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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 06

by blackfen©

He gripped two handfuls of my ass cheeks and pulled me in tight against him. Then I felt his fucking rhythm slow and his cock jerk and throb inside my bowels. Then my ass was filled right up.

Three massive jets of spunk fired so deep inside me, I thought it would blast right up into my throat. My ass quivered and clenched as my son's cum filled my insides.


I could feel the cum covering his pounding cock and sliding down the shaft, out of my ass and ending in a huge dump on his balls.

I kept riding him as endless streams of cum heated my insides and jack hammered into me.

I thrust my tits forwards and banged them hard into his face, where he quickly took my breast into his mouth, biting on the nipple.

He groaned loudly as I slowly eased my ass finally off of his dick. As I did so and that massive length vacated my ass, a huge amount of cum shot out and landed in a puddle on his upper leg and dripped down onto the sofa.

My ass throbbed and burned, wet with his cum and stretched so wide by the huge fat fuck stick.

"Oh my dirty little fucked mommy's ass so good with that giant dick, mommy loves you so much baby."

I climbed down and slapped my tits across his dripping wet and still hard cock. Covering my boobs in his cum, leaving them wet and sticky.

I laid out across him and kissed him hard, our tongues again exploring and probing each others mouths.

I reached down and took his tool back in my hand giving it a few long strokes, and trying to scoop up the cum that was still on it. I then reached round and rubbed it against my burning, well reamed asshole.

For a while we just sprawled out on the sofa, me laid out on top of him, our bodies in a tangled mess. We were both sweaty and the smell of sex was almost overwhelming. On the sofa great puddles of spunk lay drying. We kissed and licked and nibbled each other, neither of us saying a word until I looked him in the eyes and said,

"Well baby boy, you did it son, you fucked your mothers ass..and you fucked it so well. That massive mommy fucking cock just rammed my ass so good and hard, thank you baby."

"That was so amazing mom, I love fucking your ass, it was so tight up there," he said with a big silly smile.

"Well sweetie" I replied, cupping his young innocent looking face in my hands. "I think from now on, mommy's ass will need as much attention as my pussy baby... you are now officially mommy's big dicked ass fucker"

to be continued....two more chapters to finish it.

Written by: blackfen

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories