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My Wife Donna Letting Go

by sharedhousewife©

"I love you too!" I said.

Donna was on all fours now and Leon was preparing to mount her doggy style. "I'm cumming! Oh god, I'm cumming!" Donna cried. Leon was pounding his cock deep into her causing the same result as before. Just as Donna reached her peak, Leon jammed his cock deep into her holding on tightly. I knew he was emptying himself in her pussy. Leon's cum, along with a load of mine and at least two loads from Shaun were oozing from Donna's pussy each time Leon pulled his cock back. Once his cock slipped out of Donna's pussy, a glob of cum fell onto the sheets. Leon was trying to get his cock back into Donna. Taking my hand, I helped Leon enter Donna once again. After only a few strokes, Donna pulled away from Leon and lay beside me on the bed. Leon stood on the floor now. The three of us lay there on the bed quietly not thinking about our guest downstairs. We were almost asleep when our two friends joined us on the bed. Both Shaun and Leon's friend had stiff cocks and were looking for something to fuck.

"Looks like we're being replaced! Let's go get a beer," I said to Leon.

As we left the room, I looked back to see Donna with Shaun's cock in her mouth and Leon's friend already pumping his cock savagely into her pussy. I knew she was loving it. Leon and I sat back on the sofa sipping our beer while my wife fucked two men on our bed. "You really like to watch your wife fuck other men?" Leon asked.

"I do! In fact she fucks other men almost every week. She's been dating Shaun for about four months now."

"She ever had a black man before tonight?" Leon asked.

"Yes, a friend of mine in the Army."

"And you really don't mind?"

"Heck no, I especially like to fuck her after she's been with another man. She tells me all about her experiences when we fuck."

"Do you think maybe we could do this again? Maybe I could convince my wife to do you while I take your wife! You Know, like swapping!"


Leon seriously looked over and said he always wanted to see his wife get fucked by a white guy. I chuckled and asked him if she knew he was with his friend out "fucking around". He said, no, but that they occasionally had fucked other people at parties, and even his friend had fucked her a few times when she was drunk. He then pulled a photo from a hidden pocket in his wallet and showed it to me. It was a very attractive petite black woman with nice tits, smaller that Donna's, but with huge dark nipples and areolas. She appeared to be in a bathroom wrapping a towel around her head, as if stepping out of the shower. She had a startled look on her face, as if candidly surprised. Other than the towel on her head, she was totally nude. There was a small triangle of tight curly pubic hairs above her labia. I said, "Very nice!" and wondered what it would be like to rub that curly patch.

We invited Leon and his wife, Talia, over to house the next Friday night. Just us four as a swapping couple, so Leon could have total fucking of Donna and he could witness his wife doing white cock. He had explained everything to his wife, but Talia was still hesitant. She hadn't done anything like this before. The only time she fucked other men with Leon around when was she was drunk. Talia had second thoughts and waited on the front porch as Leon met my nude wife at the door, kissed, and ran off together to the den to fuck. Meanwhile, I stood with a nervous Talia on the front porch. It was dark outside and I could clearly make out Talia's silhouette still huddled on the door step. This time I went over to speak with her. I walked over to her and she smiled up at me, her bright white teeth contrasting with her dark skin. She was sitting there shivering and looked so confused. "Are you alright there, Talia?" I asked in, a concerned voice.

Although, it was dark outside, her form was clearly visible in the dull light of the porch lamp. I couldn't help glancing down at her exposed cleavage and the hem of her mid-thigh length skirt as I spoke to her. I asked her to come inside out of the cool night air and have a drink.

"Okay!" She said, smiling shyly and got up.

As she stood up, she opened her legs slightly giving me a brief glimpse of the bare dark skin above her stocking tops and her skimpy thong. I immediately felt a strong stirring in my loins. She walked inside the house with me, still shivering and hugging herself with her arms. I let her enter the house first, admiring her tight round ass and the line of her skimpy thong through the back of her tight fitting skirt. I went into the living room and sat on the long couch. Talia sat on one of the single chairs across from me. I wasn't sure what to say. We sat in silence for a moment. I looked across at her. Her hands were caressing the material of her fishnet stockings. I was beginning to feel my cock rapidly expand down the side of my leg. Watching a pretty female caressing her stockings always excited me. I don't know if it turned them on, but it definitely never failed to arouse me.

"Are you still cold?" I asked, trying to show concern in my voice. "Come over here, Talia.," I said. "Come a little closer."

She sat there a moment, smiling at me. At first, I though she wasn't going to come over. But she eventually stood up, causing her skirt to momentarily rise above her stocking tops again. I bit my bottom lip and shifted position to hide the erection that was beginning to throb against my thigh. She walked over to stand in front of me. I sat there a moment, contemplating her sexy skirt and stockings, observing the erect nipples of her firm breasts through her skimpy blouse, absent of any bra. I took her hands in mine.

"You are cold, aren't you?" I said, feeling the coldness of her slim fingers and soft delicate hands.

She didn't resist. She just smiled at me with her big beautiful dark eyes. I let her hands go and nodded towards her short skirt. I said, "That's a very sexy skirt and you have very nice legs!" trying my best to smile in a friendly fashion.

To my surprise and delight, Talia lowered her hands and lifted up the hem of her skirt, giving me a good view of her bare upper thighs and her skimpy thong. I stared at the contour of her pussy lips bulging through the skimpy material of her thong. I shifted my gaze to her bare upper thighs and stockings, before leering at her tight camel toe again. I placed my hands on her fishnets and moved them up to her bare upper thighs. Talia didn't resist my caresses. On the contrary, she took a step closer. I lifted up her skirt to contemplate her thong again.

"You must be cold in that skimpy thong." I said, moving my hand over the fine material. "Shall I warm you up a little?"

I didn't wait for a response to my rhetorical question. After all, her husband was in the next room pile-driving my wife's pussy and I wanted to do the same to hers. Holding her skirt up with one hand, I moved my other hand over her hips and thighs, fondling her buttocks and playing with the stretchy fabric at the front and back of her thong. Reluctantly, Talia lifted up the hem of her skirt again so I could freely fondle her with both hands while leering at her camel-toe. I turned her round with my hands and admired the back of her skimpy thong accentuating her gorgeous pouting butt cheeks. I was pleased after all the stories you hear about black women's big booties, but Talia had a gorgeous ass. Talia sighed contentedly as she let me play with her thong and grope her firm hips and thighs. I looked up at her face and saw that she was smiling appreciatively at me as I fondled her. I looked at the moist pussy lips protruding through her thong, knowing that I was definitely going to fuck her young black pussy. But before that, there was another fantasy I wanted to experience first.

With one hand lightly massaging her pussy lips through her thong, I unzipped my trousers with the other and released my rock hard cock. After pulling Talia down to a sitting position on the couch, I stood up and presented my swollen organ in front of her angelic face. Talia coyly smiled as she contemplated the pulsating erection swinging in front of her. I took one of Talia's hands and placed it on my cock. I could feel the coldness of her skin against my throbbing organ.

"I think you're your hands could do with a little warming up." I suggested.

I felt Talia rub the length of my cock, sensing the coolness of her hands. She had small hands, and my cock looked enormous in her slim dark manicured fingers. Talia looked up at me with her big dark eyes and beautiful smile. I couldn't wait to see my white cock fucking her pretty black face. I placed my hands on her head, feeling the rim of her hair extensions on the top of her head, and pushed her face towards my cock. She looked at the cock swinging before her, biting her lip in hesitation. She started off slowly at first, gently kissing and tonguing the tip and shaft.

"I've never sucked white cock," she said, momentarily disengaging herself to speak and lustfully contemplate the stiff white cock before her.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched her beautiful thick puffy lips conscientiously kiss and suck the length of my rock hard cock. This was clearly not the first cock she had sucked, and it would undoubtedly not be the last. I leered down at her groaning with delight, caressing her dark hair with my hands.

"Oh, yeah, suck that cock girl." I groaned.

She looked up at me smiling, teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue, before thrusting it deep down her throat.

"Is it as good as sucking a black cock?" I asked, leering down at her.

"Mmm, better." She said, briefly disengaging herself, before continuing to suck on it again. "Your're cleaner than most men my husband has asked me to suck."

I really couldn't wait to come over her pretty black face. I growled, placing my hand on the back of her head and gently forcing her mouth forward on my cock. Talia gasped as my hard rod thrust into the back of her throat. She dutifully took the length of my shaft in her mouth, sucking as hard as she could, clearly eager to please me. I steadily fucked her mouth and watched in delight as she sometimes choked on my cock, causing pre-cum and saliva to dribble from her lips and nose. "I want to come on your pretty face." I sneered, gently pushing her mouth away from me and vigorously rubbing the shaft of my cock. She opened her mouth and smiled up at me, eagerly waiting for my hot cum to shoot over her. She didn't have to wait long. A moment later, I groaned from an intense orgasm and spurted a copious amount of sticky cum on her face, mostly splattering her upper lip and nose.

I looked down in satisfaction at the sight of my milky cum dribbling from Leon's wife's dark skinned nose and lips. She looked up at me, sucking my spent cock dry.

"Tasty?" I asked, grinning down at her.

"Mmm, very tasty." She said looking up at me, wiping her face with her hand and licking my sticky cum from her lips and fingers.

I look down at her in fascination as she licked up and swallowed by cum. I reflected that I would be kissing that mouth tonight, especially of how pretty she was. But that didn't matter. There were plenty of other places to kiss also. I pulled her up from her knees and gently pushed her onto the couch in face-up sitting position. Talia sat on the couch with her legs open, her skirt partially covering her thong. She watched me undress as she erotically caressed the material of her fishnets and her bare thighs. I knelt down in front of her and pulled up her skimpy blouse to tongue her erect dark colored nipples. I had been so concentrated on her panties and stockings that I had neglected her pert little breasts. So I eagerly gave them some attention now. I moved down between Talia's legs and caressed the material of her fishnet stockings. She pulled her skirt above her waist, inviting me to go higher. I kissed my way up her stockings, savoring the feeling of her fishnets on my lips and nose.

I continued my journey up her bare thighs to the flimsy fabric of her damp thong. I pulled the material of the thong gently to one side and contemplated her dark clit and the pink flesh inside her pussy lips. Talia smiled down at me in anticipation, opening her legs wider and caressing my hair with her long fingers. I sucked and licked her erect clit with my tongue, feeling Talia's love juices pour into my mouth and nose. She moaned, pushing my face into her pussy.

"Oh, I love it when guys suck my clit!" she sighed lustfully in her Southern accent.

I continued to diligently lick Talia's pussy to her obvious delight. She moaned and leered down at me as I lapped her pussy, her upper lip curling into an ecstatic snarl of pleasure. Eventually, after licking her pussy for several minutes, my cock was rock hard again. I was surprised that her pubic hair was not bristly like you hear stories about. It was extremely curly but very soft and her scent was not much different from my wife's. I was ready to fuck the little tease. I stood up and pulled her up firmly from the couch. Then I turned her round and bent her slim body face down over the couch and pushed her skirt high above her waist. I couldn't wait to get my cock in her young black pussy. I pulled the back of her thong to one side and glided my hard cock into her pussy from behind. Talia gripped the back of the couch and looked at me over her shoulder, biting her lower lip with anticipation. The little wife slut clearly wanted it. I grabbed her hips and repeatedly thrust my cock into her, leering down at the back of her thong beautifully accentuating the shape of her pouting dark-skinned buttocks.

"Oh, that is so good.!" Jessica moaned, frowning with pleasure as she looked over her shoulder. She watched wide eyed with glee as my white cock drove into her young black pussy, her copious vaginal juices squelching against my cock.

Seeing Talia snarl and moan at me lustfully simply aroused me even more. She obviously loved the idea of being fucked by a married white man. The little slut deserved a good hard fucking and I was more than happy to oblige. I rammed my cock harder and faster into her young tender pussy, causing her dark skinned buttocks to quiver back and forth under the momentum of my vigorous thrusts. She moaned out loud, the sound of her exotic female Southern voice turning me on even more. I raised one of her legs onto the couch and fucked her even faster and deeper, jolting her forward against the couch. Finally, she let out a series of short ecstatic moans as she climaxed on my cock, her pretty face contorting into a lustful snarl as I continued to fuck her hard. Shortly after, I groaned out loud and felt my cock explode into her. Sighing contentedly, I grinded my hips against her ass, ensuring that as much cum as possible would dribble into her sopping pussy.

Grunting with satisfaction, I disengaged myself and slumped on the couch beside Leon's sighing wife. Afterwards, we got dressed and Talia went to freshen up in the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom with a smile on her face and kissed me on the lips with big pouting lips.

"Thank you very much for looking after me while my husband was taking care of your wife." said Talia.

"It was no problem." I replied. "And don't hesitate to come again with your husband. You are always welcome."

"I won't!"


Written by: sharedhousewife

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