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The Masked Threesome

by xcoyote21©

Disclaimer: You know the drill, this is fiction. So enjoy it!!!!



I was sitting at home wondering what I would be doing for Halloween. I could go to my friend's house, he's having some lame "scary movie" party with our usual gang of troublemakers.

I could go to the local cruise scene and drive up and down the road watching others do the same. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the costume party my dad's company was having because I was a bit young, I'm 18 years old and there would be alcohol there.

I really wanted to go to this party, just for the sheer fact of the having some fun. If nothing else, seeing everyone's costume would be worth it.

Unfortunately, because of the strict security going on, I couldn't sneak in at all. I could, however, hang out in the lobby of the hotel of the party. Usually, after these parties, people are so drunk the company reserves a bunch of rooms for them to stay in so they wouldn't have to drive home.

This year, my sister Heather gets to go because it falls on her 21st birthday. She's really looking forward to it because she would be able to drink without having to hide it from my parents.

Let me describe Heather for you. She is the captain of her college cheerleading team. She's about 5'5" tall, weights right at 115lbs, long wavy red hair that reaches just above her butt. She works out 5 days a week and I'm talking serious workouts. Several fitness magazines have already contacted her to do some spreads for them. So far, she hasn't taken them up on their offers.

She's been excited about this party for the last month. She and my mom, Aimee, have been shopping for just the right costumes.

Speaking of my mom, she's almost as beautiful as Heather. For being 45 years old, you would never know it. Matter of fact, she is frequently mistaken for being in her late 20s. Yes, she's a knockout. As does Heather, my mom works out 5 days a week, but instead of hitting the gym, she's swims. She tells me she swims about a mile every day. She rotates her strokes so she never does the same thing twice in a row. I guess she got this from being a swimmer in college. If you want to put a visual on my mom, think of Shania Twain, they could almost be twins. Interesting enough, her hair length is about the same as Heather, but mom is a brunette.

So, mom and Heather went costume shopping together. Since they are best friends and mom looks so young, most people think they are sisters. Unless you really knew it, there is no way you could tell them as being mother and daughter.

This year, just because it was Heather's first time at this costume party, they decided to wear matching costumes. Just to be totally different and not have the common "Naughty Nurse", "Catwoman" or "School Girl" outfits, mom and Heather got matching Brides outfits, complete with those Victorian masks, the kind that just covers their eyes without being wrapped around their head.

My dad, just the same as always, took out his Zorro costume again. Mom didn't mind because she thinks he's hot in that outfit. I once overheard them talk about the nights they've had in the hotel room after these famous Halloween parties. From what I overheard, mom is a wild woman who will try just about anything in the bedroom, no matter how kinky or off it wall it may be.

I got a wild idea and decided to get a costume that looked exactly like my dad's. I would sit in the lobby of the hotel and when the time was right, I would sneak in to the costume party. I would just pretend to be my dad as we both have the same build, wear the same size clothes, and we both shave our heads. As long as I stayed on the opposite side of the room than my dad, and I didn't say anything, it should work.

The night of the party came and I told my folks I was going to my friend's house for his party. Since everyone was getting a hotel room, my folks and my sister left early as they would change into their costumes at the hotel. Mom made sure I knew the name of the hotel and their room number, just in case I needed to contact them.

As they left, something fell out of my mom's purse, it was notes she and dad were writing back and forth to each other. I guess it was a form of foreplay they liked to do.

"I can't wait until this evening. Maybe we can get in the same situation as last year."

Mom wrote.

"I kind of liked the idea we had last week where we didn't talk to each other all night, just pass notes back and forth." Was dad's response.

"Yeah, I like that too. I should be fun. Remember, whoever talks first loses! Too bad Rachel won't be here this year, it was kind of fun giving you that striptease show with her last year. Too bad she wasn't as smooth as me and didn't have my moves, but I know you were happy with that threesome none the less. Maybe we can find someone else to replace her. Someone who has some dance moves that can turn us both on."

OMG! My parents are not as dull as I thought! I knew mom had a competitive streak in her, but bringing it in the bedroom was the furthest thing from my mind. Man, how I would love to see that striptease. Did I say my mom was hot!

After reading that note, I now knew where Heather got that competitive streak from. She couldn't stand being out done by anyone, especially when it comes to body and beauty related stuff. She worked extra hard becoming the captain of the cheerleading team, so she knows how to compete, that's for sure.

I wouldn't say she's a stuck up diva, but she sure will NOT be outdone by anyone without putting up some sort of competition, no matter what it was.

So the stage was set. They were gone to the hotel. I was to get dressed, sit in the lobby and wait for my chance to get in the party.

Two hours later, there I was, dressed as Zorro watching all the folks go in. There must have been over 500 people at this party. With only one person watching the door, going in would be a breeze.

While sitting there, I saw the usual suspects walking in: A clown, a few skeletons, about 7 Naughty Nurses, a cowboy and cowgirl, The Werewolf, Cleopatra, ect.

Then I saw them, I saw Heather and my mom. WOW! Talk about two girls that looked almost like twins! If it wasn't for their hair color, no one could tell them apart. Even their bodies looked the same.

Let me describe their outfits. They were dressed as brides, pure white satin with lace trim. Their gowns were a bit shorter than the usual wedding gowns with slits up the sides, you could see their legs as they walked. I guess because they didn't want to step on the dress train all night.

They each had on white thigh high stockings. I knew this because of the high slit in their dresses, I could see their upper thighs. (unfortunately not high enough because I couldn't see anything else!) They both wore those white lace gloves that rolled up to their elbows. They had on white pear necklaces and earrings that hung down to their shoulders as well. Both dresses were the kind that tied around the back of their necks (sort of like that famous Marilyn Monroe dress) and leaving just a hint of cleavage. Enough to be classy, but at the same time enough to be slutty. And with those masks and the high heels, they looked amazing! They even had matching bright white fingernail polish on. They were clearly the two hottest girls there.

My dad was right behind them in his Zorro outfit, which was identical to mine.

About an hour later, I made my move. As I walked in, the guy watching the door said "Hi Dave, I didn't even see you leave. Great party, eh? Make sure you drink one for me, remember how shit faced we got last year?"

I just nodded and gave the guy a high five. He clearly thought I was Dave, which was my Dad's name.

The first thing I had to do was find my dad. I found him, at the corner of the room at the bar area. As long as I stayed clear, it would be fine. I started mingling with folks. I disguised my voice as much as possible but it didn't matter. Between there being so many people, the loud music and all the alcohol, no one could tell the difference.

I then got a tap on the shoulder and turned around, it was the security guy at the door.

"Dave, did you loose this? Someone found it and gave it to me to give to lost and found, but when I saw the ID, I knew it was yours. I just figured I'd bring it over to you." And he then handed me my dad's wallet.

I took the wallet, smiled and nodded. I looked in the wallet and found another note he and mom were passing back and forth. I also found a boat load of cash and his hotel room card.

My mom wrote on the note, "Ok honey, now we're going to have fun. I want you to pick any girl, I don't care who it is, married or single, young or old, and let's see if we can have a repeat of last year. The only stipulation is we BOTH get to have it. If it takes getting her a bit tipsy to pull this off, that's fine. Again, as we agreed, NO STIPULATIONS and we cannot talk to each other during the evening, only our "date" can talk to both of us, ok?"

I started to formulate a plan. Since people thought I was my Dad, why not take advantage of this situation and see if I can have some fun of my own tonight. After all, who would know, right?

So, I knew I needed to make sure my dad stayed away from the room for a while. I figured I would tell the bartender me and the "other Zorro" were having a bet to see who could stay sober the longest and if they could make his drinks extra strong, there's a $50 tip in it for him. It worked like a charm.

Next, I went up to one of the Naughty Nurses (who was obviously quite a bit tipsy) and asked if she's ever made it with Zorro. I said "well now's your chance" and made a move to kiss her and she never backed down. I mean, this chick was super aggressive as well and laid a lip lock on me and stuck her tongue down my throat.

I told her, "WOW, that was amazing. But is that all you got?"

Then she said, "Come on Dave, you know I've been wanting you for a long time. Why are you making me work this hard for it?"

I said as I whispered in her ear "I'll tell you what, tonight's your lucky night. In about an hour, come find me and say "Aimee ask me to come get you", in case anyone over hears it, and that will be the signal to go back to your room. BUT, you had better make it worth my while." Being in her drunken state, she never questioned a thing. This was easier than I thought.

So now, I just had to do one more thing, figure out who I can have mom hook up with. Then it hit me, why not get really kinky with this stuff. After all, if I'm going to do this, may as well do it great, eh?

I told the bartender the two brides were part of our drinking contests as well. If he could give them some extra in their drinks it would be ANOTHER $50 for him. AND, if he could pull one more thing off, there's a $100 bill with his name on it. I told him I want to see the two brides make out with each other. Not just a small peck on the cheek, but down and dirty tongue kissing. After all, bartenders usually have a way with getting people to do what they ask, especially if they offer a couple of funky drinks in return.

I couldn't believe the bartenders reply "That will be easy, those two were half drunk before they got here and have already been teasing half the crowd with their little butt slaps and dancing together pretending to be a lesbian couple. You may as well give me that hundred bucks now, pal. Oh look, they're at it again."

I turned to the dance floor and saw what I thought I would never see, my mom and sister dancing together! Not just casual dancing, but really seductive, slutty, hands all over each other dancing. It was a site to see. The only thing that was missing was them actually kissing!

WOW! I knew my sister got wild when she drank, as do most college girls now a days, but my mom too? AND with each other? I guess that sort of makes sense because they don't seem to think of each other as mother daughter, but more like best friends.

The song ended and they walked over toward the bar, where I was sitting. Mom gave me a little wink and Heather gave me a hug. Not a father/daughter hug, but a I'm glad to see you hug, complete with mashing her tits against me.

"Hi Daddy, did you see us dancing? I'm having so much fun tonight, thanks for letting me come to your party!"

I looked over at the bartender and nodded. He went into action saying stuff to the two ladies. He then whipped up some sort of drink and told them they had to down it first, then go out to the dance floor, do their thing, make it look real, and come back for round two.

A slower song came on and they took the bait! They went out to the dance floor. Next thing I know, Heather is kissing mom's neck and mom is moving her hands down Heather's great ass. Then it happened, mom went in for the kiss and their tongues met! OMG talk about a hot site. It seemed like something right out of a porn movie. I still couldn't believe it.

The song ended and they came back to the bar. They were both blushing and giggling under those masks. The bartender said, "That was awesome! You two seem like you've done that before. I'd love to see the guy who marries either of you two! Here's your drinks, made especially for you, with a little extra kick."

Mom and Heather clinked their glasses and pounded the shot. The stage was all set. I pulled out the note from before and wrote "Alright Aimee, you said no restrictions. After seeing that little display on the dance floor, I want you AND Heather tonight! Think you can pull it off?" and handed her the note.

She read it and then whispered in my ear, "I know we're not supposed to talk, but I knew you were going to want her, so I've been working on her all night. Truth is, after seeing her in that outfit, I'm not thinking of her as my daughter, but as a fuck toy for the night. Let's make it happen. I'll get her up to the room in an hour, be waiting for us."

Just then I saw my dad, the other Zorro, walking (actually staggering) to the bar area so I slipped away so I could see what was happening. A few minutes later he came by and I saw my mom give him a devilish grin and walked away. About that time, that Naughty Nurse came by and whispered something in his ear. (I already knew what it was).

Dad's eyes kind of lit up and a smile came to his face. She walked towards the door and dad's eyes couldn't stop looking at her almost perfect ass. Yup, he was hooked for the night.

A few minutes later, out the door he went after her.

Mom and sis danced again and I couldn't take it any more. I looked at mom, she looked at me and I motioned I was leaving. She grinned again and grabbed my sister and kissed her...AGAIN!

On the way out, some guy set down his video camera and turned towards the bar. I figured I would "borrow" it for a while and then return it to the hotel lobby when I'm done with it.

I pulled out dad's room key and got to their room. After all, mom already told me the room number earlier.

Once inside, I set the camera up so it could catch most of the room and just waited. I noticed something on the counter and went to investigate. I found a glass of water and a little blue pill with a "V" on it and a note....

"Dave, I know you don't need this, but let's make this the best possible night we can. If all goes well, you'll be back here before me so take this pill and let's have a wild time tonight. Love, Aimee."

OMG! Mom wants dad to take a Viagra pill! Heck, I'm 18 years old, I don't need one of these but what the heck, I may as well try it. The worst that can happen is I go home with a hard on and have to take care of myself. So I took the pill, drank the water and swallowed. We'll see what happens.

A few minutes later I heard the two "brides" giggling outside the door. I was already hard at this point and the Viagra hadn't even kicked in yet! Was I really going to pull this off?

They opened the door and nearly fell in because they were so drunk. I heard Heather say, "oops. Oh hi daddy, I didn't know you would be here. Mom said she had a surprise for me." Mom then pulled out a bottle of Tequila and said "Surprise! Happy 21st birthday! Your present from me is to see if you can keep up with me in whatever I do tonight."

Heather, not knowing what she was getting into said giggling "Bring it on bitch! You know I can beat you in just about anything I set my mind to!"

They just both laughed in their drunken state at this point. I was sitting in a chair, still in my Zorro mask (we were all still wearing our masks) in the corner of the room just watching to see what would happen.

Mom poured them both a shot and said, "Challenge number 1, drink this with me."

Heather laughed, drank the shot and said "Is that all you got?"

Then I couldn't believe what mom did next. She walked over to me, had me stand up, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. But not the usual mother/son kiss. This one was not even passionate, it was total aggression style complete with tongue! You can say her tongue was like a striking snake with the force it entered my mouth!

After what seemed like 5 minutes, but I'm sure it was only about 30 seconds, she pulled away and said to Heather, "Nope, I got that as well. Can you handle it?"

"That's not fair, he's your husband and my DAD! I can't kiss him like that!"

"You didn't have a problem kissing me like that on the dance floor. But if you want to give up and admit you can't keep up with you old mother, than fine."

Of course, Heather would never agree to that. She grinned, walked over to me and proceeded to do the same to me as mom just did. WOW!! I thought mom's kiss was aggressive but Heather's kiss made mom's look like child's play.

"Ok daddy, who kisses better?"

I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say "I don't know" and mom jumps in.

"Oh Heather, I forgot to tell you, we made a deal that your father and I couldn't talk to each other." He's sticking to it better than I am right now. As she was slurring her words.

I got up, walked over to the stereo and saw a CD labeled "You Can Leave Your Hat On -- Joe Cocker" and without saying a word, put the CD in and hit play AND hit record on the digital video camera, then sat back down.

Mom giggle and said, "Looks like your father wants us to have a little dance off, are you ready for the challenge young lady?"

Heather replied, "Mom, are you kidding? Do you honestly think you can out dance me? Especially with this kind of music and the moves that go with it? I'll tell you what, just so you know what you're up against, I'll go first" and she staggered to the middle of the floor.

For the next two minutes, she did the most amazing sexy ass dance I've ever seen, and she never took her clothes off! She did things with that body that I didn't think were possible! I didn't know the human body could bend that way. She even came over and was dancing all around me! At one point, she was throwing her hair all around my body without even touching me. Yes, I had a massive hard on and she could see it.

"Oh Daddy, I didn't know I could get you so excited just by dancing. Too bad mom can't compete with that one"

She then looked at mom and said, "Your turn, or do you want to give up now?"

Mom looked at Heather, went back to the CD player, hit the replay button and said, "Oh Heather, you may have all the looks and moves, but I have experience and style on my side. Besides, you have to step up to the big leagues with me." And proceeded to walk to the middle of the floor and start dancing.

Granted, she didn't have the moves of Heather, but when she reached behind her neck and undid her dress, I knew things would pick up. She was holding the white satin wedding dress up with just her hands. She started swaying back and forth with the rhythm to the music. Then she started....the striptease was on!

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