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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 13

by Freddyj881©

Mrs. Jackson was slowly taking more of his cock into her mouth as she ran her tongue under his shaft. Norman muttered under his breath as Katie pulled off his cock and flicked her tongue around the tip as Norman's cock twitched in the air. It was much smaller than her husband's dick and was probably smaller than the average penis.

The married wife couldn't believe what she was doing. Regret filled her mind as she deep throated Norman's cock with ease. She grasped the shaft and slowly stroked it while holding his puffy mushroom head between her lips. Katie already wanted it to end. She felt humiliated while sucking the old man's small penis with her disgusting neighbor watching and breathing heavily.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Phil mumbled; enjoying what he orchestrated as he stood in the corner.

Norman's eyes remained tightly shut as he enjoyed Katie's skilled mouth. The old lawyer body jerked as Katie's pace increased. He put his hand on the back of her head and directed her motions forcing her mouth deeper around his dick. The slurping sounds echoed in the small room.

"That's it Norman! Make her suck you good!" Phil yelled out.

Katie kept her eyes shut and concentrated on getting the old man off as she felt Norman's fingers buried deep into her hair. The old lawyer loved the feeling of his cock sliding down the wife's throat. Mrs. Jackson thought of her husband and imagined that Norman was him.

"Damn Phil!" Norman blurted out. Startled, Katie opened her eyes and saw Phil had removed his shorts and stroked his huge cock while watching her mouth wrapped around Norman's cock. Phil's cock looked even bigger than before as he stood in front of the window. Norman looked down at Katie and back towards Phil and couldn't believe the hot wife was able to take the massive cock into her ass.

The wife saw a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. She was on her knees in front of a stranger with his cock in her mouth while her neighbor stroked his massive cock within a few feet of her. The image stung her as she quickly closed her eyes not wanting to be the person that she saw. She slowly opened them and stared back into the mirror. Her pussy began to flutter at the sight of herself.

Katie continued to bob her wet mouth on Norman's small dick when she felt her sports bra get pushed up revealing her perfect breasts. She glanced down and saw Phil groping her breasts while still stroking Norman's muscle. Her nipples were already hard as he manipulated them. Phil began pulling her nipples as she continued sucking the cock in front of her. Phil's pudgy fingers grasped her small mounds of flesh, pawing at them and groping her.

Mrs. Jackson was surprised at her reactions as she continued to hold Norman's cock deep in her mouth while running her tongue under his shaft. His cock felt good in her mouth as it wasn't hard to place in the back of her throat and didn't gag her. She had hoped it would push him over the edge but she slowly pulled off his cock and took it into her hands and quickly stroked it. Mrs. Jackson looked up at Norman as his face twitched at her actions. He looked down at her and gave a sweet smile, "My god you are so beautiful," as he softly rubbed her cheek with his fingers.

Norman was exactly the opposite of Phil's grumpy demeanor. He was sweet and caring. Katie took her other hand and began to rub his testicles as she leaned down and began to give them small kisses while her fingers twisted on the head of his cock.

Phil's hands had worked down to her shorts and tugged them down to her thigh. Katie knew better to fight what he was doing as she felt him spread her cheeks of her ass, "You are a naughty little slut Freckles," as he leaned down and she felt the swipe of Phil's tongue from behind across her pussy. The wife suddenly felt flushed as her clit came out to greet Dorman's expert tongue. She put Norman's cock back into her mouth while Phil worked his tongue across the folds of her pussy lips. Mrs. Jackson was soon pushing herself back towards the fat neighbor hoping he would work himself higher to her ass.

Katie fought to keep her eyes tightly closed and allow the men to quickly get off but she opened her eyes and looked towards the mirror. She saw her lips wrapped tightly around Norman's cock with his hand resting on her head while Phil was kneeling behind her with his nose pressed against her ass while his mouth sucked on her clit. Her shorts were pulled down to her knees and her bra was pushed up exposing her breasts. She closed her eyes but couldn't help but watch herself giving head while Phil ate her pussy. Her stomach began to flutter as she watched herself in the mirror.

Her cell phone rang again but she ignored it and continued to pump Norman's cock into her wet mouth. Phil slowly started easing his finger into her already wet slit. Katie didn't fight and just allowed him to touch her while she danced her tongue around Norman's small spongy head. Phil's finger slowly was pressed all the way into her vagina as he began to wiggle it around.

"Damn your pussy is wet Freckles," she heard Phil from behind her as he shoved his finger in and out of her.

Her cell phone goes off again as she felt Norman's cock slightly deflate. Norman pulled Katie's mouth from his cock, "Can you turn your ringer off?"

The married wife reached over and grabbed her cell phone and saw it was Fred that called her again. It's been the third call within the past few minutes. Thoughts raced through her mind that something could be wrong. Mrs. Jackson cleared her voice, "I need to take this. It might be important," looking back at Phil.

Phil pulled his finger from her wet slit and sat up, "Fine!" he grumbled, "Be quick!"

Mrs. Jackson took a deep breath trying to compose herself, "Hi honey."

Phil grinned wickedly as he knew immediately it was Fred.

"Uh-huh," she answered into the phone while on her knees in front of Norman with arms resting in his lap. Phil was behind her slowly stroking his massive hard on staring at her perfect ass. Katie reached down and tried to pull her shorts up but Phil quickly stopped her.

Dorman gave a devilish grin as he went back to manipulating Katie's perfect breasts with his flabby hands.

"Uhmmm... I went for a jog. What's wrong?" She looked up at Norman and then back at Phil. Katie couldn't believe she was in this position while on the phone with her husband.

Norman reached out and grabbed Katie's free hand and placed it on his cock and directed her to stroke him. Norman looked back at Phil and gave a nervous smile.

Dorman leaned back down and immediately started to flick his tongue across Katie's perfect ass. Katie looked back and knew she couldn't say anything while on the phone with her husband. She had butterflies earlier thinking about Phil's tongue darting around her body. Her pussy quivered with every lash of his tongue. The hot wife tried to control her breathing as she worked Norman's cock with her hand.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the phone conversation with her husband while Phil's thick tongue manipulated her ass.

"I know I miss you too," she said into the phone as she stroked Norman's cock quickly with her free hand fighting the feelings that Phil was doing to her. The old neighbor continued to lick and suck her ass while frantically stroking his huge cock.

"I can't do this right now," Katie's hand began to tremble as the old neighbor continued to lick and suck her ass. Norman took control of his own cock and began to rub it across her face leaving traces of his precum which was slowly dripping from the tip of his head.

Katie listed to what Fred was telling her when she felt Phil slowly easing his finger in and out of her wet pussy with very long and slow strokes while having his tongue dance around her.

Phil began to laugh to himself as he looked up at Norman in disbelief as they heard Fred trying to convince Katie to have phone sex with him. The old neighbor watched as his friend rubbed his cock over Katie's face as Phil removed his fingers from the sopping wet pussy. He got on his knees behind the beautiful married wife and began to rub his cock between her ass cheeks.

"Call back tonight and I promise I'll do it then," trying desperately to get off the phone with her husband while on all fours between the two men. Mrs. Jackson felt the fat old neighbor pressing his enormous cockhead into her pussy.

Mrs. Jackson gasped and frantically turned to object while on the phone but Phil leaned forward and whispered, "Keep talking to your husband Freckles!"

Katie took a deep breath knowing she couldn't yell as she felt Phil pushing the head of his cock into her tight wet opening. Nobody besides her husband had fucked her ass and now she was giving up her pussy to the old neighbor. She pulled the phone away from her mouth as she fought the pain of his massive head splitting her apart. Phil's hard cock began to slide into the perfect body of the wife. Katie's mouth opened as her body tensed from his massive size but no words escaped. The pain quickly went away as pleasure took control. Norman continued to rub his cock against Katie's sweet lips while trying to converse with her husband.

Mrs. Jackson placed her hand on her forehead trying to concentrate while Norman playfully pressed his cock tip on her lips, "Honey I have to go somebody is at the door."

Both men grinned as they heard Fred trying to keep his wife on the phone but she quickly ended with, "I love you honey.." as she hung up the phone and tossed it to the side.

"Ughhhhhhh" Katie exclaimed as Phil continued to slide his cock into her tight pussy, "fuuuuuck!" the hot wife gasped.

"Just relax Freckles," as Phil continued to push his cock into the married neighbor's tight pussy. Mrs. Jackson was about to object again when Norman pulled her mouth down around his hard dick. She couldn't help herself and looked into the mirror while Norman's cock was in her mouth as Phil was slowly driving his cock into her from behind. She was fascinated by the sight of both old men enjoying her body.

Katie had used two dildos with one implanted deep in her vagina while she sucked the other to tease Fred. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would actually have two real dicks drilling her mouth and pussy. Regret kept filling her mind but when she would see her reflection; she would feel her body coming closer to orgasm.

Norman grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth quickly down around his dick. He began to face fuck her while Norman kept driving his large cock into her. Mrs. Jackson tried her hardest to fight the sensations but she was getting so close to losing control. Phil sensed the wife's excitement level was building as he slowly worked his cock as he pressed his thumb against Katie's asshole. She began to grind back on him wanting to feel more of what Phil was doing to her when the tip entered into her rectum.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Katie gasped as Norman's cock slipped from her mouth. He quickly grabbed her face and directed his cock back into her wet mouth. Dorman pressed his thumb deeper into her ass with his cock stuffed deep in her when the wave of her orgasm took control, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" escape her lips as she frantically stroked Norman's cock pushing herself back towards the old man. "I'm cumming" she whispered, "I'm cumming!" repeating over and over growing louder with each syllable.

Phil looked up at his friend, "You want to fuck her ass Norman?" Wave after wave of orgasms continued with the sound of his words. Never in her mind would she have done something like this but her body was completely betraying her. Katie's mouth craved Norman's cock and she devoured it into her mouth as her tongue swirled around his shaft. As soon as her lips clamped dick and pushed to the back of her mouth she felt a burst of air from the tip of his cock.

At the same time, Norman bucked his hips and rammed his cock deeper into Katie's mouth. He grabbed the top of her head and pulled it down into his groin. The lawyer gave a slight cry and without warning he began to cum in the married wife's mouth, his cock thrusting over her velvety tongue and squirting his hot creamy load into her mouth and down her throat.

Catching her by surprise Katie had no choice but to swallow. She gulped rapidly as his huge load of cum filled her mouth, all of his pent up sexual energy shooting from his penis. She tried to pull her head free as her mouth was being filled by the sticky, hot liquid, but he held her strong, bucking his cock up between her lips and practically fucking her face as he unloaded.

His hands grabbed her head and he shoved her hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto his jerking cock. Norman's cum filled balls spurted another three or four large loads of their precious fluid in her mouth, Katie continued sucking as every drop emptied down her throat.

Norman's creamy torrent of cum continued to blow into the prick-sucking wife's mouth, splattering on the roof of her mouth, and then shooting past her tonsils down her throat. His sperm tasted different than she expected, certainly not awful as she imagined it to be. She found it to be chunky, very thick tasting sperm, much different that Fred's. It tasted completely different but a good different. She caught herself enjoying the taste of his load as her body quivered with orgasm after orgasm. His load was not as expected from a set of small testicles as it continued to stream. A tidal wave of cream blasted again and again out of the old lawyer's dick, making his prick pulse wildly between her lips as it vented its load of boiling semen.

It was an incredibly big load; bigger than any Katie had nursed from Fred's balls. His cum-blast spurted into her mouth, nearly choking her as it spewed down her throat. She sucked his squirting cock harder than ever. The sequence was followed by spurt after spurt of rich, milky, salty-tasting spunk. Mrs. Jackson kept sucking wanting more and more from Norman.

Again and again, his jism streamed up from his balls, inundating her mouth and throat with his rich cum. The sounds of the wife's wild prick-sucking grew even louder as she swallowed his cum. She tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from her lips. Norman couldn't control himself and pushed her head back and grabbed a hold of his dick and continued to stroke it. He let loose two final streams of cum that landed on the sexy wife's face. She looked up at him as two large globs of cum dripped down her cheeks.

Norman directed his prick back into Katie's mouth as her own orgasm subsided which was muffled by his dick. Her lips again tightly encircling his cock-shaft. He continued moving her head back and forth as she nibbled on his cock-head, sucking clean every last drop of his life-giving sperm that she could until he was completely drained. He left his cock inside of her mouth as it quickly deflated. Norman gave a huge sigh of relief as if a burden had been lifted, "I didn't mean to cum on your face like that," he said meekly.

"Ohhhhh, shit!" Phil moaned happily as he watched the wife swallow his friend's load and some trickle down her face. He grinned down at Katie as she finally let Norman's cock slide out of her mouth as he continued to slowly work his mammoth cock into her pussy with his thumb buried in her ass. The wife finally lifted her mouth off his dick and coughed and sputtered for air. She spat out what little of Norman's load was still in her mouth, most of it she had been forced to swallow. Mrs. Jackson had sperm running down the corners and down her cheeks.

"You're a good cock-sucker, aren't you?" Phil laughed, "You must have loved the taste of his cum judging by the way you sucked it out of him!"

Norman just stared down at Katie in amazement. Nobody in his life had given him a blowjob like that. It was better than he had ever imagined. He bent down to kiss the married wife but she backed away from him. They just stared at each other while Phil continued to slowly slide his cock into Katie's pussy from behind as she grasped Norman's thighs and Phil pushed deeper into her.

Dorman had over half of his 11-inch throbbing cock in her pussy. He held it inside of her without moving loving the tight feeling of her wet hole as he removed his thumb and grabbed both hips and bean pulling her back onto his aching dick.

"Tell me to fuck you," Phil ordered slowly starting to hump her from behind.

"whaaaa," gasping from the feeling of his mammoth cock inside of her, "What?" looking back at the fat man

"Tell me to fuck you," Phil demanded and more intense.

"No!" as she tried to wiggle away from his grasp as Norman looked down at the wife still admiring what had just happened.

"I know you want it you little slut! Now, tell me to fuck you!" giving her ass a slap with his hand while holding her slender hips with his other.

Knowing there was no turning back, "Fuck me" Katie said with very little feeling while looking up at Norman.

Fred pressed his cock further into her Katie's tight twat, "Tell me like you mean it," Phil said more firmly this time. Grasping her hips harder with each hand and pulling her loins back towards him.

"Fuck me!" Katie said again with more sincerity

"Does my cock feel good to you?" Phil teased, using slow short strokes to make her squirm and writhe in front of him as his mammoth dick splits her tight pussy.

Feeling him push deeper still, "Unhhhh, yeah," Katie whimpered.

"Want more?" Dorman asked grinning.

"Stop it," Katie cried as she closed her eyes; it was bad enough the old man was fucking her but did he have to talk to her?

Phil moaned loudly as he started moving back and forth drilling his cock deeper into her, "I'm going to dump a gallon of cum into your tight cunt!" Phil sneered holding the head of his cock inside the folds of her pussy.

Katie eyes opened wide and turned her head towards him, "Don't cum in me Phil!" said cried as the old man continued to move his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Ready for it all, freckles?" Phil said grinding his cock slowly into her tight pussy.

"Arghhh! ughhhhh!" cried Katie as she reached back and pressed her perfectly painted fingernails against his fat belly trying to keep his strokes at bay.

Dorman's hands gripped Katie's hips tightly; his pelvis began long strokes in and out in and out in and out. Watching the beautiful wife's face in front of him as she made painful expressions. Slowly he removed his cock as he made a noisy sloppy sound when it came out, "I'm going to need some lube on that pussy. It's too tight!"

Katie rolled onto her back and slid off her shorts leaving on her shoes and socks. Her sports bra was pushed up on her chest as her breasts remained exposed. She looked up at Norman who watched as Phil squirted lube onto his cock. The lawyer slowly was working his cock in his hands hoping to get it back up so he could also fuck the sexy wife.

"Are you ready Freckles?" as Phil crawled between her legs.

"Yes," she whispered. The hot wife was so horny and wanted to be filled by the neighbor's long dick. There was no longer regret. She wanted to be fucked with the massive cock.

"Yes for what?" as Phil poured some of the lubrication across her pussy and worked it with her fingers.

Katie looked over into the mirror as their eyes met, "for you to fuck me"

"Good," hissed Phil Dorman, "you're learning!" as he put the head of his cock back into her tight hot hole. He felt Katie's body tense up as he started pushing it in further. Katie watched in the mirror as she bit her bottom lip as the pain of his mammoth cock continue to penetrate her deeper and deeper.

"DAMN your pussy is TIGHT!" Phil screamed.

He slammed his cock into her in one belly stuffing plunge. His fat pelvis hurt as his loins mashed against hers. He was still unable to penetrate her fully with still a quarter of his cock still remaining to penetrate her tight cunt.

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