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A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 29

by rivertown_rat©

Part 29: Step-Sons and Sisters and Incest, Oh my!

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing, incest, and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.


May 05/26/09 10:44PM


I seems my prediction about Jeff's behavior was correct, unfortunately, although it sounds like you handled it pretty well. I have to wonder if Nathan and Eric saw anything. Time will tell I guess.

What I'm wondering about is Jeff's wife's attitude. I remember you telling me at Easter that she just smiled when he put his hand up under your sweater right in front of her. Was it the same on Memorial day and why do you think she's acting like this? Most wives would be quite disapproving of such behavior by their husbands.

I imagine that you have already picked out and sent the ten pictures to Jeff. I'd like to hear a quick description of them. I'd also like to talk more about your feelings when you went into the bathroom to compose yourself after your encounter with Jeff in the kitchen. Were you flushed and out of breath because you were angry, or were there other feelings in play? You said you were feeling humiliated and in the past that has led to feelings of arousal. Is it possible that, despite your feelings of disgust for Jeff, you were still getting sexually excited?

I can't wait to hear about the rest of your Memorial Day BBQ and the conversation with Joe afterwords.

Affectionately yours,


May 05/28/09 11:17PM


Yes, unfortunately you were correct about Jeff. And we don't have to wait to find out what Joe's boys saw. They told him on the way to the airport. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First I need to tell you about the end of the barbeque.

After Joe took Nathan and Eric to the airport everybody else started leaving too. Jeff and his family were the last ones out. He sent his wife and son out to the car and said he was going to go to the bathroom quick before the drive home. Once they were gone however, he pushed me against the wall and pressed my hand against his erection saying, "Soon you are going to get your chance at this. Joe has told me how much you want it."

I wanted to tell him how wrong he was, but I didn't want to contradict what Joe had supposedly told him. I think he took my silence as confirmation because then he kissed me hard on the mouth with lots of tongue. Fortunately that only lasted a few seconds, but then he pulled up my shirt and bra baring my breasts.

He said, "Your tits are even nicer in person Sharon."

I was too embarrassed to say anything. Besides I don't think that anything I could have said would have had the slightest effect on him.

As he turned to leave he says, "Don't worry, you'll get your wish soon enough."

I didn't like the sound of that.

When Joe came home I told him about Jeff and what he had said. I asked him what he had been telling his brother. He admitted to me that he told Jeff that I fantasized about giving him a blowjob and fucking him, but that I was too embarrassed to tell him. Joe also told him that I was too submissive to act on my impulses and that Jeff would have to be the initiator. That certainly explains a lot.

Joe also told me that his sons had noticed how Jeff was treating me. In fact, they had gotten a glimpse of his hand coming out from under my shirt when they first arrived. They asked Joe if something was "going on" between me and Jeff. He said he told them, "They are just really close."

Apparently they then told their father that it looked like I didn't really want Jeff's attention. Joe responded by saying, "Your step-mother just doesn't like PDA (public displays of affection)."

I guess Nathan (the older one) asked just how "close" Jeff and I were. Joe said that he told them we were "intimate". He then went on to give them a fiction about me being sexually insatiable (like he told Tommy), but also that in my family it was normal to have sex with your family members. He told them that my mother had regular sex with my Uncle Herman, but didn't tell them he was her brother in law, not her brother. He also told them that my sister and I had been sexually involved, but failed to mention it was just experimentation when we were teens.

So now they think that I'm a sex starved nymphomaniac that's having sex with all my family members except them. Great. I was hoping that you were wrong about Joe trying to set me up with his sons, but now I can see you were probably right. I'm not sure I can handle all these new incestuous developments and I told Joe that straight out.

His response was, "That's OK. We'll just take it slow."

Sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into this time. I suppose it's too late to go back to the way it was before. Do I even want to? Sure I'm enjoying myself (a lot), but where is it all going? I guess we'll find out together.

Your friend,


May 05/28/09 11:55PM


Given how aggressive Jeff is becoming, I don't think it will be too long before you find yourself on your knees with his cock in your mouth. I know you've been hoping to delay that for as long as possible, but I just don't see him waiting much longer.

There's something else I'd like to ask you about. Do you remember a little while back you asked me about incest and I had you tell me about relatives that you would fuck if Joe asked? Why didn't you mention Nathan and Eric? It seems to me that if Joe is interested in you having sex with his relatives, that his boys would be at the top of the list. Given the fiction told them about you, it's obvious that's the case. What do you think about having sex with them?

Where is it all going? I think that's clear. Joe is trying to draw out the submissive slut that he thinks is inside of you. I don't know how much your inner "horny girl" fits that bill, but one way or another I think you will end up fulfilling Joe's vision. That's the end-game. How long it will take I don't know, but I would like to be there with you every step of the way.

Supportively yours,


May 05/29/09 10:31AM


I have a few more things to tell you that I forgot last night. Actually I think I was just too tired. I know I have been pretty busy lately with work, but yesterday was my last day for the year. The seniors graduate next week and the existing staff can easily handle the last week of school without me. So my summer vacation starts today.

You also asked about the 10 pictures I promised to send to Joe's brother. As you guessed I had already sent them by the time I received your email. As he requested I sent Jeff one with me on my knees giving Tommy a blowjob. In the picture you can only see Tommy from the waist down, but I can tell it's him. I attached that one to this email for you. I hope you appreciate the courage it took for me to do that. The rest were pictures of the kids fucking me in one position or another. I don't know why Jeff wants so many. After a while they all look alike. Maybe someday I'll work up the nerve to send you some of those.

I hope you are not right about Jeff this time, but I'm afraid you might be. I know I kind of ducked a question a couple of emails ago about my emotions when I was cornered by Jeff in the kitchen and pressured into sending him more pictures. I said that I was flushed and breathing hard because I was angry and that was partially true. I've thought about it quite a bit the last few days and I've had to admit to myself that I was also turned-on in a strange way. The humiliation of letting that man that I despise handle me that way was arousing. My arousal embarrassed me too, which only made it worse.

I wanted to tell him no, to push him away, but I couldn't. I felt trapped between my disgust and my lust. Part of me was so happy when he let me go, but another part of me was disappointed. That's why I needed the time in the bathroom to collect myself.

Why didn't I mention Nathan and Eric before now? Frankly I forgot about them. I know that sounds dumb, but you have to realize that although Joe's boys are not estranged from him, he has not played much of a role in their lives and we don't talk about them often. From what I gather Joe spent a lot of time away from home building his business during his first marriage. He blames his inattention to his family as a big reason for the divorce.

He told me that he never felt real close to his boys even before then, but after the divorce Jenny moved out west and took them with her. Sure Joe had visitation rights, but he hardly ever saw them due to the distance and the business. Joe admitted to me that in those days he probably loved the challenge of making the business successful more than his family. Later he told me he regretted that, but it was too late. I think that's why he sometimes smothers me a little.

Anyway, when we were talking about me having sex with relatives I thought of people I see at family functions and that are in the general area. Joe's boys just didn't come to mind. In a way they don't seem like relatives at all. Now that I think about it though, I'm sure you are right that Joe would love to see them have sex with their step mother and has something in the plans.

Nathan is the older brother. He is tall and lanky, about 6'2" and 180lbs. Nathan just graduated from college recently and is now working as an architect. Eric is more like his father, a little more compact and athletic than his older brother. In fact he is the same height as his father, 5'10" and 200lbs, but he is lean and muscular. I imagine that Joe looked much like Eric at that age. Eric recently finished trade school to become a plumber, but not the kind you call to fix your sink. He's a commercial plumber and currently works for a company that specializes in installing chemical handling systems. Neither is married and as far as I can tell not in a serious relationship right now. I think Nathan is just too much of a workaholic like his father. Eric is clearly enjoying playing the field.

How would I feel about fucking Nathan and Eric? Well, they are both hansom men like their father, so in that department I have no objections. In a way they would be easier than Jeff since I hardly know them. It might be just like the other kids. On the other hand, they are Joe's children and my step sons, so that might make it awkward. Overall I guess they would be higher on my list than Jeff or my Uncle Herman.

Despite the fact that Dave came over after work on Wednesday and gave me a good long fuck, I'm still really horny. Tommy told me he might drop by today. I really hope he does. I might call him and beg if he doesn't call me soon. I know how that sounds, but I really need a cock in me today. You're the only person I can say these things to. Thanks for being there for me.

Wet kisses,


May 05/29/09 5:53PM


You don't have to thank me; it's a joy to receive your emails and be able to write back. Still, you are most welcome my beautiful lady. Actually I need to thank you for the picture. I have seen many pictures of women sucking cock, but I can honestly say the one you sent is the hottest I've ever seen. It is so obvious by the look on your face that you are enjoying it as much as him. You are simply amazing.

What I find most interesting in your last email is your feelings about Joe's brother. On the surface it appears that you are conflicted, but in reality you are not. Here's why I say that: the turn-on for a submissive is being compelled to do things that they would never choose to do themselves. The reason is that performing these taboo activities creates feelings of embarrassment and humiliation. For some reason these feelings are wired to the sexual pleasure center in the submissive's brain. So the more taboo the activity, the less they want to do it, but the more pleasurable it is when they do.

Now having sex with your brother-in-law is certainly taboo, but there's more to it for you. His attitude towards women, and you specifically, would make it even more humiliating to have sex with him because it would confirm that attitude. That humiliation fans the flames of your sexual arousal even higher than normal. So having sex with him will be like going out in public wearing your collar; it will be difficult to do but will be a huge turn-on when it finally happens.

I guess I can understand how you could forget about your step-sons, considering the situation. Please tell me a little more about them. This will help me paint the proper mental picture when we discuss them.

I hope you got that cock you were craving. Let me know how it turned out when you called Tommy.

Appreciatively yours,


May 05/30/09 3:05AM


I'm glad you liked the picture and thank you for the compliment. That means a lot to me.

In regards to Jeff there are other reasons I don't like him besides his ideas about women. He's arrogant and stupid too. Always a bad combination. But I think you hit the nail on the head about why I'm getting turned-on and repulsed by him at the same time. Given how strong my feelings are I'll probably cum and throw up at the same time when I finally do have sex with him.

I did finally break down and call Tommy yesterday. I told him I missed him and asked if he could come over. He said, "You mean you missed my cock. Isn't that right?"

I answered, "Yes, that's right."

Then he replied, "I don't have time today."

I begged, "Oh please Tommy, I need your cock in me today." I was only half acting.

To which he says, "I told you I can't. You'll just have to do yourself if you're that horny."

I was desperate, so I said, "I'll do that for you."

To which he asked, "What?"

I answered, "I'll masturbate for you if you come over and fuck me."

He says, "OK, if you fuck yourself with a dildo until you cum, I'll fuck you."

I say, "I don't have a dildo. (true) Please, I'll make it good anyway."

To which he answers, "Stick your finger in your pussy."

I ask him why and he tells me to just to it. So I insert a finger and tell him, "OK, it's in."

Then he asks, "Are you wet?"

I tell him I am and he instructs me to "finger fuck" myself while he drives over, but not to "finish" until he gets here. He says, "You better be very wet when I get there, slut."

After he hung up I kept sliding my finger in and out. Once in a while I would rub my clit, but I was careful not to cum. When he arrived I let him in and he immediately checked my finger. It was still wet from my juices which made him happy.

We went up to the spare bedroom where he had me strip and masturbate to orgasm. After that he fucked me hard and fast. He didn't last very long, but I still came two more times, and pretty strong too. As he left he told me to buy a dildo "for next time".

Paul, I honestly have no idea where to buy such a thing. I've never needed or been interested in one, so I don't even know what's good and what's junk. Can you give me some suggestions?

After supper tonight Joe wanted to talk about gang bangs again. He's really interested in an all black GB and has mentioned talking to Dave about it. He said that Dave's cousin Jamal has thrown several parties that turned into orgies, so Dave thinks he could easily put together a GB. I told Joe I'd at least like to meet Jamal before doing something like that. He said that could be arranged.

He asked me about how many I'd like at this all black GB. I said that it was still up to him to pick a number. He insisted that I set an upper limit. Given my experience in Pittsburgh and the full GB will all the kids I felt I could handle quite a bit more. I also didn't want to place too many limitations on him, so I said 12 was the upper limit. He seemed surprised, but happy. I hope I don't live to regret that number.

Joe also talked more about the father-son thing. I'm not sure if he was thinking of himself or his brother. I'm not sure how something like that would work, but Joe is inventive, so it will happen eventually.

That's all I have time for now.

Your horny friend,


May 05/30/09 1:44PM


It certainly seems like Tommy is getting a little more creative. I get the feeling that he was improvising yesterday when he had you masturbate while he was on his way over. That doesn't seem like something that Joe could have anticipated and coached about beforehand. Sure I can help you find a good dildo. In fact, I'd like to make this another challenge for you to complete.

What I want you to do is locate an adult book store and/or clothing store within driving distance. Google will be your friend in this regard. I don't think you'll have any problem finding one. That's the easy part. Next time you have the time I want you to put on either your collar or your t-shirt (from the previous challenge) and go to the store you located. If you wear the collar it can't be covered up, it must be plainly visible.

Once you get there, select a dildo and buy it. Now selecting something like this is a very personal decision, but I can give you some advice. For your first one I think a "natural shape" one best. As far as materials go I think the newer "Cyber Skin" feel the most natural, followed by the various jells. The next question is vibrator or no vibrator. All things being equal I would get one with a vibrator. You don't have to use it all the time, but it's an option for those times that you do. That being said, I think most of the better ones don't have a built in vibe. So I would look at shape, size, and material first and select on those criteria. A built in vibe would be last.

So there's your challenge. Let me know when you complete it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your shopping experience.

I think I understand about the all black GB fantasy. There's still a taboo element associated with interracial sex for most people. There's also a bit of mystique about black men and their sexual prowess, but for me I just like the skin color contrast. My wife is very pale because of her Norwegian genes, so when I image her sandwiched between a couple of men with very dark skin it's a big turn-on. When they are penetrating her it would be so easy to see exactly where his skin stops and hers starts. But an upper limit of twelve? That's double the previous GB. I hope you know there's a good chance that he will try to push it to the limit if he can. Of course there's always the possibility that he won't be able to find twelve black guys that he can trust. That may be the only thing that saves you.

I get the father-son thing too. It's hard to explain, but the age difference between the two is a big factor. Kind of like surf and turf, or sweet and sour. It will be interesting to see how Joe arranges it.

Your challenging friend,


May 05/31/09 9:12AM


Thanks for the new challenge. You're such a peach. Actually I shouldn't complain since I did ask for your help, even if I was expecting pointers to a few websites. I should be able to get some time to go shopping alone during the week when Joe is at work.

Now I have to tell you about yesterday. Joe went to a baseball game in the afternoon and I went out shopping with Jeanne. I bought another pair of heels and a nice sun dress that caught my eye. Mostly though we just window shopped and talked. On the way home we stopped at a little cafe to get something to eat since I knew Joe would not be home for a few hours yet.

We each had a couple of glasses of wine with our food. We talked about a lot of things but eventually the conversation turned to my sex life. Apparently she had not talked to Joe recently and was not "up to date", so I told her what we had been doing since the GB. She asked a lot of questions about Joe's birthday party and apologized that she had forgotten it.

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