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Persuading Shy Mom to Pose Ch. 05

by optocynic©

"Can you both touch your... ehhhhh... your pussies for the camera?"

"Mmmmmmmm, OK" Debbie replied as they both reached for their wet pink clits. Lana started to rub her clit slowly as she looked directly into the camera. While Debbie was holding Sean's gaze as she rubbed her pussy and Sean reached into his shorts to stroke his young cock. The Lana slipped a slender finger into her pussy for me.

"You know what would look incredible, if you reached over and touched each other's pussies for the camera"

"I don't think so" Lana said, "I'm her Mother!"

"It's only posing for pictures, just think of yourselves as two super-sexy blonde babes, turning on two young guys and modeling for the hottest pictures possible. It's just pretend!"

"I don't mind doing the sexy poses Mom, we have come this far" Debbie offered as she slid her right hand over her Mom's thing and towards her shaved pussy. Lana took her lead, and did the same. Five seconds later they were rubbing each other's clits for the camera. Debbie was biting her lower lip and struggling to contain her moans. Then, suddenly, Lana threw her head back and moaned loudly.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, this is soooo naughty. Look what you boys have us doing" Then she slid a finger into Debbie's pussy, and slowly worked it in and out.

"Can you both turn over now, and get on all fours beside each other, showing us those sexy arses?" I asked.

Slowly they complied, getting on their knees on the bed, side by side. Their amazing pussies exposed and the sexy tight pink holes of their arse's. Sean obviously couldn't take any more, and said, "I think I would like to be in another photo Dan!" and he quickly stood and removed his shorts. Then he knelt down behind Debbie's arse, his face inches from her pussy. "May I?" he asked her.

"MmmHmm" she replied.

He leaned forward, and with Lana watching him, he licked Debbie's clit lightly.

"Ohhhh God!" was all Debbie could say when she felt Sean's tongue on her clit. Then Sean sucked her clit into his mouth and sucked on it while moaning. Sending the tremors up through her body. When Lana saw this, she reached under herself and started to rub her own clit again.

I stepped out of my shorts now, and Lana saw my cock. She smiled at me, and then closed her eyes in pleasure. I put the camera down. On automatic as usual, and approached the action. I took the same position as Sean, but I was behind my Mom's older sister's arse. My tongue flicked at her clit. My hands were on her arse, spreading her open for me. She was rubbing her left nipple with her left hand.

There was a squeal from Debbie, "Ooooooooooooo, you naughty boy!" she said to Sean. He was now licking her arsehole and had two fingers up her pussy.

I decided to copy him. When my tongue touched my Aunt's arsehole, she pushed back on my face. She obviously liked it. So I licked hard, and started to press my tongue into her arse, while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Soon I had a finger two knuckle deep in Lana's tight arse, and Sean was also fingering Debbie's arse. But he was arse fucking her with two fingers.

Abruptly, Lana pulled herself off my fingers, and turned to face me. "Stand up!" she commanded. I did as I was told, and she took my young cock in her hands, and slowly pulled back my foreskin. Then she started to lick the entire head of my fat cock. Her eyes shifting from mine, to her daughter's arse, which was, being licked and finger fucked beside her. Then she closed her eyes, and took almost all of my cock deep in her mouth. I held her short blonde hair as she gave me the best blowjob yet.

Then she stunned me, and reached over to Debbie's arse, and started to stroke her ass cheek while Sean fingered her. Her hand slid down the crack of her daughter's arse, and joined Sean's at her tight hole. Sean removed his fingers from Debbie's arse, and Lana's slender index finger took their place. Sean stood, and started to rub his cock against Debbie's clit. Then he slowly pushed himself up her cunt. Both Lana and Debbie moaned out loud. Sean took his cock from Debbie's pussy, and offered it to Lana, who quickly, and hungrily moved her mouth from my hard on to his. Tasting her daughter's pussy juice on it.

Debbie turned around, and sat in the bed. She stared at me, and while fingering her clit said, "I want to taste cock too!" I obliged, and moved to her face, but I was not gentle. I grabbed her hair, and started to fuck her face. Her and Lana were staring at each other. Both Mother and Daughter, with a mouthful of young cock.

Lana took Sean's cock from her mouth, and asked him "Do you want to fuck my big tits?" She lay back, holding them together. Sean mounted her, and pressed his hard cock between those glorious fake tits. His hands found her nipples and he started to fuck her tits as she pushed them together. Squeezing him tight.

I took Debbie's hand and moved it to her Mom's pussy. She started to rub and finger her hard. Lana was moaning loudly now. I pulled my cock from Debbie's mouth and knelt between Lana's spread legs. I slowly pushed it into her very tight pussy. Sean and myself started to fuck Lana in a slow steady rhythm. Debbie knelt beside Sean and offered him her tits to suck, while I fingered her pussy. She started to talk dirty to us all. "Fuck my Mommy boys. Fuck her big tits Sean.... Fuck her up the tight cunt Dan!" Then her and Sean kissed deep.

I pulled my cock from Lana's pussy. It was glistening in the bright sunshine. Soaked with my Aunt's juices. I lay down on the other single bed, and Debbie sat across me. Sinking my fat cock into her pussy. It was a strange feeling, knowing my cock had both Mother and Daughter's juice on it. She sat up on me, and started to ride me hard and fast. "Ohhh fuck Dan, you cock is so thick. Fuck my cunt!".

I looked at the other bed, and Sean and Lana were now in the same position as us. Lana was on top, and fucking my best friend's young cock. "Do either of you girls want to have two cocks at once?" I asked.

Lana looked at me, and said "Ohhh God yes, I have always wanted to have two young cocks in me at once!"

Debbie slid my cock from her pussy, and let me move to the other bed. Where I first offered my cock to Lana's mouth, and she sucked on it hard. "Debbie, will you get your Mom's arse ready for my cock? Maybe you can lick it a bit!" She kissed me deep, and then moved behind her mother, and spread her arse. First she licked Sean's balls. Up his shaft, and then she touched her Mom's arsehole with her tongue. Her eyes were on mine, as were her Mothers. Debbie had her tongue pressing into her Mom's arsehole, and her Mom had my fat cock in her mouth. Lana was moaning around my cock as Debbie tongue fucked her tight hole.

I pulled my cock from her mouth, and moved to her ass. Debbie sucked on my cock now. Spitting on it too, getting it ready for her Mother's tight arsehole. Then she lifted up and kissed me before saying in the sexiest voice I have ever heard, "Fuck my Mom in the arse!"

Lana looked back at us. There was a slutty gleam in her eyes. She wanted her nephew's cock rammed up her anus. She wanted to be double penetrated in front of her dirty daughter. Just as I started to push my cock against her tiny hole, Debbie kissed her Mother. Their tongues entwined in a sensual erotic kiss. The Debbie grabbed her Mom's hair and spoke to her through gritted teeth. "How does it feel Mom you slut?" My cockhead popped into her arse. Fuck it was so tight. Lana's mouth was open in a wide silent scream. Her eyes were rolling in her head. "Take it up the arse Mom, you filthy slut! Do you like two young cocks in you?" Debbie kissed her again, much harder this time. My cock slowly moved all the way up her arse as her daughter talked filthy to her. Soon Sean and I were ramming her holes in alternating thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh FUUUCCCKKKK, ram it up my arse Dan, fuck me, double fuck me boys!" She screamed. "Ohhh fuck, I have never done anything this filthy!"

The Debbie got on her knees over Sean's face, but she didn't want Sean to lick her, she wanted Lana to do it. "Lick my cunt and arse Mommy!!" she demanded. And Lana slowly, and slightly reluctantly did as she was told. However, within seconds, she was licking and sucking her daughter's holes with wanton abandon. I reached for Lana's tits as I fucked her arse, squeezing her nipples. The Debbie said. I want to get double fucked now.

"I want your arse Debbie!" Sean said, "Will you sit on my cock with your arsehole?"

She just groaned in response and we all got off Sean. My cock came from Lana's arse with a loud pop. Fuck, her arse was still tight. She almost sobbed to me. "Fuck Dan your cock is so big, it really hurt my arse, but I loved it!" I kissed her deep, and rubbed her clit.

Debbie was now squatting down on Sean's hard cock. Her high heels on the bed, her knees wide apart, her arsehole slowly stretching to accept the young cock. "Get in there and lick her pussy Auntie Lana!" I said.

"Mmmmmmmm yes Mommy... lick me!" She said, and Lana crawled into the bed, on all fours her face at her daughter's soaking pussy. She leaned in and sucked her clit into her mouth. I knelt behind Lana and slid my cock in her pussy. And started to fuck her. Sean's cock slipped from Debbie's tight arse, and Lana quickly took it in her mouth, tasting her daughter's arse. Then she guided it back into Debbie's tight arse. I withdrew my cock from my Aunt's arse, and moved to Debbie's mouth.

"Taste your Mom's cunt and arse Debbie!" She opened wide and sucked me hard. Lana was now finger fucking her daughters cunt with three fingers. Then she added a fourth. Debbie had to stop sucking me so she could scream. Now it was her Mom's turn to talk dirty to her.

"I'm going to fist your slut pussy you whore. Do you want it?" She started to press her hand in harder, the knuckles moving in. "Yeah, take that fat cock in your arse and my fist up your cunt you slut!" she said. The she spat on Debbie's clit and licked it off. Her hand popped up her daughter's pussy. Debbie's eyes widened in shock, and she screamed out loud.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh fuck Mommy... yesssssss!"

Lana started to fist fuck Debbie while my friend fucked her arse, and I fucked her mouth. Lana sucked on her clit harder now and Debbie screamed in a wild orgasm.

"Fuck... I'm cumming!" Sean said, and Lana pulled her hand from Debbie's pussy, and Sean's cock from her pussy. She sucked it deep into her mouth, and swallowed all his cum. Not a drop was spilled.

I pulled my cock from Debbie's mouth and shot a long rope of cum on her face. She held her mouth wide open and her tongue out. The next long rope hit her cheek and hair, then I shot the rest on her great tits.

Lana moved up and kissed Debbie deep, swapping mine and Sean's cum. Just as Lana was sucking my cum from her daughter's pink nipples and big tits, we saw my Mom and Aunt Laura at the door. They were in their bikinis. Their hands were down the front of them and fingering their pussies.

"We can't trust you two alone with any women can we?" My Mom said.

This was going to be a great two weeks.

To be continued....

Written by: optocynic

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