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A Job in the Theatre Ch. 16

by BothWorld©

Chapter 16 -- Dominant, hard to decide

Making Gary my bitch

Paula got to the theatre early Thursday and got dressed and did her makeup. There was still at least an hour before the curtain went up. She knew Gary would be waiting for her in his dressing room. She knew his cock would be hard too. She could just imagine the thoughts going through his head.

She walked next door and entered his room. He was alone. She could see the smile on his face as he noticed her in his mirror. She had plans for that smile this evening. She wondered if he would be smiling when she left. As she walked towards him he turned in his chair and spread his legs. The implication was clear. She glanced down to see the familiar bulge in his pants.

But she didn't drop to her knees as he expected. No, she walked right up to where he was sitting, standing to his side, with her crotch level to his head. She could see his eyes darting to her crotch.

Her standing so close was making him nervous. "I have been thinking about you" she said sensuously. "Have you been thinking about me?" He wasn't sure what to say. There was no way he was going to admit the nasty thoughts that had been driving his masturbatory sessions since they last met.

"You know what I think?" she continued, "I think you have been thinking about me. I bet you have been thinking about my cock. I bet you are wondering if it is hard...aren't you?" She leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Why don't you take a look?"

His eyes darted to her skirt once again.

"Go on...lift my skirt...take a look" she whispered. Gary could feel his hands sweat. He took her skirt and held it up. She was wearing cute little lace panties that were oh so feminine. And yes, she was hard.

"That's what you do to me..." she whispered. "Touch it...I know you want too. I want to feel your hand on me." Gary bit his lower lip. He had thought about this so much. He reached up and put his hand on the bulge. A bolt of electrical energy shot through him just like last time. What was happening to him? Why did he get so excited from touching her cock?

"Feels nice...doesn't it?" she continued. Gary managed to nod his head. He had already started to explore. He worked his way down to feel her balls. The cool silk felt so good to his touch. Feeling her cock was making him so horny. His eyes darted over to the closed door. It was just the two of them. Nobody knew the things they did together.

"But you want more...don't you?" she whispered. He did want more. His curiosity was driving him crazy. What was he waiting for? Wasn't this exactly what he had been masturbating too the last several days?

"Of course you do..." she continued, "How many times have you thought about many times have you thought about putting my cock in your mouth Gary?"

He had thought of nothing else since they last met. He wanted to do it so bad. What was he waiting for? Why couldn't he do it?

"You want that cock so bad...don't you?" she continued, "Show me me how badly you want it...kiss it...that's right...pull my cock out...put your lips together and kiss it...right on the tip."

As if in a trance, he reached into her cute little lace panties, pulled her cock free and while holding it in his hand, leaned in and kissed it right on the tip.

"That's it Gary...very nice" she smiled. "See how easy that was? Don't you just love the way a nice hard cock feels against your lips? There is nothing else like it in the there? You have no idea how good it feels inside your you? I know you want too...But first you have to convince me...convince me Gary...convince me that I should let you put my cock in your mouth."

Paula could see the slightest hint of sweat forming on his forehead. Gary's eyes were glued to the cock in his hand. It was all so wrong, so beautifully wrong. This was definitely gay he thought. He kissed the tip of her cock once again. She said nothing, so he did it again.

"I'm not convinced Gary..." she whispered. "You'll have to do better if you want my cock in your mouth..."

He was so close, so close to sucking her cock, he couldn't fail now. But what else could he do? He started kissing up and down her shaft. He could feel himself falling. He rubbed her cock across his lips. He had to suck her cock, had too. He kissed and rubbed falling deeper into the abyss.

"That's better are getting closer...closer to having my cock between your lips...but I need more Gary...I need more..."

He was so horny. He kissed her cock in every fashion he could think of. Then his lips bumped up against her balls. So he moved down and started kissing them as well.

"Now you are talking want what's in there...don't you? Lick them Gary...lick my balls."

He took one long lick of her balls. He couldn't believe what he was doing. Then he took another. He was beside himself. He couldn't wait to feel her hardness between his lips. He licked them over and over again driving himself into a frenzy.

"Mm...that's it you are ready...ready to suck my cock" she cooed. He raised his head up to her cock. She had no idea how ready he was.

"Open your lips baby" she said watching. He did and she thrust her hips forward driving her cock right into his mouth. "Is it as good as you dreamed?" she asked. But he didn't hear her. He was too busy sucking her cock.

Gary sucked and slurped, caressed and kissed, massaged and pumped. He had obviously given a great deal of thought to this very moment. Paula was quite pleased. She let him explore, let him experience all those things that lingered in his erotic imagination.

"That's it baby...nice and slow...feels good doesn't it...yes I know it does...and now you know too...don't worry baby...I won't tell anyone that you are a cock sucker." He was loosing control...just as he always did.

Paula glanced down at Gary. It had all been so easy. She was going to turn supposedly straight Gary into a full blown dick worshipping, ball licking, cum slut. She took his face in her hands. She looked him in the eye and said, "Now I am going to fuck your mouth." Gary's eyes grew big with excitement.

She started thrusting her hips forward driving her cock past his lips. Gary quickly slipped into a more submissive role right away. He sat back and provided his mouth for her to fuck. He loved feeling her cock pistoning inside his mouth, her balls slapping against his chin. She had completely taken over. She dominated him now, used him for her pleasure...and he found that incredibly exciting.

God how she loved the power. She could feel her orgasm coming. She was going to pump him so full of cum. "Aaaarrgggghhhhhhh" she screamed as her orgasm took over.

She summoned all her control and thrust her hips forward. "MMMMMM" she screamed again as the next spurt surged through her cock. She held her cock flush against Gary's face. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she gritted pumping more cum down Gary's throat.

Gary loved it more than she did. The feeling of her cock exploding in his mouth caused him to climax in his pants. The ecstasy of being submissive to her was underscored with each hot jet of sperm shooting down his throat.

She pulled her cock from his mouth. She looked down to see that her control of Gary was complete. "Kiss it Gary...that's right...put your lips together and kiss your new lover...right there on the tip" she said. Gary did not hesitate. "And put these on. Don't ever let me catch you wearing anything else...understand?" she said handing him her panties. He put them on quickly stunned by the wonderful feel of silk.

Mission accomplished, she thought, as she left the room.

An interesting invitation

She was removing her stage makeup after the show when her cell rang. There were not many people who had this cell number as she had gotten after she had become Paula Van Horn. In fact, there were two.


"Lovely performance" said the rich baritone voice. A smile spread across her face. "I was wondering if you had plans this evening."

"I do now."

She finished removing her stage makeup and quickly applied her regular makeup. She had just worn a skirt and top to the theatre that evening and was not prepared to go on a date with Ted. She made a mental note to keep a few things in her dressing room so this wouldn't happen again. She brushed her hair and fixed her lipstick and headed for the back door of the theatre where Ted was waiting.

He gave her a quick kiss and said, "You look fabulous."

"Oh, I do not. You caught me unprepared" she smiled slipping into the back of the limo. Ted was right behind her. No sooner had he closed the door than Paula's hand found its way to his crotch. Roxy put the car in gear and they glided silently onto the street.

"I swear you are getting better with each performance" Ted gushed.

"I bet you tell that to all your actresses" she smiled squeezing his cock. "So tell me. Where are you taking me?" she asked feeling his cock expand.

"Oh I don't know. What are you in the mood for?" he asked.

She squeezed his cock hard between her fingers. He was well on his way to a full erection. "Well...I am simply starved. I'm in the mood for a little something to eat" she grinned. There was always an undertone of sex to everything she did or said. He loved that about her. He started going through all the possible restaurants they could go to the way she was dressed. As he did, she said, "So why don't you take me to Sarah's and feed me."

Roxy pulled the huge car into the drive and opened the rear door. Paula and Ted walked through the front door and straight back to her bedroom. He closed the door behind them and turned her around and kissed her.

Her hand glided naturally to his crotch and latched onto his erection. She worked her fingers up his length to the tip and then teased him unmercifully. He started groaning into her mouth as his excitement grew.

She was so at home playing with his huge cock. She would never get tired of it. To this day she was still completely intrigued by its size and shape. She knew his balls were filled with an ocean of cum. She couldn't wait for him to hose her down.

Ted was beside himself. She knew exactly what to do and how. He loved that about her. He unzipped her top and pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor. Their lips met again as he fumbled with her bra and she with his zipper. No sooner were her breasts freed when she hit her knees and took his lovely cock between her lips.

She danced her tongue along his slit, but there was nothing there but the feel of his velvety soft flesh. She would fix that. She traced her tongue along his helmet, lingering at his slit before making another round. She sucked the tip of his cock between her lips quickly and then released it just as quickly. She repeated that move several times popping just the head of his cock between her lips quickly.

"Ahhhh yeah" Ted hissed trying to unbuckle his pants. He hastily pushed them to the floor and pulled his underwear off as well. Now his cock was swaying back and forth in front of Paula glistening with her saliva.

He grabbed it at the base and ran it seductively across her lips. "Is this what you want baby?" He reached behind her with his other hand and grabbed a shock full of hair. He tugged on it firmly exerting his power, but not enough to hurt her.

Paula instantly found herself thrust into a world of submission. His nice thick cock rubbing across her lips was now leaking what she craved. "You know it is" she moaned opening her mouth doing her best to capture his cock.

But he pulled back denying her. Her eyes opened, raced up to find his. He saw the look of disappoint across her face. He smiled sensuously and pushed his cock into her mouth.

She took as much of him as she possibly could. She loved having her mouth filled with that huge cock.

"Do you like that baby? Huh? Do you like that big cock?"

She pulled free of it just long enough to say, "Yes, know I do...I love it."

"You are such a cock whore..."

"You know I am...I love big cocks" she said taking it back down her throat.

He gently rocked back and forth feeding her cock. She was one of the best cock suckers he had ever experienced.

"I am having a poker game at the beach house Thursday night. I just happen to know that a few of the guys have especially large cocks. Are you interested?"

"Of course I am" she said before slipping his cock back into her mouth.

"Why don't you come over? It's a boy's you will need a cover. I've got it. You can be our server. You and Sarah can come up with an appropriate uniform. The boys will buy that easy enough."

She pulled his cock free, "Oh don't worry. I make sure of it."


To be continued...

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Written by: BothWorld

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