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by Middleagepoet©

"I don't understand, all you need to do is wash her hair for me. Then I'll take it from there," the stylist said wiping the hair from her scissors. "When you're done just lead her over to that chair and I'll be over just as soon as I finish up with Jillian here." He leaned over to look around me into the mirror and said, "Just a moment Jillian dear," he then straightened up and looked back at me, "you okay now?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine."

"Okay, just go then so I can get back to Jillian."

"It's just that..."


"There's so much..."

"Oh come on, just think Crystal Gayle, her hair was like that. Just take it a little at a time, now go."

I slowly began walking toward the waiting area thinking of how I used to jack off to pictures of Crystal Gayle, her long straight hair wrapped around me. Pausing a moment, I peeked at the customer from behind a plant. Bobbing my head I noticed the dark roots nearly four inches long leading out to a wavy blonde that rolled out over her shoulders, ran down her back and then curled back over her right arm to then cascade over her thigh and down to her knees.

Suddenly she looked over, bent her head down and looked right at me through the plant. Her dark eyes were framed in a heavy purplish makeup and her ample cheeks glowed bright read. As she opened her mouth and spoke, her neck rippled in two fluid jowls, "My appointment is for ten o'clock, it's nearly ten fifteen now!'

I glanced up at the clock and noticed it was three minutes after the hour. Taking a deep breath, I reached down and adjusted my erection (she couldn't see that because of the tall planter) and walked several steps into the waiting area. "Mrs. Claiburn?"

Taking a step back as she stood up, I watched her hair flow off of her enormous breasts, roll down the onto the chair and then splash upward as she lifted her body off of the chair. "Mrs. Claiburn, you know the way to the shampoo area?"

She nodded, "Of course I do."

"Well why don't you head into chair one while I log you in."

"Log me in?"

"Yes, yes, new procedures," I replied with a shrug. I then moved to the main desk, grabbed a pen and pretended to write something down, all the while watching as that long hair bounced and rolled over her ample body. Trying to conceal my erection, I bent down at the waist a bit and limped a little as I followed her down the hall and then moved beside her as she sat down in chair one.

Trying to calm myself, I took a deep breath and then bent to begin gathering up her hair, feeling the long, long strands slide over the skin on my arms into the wash sink. My hands began to tremble as I turned on the water, running it over my hands as it warmed up. In a few moments the water began to warm and I could feel the trembling subside a bit in my hands.

Taking firm hold of the nozzle, I watched as the water leached down through the mounds of hair in the sink. I then ran my fingers through it, straightening it as I reached out as far as I could reach. Moving upward, I then cupped my fingers over the nozzle and rolled up over her head, careful not to let a drop roll out onto her forehead. It took several minutes before the hair was fully wet.

I leaned over to ask her which shampoo she preferred, but her light snoring and rhythmic breathing confirmed she was asleep. Moving over to the large shampoo dispensers I pressed down the knob on my favorite and watched as several huge gobs spurted into my palm. Letting my hand run through the tresses of hair, I let the slippery fluid work into the strands and then returned to the dispenser. Repeating three times, I finally had enough to start working.

Starting up at her head, I noticed her breathing change as she woke up. Carefully running my fingers over her scalp, I watched the hair curl over my hands, the shampoo foaming up as I worked down the back of her head. Over her shoulders my fingers worked in and out of the curling mass and I noticed my hips moving slightly in and out with the motion as some of the hair had flopped out of the sink and ran down the front of my body.

Listening carefully, I noted that her breathing had steadied off. I then glanced back out into the salon, but Valentin was still working on his 'Jillian dear.' Unable to bear it anymore, I reached down, unzipped my pants and eased my cock out into the wet, flowing mass of hair. I then returned to the shampoo, letting the strands of hair curl around each one of my fingers, wrapping them in the wet slippery mass.

Looking down, I noticed how my cock was similarly wrapped into the strands of hair as, with the help of my hip movements, it rolled and flopped, washing her hair too. I moved down the length of her tresses, increasing the speed at which my fingers, and cock, slipped through the slimy, wet, but so soft mass. Reaching then end, I then moved back up squeezing the hair to wipe away the excess suds, thrusting my hips as my cock pressed deeper and deeper into her fake blonde mass.

Pulling my hands free, I grabbed a towel and held it by the head of my cock as I thrust once, then again and finally a third time before arching my back and coming. I watched as the head of my cock spurted and the cum arched much further than I expected, splashing and nestling into the dense mass of hair just behind her right ear instead of safely on the towel.

I quickly reached in and tried to pull out my sticky cum, but she woke up and complained, "Ouch, you're pulling my hair there."

Realizing it was already too late, I grabbed the nozzle once again and ran it up close to her scalp, careful to keep her head turned in such a way so she couldn't see my naked cock as it dribbled the last droplets of cum into her hair and on her shoulder. Once I got the nozzle down near her shoulders I was able to get my cock worked back into my pants and once I finished rinsing her hair I was able to zip up my pants.

Handing Mrs. Claiburn a towel, I took several other towels and worked them through her hair, letting the strands drape over my body as I did. I could see the rubbery globs of my cum tangled in the hair up by her ear and noticed the white stain forming on the shoulder of her blouse. I smiled, knowing I'd only get blamed for sloppy shampoo work.

I continued with the towels languishing in her hair as my afterglow wore off. I was just about to finish up when Valentin stepped in and said, "Why Gloria, you look wonderful today. How are you?"

"Oh okay I guess, he pulled my hair until it hurt and got some shampoo on my blouse," she whined.

Valentin tossed a towel at me and growled, "Charlatan, you simply don't know how to treat a lady's hair. Come darling, I'll make it better for you," he said, holding out his arm, helping her up and then leading her out into the salon, but not before glaring at me, shaking his head side to side and whispering, "Clean up this mess."

I grabbed a towel and began wiping the shampoo from my clothes. Glancing out as Valentin worked on Mrs. Claiburn's... Gloria's hair, I made a mental note to look over our appointment calendar to see when she was scheduled in again. That was a shampoo I wasn't about to miss.

Written by: Middleagepoet

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