jugs draped across my son's lap, my hard nipples brushing against the head of his mighty erect pole.

Gripping my thong around the waistband, I pulled it down and now stood naked before my son. He was sat sprawled on the couch in front of me, his huge cock pointing straight up.

"Now baby, lets have some real naughty fun." I said as I jumped into my son's lap, throwing my legs astride him and bringing my ass crashing down on his cock.

It felt so good, feeling that huge fat cock pressed against me. My pussy throbbed with anticipation but tonight it was my ass that was going to be hammered.

"Oh baby, that cock is so big for mommy....all ready to slam up my ass."

We again kissed hard as he wrapped his arms around me and gripped my ass cheeks.

I crushed tightly against his young body, my big tits pressed hard against him. Underneath me, I brushed my cunt lips along the hard shaft, squeezing my thighs together to grip it against my pussy.

I sat on top of my son for quite a while, kissing him and feeling that young body below me, that vast hardness of cock squashed between my legs and pressing hard against my cunt.

Eventually I broke the kiss and looked my son in the eyes,

"Mommy is gonna give that monster a good sucking, get it nice and wet ready to fuck my ass." I said

"Oh yeah mommy, give me a blowjob" he said as I slid myself down his body. My big tits dragged down his stomach and over his cock. Then I had another idea.

"Want mommy to stick this big fucker between my tits first baby, want mommy to give you a nice tit fuck?"

His eyes lit up and he smiled wide, "OH FUCK YES MOMMY," he yelled with excitement

I took my big juicy cans in my hands and squeezed them together. My son looked in amazement as I crashed and slapped them around, my big nipples hard as bullets.

I opened them wide apart and placed them around the throbbing shaft of my son's cock. About 4 inches stuck out from above my tits as I closed them together, engulfing his huge hard prick between my pendulous melons.

Slowly I began to move my breasts up and down the thick pole.

"Look at that baby, look at mommy using her big tits to fuck your monster cock." I said as I banged my jugs hard down the pulsing cock, feeling his big balls slap against them.

I leaned my face down and watched his cock pistoning back and forth, the big head of his jutting cock banging against my chin.

I opened my mouth and using my breasts guided the big cock head into my mouth. I kept pumping my tits along the full length of my son's giant cock, licking and sucking the head every time I jerked down and forced his dong back into my mouth.

He groaned louder as I spent ten minutes tit-fucking my son, slamming that monstrous meat between my big mommy rack.

"Oh yes baby, mommy likes that, your big knob banging mommy's titties," I said as I continued to spit and dribble over the pounding truncheon.

My tits were getting wet and slippery from a mixture of my spit and his thick pre-cum. His cock continued to slide through the crack in my boobs and I squeezed them tighter together to hold his dick even firmer between them.

What a sight this was, a horny mother on her knees between her naked young son's legs, slapping and fucking his big fuck stick between her big pendulous tits.

"Want mommy to suck it baby?" I asked him.

He just smiled wide and nodded, his eyes closed and his head thrown back against the back of the sofa.

I slipped my hands away from around my boobs and let them fall from his cock. In a flash I gripped tightly around the huge fucking shaft and again began to slap him off hard, pounding my fist up and down the wet shaft.

I brought my mouth wide open, down around the big bulging cockhead, wrapping my lips around the thick shaft, breathing hard through my nose and shoving it to the back of my throat.

I slammed my mouth down the length, letting my spit run down to his balls. I pumped his cock for all I was worth, whacking my hand along the entire length, smacking his big heavy balls then whipping it back up to hit myself in the mouth.

I swirled my tongue around the knob head that filled my mouth, before taking it deeper until it made me gag. My son's big beautiful cock tasted so wonderful, the abnormally thick pre-cum swished around my mouth until I swallowed hard and felt it slide down my throat.

"OH YES MOMMY," he cried out as I looked up at him.

His chest heaved as he breathed harder. His stomach muscles contracted and expanded as he reached down to grip my head.

I felt him pulling my head down harder onto his cock, his upward thrusts got faster and I removed my hands from his cock and placed them on his legs.

My son was now in control; he held my face and fucked my mouth, shoving his huge thick prick as deep into my throat as he could go. The intense feeling of my son fucking my face overwhelmed me, I was gagging on the huge fuck shaft and my spit was dripping from my chin and off of his cock and landing on my pendulous swaying tits.

My eyes began to water as my son kept pounding his monster dick into my mouth, forcing a good 7 inches down my throat, banging my tonsils and slipping down.

My son had not controlled me like this before, he was growing in sexual confidence and my cunt dripped with excitement.

After a while he stood up and pulled his giant cock from my mouth. I coughed and spluttered, breathing hard. He stood above me, as I kneeled at his feet, trying to catch my breath.

When I had composed myself a little I looked up. His mammoth cock swayed from side to side, it dripped with spit and looked very angry as it throbbed and pulsated.

He reached down and took my arms, pulling me up to my feet. I immediately threw my arms around his neck and pulled him close against me, opening my mouth and pushing my tongue into his.

I ran my hands down his back, scrapping my fingernails down and over his tight ass. I slapped his butt hard and again dragged my fingernails across his ass cheeks.

His hands ran wild over my body, gripping my hips before moving down and planting three firm hard slaps on my ass.

The spanking sounds filled the room as our mouths continued to collide around each others.

This was not just my son that I held in my arms but a real man.

Eventually I broke the kiss and said to him firmly,


I pushed him aside and threw myself onto the couch. I climbed up and moved my ass high into the air, throwing my upper body over the back of the couch and planting my knees firmly into the cushions. I was in a perfect ass fucking position.


I watched over my shoulder as my son moved close against me, I felt his huge cock tap against my pussy and my cunt tightened expecting to be invaded, but tonight my ass needed to prepare.

I looked back round and savoured the feeling of my son who now had his monster cock in his hand and was stroking the big wet knob head along my pussy lips, slapping it against my clit and teasing me with it.

I closed my eyes preparing for what was coming next, expecting to feel his cock against my asshole, but he did not.

Instead I felt his tongue lapping at my ass, the sensation of having my son's tongue whirling around my butt was so amazing.

I looked around and saw his face buried between my ass cheeks, his tongue poking and probing my butthole.

"FUCKING....SHIT....YES" I screamed as he continued to work his mouth and tongue around, lapping at my ass and now his fingers working my wide open wet cunt.

I felt three fingers slide into my pussy and I gripped my muscles tight around them. He quickly began to plunge his fingers deeper inside me, finger fucking his mother while his tongue worked on my ass.

I was screaming with pleasure as I gripped tightly onto the back of the sofa trying to stop my weak knees from buckling underneath me.


I felt a huge orgasm about to rush through me, my son's tongue kept jabbing and licking my ass, his fingers ramming my cunt.

My pussy flooded as my muscles tightened. I gushed my cum all over his thrusting fingers and out onto his face.

I screamed and shuddered as his mouth and fingers continued to cause me this massive orgasm. I kept on riding the waves of ecstasy for one of the biggest longest orgasms I had ever experienced. I had no idea my son's tongue on my ass would have that effect on me.

Two more intense orgasms quickly followed as I grinded my ass into my son's face, coating his mouth and tongue in my pouring love juices.

After a while I breathlessly moaned to him.


With that he stood up and I looked back to watch him get into position. He took his mighty swinging tool in his hand and again guided it towards my wet wide open holes. This time I felt the big wet knob head touch my asshole and I knew the time had come.

I gripped the back of the sofa hard and forced my knees deeper into the cushions. I gritted my teeth and tried to relax my ass muscles.

"Ready Mom?" Mike asked confidently.


I felt him push his cock forwards and my sphincter open for him. I inhaled deeply as I felt him push through and the big thick head slide into me. My ass was so wet from the good tonguing he had given me and his cock still dripped from my blowjob that it was actually quite easy for him to slide into my butt.

I clenched my teeth and tightly closed my eyes as the first two or three inches of his fuck stick entered my ass.


I screamed as my horse hung son forced more of his monster schlong into me. He was quite gentle at first but started to get more confident as inch after inch slid up me.

I could feel my ass expanding around the huge shaft and it going deeper into my bowels.

After a few slow minutes he had managed to get about six inches of his meat up me and I was getting used to the feeling of that donkey dick being up my backside.


I held on tight as I felt him pull his cock back a few inches and then shove it right back up. It felt like a baseball bat was being rammed up my ass. My hole felt ready to rip apart with the huge reaming it was being given by my stud son.

"FUCK......YES.......FUCK......FUCK.....FUCK.....FUCK THAT ASS" I screamed at the top of my voice, as he quickened his pace and began to really start shagging my ass hard.

Loud, wet slapping sounds filled the room as he heightened my pleasure by bringing his hand firmly down across my ass cheeks.



He spanked me hard, sending a shiver shooting up my spine. My pussy contracted and dripped as he battered my asshole, ramming a good six or seven inches into me with every thrust.

My big tits swung and clapped together underneath my bent over body, banging into the sofa and slapping back together.

I jerked forwards everytime he pounded against me, his big balls swinging and hitting my clit.

"YES MOMMY, TAKE MY HUGE DICK," he told me forcefully as he kept screwing his cock into my shitter.

"YOU ARE ONE HOT PIECE OF FUCKING ASS MOM," he yelled, which sent me over the edge and my pussy again flooded with another big orgasm, gushing my love juices out and onto the couch.

Our fucking was so intense, my ass clenched and contracted around the vast hugeness of his pounding hard cock. I could feel the head of it banging against the depths of my insides and seconds later another huge orgasm swept through me.

After five minutes of him ramming and reaming my ass I was beginning to grow weak. My legs felt like jelly and my breathing was very heavy. I felt light headed and my ass was on fire.


I did not have any strength left in my body to push myself backwards to meet his hard thrusts; my son would need to do all the work and work he did.

He was like a fucking machine, he kept ripping at my ass, shoving his monster cock into me, then swiftly pulling it back and then ramming it back home. He gripped my hips and fucked his snake into me for all he was worth.

Yet another massive orgasm shot through me and gushed out of my cunt. I wanted to reach under and touch my clit but I had to hold onto the back of the sofa to be able to withstand his massive hard thrusts up my ass.

I could not believe my son's stamina. I had my ass muscles clenched tight around his cock and I thought sure he would explode inside me at any moment, but he just kept on fucking.


I continued to take inch after inch of his tree trunk dick up my shitter. He was banging hard, his big balls kept slapping my clit and the force of his body kept jerking me forward.

A few moments later I felt him pulling his cock from my ass. With a huge loud pop it sprung out, my ass muscles relaxed but I now felt empty without it inside me.

I thought for sure that he was about to cum but he grabbed my arms behind me and pulled me up from the sofa. I was so weak that I could not stand and I fell against him.

"SIT ON IT MOMMY, SIT YOUR ASS ON MY COCK," he commanded and I could only oblige.

He fell onto the sofa and dragged me down with him. I threw my legs over him and grabbed his cock, guiding it to my well fucked asshole. In a flash it was back up my ass, splitting me in two and filling my insides. I gripped my son around the neck and held him tight, pulling his upper body against mine. I tried to muster the strength in my legs to be able to bounce my ass off of his lap, but I was so weakened.

I tried to sit down hard and take as much of his cock up me as I could, I grinded down and began to ride his dick, feeling my insides being stretched out by the big fat baseball bat cock.

He brought his hands around and spread my asscheeks wide, whilst I grinded and slowly forced myself down onto his throbbing erect man-meat. It really looked like a scene from a porn movie, some filthy slut being fucked up the ass by some huge dicked porn star.

I suddenly thought about the video camera that I still had in my wardrobe upstairs, maybe me and my son could make a porn movie, a dirty incestuous porn movie?.

My mind was instantly brought back to the monstrous thick prick that was so skilfully fucking up my ass. I looked down at my son below me and saw that look on his face, the look somewhere between pain and pleasure, the look of a young boy that was about to cum.


I yanked his hair and forced another half inch of his cock in my ass, I could feel it ripping at my skin and it felt like my ass would rip in two.

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