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Wife Nailed by A/C Repairman

by jakealtere©

I finally convinced my wife Cindy to let me share the story of what happened to us this summer. But before I begin, let me just say, I know some of you will have negative things to say about this type of event (wife sharing), and I really don't care. So, don't waste your time writing about it. For those of you, who do like these kinds of situations, then enjoy our story.

This summer we moved into an old farmhouse. It is a fantastic home situated on 100+ acres, and surrounded by woods, with abundant wildlife. It is really a dream come true. One Saturday morning in August, we woke to an overly warm house. I knew before looking that the air conditioning wasn't working properly. As I investigated further, I found that indeed one of the units was operating.

Cindy is a delightful wife. She is gorgeous, sexy with "come hither" eyes, and curves perfectly fill out her 5 foot tall frame. One thing she doesn't do well with is heat. She gets really irritated if she is hot. So, the very first thing I did after discovering the non-working air conditioner was call the HVAC repairman. I was told that they could work in a diagnostic within a couple of hours.

I made coffee, and then went out back to sit on the patio and enjoy the morning. Cindy followed with her own cup of coffee and we relaxed together, enjoying the alone time. The kids were away at friends houses for the day, so it was a great time together.

I was also enjoying the view. Cindy was wearing one of my t-shirts, and nothing else. So her large areolas and nipples were pressing delightfully through the thin fabric. The shirt stopped about mid thigh when she was standing, but rode up to just below her beautiful pussy when she sat down. A great morning... even knowing the broken air conditioner was going to cost me some serious money.

About an hour later, I had gone inside to refill our coffee cups, when I heard Cindy speaking to someone. I figured the repairman had arrived, and instantly became aroused as I remembered what Cindy was wearing. I immediately hatched a plan to let the HVAC guy get a lingering look.

I filled a third cup of coffee and returned to the patio. I was met with the coy look of my gorgeous wife, and a bit of a "happy" face on the repairman. It was obvious he was enjoying the fringe benefits of his job this morning. His name was John. I handed him a cup of coffee and gestured for him to sit down, across from my wife, of course, and began to tell him the problem with the air conditioner.

It was nearly comical to watch John during this discussion. Every time I would turn to look at Cindy as I spoke, I saw him glance to her nipples and crotch area... thinking I wouldn't see his glances. Cindy had her legs slightly crossed, so I wasn't sure what he was seeing at first. At one point during the conversation, I made an excuse to walk behind John and saw that he could see a small part of Cindy's bush, and that he had the perfect look at her nipples at full attention under the t-shirt. I made contact with Cindy, smiled and her crotch and raised my eyebrows. It was all she could do not to smile.

Cindy used to be a little sexual dynamo, but has become much more conservative over the years. So, I was a bit surprised that she stayed outside, but assumed that she figured he had already seen what he was going to see. I also figured she found him to be a rugged, handsome guy, and maybe she was enjoying it just a little.

After finishing his cup of coffee, John got up to go perform a series of tests on the air conditioner. I had a ball teasing Cindy about flashing John, and asking her how much she was going to show him. I teased her that if she treated him right, we might get a very good deal on the work he was doing. She playfully told me to shut up.

About 20 minutes later, John came back to the patio and began to describe the problem to us. As he rattled off the issue and the solution, he also quoted prices, and indeed they were not cheap. About mid way through his spiel, Cindy parted her legs, leaned down and picked up her coffee cup, and asked me for a refill. I knew that as John stopped speaking in mid-sentence, he had just gotten a full on close up view of Cindy's beautiful pussy.

I went to refill the cup, and gave her a couple more minutes to flash John, before I returned. When I got back, John said he was going to look in his truck and see if he had the parts he needed to do the job. He returned a few minutes later, and said that he had a part that would work. He stated the part had been installed, and the taken off, so he would give us the $400 part for his cost at a 60% discount. Cindy turned her upper body to me smiling; saying isn't that sweet of him. Her upper body turning and lower body staying still caused her legs to virtually splay apart for John's viewing pleasure.

John went back to work on the air conditioner. Cindy stood up, and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She was soaking wet, and had very obviously enjoyed flashing John her goods. She fell to the bed, pulled my rock hard cock out of my shorts and started giving me a blowjob. Now, I don't know if she remembered the air unit was beside our bedroom window or not... but I knew that John was getting a front row seat to Cindy sucking my cock.

I began to tease her telling her that she really wanted to suck John's cock, not mine. I knew John was just out of my line of sight beside the window, so he could see and hear everything. Cindy just moaned louder and she slurped on my cock.

I pulled her off the bed, jerked the t-shirt over her head, and spun her around toward the window... but pushed her head down so she didn't see John at first. I plunged my cock into her dripping pussy, at which she squealed and began moaning and thrusting against my cock. When she was really into, I allowed her to raise her upper body, and she locked eyes with John staring through the window. Cindy froze... but I kept pumping her pussy. Seconds later, she re-ignited and was thrusting her ass back to meet my forward thrusts. I looked up and nodded with my head for John to come inside.

A few seconds later John silently walked into our bedroom and was standing behind us, watching me bang my wife's cunt for all it's worth. I started up the dirty talk again. I told her I knew she was so dripping wet because she had fantasized about letting John pound his cock into her naughty little pussy. She moaned "Oh yes."

I moved around and put my cock back into her mouth, and motioned for John to enter Cindy from behind. I told her, well, John is about to fuck you right now as you suck my cock. She moaned again, and then froze when she felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy lips. She looked up at me with startled eyes, then she gasped as John buried himself deep into my wife's tight little cunt. She laid her head against my thigh, gripping me tightly as she gasped with each thrust John made. After a minute she went back to sucking my cock.

John soon was getting close to cumming and he started pounding Cindy's pussy really hard. Cindy was again gasping with each stroke, and suddenly began screaming as she came... all the while her eyes were locked onto mine. John finished cumming, and laid his head on Cindy's back, reaching around to gently caress her tits. He stayed that way for a few seconds, then got dressed and went back outside to work.

I rolled Cindy over on her back, and mounted her again. Within a few strokes Cindy was gasping and cumming again. I fucked my wife with a reckless abandon until I came a few seconds later, then lay down beside her.

I caressed her face and hair, and told her that I loved her. She smile and said I love you too. I told her John was still looking in the window and that I think he loved her pussy. My conservative wife smiled and said, "That was a once in a lifetime experience. He may never have pussy this good again in his life." We both broke out laughing.

We lay there like that for about 30 minutes, when she rolled up on top of me, fondled me to life again and once again mounted my cock. She rode me very slowly until we both came, and virtually never stopped looking at John outside our window, giving him the perfect sex show.

When John finally finished his work, we went outside to pay him. He simply smiled and said, this one is on the house. And, if you ever have any further problems, you call me, and I will take care of it.

Cindy and I have had several intense sex sessions reliving this event. She still acts prudish, but I now know if the right situation happens, she can be quite the slutty cougar... and I love her even more because of it.

Written by: jakealtere

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