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After Class

by Sorian©

What was keeping him this time? I wondered as I sat in the car at the school parking lot. My son Tim was late again and I knew his teacher was having words with him. His grades were fine, so I never knew what all the trouble was. But I guess that was the trouble, Tim never told me anything. At first I worried he was seeing a girl and he was afraid to tell me. But when I brought it up he just turned red and said, "No mom...there aren't really any girls at my school."

Of course there were girls, just none that he liked. I didn't understand why. I mean, I knew he was a little awkward for 18, but then who isn't awkward at that age? He was handsome for his age, and he already had the body of a man. I knew he liked girls, when I found him looking at porn when he was 15. The poor guy was so embarrassed. Naturally I was shocked at how big his dick was. I mean he was my son, so of course I could look—but it did make me think that these girls were missing out.

Ms. Sims called me a few days before to tell me that Tim was staying after for some extra help and since his car was in the shop I was here waiting. But this was taking forever. So I got out of the car, went to the office and found out which room was hers. Now as I was walking up the hall to her classroom I had no idea what I would find. But I guarantee you when I walked to the door and looked in, nothing prepared me for what I saw: My son sitting at a chair with his pants around his ankles, dick pointed straight up and Ms. Sims standing in front of him with her top off, her boobs in a white bra and unzipping her skirt. What the hell was I supposed to do?

I was shocked. To be honest, I was shocked not at what I saw, but rather at myself. I stood still and I watched. Ms. Sims was a hot teacher. I knew that much. She was in her mid 30's with a great set of boobs and nice long legs. She always had her blonde hair tied back and her big rimmed glasses hung over her cute nose in that seductive way. But she was his teacher and this was wrong.

But I watched. I looked as she slipped off her skirt and stood in front of my son in a white thong and a white bra. Her boobs jiggled as she moved and I wondered if they were going to spill out of that thing at any moment. She was saying something to Tim then she stepped toward him, turned around and bent over for him to see her ass. I looked from her ass to his dick. I was proud.

It was rigid and thick—just the way I remembered it. I often wondered if he had grown and what he looked like jerking it. I was not disappointed. He kept his hands to his sides and just watched as his teacher wiggled her ass in front of his face. He looked so calm as he watched her turn back around then unsnap her bra. Her tits slipped out and sagged a bit from their own weight. She rubbed them together then fell to her knees and pressed his cock in between her tits.

I wasn't sure what she got out of it, but I could see her close her eyes and stroke his dick with her tits. I felt like it was all wrong. My poor son, being taken advantage of by this teacher. No doubt she could see that he was so awkward and shy. She probably noticed a bulge in his pants one day—poor kid couldn't help it I am sure. Now she was on her knees rubbing his young dick and shaking her ass in his face. But I didn't move. My pulse quickened. I was excited. I looked up and down the hall to be sure no one was coming. Then kept watching.

Ms. Sims now had her mouth on his dick. She sucked it slowly and carefully and good for her, he was probably ready to explode. I could see he loved it though. He stroked her head and watched her—breathing heavily the whole time. I felt my own mouth open. I was curious. It was true that I thought about it. I wondered what it would be like to suck my son's cock. But I knew it wouldn't happen.

Then Ms.Sims looked up at the door. Shit. I was petrified. Her mouth was still on his dick, but she looked right at me. Then she stood up and walked over to the door. I turned away. What was I going to do? Pretend I wasn't wet and curious? Was I supposed to be mad? Was...?

"Hello Holly," Ms. Sims said through the crack in the door. "Won't you come in?"

I didn't say anything at first. She looked right at me with a deep and penetrating look. I was caught and I knew it. I nodded and stepped in with a red face. Tim looked up at me and he freaked out. He grabbed at his pants and almost fell off the chair.

"Holy shit mom..." he stammered.

"It's ok Tim," Ms. Sims said. She held my arm firmly. "Your mom is here because I asked her to come."

Tim froze. He swallowed then looked at both of us. "What?"

I said nothing. I wanted to run, I wanted to cry, but I kept staring at his still wet and rigid cock. Ms. Sims pulled me over to him. She looked at me then back to him.

Finally she asked, "Did you see me sucking your son's dick?"

I looked at his bulging cock and his wide eyes. I nodded. My mouth was dry.

"We have fucked here you know?" She said in my ear. "He fucks like a little animal."

I swallowed. Who was this woman?

"He fucks me like I am his mother," She whispered.

"Mom?" he said in a whimper.

My hands were shaking. My mouth opened but nothing came out. Instead I dropped down and filled my mouth with his cock. I let go of everything and sucked it. Slowly and firmly I worked it in my mouth while his teacher watched. It was like candy that I knew was my favorite and then finally found. My head bobbed on his dick and I went crazy as I felt it grow swollen and harder.

"Mom?" he asked again. I looked up in time to see Ms. Sims pull my head away. She stuck her mouth on his dick and continued to suck it. I unbuttoned my blouse and got out of my clothes in a trance. I watched as her tongue went over his shaft and balls. He looked at me with wide eyes and stared at my naked body.

My clit bulged and I rubbed it as I watched. Ms. Sims pulled the dick from her mouth then looked up at me. She smiled slyly then moved so I could straddle my son. I grabbed his dick, looked into his eyes then let it slide into me. I moaned as his eyes fluttered from the feeling. Then I started to move up and down on it. I looked down to see my wetness spilling on the seat as he fucked me. I rode him slowly. Up and down on his shaft while looking at him. He began to give in and soon he had his hands on my ass and he gripped my cheeks firmly.

He buried his face in my chest and licked then sucked my boobs. I felt an orgasm come and bucked hard against his cock. He sucked my boobs while I ground my teeth trying not to yell. It felt so wrong, but it was something I always wanted. I shook from my orgasm then climbed off of him.

Ms. Sims climbed on his dick and rode it quickly. Their bodies slapped as they fucked and I watched with my finger in my pussy. This was wrong. What the hell was I doing? This needed to stop. But I couldn't. My fantasy was opened and I knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted it from the first time I saw his dick. I rubbed my soaking pussy over my legs and over my asshole. I rubbed and rubbed but I couldn't get it wet enough.

"Ms. Sims," I said finally.

She climbed off his cock. It was wet and twitching. He looked at us with sweat on his brow. She looked at me and smiled. "Get on your knees Holly and stick your ass up."

I got down obediently and she started rubbing my ass with my own juice. She slid a finger in easily. I was no anal virgin and I was ready. She started to finger my asshole and I rocked against it moaning. She touched my clit with her other hand and rubbed it in a circle driving me crazy. After a few moments of this I commanded, "Tim...get off that chair and fuck me in the ass."

"Um mom..." he started.

I was crazy. "Shut up. Look at my ass. Ms. Sims has it all ready for you. Now get that cock in there....I don't want a little, I want the whole thing. I want to feel your balls pressed against me and I want you to fuck me as hard and as long as you can. Do you understand me?"


"Good, now do it!" I shouted.

I looked back at him, standing up awkwardly with his dick jerking at each step. Ms. Sims sucked it to get it really wet then helped him position it over my asshole. It felt huge against me. Suddenly the thought of my son ass fucking me made me start to shiver. I pushed against the fat head of his dick until he finally forced it in. I let out a deep groan as it filled me up. I felt him stretch my ass apart and push, grabbing my shoulder with one hand and my ass cheek with another. He pushed and pushed. I bit my lip and wondered if I could take the whole thing. He gave a solid thrust and I felt his balls against me.

"Good..." I said in a lustful tone. "Now fuck me...fuck my ass..."

He pulled it back and my body shuddered, then he thrust forward and I moaned. He pulled back slowly until my ass locked on the end of his dick then slammed it in again. Slowly and methodically he pulled back until I was almost screaming then he thrust his full length back into my ass. I put a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit with each thrust. Soon I was backing into his dick as it slammed into me.

"Harder son...harder..." I said with a gasped as it drove down deep.

He began to speed up, still pulling back so far and pumping me. I almost fell over he was pumping me so hard. Ms. Sims managed to slide her body under mine until my mouth was on her pussy and hers was on mine. I found her clit and sucked it as she licked mine and my son fucked my ass.

There were too many feelings in my body and I started to cum. I buried my face in Ms. Sims pussy and groaned and she came right after me. Tim kept pumping me like a perfect machine. I licked Ms. Sims's pussy then said, "Harder fast as you can...cum for me ok?"

Suddenly he went wild. He pulled his cock out so I was gaping then drove it back in. The changing volume drove me wild and I begged for more. He jammed it in firmly, grabbed my hips and started fucking me as fast as he could. His body slapped against my ass as he fucked. Ms. Sims licked my clit and he fucked my ass so fast that all I could do was hold onto her legs. I felt him shift position so he could be over me and his dick plunged deep into my ass. I squeezed Ms. Sims legs and squealed as he fucked me and he started to cum.

His warm cum filled my ass and came out as he fucked me. He thrust as deep as he could and then after several very hard and vigorous thrusts. He clenched my ass cheeks and yelled, "Ah...fuck mom...fuck...."

Ms. Sims licked the cum as it slid down my legs and I came hard as she nibbled my clit. I held her for as long as I could and then Tim pulled his cock out. I grunted and fell over onto my clothes. My legs and ass were covered in his cum. Ms. Sims sat up and looked at us, licking her fingers. We were quiet for a while...I didn't know what to say.

Finally Tim asked, "Am I in trouble mom?"

I looked up at him in a post orgasm coma and replied, "Not if you keep fucking me like that honey. Not ever."

Written by: Sorian

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