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Spring Break Ch. 03

by onyourknees©

Meanwhile Erin had arrived at the bar with Jenn. Jenn grabbed a drink and then went to see if the guys she had intended to meet were there, Erin, however, was told by the bouncer to head downstairs.

Mandy and Melissa arrived soon after Erin was coming back upstairs, having blown around 10 guys downstairs. The four girls took some free shots to get going, toasting Erin for providing them all. After 3 shots each, they hit the dance floor and just enjoyed the music.

The girls, of course, had guys all over them at all times, dancing in tight. They mostly allowed it, in between trips to the bar or going to the washroom. Jenn eventually drifted off with the guys she had meet up with earlier. The other 3 ran into a group of guys from the beach they remember liking and took another shot with them and then went back onto the dance floor with the guys.

The girls had taken a ton of shots at this point and were really drunk. Mandy was screaming and yelling shit like "Fuck yeah!" or just "Whoooowww", while Erin was in her own world against some guy, looking super horny. Melissa was doing a drunken, messy make out with one of the guys, as he felt her up all over, and she frequently moved one hand to the front of his jeans, feeling his hard package.

They kept this up until all six of them were turned on enough to burst. Mandy and Melissa decided to head back to the guy's hotel under the lazy pretense of more drinks. Jenn had disappeared quickly with her guy. Erin was due back downstairs very soon, so her guy was out of luck. When she told him, his face was one of a broken man.

Mandy and Melissa headed back to the guy's hotel, which was very close. They had adjoining rooms and they didn't engage in any bullshit, they both went into a room and started fucking like animals. Melissa ripped her guy's t-shirt as she stripped him. He took her clothes off as fast as he could and almost tossed her onto the bed naked as he slid out of his jeans and Melissa begged "Just fuck me hard right now."

He did, getting on top of her and pulling her hair firmly as he fucked her as fast as he could. The raw intensity and forcefulness was something Melissa had never had before and she was wrapped up in that feeling.

Mandy was having something of the same experience, her guy had stripped her naked from the waist up quickly, unable to resist sucking on those amazing tits of hers, as she had undid his belt and slid his pants down and was stroking his cock as he licked her tits. He soon moved a hand to her pussy and rubbed her through her clothes, Mandy couldn't take it and slid her panties off and her guy guided her onto the bed, but Mandy somehow remembered that she wanted to try doggy style after Melissa had said it felt great, so she presented her ass to him and he was happy to oblige, fucking her hard while he held her hips steady.

Both the girls were moaning loudly and could hear each other through the walls. It was like they were in it together.

Mandy came first, her guy had used one hand to reach around and play with her clit while the other played with her nipples. Mandy then rolled over and tugged him until he came on the mattress.

Melissa wasn't far behind, she felt her guy getting urgent so she reached down and fingered her clit furiously, and he came, she could fell his condom wrapped dick go limp inside her as she orgasmed right behind him, no squirting like last time, but it still felt good. She lay there for half a minute and then got dressed and met Mandy and they left, discussing the events as they stumbled to their place.

Jenn's guy were local, she didn't want to take a guy to her room because she assumed Mandy and Melissa were there, nor did she want to travel to his place farther away, so she took her guy to a back alley and she gave him the best blow job he's ever had. He took her tits out and played with them as she did.

Jenn felt dirty, giving a blow job in an alley with her tits out was not something she'd ever though she'd do, let alone enjoy. They were in the shadows, she heard lots of voices and footsteps not far from her as she blew this guy, but as far as she could tell no one noticed. She quickly got him to orgasm and then swallowed his cum and also headed for home, to find the two girls already passed out asleep.

Erin had a similar night to the one before, she had a guy fuck her pussy, while another fucked her in the ass right after, meanwhile, a random girl was being treated the same way on the opposite end of the couch within arms reach of Erin.

The girls all were out until at least 4 and as a group were so exhausted they didn't awake until almost 4 the next afternoon.

As they started to fully regain consciousness the next afternoon they groogily started talking about last night and Melissa said "Fuck, I was so done, that I came home, sweaty from sex and just stripped naked and feel asleep, Mandy looked at herself under the covers and said "Wow, me too. We don't smell that great."

The other two laughed and said "me too" as well, then they all laughed and Erin teasingly ripped the blanket away from Jenn leaving her lying there naked. Jenn, much stronger, quickly ripped it back out of Erin's reach and left them both naked and the blanket in a ball in her hands, she just laughed and threw it on the floor, leaving them lying together in the bed, nude.

As they all laughed and talked some more Jenn asked "What time is it?" Looking at the clock and answering herself she said "4, shit, time to get drinking again."

She got up and walked to the mini fridge and grabbed four beers, as she bent over she gave Mandy and Melissa a good view of her ass, the girls screamed at Jenn, who laughed and handed a drink to Melissa and Mandy, and after doing so, from the foot of their bed, ripped their blankets off so they were left in their birthday suits for all to see too. They screamed in shock but were laughing immediately after, but not as much as Jenn and Erin.

Jenn got back on her bed and the girls all leaned against their headboards in what was quickly dubbed "Naked drinking". They all smiled as they thought of what a ridiculous situation this was, how it looked and the crazy events that led to this.

What made it even more ridiculous was that they all were laid out so casually, like they were at home watching a TV show or something.

"I have an idea," Jenn said "First one to shower, put on some sort of clothes or stop drinking loses. Loser had to submit to some kind of challenge that presents itself over the next few days."

The girls all agreed to the contest right away.

"So we're going to do that wet t-shirt thing tonight right? Everyone is in?" Mandy asked.

"Definitely," said Melissa.

"What time to we have to go at?"

"They said it starts around 11, but be there to sign up and prepare and shit by 10."

"Alright, so it's 4 now, figure we take an hour to get ready, and it's a bit away, so 30 minutes for travel, so we have 4 and a half hours in here naked and drinking? Awesome!"

After they had finished their first round Melissa said "Let's order room service, I'm fucking starving."

They agreed and then Jenn had another idea: "Let's start having contests as well, in case we all go the full 4 and a half hours then we can still pick a winner. I have the first game. It's 'most inviting tits.'

"Alright, so how do we play that?" Mandy asked, obviously excited to play, perhaps because she thought her tits were inviting, or she was just really into showing her tits right now.

"When the room service guy comes, we invite him in and tell him he can feel one set of tits, simple and fair huh?"

"Not if you have tiny tits!" Erin objected.

"Sorry cutie, but I'm sure lots of games will have favorites, it will all play out evenly I hope." Jenn told her.

Jenn then went to the door and opened it a crack in anticipation of room service.

Soon after, they heard a knock and Mandy yelled "Come in" as the girls scrambled to sit on the edge of their beds.

Fortunately it was a guy, about their age, that entered with the food tray, his eyes went wide when he saw them, sitting in two pairs, on their beds, breasts all in a line. His eyes were wide. "Wow," was all he could manage.

"I hope you don't mind, we're too lazy to get dressed." Melissa said in a sexy voice.

"No, no problem here," he said.

"Instead of a tip, we were thinking, why don't you feel one set of tits, your choice," Jenn asked, "How does that sound?"

"Oh, I'm not supp-"

"Come on, we're not gonna tell, have some fun, you think we're sexy don't you?"

"Yeah, of course-"

"Well then do it, take your time, -it's an important pick." Jenn concluded.

The guy said nothing, but obviously was going to play as he started to move forward to the main area, walking to the middle between the two sets of girls. "Those are real?" he asked Jenn to his immediate right.

"You know it baby."

"They're very nice...and big."

"Thank you."

"I think I will pick you though. They're so cute." and he pointed at Melissa, who initially was surprised but then gave a celebratory fist pump and stuck her chest out, proudly presenting her champion tits to him. The other girls giggled a bit at Melissa's display.

The guy thought it was funny that she was so happy to, "What did you girls bet or something?"

"Kinda," said Melissa. "Come on, give 'em a feel."

The guy got in front of her and palmed them, rubbing them around before he gave them a squeeze and let go.

He then said "Well, if that's it, then I guess I gotta go..." He obviously did not want to go.

"Wait," said Erin, "Lets go an ass contest too, I have a shot here I think. Everyone stand and turn around, you give the winner a spank and a squeeze then you can get outta here."

All the girls stood and turned and this lucky guy did a walk up and down the line and said "Can I get you guys all to bend over, I can tell better that way."

The girls did so with an easy laugh, he then quickly picked Mandy, explaining "Your ass is just so tight. Mmmm" he grunted with passion and then gave her a firm spank, causing her to cry out, it hurt a bit.

He then rubbed that same cheek and gave her a two handed squeeze and thanked the girls and left.

The girls then ate the combo of eggs, toast, ham, and fruit with beer and Mandy and Melissa gloated a bit while Jenn and Erin plotted their own strategies.

"Oh my gosh," teased Melissa, rubbing her own tits. "They just feel so amazing, I can barely put them down to eat." Mandy laughed at the taunt, but the other two didn't.

They were finishing eating and polishing off their third beer when Erin, having a eureka moment, grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and said "Contest 3, deep throat: Most in wins."

Jenn looked at the banana as if inspecting it and then told Erin "Get on your knees, like it's the real thing." Erin got on her knees and reached for the banana, but Jenn put it in front of her pussy and moved towards Erin like it was a cock, they all laughed at this.

Mandy and Melissa went to the end of the bed, crowded around Erin, in close quarters they were all very aware they smelt of stale sex at this point, but they didn't really care.

Erin, up high on her knees, started to guide the banana into her mouth, which was a bit thicker than an average penis but not ridiculously so. She gagged a bit but then put a bit more down and Jenn moved in close and marked the skin with her thumb just in front of Erin's upper lip, she then slid the banana out and handed it to Jenn.

Jenn just got into position and put the saliva covered banana into her mouth, she looked like she might threaten Erin but at the point when Erin gagged, Jenn stopped, a bit less then half an inch short.

Melissa was up next, up on her knees she started to slowly put the banana in, she drooled some and started laughing with the other girls, she kept going, very slowly, until she steadily and easily moved past Jenn and then Erin's mark, she could feel it deep in her throat and she wanted to cough and gag but she somehow forced herself not too, she kept going until she felt the banana hit the back of her throat and then pulled away just a bit, Jenn marked it and she pulled out the soaked banana to a round of impressed cheers. She was almost positive Mandy wouldn't beat it.

Mandy went next and came in last. Erin was visibly bitter, thinking that was her contest to win.

Melissa decided to twist the knife, fake thinking out loud "Geez, how happy would a guy be to have his dick buried in my mouth and feeling my tits, it would be like heaven I imagine."

"Alright, I have the next game." said Mandy, "Ice cubes on nipple, longest on, but someone has to get them, and I think they should be able to wear some clothes."

"Sounds good, and I vote Melissa, as current leader, and only her panties from last night." Erin said

The other 2 readily agreed and Melissa, powerless to stop this, slid into her sticky silk thong panties, not at all self conscious about this little shame dressing she was doing, but a bit ashamed that she wasn't at all grossed out by it, but actually kind of turned on.

Grabbing the ice bucket, Melissa did a light footed run to the first inter section, feeling her tits bounce a bit, she came to and then went down that hall and into the vending machine/ice room, there was a guy there. He did a double take on seeing her.

"Hey," she said casually, even though her heart just sped way up, "What's up?" Even though she was nervous, she'd gotten used to enjoying flustering guys with her exhibitionism and was able to hide her nervousness behind a large wall of confidence. She liked this power.

"Not too much, gotta love spring break eh?" he said with a grin, looking her over, but doing his best not to ogle.

Melissa laughed, "Spring break," she repeated happily as she moved her bucket to the machine.

"Is it spring break, or are you always an exhibitionist?"

"Hmm, it's just spring break, but I think it may stick after." said Melissa with a laugh as she looked at herself absentmindedly, gently running a hand over her tits. "But I just won a contest, most touchable tits, so I think that's influenced me a bit."

"Really, most touchable tits, it would be a shame to waste such a gift, you mind if I see for myself?"

"Sure, spring break baby. I haven't showered in a long time, and I've been fucked int hat time too, so if that bothers you.."

It didn't, and as Melissa was holding the button for ice and watching it fill, he approached her, she twisted her torso the best she could so he could feel her and it wouldn't distract her work. He put his hands on her. She let the button go and turned her full attention to him, watching him work. The ice room was a wide open room, anyone walking down the hall would see this clearly. Melissa looked over the guy's shoulder, hoping that someone would see, hoping to show her body more, to get more excitement, more intense feelings. She couldn't believe her in public in her underwear with a strange guy feeling her tits was boring to her right now. What was she becoming?

"Give them a squeeze if you want, try out the nipples too. Take advantage." she then feel silent and just observed as he explored her tits for a minute or so.

"Ok, that's enough, I gotta get back, what's your room number? If we have anymore contests you can be judge." Melissa said, enjoying the contact and realized that if he kept going Melissa would not have had the willpower to stop him from fucking her right there against the ice machine. So she stopped him, deciding this was the righ decision, she didn't like strange guys fuck her in the ice room.

He gave her his room number, she took it and had one final tease to do. She slowly bent over and put her ice bucket down, stood back up, she leaned her shoulders against the wall, arched her pelvis and shoulder out towards him, looked him in the eyes and said "these panties are irritating me," fingering the waist-band.

Melissa was going to do a sexy little strip, show off her unkempt, but still incredibly sexy body and then give him the panties as a keepsake. As Melissa slide her fingertips under her pantie strap, letting her finger tips dance over her skin, she was thinking "Fuck, I'm so fucking horny from all these games." and she was getting off as best she could with her show she was putting on right now.

"Fuck, I wish he could just fuck me right now." she thought to herself for the 20th time as her hands lowered her panties a bit, to just above her pussy, as the guy's eyes widened in anticipation. Melissa looked at the tent in his shorts with approval at her own work.

She swayed her hips around a bit more, and she was about to let the panties drop and hand them to him when she suddenly realized: "Wow, even with all I've been through already, some of my my old conditioning still exists. I can fuck this guy if I want." She made a mental note to challenge every decision she would make for the rest of this weekend, to make sure it wasn't old Melissa's opinions creeping in.

She then slide her panties back up to their original position near her hips and said, in a purring voice: "Aren't I the hottest, nastiest, dirtiest, sluttiest girl you've ever seen?"

"Oh my god yes." he said, obviously very excited.

"Do you know how to treat a filthy, sex craved girl?" Melissa challenged, beyond excited for what was to come "Can you give a really nasty girl what she wants?"

"Let me show you," he said, and started to advance, not waiting for an answer.

"Mmmm," Melissa moaned, running one hand down her body with her head arched back, her pelvis and stomach still arched out away from the wall, two feet to her left was the open hallway. "I need a cock right now."

"Take your panties off now." the guy commanded. Melissa looked submissively into his eyes and complied, presenting the sweaty article to him on her outstretched index finger.

He took it and said "You like dirty, nasty things? Like these panties?" Melissa nodded her head, dripping with anticipation.

"Alright, open your mouth then." he commanded, Melissa obeyed instantly, opening as wide as she could like a good little girl saying 'ahhh' for a doctor.

With the decision to get fucked made, Melissa was instantly fully committed to it, willing to let anything happen, like it was out of her hands now. Right now being committed meant doing whatever he told her to as best as she could.

Her mouth wide open, she found that her deep red colored silk thong, which contained many darker colored patched from her various body fluids, was being shoved into her mouth.

He forced the tiny fabric in deep with two fingers and then said "Close your mouth," and she did, leaving only a tiny part of the hip string sticking out from her lips.

"Now keep it just like that," he said as he unbuckled his belt and let his pants and then underwear drop down to his bare ankles, "Dirty girls only get fucked hard if they behave like dirty girls right?"

Melissa nodded with wide eyes, keeping her dirty panties crammed in her mouth.

He then used his left hand to pin her against the wall by the neck and lifted her up to her tiptoes, he shoved his rock hard cock into her waiting pussy, keeping her standing up straight on her toes, her legs were barely apart. He did this because the girls always felt a bit tighter that way.

He started to fuck her hard and fast, his strong left hand against her neck so hard she was struggling to breath just a bit. Both her hands when to his wrist and squeezed, just so she'd have something to grab.

They continued that way, when two guys walked by and got freaked out, thinking it was rape at first glance, but quickly saw how into in Melissa was and just checked her out and moved on.

Melissa was spending most of her energy keeping herself balanced on her tiptoes. His other hand had reached around and was gripping one of her tight little ass cheeks as hard as he could. His pelvis pressed against her so tightly that his pubic bone was rubbing her clit with each thrust.

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