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Chronicles of Megan Ch. 01

by Theartofsex©

Chapter 01: Vibrations

The vibrations of the ground danced to the beat of the music, and Megan hazily stumbled through the body filled college apartment.

Jenny n Max mus be roun here somewhere, Megan forced the thought through her liquor filled mind. She put the large red cup she held to her lips, empty? She thought. Her head turned to the punch bowl across the room. I'v-only had one…I thin'. I c'n ave nother.

Megan was nineteen years old, and after transferring from a community college, this was her first semester away. Her roommate Jenny, a freshman, had practically dragged her to all the frat parties for the past three weekends. Megan was more of the quiet, shy type. She didn't like all the noise. Plus, all the college guys at the parties kept hitting on her, which would have been fine if what they were after wasn't written all over their faces, sex.

But Megan did like the alcohol. She had never drank back home, her parents were too strict. The frat parties had something called punch, which turned out to be a massive amount of vodka diluted by fruit punch to the point it could not be tasted. She liked the way she felt on it, even though she knew she acted very different. And right about now, it had fully kicked in.

Megan pushed her way thought the tightly packed room, her goal hazily in sight. A hand squeezed her toned butt through her tight jeans. She moaned, and she clumsily moved her hand to grab it, but it was already gone. The bodies surrounding her pushed her to the left. She would have fallen if not for hands supporting her. But the hands were doing more than that. She felt two on her butt, one of which moved further and further between her legs, and another caressed her flat stomach under her small, green spaghetti strap top. The hand rapidly moved up to her breasts, luckily she had worn a bra. "No, no'now!" She called out. "I jus wan punch."

"Punch?" A voice said from an unknown place. "Here, let me give you a hand."

Megan felt a tug on her wrist and she followed, unable to comprehend what was happening in her alcohol induced state. The unknown force led her to a small opening in the crowd, next to a wall. She looked to her wrist and saw that a hand had pulled her across the room. She followed it up a well-toned arm, and to a pair of strong shoulders, wrapped in a black t-shirt.

Her eyes skipped to his. Dark blue eyes were framed by black wavy hair, which fell to his forehead and around to the top of his ears. Megan felt a smile on her face, though she had not remembered forming one. She put out her hand but quickly lost her balance, "I'm Megghh-ooph!" She said, and fell onto his body; the top of her head just missed his chin. Sturdy arms embraced her, and Megan returned the favor, though she convinced herself that her returned embrace was only to hold her balance.

"Hello Megghh-ooph, my name is Parker, but you can call me Dark." Her savior said. "And it looks to me as if you've already had all the punch that will fit in that tiny body of yours, are you sure you want another?"

"I let-t out… peed, n I wan-nother." Megan slurred, still clung to Parker's body. "P-eese?" She looked up to his dark blue eyes with her beautiful deep brown.

Parker laughed. "Nice try, but I think you're going to have to sober up for that to work on me, babe. I won't get you any more punch."

The vibrations which ran through Parker's chest and into hers blocked out all words he formed, but the sensation ran electricity though her body. "Mmhhm," Megan moaned. She felt his hand brush her dark brown hair behind her ears, and she instinctively moved to her tippy-toes. Her eyes fell upon his lips, and they kissed.

"Meg? Megan? C'mon sweetie, we've got to get you home, you're drunk." A soft female voice spoke to Megan's side. "Where did you run off to anyway?" Megan felt a hand grab hers. "Max, MAX! She's over here."

Megan broke her embrace with Parker. "Jenny?" She asked, looking at a slender, young girl with blond, straight hair.

"Yeah, hey sweetie," She pulled Megan away from Parker. "We've got to go, cops are on their way."

"Cops?" Megan looked to Parker. "C'n you come?" She felt Jenny wrap an arm around her waist. Her body began to move with the direction of her friend. She looked back to Parker, only a few feet away. "Come," she said, and stretched out her hand.

Parker smiled, and embraced his hand into hers. Megan felt a pulse of energy transfer from the embrace, as if their connection was all that mattered.

Jenny let go of Megan's waist and grabbed her hand. Megan looked to her front to watch where her friends led her. She held onto Jenny's hand with dear life and hoped she would lead her and Dark out.

* * *

Megan felt cool air on her face, and she opened her eyes. Momentary confusion struck her as she saw the ground moving, but her feet floating above it. Then she looked down to see a man's back, clothed in a dark t-shirt, between her legs. She wrapped her hands more firmly around the body of the guy carrying her.

"So how'd you get the name Dark anyway?" She heard Max ask from the other side of Jenny, who stood next to Parker.

"It's a long story," Megan heard the guy carrying her say. The sound of his voice brought the preceding half hour back to her memory. "But basically, in high school I was, oddly enough, in the same class as two other Parker's. The other students always referred to me as the dark haired Parker, or the darker Parker, then just Dark."

"Dark'ssexy," Megan slurred, after she listened to the conversation.

Her companions laughed. "She speaks!" Max called out.

"Yeah, that's probably why you dragged him along, Megan you slut." Jenny grinned.

"B'tch," Megan replied.


"I wuv you Jenny,"

"I love you to Meggy,"

"Where we goin?" Megan asked.

"To the bus stop, cops kicked the party. We're heading back to campus." Parker said.

"ohh," Megan responded. "Hey Dark."


"You're touchin my butt." They all laughed. Megan felt Dark's finger's twitch beneath the toned cheeks of her ass, she moaned.

"Do you want me to put you down?" He asked.

"Ngghh," she shook her head no. "I like it." She smiled.

"Jeez Meg, we're gonna have to lock you up next time you drink. I swear Dark, she's never like this." Max explained.

"Alcohol does crazy things to people." Parker shifted Megan to relieve some of the stress on his tiring arms, luckily Megan was tiny, and rather light. "The bus!" He shouted.

They all looked to the front (except for Megan). The bus was already at the stop about five hundred feet away, and letting people on. They ran.

"Don' drop me!" Megan shouted.

* * *

Megan blinked, and she felt softness beneath her. Where's the bus? She thought. She heard footsteps, and assumed it was Jenny. "Where am I?" She asked.

"In your room," A deep voice answered. "You passed out again while we were riding the bus."

Megan propped herself up onto her elbows so she could look at who was talking to her. It was the guy she had run into earlier at the party. "I Me-meggan, nice meet you," Megan stumbled through her words, the alcohol still took its effect.

Dark laughed. "Well, please to meet you yet again, Megan. I see we are making progress, you got through most of that sentence with success this time." He grinned at her. "Call me Dark, we can introduce ourselves to a greater extent at a time you'll remember. You should probably get some rest now." He walked over and picked her up, he straightened her out on the bed and put her head on the pillow.

"No-tired," Megan grabbed Dark and pulled him off balance and onto the bed with her. Her soft breasts pushed into his hard chest. She kissed him. Her hands roamed his back and clumsily grabbed at his shirt.

He broke their kiss and propped himself up on an elbow. "Do you want me to stay?" He asked.

She nodded.

"Okay," Dark smiled and pulled off his shirt.

Megan moaned. She immediately began to run her hands over his well defined chest and abs.

"Just so you know, we're not having sex, I don't like taking advantage of drunk girls."

Megan gave Dark a pouty face, she groaned.

Dark stared at Megan. Her silky, dark brown hair fell to either side of her slender face and framed her matching brown eyes perfectly. "I must be crazy," He said, his eyes moved down her slender frame to her ample breasts, just larger than a single handful each. His eyes moved to her flat stomach and then to her flared hips, wrapped in skin-tight jeans. Dark looked back up to her face.

She nodded with a seductive smile.

"Uh-uh," he shook his head no. "We can talk tomorrow, get some rest," he said, and reached down to unbuckle his jeans. He slid his pants off and dropped them to the ground, revealing a pair of black and blue checkered boxers.

"Mhmm," He heard Megan moan, he chuckled. "You are relentless. I never sleep in jeans, don't get your hopes up." Dark glanced down to see her fingers midway through a failing attempt to undo the button on her jeans. "Want help with that?"

She nodded.

Dark undid her button and zipper with two flicks of his fingers. I may not want to take advantage of her, Dark thought. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy her unbelievable body. I don't think she'll mind. He wrapped his fingers around the top of her jeans. The skin of her hips felt soft and warm to the touch. He slowly worked her jeans down a couple inches. The tops of white cotton panties came into view.

Dark looked up, he saw her chest heaving faster and faster as he took her jeans lower and lower. A look of intensity crossed her face. "Do you mind giving me a hand?" He said, and she picked up her butt to allow her undress to continue. Dark moved his fingers to her back and slid the tight jeans slowly down her ass. His knuckles pressed into her firm butt beneath the cool cotton panties.

He moved his hands around and brought her jeans down to just above the point of her crotch, her womanhood, her sex. Dark worked her tight jeans down further and his fingers brushed her inner thighs and the borders of her panties. She moaned loudly, "Mmhm, oh aga'n."

Dark worked his fingers back and forth, and the jeans slowly came. His knuckles brushed roughly against her swollen mound, not altogether unintentionally. A throaty moan escaped her lips.

Just concentrate on the jeans, Dark told himself. God, even her panties are wet, he thought, looking between her legs. His heart beat faster and faster. She must be so horny. No, I can't. Not when she's drunk like this. He argued with himself. She'll probably pass out soon anyway. Besides, even if I wanted to, her roommate is right next to us, and having a good time from the looks of it.

Dark glanced over to Jenny's bed, she was on top of Max and they were vigorously making out. Though her blond hair showered down over their faces and obscured his sight.

Dark quickly finished taking off Megan's pants and moved up next to her. The same look of intensity remained on her face, and she continued to breathe hard. They became aware of clothes dropping to the ground in the next bed over, and turned to look. Dark moved behind Megan so she could continue to lie down, but they could both watch.

Jenny had just taken off Max's shirt and pants, leaving him in his pale grey boxers, and she was now stripping off her shirt, in a very sexy striptease. She stood above Max, on the bed, and slowly swirled her hips while she brought her shirt up even slower. She reached her small breasts and paused to increase anticipation.

Max's eyes darted between her show, and her black panties which he could barely see beneath Jenny's twirling red miniskirt. His attention shot solely to her torso when her shirt moved upward to reveal her bra. She ripped the shirt off and twirled it above her head for a moment before she threw it to the ground. She bent over at the waist, and licked her lips at Max while she reached behind her back.

She stood upright, and her long blond hair covered her breasts. She shrugged, and her bra dropped off her shoulders and into her hands. Jenny tossed it, and it landed on the floor next to them.

Jenny put her hands on her hips, and slowly drew her fingers up her body, around her breasts, and to her neck. She grabbed her hair and picked it up above her shoulders to reveal her tiny mounds, small, dark areolas, and long hard nipples.

"God, you are amazing baby," Dark heard Max say.

"Well, you have to hand it to her, that was quite a show, wasn't it?" Dark said, he glanced down to Megan. He laughed, she had finally passed out. "Then again, maybe not good enough." He looked back to the couple across the small dorm room.

Jenny's panties were around her lower thighs, and she gyrated her hips wildly, making her panties slowly drop lower and lower. That kid probably has quite the show, from his angle. Dark grinned. He caught glimpses of her tiny butt as her skirt, still around her waist, flailed.

Her panties dropped to Max's waist, and Jenny kicked them, they landed on Max's head, and Dark Chuckled. Jenny heard and looked over to him, she gave him a wink. Dark felt his already hard dick stiffen, and he let out a moan.

Jenny knelt down, then sat back onto Max's boxers. She ground herself into his cock, which must have been very, very hard. She picked her butt up off of his waist, and leaned forward to kiss him. During which time, Max moved one hand under her short skirt to her wet swollen lips, and the other took his penis out from the slit in his boxers.

Not bad, Dark thought looking at Max's hard throbbing cock. He must be six inches, but the real question is, can he use it? He continued his voyeur, intrigued to see the outcome of their drunken sex.

Jenny moved her butt back down to Max's lap, and reached behind her to guide Max's cock home. She sat vertical and slid down his rock-hard member. Their hips connected, and they let out a moan in unison.

Jenny picked her small body up off of Max and rocked back down. She repeated this motion over and over. As time passed, her intensity increased, and their hips began to make a hard slapping sound while Max's cock pummeled through Jenny's tight pussy. Dark watched Jenny tilt her head back and scream with pleasure. "Mmhmm, Ohhhhh, Godddd!!!"

I can't take anymore of this, Dark thought. Any more, and I'll violate my word to this little vixen here, he thought, looking over Megan's body. He reached down and stroked his hand up and down her inner thigh, the radiating heat was incredible. He laid down next to her on his side.

Megan let out a moan, and turned on her side in her sleep. She scooted back against Dark's body, and nestled her butt against his hard-on. Dark moaned back, and draped an arm over her waist. They slept.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for reading my story. This is my first post to literotica and the start to what I hope will be a very successful series. I have big plans for Megan. Plans I believe both you and she will enjoy.

Please leave helpful comments, I am very willing to take constructive criticism. So if you have anything you think I could do to improve this story, please let me know. The second chapter is on its way, but it still needs some editing. Thank you.


Written by: Theartofsex

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