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Anal Afternoon

by Aswitch©

I walk into the room, a little cranky from traffic and stress. Suddenly there is a blindfold that effectively blocks all the light. He says nothing, but he slowly unbuttons my blouse and slips it from my shoulders. My bra is then removed, and he gently cups my breasts, toying with the nipples. His caresses become more forceful; my breath hisses through my teeth as he suddenly pinches my nipples. His hands keep moving.

I am stripped naked and gently pushed to the bed. A large gag is pushed in my mouth. My jaws immediately complain in discomfort, and I struggle with the hard, rubber ball. He notices, but says nothing, leaving the gag in place.

His hands are at my breasts again, roughly and then squeezing my ass. He turns me around, and I hear the zipper of a bag. His hands are now on my arms...rope now binds me at the elbows and wrists.

As I am lead to a standing position, I realize how the bondage forces out my breasts. This was planned. There is now metal on my nipples...he releases the painful clamps, with a stern reminder to behave myself.

Oh, it hurts. And I can't be good. I start to complain behind the gag and twist in my bondage.

Before I can even think, I am face-down across his lap. His hand makes a violent connection with my ass. I am being spanked like a naughty little girl. The pain and the humiliation force me to calm down and accept what is coming.

The spanking hurts, it hurts, it hurts. He slows and begins to rub my sore, heated ass, lecturing me about my outburst.

He pulls away for a moment, and I hear him snap a glove onto his hand. It returns, slick with lubricant. There is pressure on my tiny asshole, and then his large finger slides in to the second knuckle. I whimper from discomfort and humiliation.

He tells me that my asshole is much too tight to accept his cock and that it must be stretched. I whimper again, and he takes pity on me and removes the sharp nipple clamps. Oh, they burn coming off.

I am then ordered to kneel on the bed and arch my back in order to give him better access to my ass. I feel horribly vulnerable in this position.


The gloved finger returns and is soon joined by another. He pulls them apart, stretching me, and I moan into the bed. He continues adding fingers, until there are four large fingers in my tight burning asshole. I am in real pain now and struggle to keep quiet behind the awful gag.

He removes the fingers, but promises to fist me before the evening is over. There is a wonderful feeling of emptiness that I know will not last long. He returns with a large, evil-looking plug, which is thankfully well lubed. Unfortunately, I was not paying attention and had let my arched position slip. Of course, he immediately notices and viciously smacks my sore, red ass three times.

"I told you to arch your back, slut."

I whimper but obey. Then the plug is sliding into me. Too big, too big, too big! My asshole burns as he slides the widest part past my sphincter. I shudder and my asshole spasms around the over-large intruder.

He caresses my back and ass as I adjust to the plug.

"Stand, slut."

As I get up, the massive plug shifts inside me and hurts.

His hands are everywhere, surprisingly gentle as he guides my legs open. His voice is also gentle as he tells me how pleased he is. Suddenly, he savagely thrusts two fingers in my pussy.

The pain causes me to panic again, and I back away from him.

He is very angry; this is my second mistake in a very short time. I am thrown on the bed on my back. He unties my arms, only to immediately re-tie them to the headboard. My ankles are tied to my wrists, and I am obscenely displayed. I can feel the air on my widely spread pussy; the position also puts pressure on the horrible plug.

He takes off his belt, ignoring the panic in my eyes.

The first hits the inside of my right thigh and burns like fire. I bite back a sob as the second hits my other thigh. He continues until there are 10 angry red marks lining my inner thighs.

I take a deep breath, visibly relaxing as he pauses. Of course he notices and gets further annoyed.

"You thought I was done, little slut? Not yet. I'm going to remove the gag, and if you make a sound, I will double your punishment."

Without warning the belt crashes down on my unprotected pussy. Ohhh, I had no idea my sweet Charlie could be this brutal. The pain was terrible. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

He whipped my pussy again and again, stopping once to insert a finger and laugh about how wet I was. "You clearly hate this, little slut."

He finally takes mercy on me and stops, untying me and removing the plug. Oh, it feels good to be empty.

"Stay on your back, with your legs spread."

It's not over?!

He strokes my red, swollen pussy lips, not gently but not brutally either. The pain is there, but my body responds to the stimulus. He continues stroking, rolling my clit around with his other hand. I climb toward orgasm quickly, my over-stimulated body desperate for release.

And then he stops.


I control my frustration and resume the ordered position on my hands and knees. It was time for him to fuck my ass.

I can hear the condom as he rolls it onto his cock. The plug has been out long enough for my ass to tighten again; I struggle to relax...I doubt he will enter me gently.

I feel the blunt edge of his cock as it pushes against my asshole. This is going to hurt.

I stretch and stretch and stretch until finally the head is in. Yep, it hurts, and he is nowhere near finished. He thrusts, hard, and buries the rest of his cock in my ass. I fight to hold my position and to relax. Must relax.

"Breathe, baby. It's in."

Then he is moving, withdrawing and thrusting as my muscles fight him. His hands dig into my hips; he fucks me brutally. The pain fades, replaced by something else. I move against him with each thrust, helping with my own assfucking.

The orgasm builds. I see white light behind my eyes, clamping down on the cock in my rectum. This triggers his release.

We lay for a few minutes, his cock still buried in my ass. I am a bit ashamed and have a difficult time looking at him.

This irritates him.

"I am not finished with that ass yet, little slut. Let's see if we can find something to get me hard again."

My poor, sore ass...

I rise, find a washcloth and clean us both. He orders me back into my favorite (not) position, on my knees with my back arched. What else could he possibly want?

Then I hear the glove, and I know. He can't be serious.

He is. Two fingers violate my throbbing ass, immediately joined by a third. He allows me to relax my position a little and bury my face in a pillow. I'm scared.

There are now four fingers that push and spread and penetrate my ass. The pressure increases as his thumb is added to the hell in my rectum. It is too much and I begin to sob into the pillow. He does not stop.

The other hand is on the small of my back, forcing me open. He begins to push. I scream into the pillow. I had no idea something could hurt this much and not tear me open.

His knuckles slide in.

I begin to buck and twist and shake, anything to get that horrible thing out of my ass. I am sobbing now and shaking. He viciously grabs my pussy, forcing me to calm down.

I lay and cry. His hand starts to move, and suddenly I am in the middle of the most massive orgasm I've ever had. My body arches and spasms around his hand.

And then the hand is gone.

I curl up on the bed, still whimpering. He is gentle, but reminds me that I am not yet done.

I fall to my knees, no longer caring about anything, completely lost somewhere beyond thought. I accept the cock that pushes into my mouth. It hits my throat. I suck and lick as well as I can, devoted only to pleasing this man. He pushes his cock into my throat and cums while I swallow.

He cradles me on the bed, gently allowing me to come down.

Written by: Aswitch

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