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Black Porn Stars Today

by Samuelx©

Hello, there. Samuel Xavier here. America's favorite big and tall, openly bisexual Black male Graduate Student and erotic fiction writer. These are my last days in the United States of America. Soon I'll be heading to the Republic of Canada, possibly forever. Yeah, I'll have to leave my beloved Brockton forever. Anyhow, if I'm going out then I'm going out with a bang. Make sure you people don't forget me. Remember the name of Samuel Xavier. Prince of Perversion. Anyhow, enough about me.

I have some tough questions for you folks today. Do you feel that Black Porn and Black Erotica leave you unsatisfied? So many sexy Black women and hunky Black men, and their scenes are less than satisfactory. The sex sizzles, but there's a certain lack of kink. Black people are naturally sensual and beautiful. Our sex scenes should be hotter than those of others. I mean, seriously. Why can't we have hotter sex scenes between Black men and Black women? This is what would happen if I were directing some of today's hottest Black Porn Stars.

Byron Long is a tall, good-looking Black man. He's exactly forty years old, and he's one of the top Black male stars of the Adult Film Industry. The guy has one of the biggest dicks in the business and he's bedded countless women. Black women. Asian women. Hispanic women. White women. Yeah, Byron Long has had them all. Hell, in the movie Byron Long's Gay Lust, he even hooked up with some sexy studs. He's bisexual, but doesn't make a big deal out of it unlike some people you know. I love this guy's movies. I've got a bunch of his works on VHS and DVD. Especially the impossibly raw scenes he does with the sexy, dark-skinned African-American starlet Menaja Trois. That's why I've decided to cast them in the hottest Black Porn Movie of all time.

Presently, the sexy Menaja Trois is on her knees before the sexy Byron Long. He's standing there, leaning against a wall as she sucks on his really long and thick Black cock. Byron Long looks totally sexy smoking a cigar while Menaja Trois sucks his cock. These two look really good together. Menaja Trois is a sexy African-American porn star whose gorgeously dark-skinned. She's got nice tits, a slim waist and a big round butt. Her long, smooth Black hair is all natural. This sexy Black woman has been in countless porn movies. You name it, she's done it. Interracial. All-Black. All-Female. Bisexual. Fetish. Domination. Submission. She's got a really long and sexy tongue that she knows how to use well. Just ask Byron Long here. The tall, sexy Black stud seems to be having the time of his life as Menaja Trois sucks his cock.

Nearby, the other stars of the movie are also doing their thing. I've got my man Brian Pumper here and he's having a lot of fun with two of the Black Porn world sexiest starlets. Lexi Cruz, a sexy young Black woman with a cute face, nice tits, curvy body and big round booty. Also helping this brother out is the lovely Cherokee D'Ass. A woman who truly needs no introduction. Tall, curvy, and blessed with the thickest, sexiest booty of them all. Both of these sexy Black ladies are showing my man Brian Pumper a good time.

While Lexi Cruz sucks on Brian Pumper's long and thick Black cock, Cherokee D'Ass is munching on Lexi Cruz sexy pussy. Cherokee D'Ass has mostly done male-female scenes in the industry and she's recently discovered the joys of bisexuality. Simply put, Cherokee D'Ass can't get enough pussy. Especially Black pussy. I can totally empathize with this sexy sister's unique condition. Black pussy is addictive. Brian Pumper thrusts his cock down Lexi Cruz throat like there was no tomorrow. Lexi Cruz is really into sucking cock. This sexy Black woman is always eager to please her lovers. Although she's bisexual, she's fairly new to exploring her queer side and isn't that comfortable doing scenes with women. However, she is truly enjoying the feel of Cherokee D'Ass sexy tongue and sleek fingers darting in and out of her snatch. Let's just say that Cherokee D'Ass has had a lot of practice eating pussy. She's been hanging out in the hottest lesbian clubs of Los Angeles lately. And you know a tall, sexy Black woman like her doesn't go to bed alone at night.

After getting his cock properly sucked by Menaja Trois, Byron Long decided to return the favor. He spread the sexy Black woman's shapely thighs wide open and breathed in the scent of her vagina. He began licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Menaja Trois grinned broadly as Byron Long went to work on her. Unlike most guys working in the Adult Film Industry, Byron was actually sensitive to the needs of his female co-stars. He liked eating pussy and did it well. That's why he had legions of female fans both in the Adult Film Industry and within the general population. The guy can't go anywhere in the City of Angels without being mobbed. It's good to be Byron Long. Menaja Trois closed her eyes and ran her hands through his hair, caressing his neatly braided cornrows while he worked his magic on her. No man on earth was Byron Long's equal when it came to eating pussy. The man was talented in so many ways.

Byron Long licked Menaja Trois hot pussy until she was wet as a puddle, then he began to fuck her. Sliding his cock into her snatch, he gripped her hips and pumped her up. Menaja Trois licked her lips and wrapped her arms around Byron Long as he fucked her pussy. It had been a while since they got down. They went at it like this for some time, then switched things around. Unlike most women on this planet, Menaja Trois preferred anal sex to regular cock to pussy sex. And that's why men love her. She asked Byron to switch things around. Getting on all fours, she spread her big butt cheeks wide open and asked him to fuck her in the ass. Byron Long pressed his dick against Menaja Trois asshole and pushed it inside. With a swift thrust, he entered her.

Nearby, Brian Pumper was having a lot of fun with Cherokee D'Ass and Lexi Cruz. For Lexi Cruz, this was no ordinary shoot. She was losing her anal virginity on camera. For many years, porn fans everywhere wondered if the sexy and seductive Lexi Cruz would ever do an anal scene. The answer is yes. Cherokee D'Ass licked Lexi Cruz asshole, then Brian Pumper pressed his dick against Lexi Cruz tight backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went inside. Cherokee D'Ass fingered her pussy while watching Brian Pumper fuck Lexi Cruz in the ass. Lexi Cruz seemed tense as Brian Pumper's big cock slid deep into her asshole. Cherokee D'Ass reminded Brian Pumper to be gentle. The cocky young Black man grunted, and resumed fucking Lexi Cruz. Hard and fast, he pumped his dick into her asshole. Lexi Cruz squealed as she got fucked in the ass for the first time.

Across the room, Menaja Trois was doing some screaming of her very own as Byron Long's thick Black cock filled her asshole. Hard and fast he pumped his dick into her booty hole. Menaja Trois loved anal sex. Both giving and receiving. So she urged Byron Long to fuck her ass hard, which he did. He fucked her ass until he came, blasting a load of hot cum deep inside her asshole. Menaja Trois screamed happily. Byron pulled out of her, sighing happily. Menaja took a deep breath and asked Byron if he ever let a woman fuck him. Byron said no but admitted he was curious. Menaja Trois pulled a strap-on dildo out of her handbag and strapped it on. Byron Long watched her, stroking his cock. Menaja Trois looked really sexy wearing her strap-on dildo. She ordered Byron Long to get on his knees, which he did. Obediently, the tall Black stud began sucking on the Black woman's strap-on dildo.

Watching this from across the room, Cherokee D'Ass felt inspired. She decided to try this with Brian Pumper. Watching Brian Pumper fuck big-bottomed Black starlet Lexi Cruz in her tight ass, Cherokee D'Ass remembered a scene she once shot with Brian. In the scene, she played the role of a sexy professor seducing an underachieving male student. In that scene, she sucked Brian Pumper's cock before he rammed his dick in her pussy and asshole. Brian Pumper had fucked Cherokee's big juicy ass many times, and during their anal scenes he left her with a sore butt hole. She decided to give him a little bit of his own medicine. So she borrowed a strap-on dildo from one of Menaja Trois erotica drawers and strapped it on.

Brian Pumper fucked Lexi Cruz sexy tight ass, loving the feel of the young Black woman's asshole around his member. He fucked her until he came. Lexi Cruz shrieked as she felt Brian Pumper's manly cum fill her asshole. Brian pulled out of her, spent. He turned around to see Cherokee D'Ass looking at him with a sexy, scary gleam in her eyes. She was wearing a strap-on dildo. In spite of himself, Brian found himself both turned on and surprised. When Cherokee D'Ass asked him to assume the position, he was all for it. He got on all fours and Cherokee came up behind him. Spreading his ass cheeks wide open, she pressed the dildo against his asshole. With a swift thrust, she went inside. And just like that, one of the industry's sexiest Black women began sodomizing one of the industry's most macho Black men with her strap-on dildo.

Byron Long polished Menaja Trois strap-on dildo with his tongue. Menaja smiled, and made him assume the position. Face down and ass up. Byron Long did as he was told. Menaja spread his ass wide open and shoved the dildo inside. And just like that, she began fucking him hard with her strap-on dildo. Byron felt a rush of pleasure mixed with pain as Menaja Trois pumped her dildo into his ass. Truth be told, he'd never allowed a woman to fuck him up the ass before. This was a new experience for him and he found himself enjoying it. Nearby, his buddy Brian Pumper was enjoying a similar experience, courtesy of the gorgeous Cherokee D'Ass. Lexi Cruz joined in on the action. Borrowing yet another one of Menaja Trois strap-on dildos, she took Cherokee for a ride. Coming up behind Cherokee, Lexi Cruz gripped her wide hips tightly and slammed her dildo into the big-booty woman's sexy ass. Cherokee D'Ass gasped as she felt Lexi Cruz strap-on dildo sliding up her asshole. Cherokee D'Ass slammed her dildo into Brian Pumper's ass, pumping him up while getting her own ass pumped by Lexi Cruz. It was hot.

The five sexy Black starlets sucked and fucked the night away, and I recorded the whole thing. Afterwards, I talked to them about the scenes and how they felt both before and after. They told me I had inspired them, and from now on, they would shoot Black Porn movies my way. I'm so proud of them. Glad I could use my delightfully kinky mind to enlighten and inspire the Black men and Black women who bring the worlds of Black Erotica to life. My gift to the Black community and our admirers.

Written by: Samuelx

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