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A Flat Tire

by joan658©

This past spring I decided to drive up to our summer cottage on the lake. I packed cleaning supplies in anticipation of spending the day cleaning and getting the cottage ready for the summer season that was soon to be upon us.

My summer place is about two hours drive from the city where I live. The cottage used to belong to my grandpa; when he died a number of years ago, he left it to me. I have such fond memories as a child spending weeks at a time every summer at grandpa's cottage; swimming in the lake, hiking in the woods, sitting on grandpa's lap on the old porch swing as he told scary ghost stories by moonlight.

As you might suspect, my summer cottage is pretty far from civilization. But the drive is beautiful through long stretches of forest and woodlands, interspersed by the occasional hay field. I left early on a Wednesday morning (one of the bene's of being self employed) and traffic was very light once I got outside the 'beltway' around the city. I was about a half hour away from the cottage, I was on a narrow two lane blacktop and traffic was nonexistent. I hadn't seen another car for at least fifteen miles as I drove though the thick forest.

That's when the tire blew. Thankfully it was a rear tire or I might have swerved off the road and ended up in the deep ravine on the right side of the road. The blown tire was making a terrible racket as I pulled off onto the narrow berm as quickly as I could.

When I got out of the car and went around to the passenger side and inspected the damage I was shocked to see that the tire was almost completely shredded.

"Why me!" I shouted at the cloudless sky as I threw my hands up in the air; fists clenched.

After pacing back and forth in front of the ruined tire for a few moments to work out my frustrations, I put my hands on my hips and realized I was going to have to change it myself, or sit there along on the side of the road for cripes knew how long waiting for someone to come along.

Fortunately, I've always been a pretty independent woman -- even a tomboy as a young girl -- and I've never been afraid to tackle just about anything. Problem was, I'd never changed a tire in my life. Hell, tires don't go flat on modern cars; well, not very often that's for sure. I pulled open the passenger side door and found the SUV's owners manual in the glove box and I started searching for information on where the jack was squirreled away. Don't you just love owner's manuals that have obviously been written by people with English as they're third or fourth language?

After an interminable about of searching the book, I finally found the information I needed. The jack was located in a compartment in the cargo area of the SUV. I raised the back hatch and looked for the compartment.

I opened the compartment and found the jack which was secured by a mysterious arrangement of clamps and bolts. The manual made no mention of how to extract the car jack; no doubt, presuming it to be intuitively obvious as to how to remove the device. It wasn't at all obvious, and it took me several minutes of tugging and twisting to get the damn thing out.

Next, I referred again to the owner's manual as to the operation and placement of the jack which turned out to be fairly straight forward. I placed the jack in the indicated position and started cranking until the top of the jack was pushing up against the frame of the car just forward of the rear wheel. I kept cranking until the body of the car had lifted several inches but with the wheel still on the ground. It was at that point the owner's manual advised loosening the lug nuts. I removed the jack handle, which doubled was a lug wrench, and used it to pry off the hubcap which was a heavy molded plastic manufactured to look like brushed aluminum. It looked like plastic.

Next, I placed the lug wrench / jack handle, on the first lug nut and gave it a tug. Nothing happened.

"Pretty tight, eh?" I said aloud to myself.

So, I bent over and put all my strength into it and let out a loud groan. Nothing happened; not even the slight little nudge.

"Shit!" I shouted. "Now what?"

I got an inspiration -- I removed the "L" shaped lug wrench and put it back on the lug nut so that the handle was pretty much parallel to the ground. Then I put a foot on the handle and prepared to leap up onto the lug wrench and place all my weight on the damn thing and force the fucker to loosen whether it wanted to, or not. Good plan ... bad idea.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground next to the wheel and my head really hurt. I sat up and looked at the wheel and saw that the lug wrench was lying on the ground; and I also noticed that the lug nut I was trying to get off now looked more round than hexagonal. I realized I'd managed to strip the head and that it may never come off thanks to my efforts.

"Fuck!" I screamed to the critters in the woods.

Aware that I was now totally screwed, I turned to my resource of last resort -- my cell phone. I was going to have to call the "motor club" and wait for someone to come out and rescue me. I retrieved my cell from my purse and dialed 411 to get the number for the motor club roadside assistance. But, nothing happened. I checked the phone's little display screen and learned I had no 'bars' -- can you hear me now?!

It occurred to me that I was stranded in the middle of nowhere. I knew the nearest town, no more than a village really, was behind me about fifteen miles. Ahead, I was more than twenty miles from the cottage, though there was a little general store and gas station near the lake. Still, that was farther than the village.

I concluded that I would just chill and hope a car came past soon. After an hour with nary a car going by, I was beginning to question the wisdom of my decision. The morning was almost gone; it was hot, much hotter than normal for so early in spring. I dreaded the thought of walking five hours or more but I saw no other choice.

Perhaps, I thought, there might be a farm house on the way at which I could beg and plead to use their phone.

I grabbed my half empty bottle of water, put on my baseball cap -- with my ponytail threaded through the back of the hat - and I headed off down the road. Humming "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of ..."

After an hour, I had to stop. My tank top was drenched in sweat and my head was feeling light with a hint of dizzy and I knew I had to rest. I was so wet from sweating that I looked like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest -- I hadn't worn a bra and my wet top was kind of translucent. Hell, it was completely 'see thru.' I drank the last of my water and was beginning to get concerned given how wiped I was after only walking an hour. With a good four hours to go, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it. As I rested in the shade of a tree near the side of the road I heard a wondrous sound -- an approaching car.

Not wanting to let it get by me, I leaped up and ran out into the middle of the road and faced the oncoming vehicle which was coming from the direction of the lake and heading towards the village.

Great, I thought, I can get a ride into town.

I started waving my arms frantically, oblivious to the fact that I was standing directly in the path of the approaching truck (I could see it wasn't a car by then) and if it chose not to stop, I was gonna be dead meat. Thankfully, the driver seemly did not want to risk vehicular manslaughter charges and stopped. I ran around to the driver's window; which was open.

"Oh thank heavens! I'm so happy you came along. My car broke down -- a flat tire -- about a mile or so back that way." I pointed back in the direction of my abandoned SUV. "I was walking to the village but almost passed out from the heat. Could you give me a lift so I can call someone for help from the village? My cell phone is totally useless out here. Please?"

I think by then I was sounding pretty frantic.

"Sure lady, hop in." The driver said; though I noticed his eyes on my wet tank top which was showing off my hard nipples and the dark circles around them as they poked through the thin wet material. A thought flashed through my head questioning the advisability of hitch hiking on such an isolated stretch of road, especially when my wet top made me look half naked!

That's when I realized the driver was a twenty something year old young man with rugged good looks and a day's growth of beard. He was dressed in dingy overalls, but that aside, he was really sort of cute.

"Oh thank you soooo much." I said; and I ran around the front of the guy's panel truck to the passenger side door. As I opened the door I noticed a sign on the door that advertised "Jake the Handyman" service with a local phone number to call.

"My name is Joan, and you just saved my life!" I told him.

"I'm Jake. You said it was just a flat tire?" The guy asked.

"Yes, I tired to change it but I couldn't get the nut thingies off -- I think I stripped one of them."

"Well, its not that far back -- I saw it sitting there by the side o' the road when I drove past. Why don't we just see if I can get the tire changed for you? Save a lotta time that way." He said as he turned the truck around and we headed back the other way.

When we got to my car he pulled up behind my SUV and he got out to inspect the damage.

"Don't look too bad t' me. I think I can get that stripped lug nut off, the rest of 'em won't be no problem at all. Let me get a decent lug wrench outta m' truck."

He sounded a bit 'hick-ish' but I was totally happy to have stumbled on him; or maybe it was the other way around. Jake returned with a couple tools and started to work on what I thought was a completely ruined nut.

He used a file to try and square up the head of the nut a bit and then he put some sort of oil on the nut. His wrench looked like a big plus sign with different size things on the ends to go over the nuts. He applied the wrench to the lug nut and let out a big grunt as he put his weight into it. He heaved on it a couple times and then the wrench finally turned with a high pitched screech as the lug nut let loose.

"There, that wasn't so bad." He said. The rest of the lug nuts came lose one after the other and Jake jacked the car up until the ruined tire was well off the ground.

The rest of the tiring changing process only took a few minutes. Jake, lowered the car and removed the jack.

"Where does this go?" He asked, holding the car jack in his large strong hands.

"Oh, in the back." I said; and I walked around and opened the tailgate for him. "Just toss it in here."

He picked up his own tools and took them back to his truck. He walked back toward me as I was pulling the tailgate down.

"Well, you're all set t' go ma'am." He said as he walked up to me.

"Oh Jake, thank you so much, you really saved my life!" I squealed.

I'm not very tall, just five-four, and Jake was over six feet, maybe six-two. On impulse I half jumped up and threw my arms around his neck and I planted a big kiss right on his lips. I'd meant it to be a 'thank you' kiss and hadn't intended it to last all that long.

But Jake seemed to interpret my gratitude as something more. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and with one meaty hand he grasped one of my ass cheeks tightly and he kissed me back; hard. At first, I was stunned; I struggled to extricate myself from his grasp. I think Jake translated my squirming around in his arms as passion. His tongue invaded my mouth while his other hand slipped under my tank top and began to ravish my right breast. His strong fingers pinched my hard nipple and I squealed in delight in response.

I have really sensitive nipples and very much enjoy having my breasts squeezed and my nipples sucked and pinched. It occurred to me that I was delighting in Jake's manipulations. As my struggling to escape Jake's grasp morphed into enjoyment from Jake's rough but thoroughly pleasurable treatment of me, I felt his fingers slip under the leg opening of both my shorts and my panties. In no time, he had a finger exploring the inside my very wet vagina. It felt so fucking awesome!

As Jake's fingers penetrated my hot pussy, I got a hand on the bulge in his overalls and realized he was huge. I stoked his hard monster as best I could while hanging on to his neck with my other hand. I broke off the long passionate kiss.

"Jake, baby, I need you to fuck me, right now! OK baby? Do you want to fuck me, honey?" I whispered in his ear.

He didn't really say anything; more like, he grunted in the affirmative and he carried me over to the passenger side of my SUV. He extracted his fingers from my pussy and opened the back door and set my bottom roughly down on the leather seat. Then, without any warning, his strong hands grabbed the waistband of my shorts on either side of the zipper and he ripped them apart -- I heard the material ripping and tearing. He yanked the ruined shorts, and what was left of my panties, down my legs; exposing my pink and swollen pussy lips that yearned to have his cock inside.

Jake flipped the straps of his overalls over his shoulders and pushed the baggy work costume down over his hips; he worn nothing else beneath. His monster cock was immediately exposed and I saw how truly huge it was. Larger than any I had ever seen; at least twice as large as my husbands.

Oh yes, my husband -- I wasn't thinking of him at all or that I was about to cheat on him for the first time in my life. I thought of nothing but having that magnificent hard piece of meat inside me, and I wasn't kept waiting a second longer as I felt the massive head of Jake's cock press against the wet crease of my pussy lips.

I reached down and pulled his cock up and over my clit and used it to rub my sensitive little nub for a few moments before pushing it back down to the opening of my wanton cunt. Gawd, I felt like such a slut ... and I just loved the feeling!

"Fuck me Jake! Fuck me hard! Hurry!" I yelled at him. Ever the gentleman, he readily complied with my request by slamming his monster inside me.

I screamed from a mixture of ecstasy and pain. He was so long and he stretched my pussy so quickly that it hurt at first. But as he started pounding his hips into my plump little ass cheeks, the sensations quickly turned to pure bliss.

One of Jake's meaty paws ripped my tank top off me so he could get at my tits while he fucked the living shit out of me. Both straps broke and the front ripped half way down the middle. I didn't care. I was screaming with utter delight as each powerful thrust of Jake's huge cock threatened to split me in half.

The first of several massive orgasms took me away. Jake told me later that the high pitched shriek I emitted as I came affected his hearing for several hours afterward. Yes, I'm a screamer when I cum and I cannot recall ever having had a more massive, more intense climax, than I had with Jake -- apparently the decibel level of my screams is in direction proportion to the intensity of my climax.

When my mind returned to reality Jake was still pounding me with his luscious cock and I was still in heaven. It wasn't long before I went away again to that special place only a woman can experience in the delirium of her orgasm. I know I trashed and bucked my hips on Jake's gigantic organ as he built to his own climax. Shortly after regaining lucidity from my third orgasm, Jake let out a mighty groan and I felt his cock spasm inside me. His warm spunk surged into me in wave after wave as Jake's whole body quivered and he grunted out his own intense pleasure.

After several minutes we both managed to recover our faculties.

"Oh Jake, that was the best fuck I've ever had. Thank you." I said and pulled him to me and kissed him passionately.

"Glad I was able to come along when I did and rescue you." He said after the kiss. "You sure do have a nice way of saying thanks."

"I'd like to thank you some more ... but here on the side of the road is probably not the best place for it." I told him.

"I got a place a few miles down the road. It ain't much but it's clean."

I told Jake I'd follow him in my car. When I got up out of the back seat and stood next to my car, I realized I had a bit of problem -- I had no clothes that weren't ripped or shredded. I managed to improvise by tying the thin straps of my tank top together but the front was ripped half way down the front. So, I put it on backwards which at least covered my breasts. Then I pulled my ruined shorts up my legs -- they were tight enough that they stayed up but I couldn't button the top (the button was gone) or zip them (half the teeth were missing) and the material was ripped down below the crotch so that my pussy lips were clearly visible as I stood next to the car.

"I hope we don't get stopped by any cops; I'll be arrested for indecent exposure." I said, and we both laughed.

Jake lived in a trailer on a large parcel of land that had been left to him by his folks when they passed away in a car accident, I learned later.

When we entered his place I peeled my ruined clothes off my body and we fell into Jake's bed and fucked each other silly for the rest of the day.

When it started to get dark I told Jake I needed to use his phone. It was on a bedside table next to his bed.

"Hi honey, it's me. No, I'm going spend the night up here ... the place was really filthy this year for some reason and I don't want to have to drive all the way up here again just to clean. Also, I got here pretty late 'cause I had a flat tire. Oh, I'm fine ... a very nice young man came along and helped me change it, but I got to cottage a lot later than I'd planned. No, I'll be fine. I'll call you tomorrow ... love you too sweetie." I hung up.

The whole time I was talking to my dear hubby Jake's cock was pumping in an out of me.

"Oh shit ... I thought I was going to have another orgasm and scream into the phone!" I said breathlessly. And then I did -- have another orgasm, that is.

We fucked most of the night and much of the next morning. Jake's stamina was truly remarkable. He never needed much more than a few minutes between fuck sessions. When I left early the next afternoon I was very sore, but I was also totally sated and satisfied.

"Will I see you again?" Jake asked as I was about ready to leave.

"Yes, I've got your number here. I don't how or when but I will be back for more of that fantastic cock." I told him.

I hurried up to the cottage and cleaned the place in a fury. I knew that the next time I came up with my husband the place had to look like I'd been there and cleaned it. It was dark before I left to drive home.

Thankfully, my hubby didn't seem at all suspicious with my being so late.

That summer, my husband and I went up to the cottage on week ends as usual during the summer. Every time we drove by Jake's place on the way to my cottage, I got all tingly inside.

But when my husband was out of town on business trips (usually once or twice a month), I went up on my own -- something I'd often done in the past when he was out of town during the summer months. But, instead of tanning by the lake while he was away, I spent days at a time getting fucked silly -- Jake and I had a marvelous summer together.

Now that the weather's turned and the snow's flying, we don't go to the cottage at all. The last time I saw Jake was when I went up to 'winterize' the cottage in November. Jake and I fucked like crazy the whole time.

I can't wait for spring!

Written by: joan658

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