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A Hot Wife Story Ch. 02

by Tatonka©

(Chapter Two)

Sandy Packs for her Business Trip

The next day we just stayed at home and sat around the patio enjoying the nice weather. Sandy was wearing her white two piece bikini, and I was dressed in the same shorts that I was wearing last night before we went out. I only had worn them for an hour and wasn't about to throw them in the hamper just yet. The neighbor from across the street stopped by for a beer and to shoot the breeze, but mostly I think he just wanted flirt with Sandy.

She came out on the patio shortly after he arrived and said, "Oh hi Steve, I saw you were out washing the car in the driveway earlier, would you like to do mine too?"

Steve said he would be happy to help her wash the car if she is willing to do the washing and he gets to rinse.

Sandy said, "Yeah, and I'm going to trust you with that hose, you wouldn't spray me with that cold water now would you?"

They joked for a bit and Steve wandered back to his side of the street. Later Barb stopped by and talked Sandy into going shopping with her, so while they were gone I decided get the laptop out and surf the web. I decided to do a little research on cheating wives, even though I didn't think Sandy was cheating on me, I wasn't too happy about Sandy mentioning her sexual curiosity though.

While doing my cheating wife search I noticed that a lot of the sites were about hot wives. Then I thought about Sandy's ankle bracelet with the words Hot Wife, so I started looking into hot wife sites.

Hot wives are married women who have sex outside the marriage. They don't consider it cheating because the husband allows it and even encourages it. Now I start wondering if Sandy is trying to lead me into this kind of lifestyle, but no, that wouldn't be like her. She had said Barb had given her the anklet, I bet Sandy doesn't even know what Hot Wife really means.

I wonder if Barb even knows what this is about, she is really too young and she is still single. I bet she saw the ankle bracelet and thought it would look cute on Sandy and bought it for her. I just kind of chuckled to myself that my wife was wearing it and not know the meaning.

For the next couple of weeks I started reading more Hot Wife stories on the web and found myself getting aroused by them. I would think about my sexy wife having her way with other men and how I would handle it. I knew I wouldn't want to lose her but I also didn't think I could handle her going out knowing someone else was going to have her.

I also wondered if she was trying to lead me into this type of lifestyle. She seemed to be dressing a little sexier for work then she used to. And she definitely was dressing more daring when we go out, although she always looks classy not slutty.

One night we were watching a movie that was about a woman who was cheating on her husband with a guy she worked with. Sandy was snuggled up on the couch next to me and we had been having some drinks. She was wearing her light cotton pajamas with little pink hearts. She bought it in the pre-teen department where she sometimes has an easier time finding things that fit her. I was wearing a pair of cotton jogging shorts.

The movie made me think of big John and the night we went to the club. I asked her if John was still coming on to her at the office. She let her hand slide down from my stomach to my pelvis but not touching my unit. She told me that he had actually gotten a promotion and had to transfer to their Colorado office.

I asked her if she missed the attention he had been giving her and she said, he always behaved professionally at work; however he felt he had to make sure she knew how much he would like to take her out sometime. She said he was tempting, he's young, very handsome, big strong and very sexy.

"If I was single I would have let him take me out, but I'm married to the love of my life," she said.

We were quiet for a while, watching the movie. Then I told her that I loved her so much that I would forgive her if she had cheated on me. She didn't say anything but my cock was moving in my loose fitting shorts and she was aware of it. She got that little grin on her face that I could tell she was trying not to show.

Then she said, "I haven't told you this yet, but next Wednesday the firm is sending me and one of the senior accountants to the Colorado branch to help with an audit. Are you going to be okay without me for a few days?"

I replied, "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?"

I wasn't prepared for this, even though when she started working for her company she was told there would be occasions where she would have to travel.

"So, I'm sure your buddy John will be happy to see you," I said.

Sandy was trying to comfort me saying "Alex, this is not my fault, I didn't volunteer to go, and I really don't want to, but I have no choice. And as far as John goes, I am not going to have any kind of a fling behind your back and he already knows that."

Then I said something I shouldn't have, "What, are you going to do, ask me for permission first?"

I couldn't believe what she said next. "What would you say if I asked permission for to go out with John while I'm away?"

Right as she said it I could feel her hand slide over the front of my shorts, she could feel me slowly getting harder as I answered, "How do you mean let you go out? Do you mean for lunch, dinner, a few drinks, or what?"

Then she decided to check my reaction to the next bomb. She said, "What if I asked you to let me go to his bedroom with him?"

I didn't answer but my cock was betraying me by growing harder by the second. Sandy began rubbing up and down my shaft, and said, "This conversation seems to be getting you excited, does the thought of someone else having me turn you on?"

I told her no it doesn't, but that I love her so much that I just want to make her happy. She got a big smile on her face and spread her legs to straddle me on the couch. I could see her nipples straining against her pajama top so I started unbuttoning the top exposing her small nubile breast. I slid my hand over her tummy and down between her legs to rub her pussy. I could feel the heat between her legs so I untied the bottoms and opened the front of the cotton bottoms and started sliding them down over her ass.

I could see her panties were soaked and I knew she was thinking about being out of town and free to be with someone else.

I whispered in her ear, "You're a naughty little girl. I think I'm going to have to punish you."

Sandy, playing along said, "Please don't hurt me Daddy, I'll do anything."

I told her to stand up and pull her pants down. She stood up and pulled the pajama bottoms down to her ankles.

"Step out of them", I ordered.

She obeyed and stepped out of her pajamas, then I told her to pull down her panties, and she did as she was told. She was still wearing the unbuttoned top. She was looking so sexy I just wanted to bury my cock in her right then and there.

"Daddy wants you to bend over his lap" I commanded.

She said, "please don't spank me Daddy, I will do whatever you say."

I pointed to my lap and she leaned over the top of my knees. I reached under her shirt and fondled her tits before pulling her over my lap in a spanking position. I placed my hand on her sexy little bottom and began rubbing her butt cheeks. Then without warning, I gave her a hard slap on her ass.

"No Alex, not so hard" she cried.

My hand came down again and again with a stinging force. Sandy was begging me to stop and I noticed real tears from her big brown eyes. I rubbed her butt some more and worked my fingers between her legs until I found her now soaking wet pussy. I rubbed my fingers in and out of her slit making her wetter with each stroke.

"Please stop Daddy, you shouldn't be doing that to me," she exclaimed.

I let her up and stood in front of her, "Daddy's going to put you to bed," I said.

As I lifted her up she put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her legs around me. I carried her up to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I pulled down my shorts and my cock came springing out.

Sandy said, "What are you doing Daddy, please don't hurt me anymore."

I told her this is going to make everything feel all better as I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart. I positioned the head of my throbbing cock against the entrance to her tight but well lubed pussy.

With a little push her lips parted and my cock slid in until it was all the way buried. I could feel her vaginal wall contracting around my swollen prick as I pulled it out and rammed into her again. Then I pulled out before losing control and started kissing my way down between her legs. Her juices were flowing in anticipation of my tongue, I began licking her pussy lips and sucking her clit, she was going crazy. Then I got back between her legs and eased my cock slowly into her.

It now slid in easier and her pussy seemed more relaxed. I started ramming in and out of her and after 5 or 6 strokes started shooting my come into her. She squeezed down hard with her legs and her pussy tightened around my cock trying to suck every last drop from me before letting go.

Tuesday we both took the day off so we could spend some time together. I couldn't keep my hands off from her. We decided to fix a picnic lunch and relax at the lake. Sandy wore a t-shirt and a short blue jean skirt that zipped up the back with a button to fasten it.

She was wearing a bra under the t-shirt and I told her it looked a little confining. She said she didn't want to attract attention and she wanted to enjoy the day with me. I told her that it's a work day and nobody would be there to bother us at the park. Sandy said alright then and ran up the stairs to the bedroom.

She came back down in a different t-shirt. This one was sleeveless with a large neck opening. It opened all the way to her shoulders and when she leaned over just slightly you could look down the front. And of course she had removed the bra and you could see her eager nipples poking at the confinements of the shirt.

"How's this look," she said.

All I wanted her to do was remove the bra and put the shirt she had back on, but I didn't want to argue so I just told her it looked great. She did look great, she just took it a bit further then I expected. I checked out her legs, she was wearing her brown sandals, and no ankle chain. I had actually only seen her wear it once since the night I had first seen it on her. She wore it to work one morning and hasn't worn it since. I wondered if someone said something about it to her.

Anyway we drove out to the park and found a nice spot to relax by the lake. After we finished lunch we played a little Frisbee. Before long a couple of young men came over and asked if we wanted to play 4-way. Sandy said, "Hell yes, let's have some fun." One of the boys, his name was Dave, kept moving closer to Sandy, I knew he was trying to get a look down her top when she would miss a catch and bend down to pick up the Frisbee.

I decided to take a break and walk over to the restrooms. When I came back and looked over they both had their cell phones out. Don't tell me he's giving her his number I thought to myself. When I walked up to them he raised his phone up to his ear and was talking to someone. Sandy seemed to be checking her messages. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

It was getting late and Sandy still needed to pack for her business trip, her plane leaves at 6:30 in the morning. I had offered to take her to the airport but she told me that they were being picked up by the company courtesy car. They would also be picked up and taken home when they returned.

Her ticket for her return flight was for Sunday morning. I thought this was kind of strange, but she had told me that the audit would take a half a day Saturday to complete, and the next flight that they could get was for Sunday.

We arrived at home at around 3:00 in the afternoon and Sandy said she wanted to lie out on the patio and soak up some rays.

Sandy shouted, "Alex, why don't you fix us a couple of drinks and meet me on the patio."

I headed for the kitchen and Sandy ran up to the bedroom to put on her swimsuit. She came down the stairs wearing a thong bikini. Her swimsuits had always been more conservative than this. She did look sexy though as she walked by and saw me gawking. She just smiled and headed for the patio.

I hurried upstairs to put on a pair of shorts and headed out to the patio with our drinks. I was in a hurry to get a better look at this swimsuit. She was relaxing on the lounge when I handed her a drink and sat at the table. The bikini was a pale blue and appeared to be made of silk, the top covered her cupcake size breast but it was easy to see her nipples straining against the thin material. The thong bottoms were made of the same material, but just covered a small triangle over her pelvic area. As the thong went between her legs you could see where the material wanted to tuck into her pussy crack. I told her I liked her new swimsuit and she responded that it wasn't for swimming, just for tanning. She turned on her stomach and asked me to rub some oil on for her.

I started with her shoulders and worked my way down her tiny waist. Then starting at her ankles and calves, and slowly working my way up to her firm bare buttocks. I squirted the oil heavily on her buns and started rubbing it in. It was running in between her legs and she spread them apart for me. I oiled her up good between her legs occasionally brushing my hand against the mound between her legs. I moved the waist band of her thong a little and could see a thin line where she wasn't as tan as the rest of her. "So how long have you been tanning in this outfit", I asked. She said, "I bought this 2 weeks ago and I have only warn it on our tanning bed, don't start thinking I'm going to the beach wearing this."

I asked, "Why not, you look great in it and I've seen women that have no business in a thong on public beaches."

She turned, smiled at me and said, "Then, if I wanted to go to the beach by myself or with a friend you wouldn't have any objection to me wearing this?"

"Well," I replied, "I would like to be there to enjoy the view, but if you wanted to go with Barb or some of your friends I think I would be okay with it."

Sandy said, "If I wore this in public every perverted male on the beach would be following me around the entire day, I think I would need a body guard."

With that I went into the house to fix us another drink. As I stood up Sandy couldn't help but notice my arousal over her new bikini and the talk of her wearing it to the beach.

After going in for the evening, I fixed another drink and turned on the computer. Sandy was going to take a shower before packing her suitcase. I started looking for stories of women who leave town on business trips and what they do while away from their husbands.

I was reading one where the husband packed sexy outfits in his wife's suitcase to give her a hint that she could play around. This made me horney as hell, even though I didn't want Sandy to cheat on me.

When I finished reading the story, Sandy was already in the bedroom going through her closet. She had her suitcase on a stand and I could see she had already packed two of her best suits for work. Both were slacks, blouse and suit jacket outfits.

Sandy pulled a gray skirt from the closet and a white blouse, "I think I will wear this one tomorrow, it looks good with my black high heels," she said.

I watched her pack her jeans and a couple of t-shirts, sandals, bras, underwear and her favorite cotton PJ's. Then she asked me to remind her to pack her make-up and bathroom stuff in the morning.

I asked her, "Aren't you going to take anything to wear if you decide to go out to a club or something?"

She replied that she didn't think she would be going out, but if I wanted to pick out something for her to wear that I could. I picked her sheer black top that she had worn to the bar that night and a short black skirt she had in the closet. She laughed at me and said; "you don't want me to wear that fuck me skirt do ya?" "How about I wear the white pants I wore with that top last time." She hung the skirt back up and packed the white pants.

I told her if she was going to wear the white pants she had better take some thong panties. Sandy laughed, "oh, that's right, these are the pants you could see my panties through." She went to the dresser and brought out a skimpy white thong and packed it in her suitcase.

I asked her if there was a pool where she was staying and she said she was told at work that there was. So I asked her if she didn't think she should take a swimsuit in case she felt like going for a swim or sitting in the Jacuzzi.

She got out her one piece and said, "This is for if I go for a swim."

Then she got out one of her two piece bikinis and said, "This is for if I want to tan or hot tub. I'm going to go fix another drink, do you want one?"

I agreed to another drink and she took off for the kitchen. I found one of her new thong bikinis in her drawer and snuck it into her suitcase. It was like the blue one she was wearing earlier, very silky, only a light pink color. I closed her case and went down stairs. I decided to fix another drink and went out to the patio. Sandy came outside and said she thought she had everything packed except for things that had to wait till morning. It was getting late and we both went to sleep knowing we had to get up early.

Written by: Tatonka

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