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Awakening of Fannie Ch. 10


(Fannie is sent away for slut/slave training! Her training will be chronicled in a future chapter.)

Pt. 1

Fannie's husband S is on his way home from work as his cell phone rings.


"Hi S this is Cindy. Got a minute?"

"Sure. Everything alright with Fannie?" He asked.

"Perfect. Couldn't be better! She just left for home and I was just wondering if we could talk someplace." She said.

"No problem. I'm on my way home now. Want to meet me halfway?"

"Yes how about the coffee shop at Third and Main?" she asked.

"How about the bar next door? I could use a drink about now." He said with a chuckle.

"Twenty minutes. See you there!" She said as she steps on the gas in anticipation.

S arrives and walks in the door. Cindy is already sitting on a stool finishing her first drink. He checks her out a little as he approaches and notices that she is sitting with her legs crossed wearing her usual tight skirt. Thoughts went through his head that maybe Fannie is on to something by wanting to snuggle with that nice round ass of hers!

"Hi! Thanks for meeting with me!" She says as she stood to give him a kiss on the cheek. She orders a round of drinks and waits until the bartender leaves before beginning her conversation.

"So what's on your mind?" he asks. " I just want to start off telling you that Fannie is a dream and I am very happy with our arrangement but I am wondering what you would think about taking her to the next level?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I've been talking with a friend of mind about this and she came up with an idea that I agree with. What do you think about sending Fannie away for slave training? Things are progressing so well with her that I think that she would be a perfect candidate and it should really improve all of our experiences going forward."

"I don't know. You are kind of taking me a little off guard here." He said as he downs his drink in one gulp and orders another round.

"I have already spoken to the Master at a slave training location in New York. I explained to him just what Fannie is capable of doing and he agrees that she would benefit from the training which would allow her to just let go and be our, uh, your total and devoted slave for life."

"New York? Isn't that a long way to go everyday?"

"We will take her there together and talk things over with the Master. Fannie will have to be present and agreeable to the arrangement. There will be legal forms to be signed by all and then we leave her there and they take care of all of her needs for seven days. They guarantee the results. They would already have given us references to check before even taking the trip."

"How much will all of this cost and what if she decides that she doesn't want to stay after a day or two?"

"I'll cover the cost. They have three degrees of training. First is for general obedience training and is aimed more for the average housewife. The second is for slave training and is more intense and is what most people are sent there for. I believe that we should send her for the top tier which is designed to train her as a slut slave. She has shown me a strong desire to be used sexually and I truly believe that this is exactly what she needs. The entire cost for everything is $10,000.00 for the week and I am willing to put up the entire fee myself if you agree to give me a little more freedom with her afterwards. We can talk about that later."

"Have you mentioned any of his to her yet?" He asked.

"No. I wanted to go over it with you first." Turning to him she puts a hand on his knee. "So, what do you say?"

He thought about it for a moment before looking her in the eye and said "As long as you promise me that she won't be harmed OK. Lets do this! I'll talk to her tonight."

He drove home after leaving Cindy at the bar and thought about her proposal. At first he was a bit nervous about the whole situation but as he drove he realized that at this point there is no turning back. No reversal of her transformation into a slut back to an ordinary housewife and working girl. He decided that he really had nothing to lose. Actually it should only strengthen his position with her as he will be her true master and it would tend to keep her from straying or finding sex outside on her own.

The following Saturday the three made the long drive to New York. Both S and Cindy spoke with Fannie about what was going to happen when they arrive and she remained very quiet and agreed to go along with their wishes. She remained a little nervous about being taken so far from home to be trained by a total stranger!

They arrived and pulled up to the tall wrought iron gate and announced there presents through the intercom. The large black gates opened slowly with a loud creaking sound. They drove up the long driveway and around the large circular driveway and parked in front of the house. Cindy and S got out of the front of the car as Fannie sat quietly in the back seat. Her husband opens the door and she gets out slowly.

As she stands she looks up at the house which was actually an old country mansion. Made of gray stone it had an eerie appearance to it. They walk up the steps to the front door and ring the bell which makes the sound of a heavy gong which increases the effects of being eerie. The door opens and beautiful young woman leads them in. She is wearing a long white dress which, once their eyes adjusted to the dim light, they could see right through. As they followed they noticed that the back of the dress actually was open by a long slit that ran from her lower back to the ground and as she walked glimpses of her bare ass could be seen! They could tell right away that the opening was meant for easy access by her master.

"Welcome! I am Master X! I hope that you had a pleasant trip." Said a tall man in a black robe as they sat in his large study. He shakes hands with both S and Cindy and as is common in a master slave scenario he does not even acknowledge Fannie.

"I am sure that you have many questions about your slave's stay here and I would like you to know that unless all parties are comfortable we will not accept your slave here for training. We put a lot of time and effort into the slave's training and we want to be sure that it isn't just time wasted. Have you decided which degree of training your slave will be requiring?"

"We want her trained as a slut slave!" Cindy says. Jumping in before S could speak.

"Which of you will be her true master?" Master X asked a bit puzzled by Cindy's rush to answer.

"That would be me!" S replied. "Cindy is Fannie's boss and will have control of her at her workplace only. I will be her true master and everything will go through me first!" He said giving Cindy the eye. She looks away realizing that she has spoken out of turn.

"Very good! She can have only one master and if you try to share her equally it will only confuse her and can not be allowed."

They talked for several minutes as Master X answered all of their questions to ease their minds. He took them all on a tour of the house and grounds. They went down to the dungeon where they could see where most of the training would take place. Shackles hung from the cold stone walls and there were several devices around to be used for either torture or pleasure. Her quarters consisted of a small room and a single bed. There were no windows or furniture and only one dim light hung from the ceiling. There were restraints attached to all four corner bed posts. He would not answer when asked if they would be used on Fannie. The grounds were private and well kept to be used for other forms of discipline.

Returning to the study he had both Cindy and S sign some legal documents before turning to Fannie.

"Do you understand what is happening to you here? Once you sign you will no longer be a free woman. You will be the property of your master and will obey any order that he gives to you without question."

"Yes Sir." She replied as she looks down at the floor.

"Are you doing this of your own free will without any pressure from anyone else?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Please sign here and here. Once you sign you will be prepared and led to your chambers immediately! You will have no contact with the outside world for seven days starting this very minute."

Fannie takes the pen from the man and signs her name on the contract.

Master X claps his hands loudly.

"SLAVE! Come here! We are ready!" He says in a raised voice.

The slave that led them in walks into the room carrying a white dress like the one that she is wearing.

"Take off all of the clothing that you came here with and hand them to your husband. He will take them home as you will not need them here! Put the dress on when you are ready!" He demanded.

Fannie removed all of her clothes right in front of everyone without hesitation. She hands everything to S before putting on the white dress. Master X walks up to her and puts a leather collar around her neck and attaches a leash. Handing the other end of the leash to his slave girl he give the command.


She is quickly led away and out of sight. Master X turns back to Cindy and S and says "Thank you for coming. You may return in seven days from right now. Not a moment sooner! Let me show you the door."

He walks them to the door without another word and they drive away in silence.

(More will be written about her training in detail in a later chapter.)

Pt 2

It was a long week for both Cindy and S. Although most of Fannie's duties at her job were being done by an outside agency after her transition to office slut there were still the everyday tasks that Cindy had to perform herself while the girl was away. S came home to an empty house every evening and although he could clean up after himself he did feel lonely without her ever night. Especially in bed!

Sitting in the study they await Master X arrival with Fannie. He enters the room alone and sits at his desk without a word. Cindy and S both look back at the door expecting Fannie to follow.

"You are both right on time. Thank you! I would like start off by saying that Fannie was the best pupil that I have had to date. She never once complained and performed every task given without the slighted hesitation. I am glad that you wanted to incorporate the slut aspect into her training. I must say that I enjoyed that part of her training more than most! If at any time you ever tire of her or would like to give her up I would be most interested in taking her for you!" He said with a smile.

Both S and Cindy shake their heads no even if the man was only joking.

"If at any time you think that she must return for more training or a refresher please call and we will arrange it for you. Now that she is properly trained she will require special treatment from you both. To use her as a slave or for sex is a given but you will have to treat her as a child otherwise. She must be told what to do in situations that she would have dealt with herself in her previous life. Because she has been trained to be a slut, however, she will have a special need for release often. She will be wet and ready all of the time so she must be allowed to masturbate often as the demands on you to keep up with her libido will be virtually impossible. Variety is a must or you stand the risk of losing her sexually and I can not promise that I will be able retrain her once it is gone. Do you understand?"

They both look at him almost in disbelief as they find it hard to imagine that she can actually be horny all of the time as the man said but they will be ready!

"Yes. We understand!" They both said in unison.


Both S and Cindy turn to watch as Fannie enters the room. She is naked but for the leather collar. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and she walks with her head down making no eye contact and showing no expression on her face. Both S and Cindy smile when they see her but she does not acknowledge their presence. The Master's slave follows carrying the white dress in her hands.

"I bring her to you naked so that you can see that she returns unmarked. We have a way of training slaves while leaving no tell tale bruises on her body. Slave, your time here is over. You will return to your home now and will live out your life as a slave to your new master. You must obey his every order as you have done with me. You have served me well but I must let you go as of this moment. You will address your husband as Master now and forever. S, you are her new master as of now. You may take her and leave."

S takes the dress from the Master's slave and helps Fannie put it on over her head. Master X hands S the leash and he accepts it and attaches it to her collar. Fannie looks up at Master X as if awaiting further orders but he gives none as S leads her to the door with Cindy following behind. She continues looking back until the door closes behind and he is out of sight. She gets into the backseat of the car and S closes the door and pulls away. She turns and looks out of the back window until the mansion is long out of view.

Pt 3

The weekend passes as S and his slave Fannie adjust to their new roles together. S found that the most difficult change is the one that he was most looking forward to. He has found that she is now in a constant state of arousal and he is wearing himself out trying to keep her satisfied. He welcomes this Monday as it will give him some time away from her so that he can recover a bit until she gets home from work. It will be up to Cindy to tend to her needs during the daytime.

"Fannie, you may come in here now." Cindy said through the intercom.

"Yes Miss Jordan!" The girl replied. It is her first day back to work in a week. So far things are going as usual. She is wearing the same tiny mini dress that she wore on the day that her boss used her body to take out her frustrations with her chief competitor, Ilsa. She is also wearing her highest 6" stiletto heals and more makeup than usual. The newest addition to her wardrobe is a black leather choker that she is wearing around her neck. It was picked out for her by her husband and can be worn in public with only those in the know having any idea of it's purpose. That being that she is a sex slave and the property of one master.

Fannie enters her boss's office and stands before her desk with her head down making no eye contact with her boss who is seated before her.

"Present yourself to me!" Cindy commands. Fannie has been taught that a slave must always present herself to her master upon entering a room. Cindy is not her true master but she has been told that while at work she will take over that role for S.

Fannie begins to remove her dress.

"No no! You may leave your clothes on! In fact you will only remove clothing when I say. This is a place of business remember! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Ma'am." She replies as she lets her dress slip back down into place. She then interlocks her fingers together behind her head and pulls her elbows back forcing her chest out. There are many slight variations in the way that a true slave is to present herself and this is how she was taught.

"You will address me as Mistress whenever we are alone! If we are in public or when others can hear you will call me Miss Jordan....or Ma'am if you prefer. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I also have a name for you when you are serving me. You will answer to the name Slut! I think that it is the perfect name for my new slave. Do you like that name, Slut?"

"Yes Mistress." She replied with her head still down.

"OK then, Slut, let us see what you have learned. Go over to the window and open the curtains." Cindy commands as she turns her chair and leans back to watch the show.

"Fannie walks to the window as ordered and opens the curtains. She turns to face her boss and centers herself between the two hanging plants anticipating that Cindy will be preparing her for another torture session.

"Slut, turn around and face the window! Stand up close so that you can see the street and tell me what you see."

The window is four floors up in the seventeen story office building in the city. The window goes from ceiling to floor so with Fannie up close she can see right down to the busy sidewalk.

"Mistress, I see a bright sunny day with a lot of traffic on the street and the sidewalks are filled with people walking to work."

"Very good, Slut! Now you will raise the front of your skirt and show the people your pretty shaved pussy!"

Fannie does as told without hesitation. She raises her skirt and her bare pussy is exposed for all to see. Their floor is not so high as to prevent someone that looks directly at the window from seeing her flashing her pussy.

"Does that excite you, Slut. Knowing that anyone can look up at your hot pussy?" Cindy asks.

"Yes Mistress."

"I thought so. Now you will rub your pussy with one hand while still holding your dress up with the other. Show the world how much you enjoy touching yourself!"

Fannie does as told as she begins to masturbate for all eyes to see.

"Harder! I want you to put some life in it! Grind your ass and rub your cunt like you mean it! Do it! Harder! Harder!"

Fannie pulls her dress so high that her tits are now visible. She spreads her legs and bends her knees opening her cunt lips. She is now strumming her hot pussy hard like a guitarist in a rock band! Her ass grinds around and around as Cindy watches the entertainment from behind!

"I don't want you to cum without permission! Is that clear Slut? Harder! Faster!"

"Yes Mistress! Ohhhhhhh yes. I need to......I have to.......Ohhhhhhhhh!"

"Not until I say do you hear me!"

"Mistress please? May I cum now? Please.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Fannie is rubbing and grinding as hard and fast as she could. Her eyes are closed and she is oblivious to her surroundings. She is ready to cum and needs to badly. It would be true torture not to allow it now.

"OK Slut. Let me see you cum! Let us all see what a total slut cums like! Do it! Hurry or I will change my mind!"

Fannie was ready whether Cindy would let her or not!

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cindy could see the girl's ass cheeks clench as she begins her orgasm. Fannie let loose and squirted as she came! The juices shot out of her cunt and splashed against the window. She continued to rub her pussy until she came down. Standing quietly with her dress still pulled up in a bunch and her juices dripping from her pussy. The picture window is covered with her fluid as is the carpet under her.

"Now look at the mess you made! Go and get a bucket and some towels from the maintenance people downstairs and clean this up. Be sure to tell them what you have done so that they can give you what you will need to clean it properly! We have work to do and nobody wants to see the remnants of your good time! Smells like a whore house too! My first appointment is in one hour so get moving!"

"Right away Mistress!" said Fannie as she hurries out the door.

Cindy smirks as she turns back to the work on her desk.

'This is going to work out very nicely.' She thought. 'Very nicely indeed!'

(This is just the beginning of a new direction in the Fannie saga. Future stories will show how she adapts to her new life as a slut/slave. If you are new to Fannie's development into a slut I would recommend that you go back to the beginning as this chapter is merely a setup for what lies ahead.)

Written by: STEVEN VANE

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