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Tom's Slutty Mom

by diroson©

Tom groaned and said loudly, "Oh, mom."

This was just what she was hoping for. "Yes, Tom?" She replied a coy smile on her lips. Tom turned around. He was shocked. He couldn't believe the way his mother was dressed. "You like?" She asked smiling.

He was too shocked to respond. Still smiling Christie walked toward him, making a small circle and bending over to make sure he could make out the buttplug she had up her ass. Finally she reached him. "I'm going to give you a little treat, I hope you enjoy it. I know I will," She said laughing.

She slowly got on her hands and knees and crawled to the space under his desk. She pushed his chair slightly so she could lift her head and have his crotch at eye level. Tom had been so shocked, he didn't pause the video and so as his mother lay between his legs, wearing only a thong and happily displaying the huge buttplug she had up her ass there was a continuous stream of moans and groans from his computer. As she lifted her head and took hold of his cock she heard the mother in the computer saying, " Wow, what a tasty cock this is," and then she heard her continue to slurp at her son's cock.

Looking her son in the eye Christie stuck out her tongue and ran it over the length of her son's cock. "Oohh, I must agree with her, this is a very tasty cock."

Smiling at her son she started slurping on his dick, running her tongue up and down his shaft, groaning contentedly. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the end of his cockhead, Christie immediately licked it hungrily. Another drop appeared and she licked it and then another formed and another and so ignoring the rest of his cock Christie concentrated on her son's cockhead, slurping and licking at it like it was a piece of candy. She couldn't believe how horny she was, she could fill her juices soak through her thong and wet the floor.

Tom finally came to his senses, "Mom, what the fuck are you doing, this is wrong."

He tried pushing her head away but she wouldn't budge, instead, after making sure his cock was covered in spit, she lifted herself a bit. Looking her son in the eyes and despite his now barely audible objections she wrapped her lips around her son's cock and started taking it into her mouth. When she reached her limit she started to bob her head up and down, making loud sucking and slurping sounds that filled the room. Tom gave up on his protests, which had no effect on his slutty mother, and decided to enjoy the experience. Placing his hand on the back of his mother's head, he started to force a little more of his cock into her mouth every time her head came down.

Christie was enjoying herself immensely and without noticing it had transfered one of her hands to her ass and was slowly pumping the buttplug in and out, her moans stifled by her son's cock.

As she bobbed her head up and down Christie started to swirl her tongue making her son groan with pleasure. The pair of them got so absorbed in their depraved encounter that without noticing it they changed positions. Tom was now standing, his mother on her knees at his feet. Tom fucked his mother's face for a while, roughly sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, from time to time reaching the end of her throat and staying there enjoying the warm, wet sensation, ignoring the stifled protests she tried to voice.

All the while Christie was fucking her ass furiously, taking no consideration in the fact that she had to go to work tomorrow and with her ass at this state the most she could do was hobble to her office and sit there quietly, fantasizing about the cock she had in her mouth.

Christie felt her son tensing and she knew that he was going to cum very soon, she managed to pull his cock out of her mouth. Pointing it at her face she started jacking him off, sliding her fist up and down his cock. She felt his cock harden even more and she knew this was it. Pointing her son's cock at her face she started pumping it furiously with her fist until at last she got what she craved.

As her son groaned, cum started shooting from his cockhead straight to her face. The first blast landed straight above her right eye and slid down a bit so she had strands of cum in her vision. She licked her lips in anticipation. The second blast caught her on her left cheek, marking the left side of her face with her son's cum. She pointed his cock at her other cheek just as a huge blast left his cock, a long thick glob of cum hitting her from the corner of her eye to her jawline. Thinking he was done and still wanting to taste his cum she pointed his cock at her open mouth hoping to catch a few stray drops and get a taste.

She was pleasantly surprised. For the next five seconds her son filled her mouth with so much cum, it overflowed and covered her chin. After he shot his last strand of cum right on her nose she swallowed his cum slowly, savoring it's texture and salty taste.

Smiling up at her son, Christie took hold of his cock and rubbed her head against it, moaning with lust. "Mmm, that was tasty," she said.

Tom looked at his mother. She was on her knees in front of him. His cum was starting to drip from her face to her chest and from her chest to her stomach. Her thong was completely soaked and beneath it was a large puddle. His mother was rubbing her glazed face against his cock, sighing contentedly, occasionally scooping a bit of cum from her face and sucking it from her finger hungrily.

He had never been so aroused.

Christie stood up and smiled at him, "I'll see you tomorrow."

She started walking towards his door but suddenly stopped. "Oh, I just remembered." She bent over his desk, making sure he could see everything and pushed her thong aside. She took hold of her buttplug and roughly pulled it out, leaving a large gaping asshole. Standing up she started sucking on the buttplug. "Umm, tasty," she laughed, "Goodnight."

She left his room leaving her son astounded and with a large puddle of her juices to clean of the floor.

She went straight to bed, enjoying the feeling of cum on her face.

The next day Christie left work early and hurried home. The night before she had decided to fuck him the very next day and the thought of him inside her had been driving her crazy all day.

Arriving at her house she saw she couldn't wait. She quickly found her son, sitting in his room, surfing the internet wearing nothing but his bathrobe.

"Hey there," she said to her son smiling.

Turning from his computer Tom looked at his mother, "Hi."

She sat down on the bed next to him. "How was your day?," she asked him, sliding her hand beneath his robe and quickly finding his cock. She started to slide her fist up and down his shaft. Tom groaned, "Ok, I guess," he said quietly.

"Good," she said. Smiling to herself she pulled his cock out from under his robe. Bending over, she Lustfully began to slide her tongue over his dick. Not wanting to postpone the moment any long she decided to start lubricating his cock. She quickly repositioned herself, hunching on all fours on her son's bed her head between his legs. Wrapping her lips around his cock she started to suck, bobbing her head up and down, covering her son's cock with a thick coating of saliva. Suddenly Tom pushed her head down saying in a strained voice, "I'm gonna cum, mom."

Christie quickly withdraw, sitting up. "Not yet baby, today i have something else planned for us." She waited for him to relax. Once it was clear he wasn't about to cum she started spitting on his cock, making sure he was all lubed up.

Finally she was satisfied. Looking her son in the eye she asked him, "Would you like to fuck my asshole?"

"Fuck yeah," Tom replied enthusiastically.

She smiled. "Can u play the video you were seeing yesterday?" she asked as she quickly slid of her mini skirt and soaking thong.

"Sure, I can," He replied rushing to his computer. As soon as she heard the woman on the screen moan she started clearing her son's floor, especially around his desk. When she was satisfied she looked at her son, who was back on his bed, looking at her body hungrily. She beckoned with her hand, calling him to her. He slowly stood up and walked towards her.

She turned and bent over, resting her hands on his desk, looking straight at his computer screen.

As she watched the woman on screen getting fucked she felt her pussy gush out a torrent of her juices. Moaning she turned her head looking at her son impatiently only to see him positioning his cock at her rear entrance.

Without any warning he plunged his whole cock into her with one thrust. She howled with pain. Her son ignored her and looking down at her stretched asshole started fucking her brutally, pulling out then plunging in.

Christie lay her head on the table. She moaned with pleasure and whimpered with pain. She was getting the fucking of a life time. Her son was furiously pumping in and out of her ass. Groaning loudly she turned her head to see her son, holding her on both sides and slamming into her forcefully, ignoring her apparent discomfort. "Yes, that's it. Fuck your mother's ass. Stretch my asshole, Ohhh," she encouraged him.

She could fill her asshole stretching, her anal cavity painfully widening to accommodate her son's cock. She looked back at the mirror that was directly behind her only to see her son's cock pop out of her ass, leaving it gaping and red, then plunge back in. She let out a loud moan at the sight and started rubbing her pussy furiously.

She looked at the computer screen, the woman there was getting the same attention from her son. The blonde pornstar/mother was getting plowed, her asshole red, her butt cheeks red from her son's spanking. Her son was slamming into her so hard, she slid a couple of inches every time he plunged in. Christie started bucking her hips, meeting Tom's thrusts, helping him slide even deeper inside her with every thrust.

Getting an idea from the clip Christie turned her head towards her son and said, "Spank me Tom, Spank your mother." He was hesitant at first but at her encouragement he began leaving big red marks on her ass. "Yes, that's it," she said moaning.

After a while Tom lifted her up and put her on the floor on her hands and knees. Stretching forward a little he pushed her head and chest down until her face and tits were mashed against the floor.

Christie stretched her hands behind her back and spread her butt cheeks as much as she could allowing her son even more access to her ass. Tom was now slamming into her from above, his dick positioned vertically.

Nearing his climax Tom wondered where he should cum. He was torn between her face and on her ass. His mother answered the question for him.

"Cum inside me, Tom," Christie moaned, "Fill your mother's ass with your hot cum, I want to go to sleep tonight with your sperm slowly sliding out of my asshole."

Tom was unbelievably aroused by his mother's words. Slamming into her faster he quickly reached his climax.

With one final thrust Christie felt her son's cock enter her fully. She felt his dick hardening and then start washing her bowels with cum. She couldn't believe the amount of cum he was shooting inside her. She thought the cum was going to overflow and flood her son's floor. After a while Tom cock slipped out of her ass, a little cum dripping from it to her gaping asshole. Lifting her head up she motioned her son to come stand in front of her. Stretching her neck a bit she started lapping at his dick, smiling as she tasted her son's cum and her ass's tasty combination. Already she could fill a small dribble of cum slowly slide from her ass, down her legs. Not wanting any of it to waste she quickly scooped it up and licked it of her hand.

When her son's cock was clean to her satisfaction, she stood up. Immediately she felt a steady stream of cum start to slide down her legs but if her feeling of fullness was any indication, there was a lot more to come.

While walking over to her thong and picking it of the floor, she absentmindedly scooped the cum that was running down her legs and sucked it of her hands, cleaning her inner thighs every time they got covered in cum. The amount of cum was astounding and the stream seemed never-ending.

As soon as her thong was in place it became soaked with a mixture of Christie's juices and her son's cum.

Christie walked over to her son and kissed him on the cheek.

"I think I'd like to make this a daily routine," she said smiling at him sexily, "Interested?"

Tom smiled, grabbed her ass and draw her against him so that she could feel his already hardening cock. "I think we better make it twice a day."

Christie left his room, her son's cum still sliding down her legs and she still scooping it up and sucking it of her finger.

For the rest of the day Christie walked around the house wearing only her thong, leaving drops of cum everywhere she went.

That night as she lay in bed, her son's cum still dribbling out of her ass although the stream was much thinner then before. Two minutes after she turned of the lights her son entered the room, a hard cock between his legs demanding attention.

Christie smiled, told him to straddle her chest and opened her mouth. And so with his cum still sliding out of her ass, Christie let her son fuck her mouth until he came, filling her mouth with the cum she wanted so badly.

Christie lay there, in her mouth was her son's cock spurting a few last shots, giving her mouth a taste of what her ass received earlier that day.

She knew she could never give this up.

Written by: diroson

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