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Affair with Aunt Ch. 02

by sexstud21©

I teased Vanessa a little by rubbing my cock over her slit, before I inserted about an inch into her pussy. I rotated my hips making circular motions with my cock inside her cunt.

"Stop playing with me. Give me that cock." My aunt said in a commanding voice.

She bucked her hips up to take more of my cock in.

"Oh my, you not even all the way in yet and you already going further than your uncle" with these words from her I pushed the rest of my length in.

"Fuck my uncle never opened your pussy enough, you tight in here slut." My voice had that cocky tone going now.

My aunt bucked her hips to meet my cock and slowly we built up a good rhythm. Her wet pussy was acting as a good lubricant as we started to increase the tempo, we got to a point where we were like two sex starved animals.

I was fucking her so hard, her screams were like some one turned on the stereo at full blast. "Oh yes fuck my wet cunt, fuck me hard like a bitch. Ooooohhh! Yeahhhh!......."

At the back of my mind I was thinking that, my uncle 'secretly' watching me fuck his wife was even better than fucking her while they were on the phone with each other.

Thoughts of what could possibly be going through his mind watching what was going on in his house on his bed, his wife's legs lifted up in the air and stretched out wide while his nephew's cock penetrated deep into her cunt, filled my head.

Unconsciously the more I thought the harder I fucked my aunts cunt. After all, he was the one who asked his nephew to fuck his wife.

"OH! Fuck, that's it. You going to make your slut aunty cum" My aunts voice sounded like she was in a place of pure pleasure.

"Slut, your tight pussy is going to make me come any second now as well."

"Oh yes! Cum with me then stud." My aunt screamed out.

I felt my balls tense up, as my aunt's body started to quiver and then as if it was a well synchronized dance move our bodies reached the sexual peak. Our love juices mixed in her pussy, until it couldn't contain the load, it flowed around the snug fit of my cock over her pussy opening and onto the bed.

After a few minutes of pure pleasure my aunt came to her senses and said, "That was fucking awesome. Look how your cum is still flowing out of my pussy and I'm sure you pumped enough into me to make me pregnant."

I knew the last comment was for my uncle, who was defiantly listening outside the window.

"Are you not protected" I said trying to act surprised.

"No, since your uncle can't get his dick up, I didn't think I needed to take the pill anymore."

My aunt replied with her usual smirk on the face. We laid there with my cock still in her pussy for a few minutes, it never went completely limp and after a few minutes it started to grow back to full length.

"Mmm, looks like someone is hungry for more" my aunt purred out.

I pulled out of her pussy and said, "I think it is hungry for a different meal."

"Do you mean my mouth?" my aunt asked.

"No it's your ass I'm after" I also had a smirk on my face now.

"Your uncle has never had my ass, and since he is the only man I've been with sexually until you, you will be the first man to have the privilege of taking my virgin ass"

Obviously I knew this, and had already taken the virgin ass of my uncle's wife, but my uncle didn't.

My aunt turned around, put her face up on the pillow and pushed her ass in the air. I positioned my cock at the opening of her ass and slowly pushed in.

"Ahhhhh, take it easy stud!" my aunt shouted out.

Her ass was still as tight as the very first time I fucked it, so I had no choice but to go slow at first, I reached around and inserted a finger into her soaking wet cunt.

I started to pick up a rhythm and grunted out "How does your virgin ass like my cock slut?"

"It fucking loves it, and I'm happy that I waited 40 years to give it away to you stud" My aunt's voice was muffled out by the pillow but I'm sure my uncle still heard her."

I picked up the pace with both my cock in her ass and my finger in her pussy, while I inserted another finger to roam around her pussy and play with her clit.

Soon her moans grew fever pitch "Ahhh, yes. Fuck my ass. Fuck it, it's all yours so fuck it well. Ooo yes play with that clit. Ahh, ohhh, ahh, ohh."

I turned my neck around to look at the mirror were I could see my uncles reflection and a look of complete disbelief was on his face, I turned back before he noticed that I was looking at him.

With Vanessa's moans filling the room, and her husband watching on, I knew I wasn't going to last long.

Then Vanessa screamed out "Oh, Fuck you making me cum again. Ahhhhh"

I felt her cum all over my hands, which was the last straw for me. I shot load after load of my cum into her ass, it found its way out and dripped down her ass and gathered in a mix of her pussy juice on the bed.

After that we were both completely exhausted and just collapsed on the bed, my cock still in her ass, I nibbled at her ear and after a few minutes as my cock was regaining its strength we heard the door bell ring.

"It looks like your husband has seen enough." I said to Vanessa.

"Fuck. He likes to spoil the fun" Vanessa said as she got of the bed, put on a bath robe from her closet with nothing else under it and walked out the room. I went to spare bed room where I had my stuff and quickly put on a shorts and t-shirt and went to the TV room where my aunt and uncle were sitting.

My aunt hadn't even bothered to tie up the front of the bath robe, you could still see some of my cum dripping from her and some of it was on her belly, She looked like a true slut sitting across from my uncle.

"So you'll fucked each other." my uncle finally mumbled out.

"We were still doing it when you rang the bell." My aunt said.

With that my aunt left the room. My uncle turned to me and said "You didn't know but I got here when you'll were still in the kitchen and I saw the whole thing"

"What? You watched me fuck your wife?" I tried to act shocked.

"Yes. I watched the whole thing and it seemed like you enjoyed it."

"Look I did it because you asked me to, but your wife is hot for a 40 year old and as a guy I enjoyed it." I blurted this out before even thinking about it.

"Its ok I understand how a man is. I know she must have told you about my condition, and from what I saw today she needs to be satisfied, so I would rather have you taking care of those needs from now on instead of some other man."

I couldn't believe my ears my uncle was giving me permission to keep on fucking his wife. "Are you saying that I should keep fucking her?"

As I asked him that my aunt came back into the room, she still had the bath robe on but it was tied now.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm saying, you take care of my wife's sexual needs, but I have conditions." My uncle said this in a very serious tone.

"What are the conditions?" My aunt replied in an equally serious tone.

"There are just 2 rules. Number 1 you will remain married to me. Number 2 no one except for the three of us will know about this." My uncle's eyes wondered from my aunt to me as he said this.

We both agreed to his rules and about two months later we broke the news to him that my aunt was pregnant, he came up with the plan of telling people that it was his child but inevitably added a third rule which was after the pregnancy my aunt should get back on the pill and we should use a condom, we didn't really follow the last rule and rule number 2 also,but that's a story for another time.

This experience introduced me to my fetish of MILF woman, incestuous relationships and a little later on pregnant sex. So look out for more stories from me on my 'sexscapades'.

Written by: sexstud21

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